The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 57

Scott’s P.O.V

“I th-thought I told you to s-stop touching my butt.”

“I’ll touch the butt if I want to, it’s mine anyways.”

“Please just stop t-touching the butt.”

“It’s my house, I’ll touch the butt whenever I feel like touching the butt.”

“I w-will scream b-bloody murder if you t-touch my butt again.”

I chuckle lightly as Abby possessively moves her game piece away so that I can’t touch it. Sometime after my revelation I was using the flashlight to dig through my closet and I found a really old Finding Nemo board game. That’s why Abby is screaming at me about “touching the butt”, because I keep moving the ship around the board. I’m just playing around but Abby obviously isn’t. Who knew she’d end up being so competitive?

It’s still storming outside but me, being the creative person that I am, I made a makeshift lamp out of the flashlight that I’d grabbed from the drawer earlier because for some reason the backup generator hasn’t fixed the power problem yet.

“Why’re we playing a game for six year olds Abby?”

She looks up at me and throws me a hard glare.

“Fight me Scott. F-fight m-me.”

Suddenly a loud boom of thunder sounds and Abby damn near jumps across the board to cling her arms around my neck. She’s hiding her face in the crook of my neck while I’m thanking God for sending this thunderstorm and I’m thanking Daniel for locking us in this room together. I wrap my arm around her waist and lean back against the wall with her in my arms.

“How come you can go from talking smack-” I whisper to her as she wraps an arm around my waist “- to being absolutely terrified of a small thunderstorm?”

“B-because I’m all t-talk.”

I chuckle lightly and place a chaste kiss on the top of her forehead before leaning my head against the wall and closing my eyes. I literally can’t even explain how it feels for Abby to not hate me anymore, these last couple of days have been absolute shit because she would glare at me every time she saw me. I mean it’s not like I can blame her, she thought that I had cheated on her, but I still can’t figure out how that girl had even ended up kissing me because I don’t remember drinking that night. At all.

“Hey I just realized something,” I say opening my eyes and tilting my head to look down at her and she removes her head from my neck to look up at me. “I forgot to ask you to be mine again.”

She stares up at me and doesn’t say anything but just raises her eyebrows at me.

“Abigail Smith will you be my girlfriend...again?” She just stares at me for a long moment again before blinking.

“I h-hate you.”

I gasp as soon as she says that and she starts laughing at me. Well damn, I wasn’t expecting that. I thought we were going to have a nice sentimental moment, but apparently those don’t exist anymore.

“A no would have sufficed,” I mumble looking down at the ground.

She grabs my chin and places a small but loving kiss on the corner of my mouth.

“I hate you in a g-good way,” she says grinning at me. I raise my eyebrows at her. She up and whispers into my ear. “I h-hate you because you m-make me feel...weird.”

I sure hope she isn’t feeling the same type of weird I’m feeling right now because most people would call the weird I’m feeling as horny. Did she really have to whisper right in my ear? Like damn, I couldn’t help but shiver as her breath hit my neck.

“Y-yes I’ll be your g-girlfriend again Scott.”

“You know what would sound even better on you than Smith?” I ask as I let out a breathe I didn’t even know I was holding.



“Abigail Rogers,” she says nodding. “It has a n-nice ring t-to it doesn’t it?”

I just nod, knowing that I could seriously see a future with this girl. Especially after we get past all of this extra drama that she doesn’t deserve. If I see Parker again I swear I’m going to snap. She lays her head on my chest and I stare up at the ceiling with a happy smile on my face. Finally, after all of this drama she’s mine again. And that means I’m allowed to fight for her, even if it involves arguing with Liam or with her parents or even my parents. She’s worth it.


I wake up to the sound of banging and thumping coming from outside of the door. I yawn and look down to see Abby still cuddled up against me. We must have fallen asleep however long ago after she agreed to be my girlfriend. I look around the room and see that sunlight is creeping in through the windows so that must mean it’s sometime in the morning.

I don’t want to move because I’m afraid of waking up Abby, but it’s proving to be a challenge because this floor is really starting to hurt my ass. I really regret playing that game and then falling asleep on the floor.

Note to self: Next time fall asleep on the bed.

But another problem is that I’d like to get up and figure out what all the ruckus is that I’m hearing come from downstairs. So I use strategically use my foot to slide the comforter off of the bed, effectively bringing down a pillow with it. I expertly place the pillow underneath Abby’s head and replace myself with the comforter. I place a gentle kiss on her nose and smile a bit as she wrinkles it but doesn’t wake up. She’s so cute.

I stand up and stretch for a minute before walking over towards the door. I twist the knob before remembering that the door is locked from when Daniel locked us in the room. I figured that he would have unlocked it by now though. Huh.

I’m about to walk back over towards where Abby is laying when I hear something move from right outside of the door. It sounds like a chair. Then I see someone messing with the doorknob.

“Daniel?” I call loud enough for him to hear but softly enough not to wake Abby. “Dude you can open the door now, me and Abby are back together.”

He doesn’t say anything but the door does open. And you could say that I’m definitely surprised to see that it’s not Daniel. Instead standing there is Ryan. He looks almost afraid and he stares at me with regret in his eyes. I don’t stare at him though, my eyes are instead focused on something else.

My eyes are staring down the barrel of the gun that he’s pointing at me.

“Scott,” a voice behind him asks and my fists instantly clench as soon as I see him.

“Where’s Abby?”

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