The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 58

Scott’s P.O.V

“Ryan what the hell?” I ask him as he presses the gun to my forehead.

“Sorry dude,” he says as his hand shakes a little bit from holding the gun. “I really need the money.”

“Where’s Abby?” Parker asks again. I glare at the psychotic animal standing behind Ryan.

“She’s not here,” I say looking at him as he stares back at me. “She left because she hates me. She thought that I cheated on her.”

It’s not completely untrue. She does hate me but in a good way.

“Bullshit,” he says pushing past me. I move to lunge at him but before I even move a foot Ryan hits me in the side of the head with the gun the he’s holding.

I stumble a little bit from the contact and I start seeing spots. Ryan grabs my arm and tugs me down the stairs with the gun pressed to the back of my head, but not before I see Parker lean down and caress some of Abby’s hair.

Ryan leads me down the stairs and surprisingly he’s shaking much more than I am. He’s nervous like he doesn’t want to be doing any of this.

He shoves me into the living room and there are two more people standing in the room with small hand guns. Anna, Falon and my parents are sat up against the wall with their knees drawn to their chests. They look absolutely terrified. I don’t see Carly, Daniel, Liam, or Abby’s parents so hopefully they’re safe.

The first person with the hand gun turns around when Ryan roughly shoves me onto the floor. I’m shocked when I look up to see Stan O’neil standing there with a smirk on his face.

“Hello Scott.”

I sit up and just as I am completely sat up my other captor turns around and I am completely shocked to see the person who is holding the other hand gun.

“What the hell Becca?”

Abby’s P.O.V

I don’t let Parker drag me down the stairs without putting up a fight first. He got a kick to the balls twice, a hair pull once, and a bite on his arm three times. The wrist on his right arm is completely red. But eventually he dot me over his shoulder and hauled me down the stairs. As soon as he walks into what I presume to be the living room my heart leaps when I hear Scott’s voice.

“What the hell Becca?”


Suddenly I’m being thrown on the floor and my head hits the ground hard as soon as I land. I groan and hold a hand to my head. I hear a growl come from besides me and I look over to see Scott ready to pounce on Parker. But I quickly set my hand on Scott’s arm because although Scott could probably kick Parker’s ass we can’t forget the fact that Parker is obviously a psychopath. And I don’t need to think about what he could do to Scott if he had to.

“Are you okay Babe?” I hear Scott ask and she grabs a hold of the hand that is holding onto his arm.

Well damn, if you keep calling me babe like that I certainly won’t be okay.

“Don’t touch her!” Parker’s voice booms angrily from above us. Scott and I both jump back from each other a little bit.

I slowly sit up and look around the room. My eyes widen as soon as I see Mr. O’neil, Becca, and Ryan standing across the room with guns pointed at Anna, Falon and Scott’s parents.

“B-B-Becca?” I ask and she looks over at me with a small smirk on her face.

“Hey Abs,” she says casually, like she isn’t standing there holding a gun to my sister’s head.

“W-what’re are you doing?” I ask staring at her with wide eyes.

She just smirks at me and I watch as Parker walks over toward her and places a lingering kiss on her cheek. I raise my eyebrows when I see Becca grin. What the hell?

They seriously look like the Joker and Harley Quinn.

“It’s a small world Abby,” Parker says tossing an arm around Becca’s shoulder. I scooch back until I’m pressed against the wall and I see Scott do the same.

“Ryan, Becca,” Scott says from beside me. “You don’t have to be going any of this. If it’s money that you and Ryan want then I can give it to you.”

“It’s not about money Scott,” Becca spits, visually tightening her hold on the gun in her hand.

“Wouldn’t understand what?” Falon suddenly asks and Becca whips around, facing him, and shoving the gun into the center of his head. Parker just stands beside her with a triumphant smile on his face. What has he done to her?

“Falling in love,” Becca says staring at Falon and my breath hitches when I realize what she’s saying.

“T-this is because of h-him?” I ask and Becca glances at me out of the corner of her eye but she doesn’t say anything.

“Woah woah woah,” Falon says shaking his head at Becca quickly. “Twice. I slept with you twice. That’s it.”

“You slept with her?” Anna asks quickly turning her head to look at him with jealously flashing though her eyes.

“Anna-” Falon says warily. Man, Falon sure has been getting in trouble with her a lot lately.

“Twice?” Anna asks crossing her arms over her chest and raising her eyebrows at him. “I can’t believe you. Who haven’t you slept with? And of all people you chose this bitc-”

“Anabelle not now!” Falon yells making all of us jump. Except for Anna who doesn’t look phased at all by his outburst.

“Yell at me like that again and I’ll chop your balls off Falon,” Anna huffs while blowing a piece of her hair out of her eyes. “We’ll talk about this later.”

“Okay so from my understanding you’re crazy,” Scott says out of nowhere and I glance at him. What is he doing. “But why the hell be crazy with Parker?”

“Don’t call us crazy,” Becca says moving her gun away from Falon’s head and pointing it at Scott.

“You won’t shoot me Rebecca,” Scott says with a small smirk on his face.

“But I will,” we hear a gun click and I see Parker standing there with his gun pointed at Scott. Scott goes silent and frowns slightly.

I look away from the two guns that are being pointed at my boyfriend long enough to see movement in the doorway. I narrow my eyes and when I realize that it’s Liam I breathe out a sigh of relief. He locks eyes with me and holds a finger to his mouth before pulling out his phone. I nod my head.

Which is a bad move on my part.

Because Ryan must notice me nodding my head and he looks over towards what I’m looking at.

“Hey!” Ryan shouts jogging over towards the door and yanking it open to see Liam standing there. Ryan immediately pulls him into the room and shoves him on the ground beside me.

“Give me the phone,” Ryan says holding his hand out towards Liam who is clutching his phone behind his back.

“No,” Liam says with a bored look on his face.

“I’ll shoot you,” Ryan says with the gun still pointed at Liam.

“Shoot me,” Liam says. “I don’t believe any of you have the balls to shoot any of us. Especially you since you know me so well. Those probably aren’t even real guns.”

“I’ll shoot her,” Ryan says turning away from Liam and pointing his gun at me. I stiffen as soon as I see it pointing at me, I know Liam doesn’t think the gun is real, but it looks pretty authentic to me.

“You’re not going to shoot her Ryan.”

“Don’t think so?”

“Ryan’s like I said it’s probably not even rea-”

Before Liam can finish what he’s saying a loud banging noise echoes through the house. I hear everyone screaming as Ryan’s bullet leaves the chamber.

“Abby!” I hear Scott call my name and then a body flies in front of me. I stare in shock as the person that the bullet hit lands in my lap. I huff a little bit from his heaviness but am more distracted by the new wound in his shoulder.

“After..some very deep evaluation,” Liam says grunting as he stares up at me. “I will concede that it is indeed a real gun.”

“What the fuck!” I hear Parker yell as I scramble find someway to help Liam with the wound in his shoulder. “We weren’t supposed to actually shoot any of them! We’re just scaring them Ryan!”

I look over at Scott and Scott immediately takes his shirt off and crawls over towards Liam. He wraps the shirt tightly around Liam’s arm and applies pressure to it.

“Thank you for saving her,” I hear Scott whisper to him softly and Liam just closes his eyes, grunting a little, before nodding.

“You never told me that!” I look up and see Ryan and Parker arguing about what just happened.

“Well I thought you’d have enough common sense to know not to shoot somebody,” Parker says groaning.

“Parker!” I shout causing both of their heads to snap over towards me. I’m so tired of all of this crap. “If you w-weren’t going to sh-shoot us, what d-did you plan on d-doing? What is the p-point of all of this?”

“Abby,” Parker turns away from Ryan and walks over towards me. He kneels in front of me. “You don’t even realize how inconsiderate of a person you are.”

I narrow my eyes at him. I hate him in a bad way.

“After you broke up with me my whole life went to hell,” Parker says sighing deeply. “Both of my parents got sick while Ricky and Marco died in a car accident. But you weren’t there for any of that.”

My eyes widen as soon as he says that. Ricky and Marco were his absolute best friends. They were probably closer than Anna and I were at the time. The three of them were together almost all of the time and I had actually been really good friends with Ricky and Marco before Parker and I had broken up.

“Th-they d-died?” I ask shakily. How had I not even heard about that?

“They did,” he says nodding. “And a little while after it happened I was miserable. So I came to find you. Cause you were the one part of my life that I remembered being really happy. But of course as soon as I got here I just had to run into your new boy toy.”

I glance at Scott and even though he’s still nursing Liam’s wounds he’s paying close attention.

“So I did my research and did some talking around campus,” Parker says clenching his jaw. “And that’s how I figured out exactly how small of a world it is.”


“And I mean what are the odd that Scott would have gotten into a car accident on the same night, within the same hour, on the same street as Ricky and Marco?” Parker asks and my mouth falls open as I realize what he’s trying to say. He looks over at Scott with a look of pure fury on his face. “He killed them.”

Scott’s face immediately drops as soon as he hears Parker say that.

“You’re dating a murderer.” Parker says angrily. “I mean he kills two people because he’s intoxicated and what does he get? His driver’s license revoked for a year just because he has rich parents? Marco and Ricky didn’t get that luxury. And how come he still ended up with you? Why isn’t he dead?”

“Parker I’m so sorr-” Scott begins to say.

“No you aren’t!” Parker snaps bringing the fun up to Scott’s forehead. Tears are beginning to stream down his face. “And that’s why I had to torture you. Anyone with eyes could see how much you loved Abby. That’s why I paid Oakland to slip something into your drink so that you would kiss that girl. That’s why I needed you to just break up with Abby because you don’t deserve her. You don’t deserve to be happy.”

“P-Parker it w-was an accident,” I say softly.

“But he killed them,” he growls. “That’s why Uncle O’Neil and I have done all of this. That’s why-”

Suddenly the door is kicked open and three people holding guns and bullet proof vests burst into the room.

“Drop your weapons,” One of the men shout and my body floods with relief as soon as I see the word ′POLICE′ written on the front of their vests.

“What the hell?” Parker leaps up and points his gun at the officers but they don’t even flinch.

“Did you think I would actually shoot Falon just because I slept with him?” I look over at Becca and she walks over towards one of the officers and hands him her gun. she isn’t crazy? Then this was all a big setup?

Becca gives me a thumbs up and I see Parker, Ryan, and Mr. O’Neil look at each other with looks of sorrow on their faces.

“I knew I should’ve never trusted you bitch,” Parker says pointing his gun at Becca who stares at him like he’s the stupidest person in the room.

“Fine shoot my then,” she says holding her arms out above her head. “I never liked this shirt anyways. Then you can go to jail for murder.”

“Son put the gun down,” Mr O’Neil says from behind Parker. “I think...this all needs to be over.”

“You know at least I can at that I’ve gotten shot,” We’re all sitting in Liam’s hospital room. It’s been about 18 hours since the police arrested Parker, Ryan and Mr. O’Neil.

“Thanks again,” Scott says to Liam as he holds my hand tightly in his.

I believe that it’s now safe to say that all of this is finally over and done with. The police are taking Oakland in for questioning because we told them that Parker had mentioned that he had helped with everything that has been going on.

“You guys should go,” Liam says from where he’s laying on the bed. They’ve patched up his right shoulder and his arms are in a cast.

Suddenly the door to the room flies open and a very frantic looking Miranda jogs into the room. She ignores all of us and walks straight towards Liam.

“How the hell did you get yourself shot you idiot?” She hugs him, running a hand through his hair as Scott and I stand up. I raise my eyebrows at the two of them but decide not to thank too much of it. Miranda has probably grown up with Liam too considering that he’s Scott’s best friend and all.

“Scott leads me towards the door and we walk through the hospital and towards the exit of the hospital. I sigh as we walk through the doors.

Scott’s P.O.V

Ryan confessed to the police that he had done everything because his girlfriend had just developed some rare form of cancer and he really needed the money. Parker and Mr. O’Neil are just psychopaths...but I understand why Parker an Mr. O’Neil did what they did now. I’m glad that Becca isn’t actually crazy though I still don’t understand how she not only tracked down Parker but convinced him that she was crazy enough to join his crazy clan and be trusted.

“It’s been a couple of days since the incident and Abby and I have to testify in court on Friday. But for right now? She and I are laying on my bed, cuddled up to each other. I’m staring at the ceiling and I can feel her staring up at the side of my face.

“You know,” she says still staring holes into me. “You’re d-different than I thought y-you’d be.”

I nod in understanding. I guess I can’t argue with her there. I was kind of a douche to her before.

“I love you,” I say not even meaning to say it. Damn it Scott, you’re probably scaring her you hob knocker.

Again, with my rude British subconscious...

Anyways can you really blame me though for letting the words slip again. I mean even if we never do get the situation with her parents situated. Even if Anna and Falon do end up getting married, which they might because it really does seem like they love each other. Even if Abby’s past pops up again. Even if sometime down the road my past decides to pop up again. Even if the ghost of Christmas past decides to haunt me. Even if any of that stuff does happen I know that she’ll be my stutter girl and even if it is unmanly I’ll still be her mutter boy.

“I love you too Scott,” she says smiling up at me.

She doesn’t even stutter.


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