The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Abby’s P.O.V

“Daniel I thought I told you to stop touching my underwear!” My sister shouts yanking at the pair of underwear that Daniel is yielding in his hands.

“I need it for a project,” he says yanking them back, before walking towards a desk and grabbing a bottle of glue. He stomps out of the room with the contents held tightly in his hands. She quickly follows behind him grunting.

It’s been a couple of months since the first visit to my doctor’s office. It’s been six days since I finally got the surgery. It’s been six days since I last spoke. The Doctor’s told me that it would be ideal to hold off on using my voice until at least a minimum of seven days after the surgery. They don’t want me to strain my throat.

Over the months it has been doctors visit after doctors visit. They had to make sure I was healthy, actually wanted the surgery, etc. So it’s been quite a long process.

Falon and Anna are still going strong. They didn’t end up getting married and we still don’t know exactly what we’re going to do when one of us couples do want to get married. We all just agreed not to do it while we are in college which kind of upset my parents but then again I haven’t seen them in some time.

I stand up from where I’m sitting on the couch and follow Anna and Daniel into the living room where everyone is sitting. Scott’s parents are cuddles up together on one side of the couch, Falon is sitting alone on the other, Anna and Daniel are standing up arguing, and Scott is sitting on the floor leaned up against the couch. When I walk into the room he smiles up at me and pats the spot next to him.

I immediately oblige and walk over, plopping down next to him. He casually throws his arm over my shoulder and pulls me into his side like he always does when we sit next to each other.

It’ll be midnight in about an hour and everyone decided that they wanted to stay up with me so that as soon as we reach the seventh day I can say my first words without stuttering. Scott has been waiting anxiously all week, I think my not being able to talk has bothered him somewhat.

Anna had invited my parents to come hang out with us but they had politely declined saying that they were in Europe for the weekend on some sort of business trip. Becca, Victor, Liam, and Miranda are all upstairs watching movies in Scott’s room.

“If you really need underwear for a project,” Anna says glaring at Daniel. “Why don’t you just go out and freaking buy some?”

“Because a big burly male like myself doesn’t always look right shopping for thongs,” Daniel says rolling his eyes at Anna. She makes a move to snatch the underwear but he just moves it away and shoves his hand high up in the air, far out of her reach.

“You aren’t big or burly,” Anna growls throwing her hands up in the air in a very exasperated manner. Daniel smirks at her. “What the hell kind of project are you going to be doing with a pair of underwear and glue.”

“A sexual one,” he says rolling his hips a little bit and her eyes widen.

“What kind of sexual one?” She asks raising an eyebrow at her.

“Um did I say sexual?” He asks as he stops rolling his hips. “I meant...menstrual. Damn it auto correct.”

“Auto correct?” Anna huffs a breath of air out of her mouth. “Daniel this is a verbal conversation.”

“Oh yeah?” He says in a matter of fact tone. “Well you’re a verbal conversation.”

“You better give me my underwear back before I verbally shove my foot up your as-”

“Hey now children calm down and stop arguing,” Falon says from the spot he’s sitting at on the couch. He’s got his arm draped across his eyes. “You guys are starting to give me a headache.”

Anna pouts before standing up to do consult her boyfriend. I feel Scott kiss the top of my head and I look up to see him smiling down at me. I smile back but our moment doesn’t last long before it is once again interrupted by four very obnoxious people.

Miranda rides into the room on Liam’s back first with Becca on Victor’s back following. I raise my eyes at them and Miranda hops off of Liam’s back as he gives a small whoop of victory.

“We were racing each other to see who could make it down the stairs faster,” Victor explains and I nod. Liam grins as he and Miranda fist bump, I guess they won.

They all sit down and start conversing with each other. Scott and his brothers are all talking about some football game that they had just watched and it’s blatantly obvious that they all have differing opinions. Anna, Daniel, and Scott’s parents are talking about the room that his parents are going to be refurnishing. Becca and Liam are speaking in French, I knew that Liam knew French but I didn’t know that Becca knew it. And Miranda is talking Victor’s head off while Victor leans his head against the back of the couch looking stressed.

“No they fucking suck!” Scott yells basically right into my ear. The three brothers begin to go at it and they basically all start yelling at each other about which team sucked more. Anna, Daniel, and Scott’s parents are the next to unravel as they begin to argue about the decor that should be placed in the room that is going to be renovated. Lastely, Liam and Becca begin to argue in French...or at least I think they’re arguing. They’re shouting at each other but I can’t exactly understand them. I only met the minimum foreign language requirements in high school Spanish, so I’m not very good at other languages.

As everyone around me argues about something I kind of just sit there quietly and listen to the chaos that has become my life. Then all of a sudden the watch that I’m wearing on my wrist begins to buzz and I realize that it is now midnight. I immediately smile but no one notices because they’re too engrossed in their own conversations.

“Hey,” I say quietly. My voice feels really scratchy from not using it in so long. I should probably go drink some water after I tell them that it’s finally midnight. My voice still sounds foreign to me after not using it for so long.

“Hey,” I say again slightly louder because no one turned to look towards me. They all continue to ignore me and argue with each other.

“EVERYBODY SHUT UP AND PAY ATTENTION TO ME!” I yell at them and everyone immediately goes silent. Scott’s head snaps towards my direction and a wide grin spreads across his face.

“Quick say something else,” Anna says looking at me with wide eyes.

“Something else,” I say not being able to think of anything else to say. “Something else, something else, something else, something else-”

“You smart ass,” Anna says crossing her arms.

We all continue to talk but it’s mostly just me doing the talking and them prompting me to say things. It’s strange not stuttering, the words kind of just slip out of my mouth without me having to struggle and it feels like a huge relief. I know that Scott was uneasy about the whole ordeal at first but right now, he seems just as happy as me that I did end up getting it.

A couple of hours later Scott and I are laying on the couch. Everyone else went to sleep a while ago but Scott wouldn’t let me. He just keeps talking and I keep responding. It doesn’t matter what we’re talking about anymore, he told me that he loves hearing me talk. He wants to help break me into the whole ‘speaking without stuttering’ world.

“So what are you going to do now?” He asks me looking down at me with a small smile from where I lay beneath him. “Now that you don’t have your stutter.”

“Give several speeches,” I say shrugging. “Win several academy awards. Maybe I can even get a job as a telemarketer.”

“I know that’s something you’ve wanted for a while,” he says rolling his eyes at me sarcastically. “You should think about doing college again. I know that you’re doing online courses but I want you to go to the same college with me...”

“I don’t know Scott,” I say and he smiles again. I’ve noticed that he smiles whenever I say his name but I don’t question it. “Campus life was stressful. I think we’re better off if I’m doing online classes.”

“We can get an apartment off of campus,” he says quickly.

“I don’t have the money to help pay for an apartment Scott,” I say shaking my head at him and he frowns. “And if I do go back to school on campus and we got an apartment I’d need to get a job, which wouldn’t work very well if I have classes everyday.”

“I can pay for everything,” he says pouting. “I’m only a little bit rich.”

“I don’t want you paying for everything,” I roll my eyes at him.

“Please take my money,” he sings in a whiny voice. “Please take my love.”

I sigh at the amazing boy laying next to me who used to bully me in high school. He’s grown into such a different person and watching him grow up has been kind of amazing. He’s stayed with me through the whole Parker chaos, all the arguments, and all the shit that we’ve had to put up with over the years. And in the end it’s all been worth it. He’s been worth it.

“I love you,” he whispers into my ear causing a grin to bloom on my face. “Quick...say something.”

“I love you too.”

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