The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 52

Scott’s P.O.V

“I’m not going to argue with you guys about this anymore,” Anna says shaking her head at her parents who seem far too eager to send Abby to a psychiatric unit. It seems like we’ve been arguing about this for hours. They think that we’re just trying to cover up for Abby which is actually really stupid. If we’re all insisting that Parker actually was here don’t you think that they should maybe be more worried about how we’re going to deal with Parker rather than trying to send Abby away? I guess not.

I watch as Anna storms out of the room and Falon walks off after her leaving me in the room with both pairs of our parents. My parents are obviously on my side of this argument, only because they know that I would lie about something concerning someone’s mental health. My parents had gotten home not too long after the police had gotten here and had a long talk with some of the police men. Probably about hiring more security.

I decide to go check on Abby considering she’s just been sitting on the couch and staring at the ceiling all day ever since the accident. I walk into the room where she was at and am surprised to see that she isn’t in there anymore. I furrow my eyebrows and walk upstairs towards the room Abby’s been staying in. I’m confused when I near her room and hear laughter emanating from it.

I walk towards the room to see the door about halfway open so I push it open a little bit so I can see inside. What I see definitely surprises me. Abby and Liam are sitting on the bed next to each other, closer than need be, watching something on TV while eating pints of ice cream. I totally forgot that Liam had come over earlier, probably because we were all arguing about the whole Abby situation. It seems like I haven’t talked to him in a while.

Anyways Abby is sitting up against the bed rest while Liam is completely laying down right beside her with his arms behind his head. Abby let’s out an adorable giggle, probably about something on the TV but Liam doesn’t seem to be paying attention. Instead he’s staring at her with a small smile on his face. Does she not even notice that he’s freakin staring at her!? Who the fuck told him he could stare at her like that anyways?

I clench my jaw in anger as I watch Liam and Abby talk about nothing while watching whatever they’re watching and my stomach drops a little bit more every time they laugh or accidentally brush hands. Abby hasn’t looked this happy since the whole Parker fiasco started up and it bothers me that Liam can just pop up out of nowhere and make her smile like that.

When did they even start talking to each other? Last time I checked they were always at each other’s throats about something stupid.

I contemplate walking into the room for a moment but then I realize there’s no reason for me to even think about it. So I push open the door and Abby’s head snaps towards me but Liam’s still staring at her. I immediately glare at him and Abby raises her eyebrows at me.

“Hey what are you guys doing?” I ask slowly and finally Liam looks over towards me and his smile seems to falter a bit as soon as he sees that it’s me.

“We were just watching movies and talking about how the word ‘Food’ sounds really sexual,” Liam says and I frown at him.

“How does it sound sexual?”

“Well it has the ‘F’ for fucking,” he begins and I tilt my head at him. “And ‘oo’ is the sound you make when you do it. And I think you already know what the ‘D’ would be. It’s pretty self explanatory.”

“Damn-” I begin to say but Liam cuts me off.

“Daniel!” Liam shouts and I turn around to see my brother standing behind me on his crutches. How did I not hear him come up behind me. “I see you’re back at again.”

“Yeah I’m trying to get used to walking around on these crutches,” Daniel says and I nod at him. “My side and my head still hurt a lot but I think I’m getting use to walking on these things.”

I look away from Daniel and back towards Liam and Abby. Liam has sat up completely now and is looking at me with skeptical eyes, almost as if he knows that I don’t like what I came in here and am now seeing.

“So...” I awkwardly say. I’ve decided to ignore the fact that Abby hasn’t said a word to me yet, she’s not even looking at me anymore actually. She’s staring straight ahead at the television again. “Sorry that it took so long but the discussion we were having in the kitchen was pretty serious. I take it you came over here to hang out? We can go to my room bro-”

“Actually no,” Liam chuckles a little bit. “I’m fine in here, I’m sure you have something better to be doing right now anyways.”

That catches Abby’s attention and she looks over at Liam with raised eyebrows. She was probably expecting him to get up immediately and come with me. I know I was. But Liam just shrugs his shoulders before laying back down in his original position next to Abby. Abby looks over at me one last time before reaching over Liam, grabbing his pint of ice cream and shoving a spoonful in her mouth before looking back towards the TV.

I can take a hint so I stop out of the room before slowly shutting the door. I turn around to see Daniel leaning against the wall behind me with raised eyebrows. I shake my head at him before I start walking down the hall towards the stairs. Damn it, how did I not see this coming?

He likes her.

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