The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 50

Abby’s P.O.V

“Danny boy!” Parker exclaims grinning at Daniel. Scott and I exchange a look before looking back towards Daniel who has his eyebrows raised at Parker. He’s probably confused as to why we have him handcuffed on the floor.

“How do you know Parker?” Scott asks his brother slowly. Daniel tilts his head at Scott and smiles.

“Do you remember that ice cream place I worked at when I was eighteen?” Daniel says and Scott immediately nods. “Well Park worked there for a little while too.”

“Well that’s great and everything but I really need to talk to you in the kitchen,” Scott says shifting uncomfortably.

“You’re not going to tell me why Parker is handcuffed to a radiator first?” Daniel asks us and Scott immediately glares at him.

“I guess not then,” Daniel mutters before he very slowly limps towards the kitchen. I honestly don’t think he’s even supposed to be out of his wheel chair, let alone walking around on his own yet considering all of the injuries that he has. Everyone follows him into the kitchen except for Falon who wants to stay and watch Parker.

When we enter the kitchen everyone stares at Daniel and he stares back with a confused expression on his face. He shrugs it off and limps over towards the table so that he can take a seat.

“Are you guys going to explain why Falon is guarding Parker and why he’s handcuffed?” Daniel asks placing his head on his fist.

So we explain, well Scott explains. I don’t bother trying to hear all of the horrid details again so I zone them both out thinking about today. I can’t believe that we finally caught him, it just seemed too easy? I mean, I’m not wishing that it would be harder but I’m just trying to understand how he didn’t get away this time. How all of a sudden all of this is so real.

Maybe that’s the problem too.

Everyone has been telling me for what seems like forever that Parker wasn’t there every time I had sworn that I saw him. I was even beginning to believe it myself because honestly what the hell does Parker have to gain from following me around everywhere and scaring me half to death every time. Was it because he wanted everyone to see me slowly but surely deteriorate from driving myself insane? Or was it just because he hates me? Because I supposedly ‘broke his heart’ by not being with him anymore?

Why aren’t the cops here yet?

“He did all that?” I hear Daniel ask and I look over at him to see him staring at me with wide eyes. He has sympathy written all over his face and I look away from him to stare at the ground.

“Yes,” I hear Falon’s voice and look over to see him leaning in the doorway as he walks into the room. He looks very out of it, as if he doesn’t really believe that any of this is actually happening. Maybe we’re all just going crazy.

“Abby I just still don’t understand,″ Falon says looking over at me. “The incident that happened when you saw him at Brittany and Ryan’s shop yet Ryan swore he hadn’t seen him and even the security footage proved he wasn’t there...what does it mean that he’s just popping out of nowhere right now? Does it mean that he was there all those times that you saw him?”

“It must mean something,” Anna chimes in after being silent this whole time. “I mean maybe Ryan seriously didn’t see him, maybe he was too busy wondering why Abby had started freaking out.”

“But still the security footage from that day proves he wasn’t there,” Falon says staring at me. “Who’s to say that Abby doesn’t actually have schizophrenia. Maybe it is just a freak coincidence that Parker popped up out of nowhere today and maybe all of the other times he wasn’t really there.”

“Abby isn’t schizophrenic,” Scott says gritting his teeth. “The bastard is sitting right in there, he probably has something to do with the security camera thing. He probably wants people to think that she’s crazy.”

“How do we know that she isn’t Scott?” Falon says nearly shouting. “There’s absolutely no way that anyone could have missed seeing that crazy sack of yogurt sitting in our living room. He’s like seven feet tall, he could be spotted from like three continents away!”

Before Scott can retaliate there’s a loud knock on the door and we all stop and glance at each other. We breathe a sigh of relief when we hear the person yell that it’s the police. We walk back towards the room where we left Parker and I can’t help but feel slightly happy inside knowing that if we play our cards right he’ll most likely be put in a jail cell far away from me after all of this.

Scott slings his arm around my shoulder as we walk into the room and for a second I don’t mind because it feels so familiar for him to do. But as soon as we walk into the room all hope of feeling familiar again flies out the window.

We walk into the room to see the handcuffs laying on the floor and a slip of paper sitting beside it. I stare at the spot where my ex boyfriend had just been moments before we went into the kitchen to talk. How could this happen? How could he have slipped from our grasp again?

Scott’s arm slips off of my shoulder and I watch, unable to look away, as he and Falon move towards the paper laying on the floor and pick it up to read it. I look away from them when I feel Anna place her hand on my shoulder. I look over at her and she looks back at me as we here the police men banging on the door yelling about how they are going to come in if we don’t open the door. Right now, I could honestly care less about whether or not they decide to come in. He’s gone again.

And this time I know that the danger is real.

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