The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 53

Abby’s P.O.V

I wake up the next day to the bed I’m laying on shaking violently. I slowly open my eyes and blink a couple of times as my eyes adjust to the bright light in the room. I sit up quickly and look over to see Liam laying on his side next to me and trembling viciously. We must have fallen asleep during the movie yesterday.

I tilt my head in confusion at the sight before me. Maybe he’s having some type of bad dream? But even if he were I don’t think he should be trembling this much. I quickly stand up out of the bed and make my way over to Liam’s side of the bed.

When I reach his side of the bed I immediately notice that he’s holding both sides of his head as if he’s trying to block out some type of sound and his eyes are sealed shut. There are small whimpers coming from his mouth, maybe it is just a bad dream.

“L-Liam?” I cautiously reach over and gently shake him shoulder. His eyes unexpectedly open almost immediately. I retract my hand from him but even after he opens his eyes he still continues to shake violently. “W-what’s happening?”

“This h-has been happening a lot lately,” he says stuttering slightly which surprises me. He shuts his eyes again for a moment and I take that as my queue to go find someone to help. But as I’m stepping away his hand locks on my wrists and he tugs me so that I’m facing him again. He glances up at me and shakes his head.

“I h-have to g-go get help,” I say trying to leave the room but he shakes his head at me again with pleading eyes as he keeps a gentle but firm grip on my wrist.

“Liam w-what’s going on?” I ask staring down at him.

“W-well remember how I t-told you I was trying to quit drinking and smoking?” He asks with a small sad smile on his face. I notice a bead of sweat begin to drop down his forehead as he lets go of my wrist. “Well t-this is one of the symptoms.”

I nod as I realize what he’s telling me. I contemplate what my next move should be. I could stay in here like he wants me to and try to help him. But the problem that lies there is the fact that I don’t know how to help him at all and from the way that he’s sweating and trembling, it looks like he needs actual help. Anna’s anxiety attacks and his withdrawal symptoms are probably two completely different things and I’m pretty sure that he needs to be treated for this in some way.

“I’m g-going to go find s-someone to help,” I tell him kneeling beside his bed and looking him in the eyes. But as soon as I say that his eyes grow wide with fear evident in them.

“N-no please don’t tell anyone, especially not Scott’s parents.” He says and I tilt my head at him as to why he’s so opposed to anyone finding out about this. He gulps and begins breathing heavily before explaining to me. “If t-they find out, then they’ll tell me parents. I... I can’t t-talk to my parents. Not again.”

I stare back at him and wonder why he seems so afraid to talk to his parents. I understand that some stuff must have went down with them but I believe that his health is more important than some conversation he’s going to have with his parents if they find out. I slowly stand up and almost feel bad about what I’m about to do as he stares back at me with big sad eyes. But I can’t just let this slide.

“Sorry,” I say softly as I walk out of the room and turn down the hall towards Scott’s room. I walk towards the room and as soon as I reach the door I knock. I walk in when I hear him say ‘come in’.

“S-scott I need your h-help,” I say quickly as soon as I walk in. I walk in to see Scott sitting on his bed scrolling through his phone while Daniel is sitting in a recliner with his crutches leaning up against the wall next to him. Scott looks up at me confused at my outburst then he looks over at Daniel before looking over both of his shoulders then pointing at himself as if he’s surprised.

“I’m sorry were you talking to me?” He asks before looking back over at Daniel who is sitting with a small grin on his face. Why is Daniel always in such a freaking good mood? Scott suddenly stands up and kneels beside his bed clasping his hands together as if in prayer. “Dear Lord thank you for finally making her talk to me without it being involuntary. We really should have these talks more. Amen.”

I roll my eyes at him biting my lip slightly as he looks up at me with a small smirk on his face. He’s so cute and annoying.

I immediately shake my head remembering that Liam is in the other room and that’s the only reason I came in here.

“Scott I n-need you t-to-”

“You can’t get Liam to do it?” Scott asks tiredly looking up at me from the spot that he’s still kneeling at besides the bed. I tilt my head at him as he stares at me with a challenging look on his face.

“Liam n-needs help,” I say and before I can even finish my sentence Scott is standing on his feet and staring at me with a serious look on his face at the mention of his long time best friend.

“What do you mean?”

“Well I w-woke up and he was sh-shaking really b-badly and he-”

Before I can even finish the sentence Scott is rushing past me and out of the room. I blink a little bit surprised by how quickly that boy can run.

“Now this is something I have to see,” Daniel says as he tries to stand up on his own by grabbing hold of one of his crutches. But before I get the chance to ask him if he needs help he ends up slipping and falling to the floor. I immediately rush over towards him and help him stand up correctly with him crutches.

“Are y-you okay?” I ask as he gets comfortable standing up with his crutches.

“Oh yeah I’m fine,” he says with a smile on his face. “This has happened to me a total of thirty-two times. It’s something that I’ve kind of become accustomed to. In fact I’m sure it wasn’t curiosity that killed that cat. I’m pretty damn sure that it was clumsiness that killed that little fucker.”

“C-can you make it f-from here?” I ask him chuckling a little bit. He sure is Scott’s brother. He nods with a smug look on his face and I walk out of the room, leaving the door open for him.

I walk into the room that Liam and I had been in the night before to see Scott kneeling next to his best friend muttering things to him as he dials a number into his phone. I’m assuming that he’s going to call someone to get Liam some preofessional help, hopefully he knows not to call Liam’s parents if they really are that bad of people. I walk over towards them and stand next to where Scott is kneeling.

“-Need a Doctor,” I hear Scott say into the phone. I look down at Liam as Scott talks and see that he isn’t trembling as bad as he was before but he’s still shaking enough for it to be a problem. He looks back up at me and doesn’t say anything but he just stares at me. “No, I need one right now...YOU DON’T KNOW WHO THE FUCK I AM, I COULD RUIN YOU!...Okay thank you.”

I look down at Scott with raised eyebrows at the conversation he just had. I kneel down on the floor next him and we both just sit with Liam. We don’t say anything, we just sit there. I don’t say anything when Scott slips his hand into mine and softly squeezes. And Scott doesn’t say anything when I don’t take my hand away from his.

We just let it be.

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