The Girl Who Stutters and The Boy Who Mutters

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Chapter 7

“He hit me!” Victor says walking back and forth with a kind of crazed look in his eyes. “I swear one of you better go get him or so help me I’ll-”

“Okay wait,” Lacey says setting downn her cigarette. “What happened?”

“I don’t know,” he says combing a hand through his hair. “I was trying to talk to him. He told me to leave and when I didn’t he turned around and socked me. I got out of there as fast as I could so I didn’t go back and kill him.”

“Well we have to be back in twenty and we can’t just leave him here,” Hannah groans.

“One of you need to go talk to him,” Victor says walking back and forth. A chorus of ‘not its’ goes through the group before I can even comprehend what’s happening.

“Abby looks like you get to go,” Hannah says giving me a sad look.

“Wait what?” I ask looking up at everyone. “W-what just happened?”

“You were the only one who didn’t say ‘not it’,” Liam says actually laughing at the shocked look that is present on my face.

“But w-what if he t-trys to hit me or something?”

“He wouldn’t hit you,” Cole says before looking over at his brother for conformation. “Or at least I don’t think he would-”

“Just go already-” Becca says giving me a little shove. “We need to get back soon and that’s not going to happen if Rogers keeps pouting.”

So of course I’m forced into the woods to go find a very angry Scott. I don’t know why they would force me to go after him even after he punched Victor. I meann they know him much better than I do, hell I don’t even know the whole reason he stormed off earlier.

Walking into the mini forest I have no idea where I should be going. Scott could be anywhere, and I’m nnnot even that much of an outdoorsy person so it’s not like I can just find his tracks or something. So I just keep going in the direction that I think it straight.

The last time I was in the woods I had sprained my ankle. I was trying to be more like Anna, I was trying to be more adventurous. We were thirteen and Anna was going through her monkey stage. I remember she used to love trying to climb all over pretty much everything, but usually just statues. Anyhow we were over my Grandpa’s house and he actually does live in a cabin so he does basically live in the middle of the woods. So one day Anna had decided to climb up one of the trees, and of course I followed her, a spider crawled on my hand and yeah I let go of the branch I was holding. I nearly died on account of spider.

“Go away Becca,” I hear Scott’s voice before I see him and it scares the hell out of me. I look over to see Scott leaned up against a tree with his head in his hands.

“It’s Abby,” I say creeping over towards him.

“Oh well they usually send Becca,” he says looking up at me. I immidiately take notice of the fact that his eyes are very red and his face is flushed. “They must’ve done the ‘not it’ thing right?”

“That’s w-why I’m h-here,” I say inching towards him a little more. “So this h-happens a lot?”

“I guess you could say that,” Scott says leanning his head back against the tree. “I told them that if they’d just stop bringing up Falon it would stop happening.”

“W-what’d he do?”

“The unthinkable,” he says.

“Are you g-going to teel me w-what exactly that is?”

“Maybe someday,” he says with a small smile on his face. ” In the mean time would you like to hear a story?”

I shrug.

“Come sit,” he pats the ground and I sit down next to him. “You and Anna are pretty close right?”

“I’d like to t-think we are.”

“Try to see this from my point of few for a moment,” he says tuning towards me. “Imagine me not seeing my brother for over a year and a half. We used to be close but when everything caught up with him I barely got to see him . That’s not even it though. Picture my getting home one day and finding Falon, my parents, and my girlfriend whom I was actually very serious about, waiting for me.”

“You h-had a serious girlfriend?” I ask doubtfully.

“That’s besides the point,” he says giving me a pointed look. “Anyhow I’m sure you could understand my confusion as to why they were all waiting for me. Especially Falon, since I hadn’t seen him in forever. Anyways that’s how I found out my girlfriend was knocked up.”

“Y-you’re a dad?”

“She was knocked up, but it wasn’t my kid.”

Then who’s?

“It was Falon’s,” he says grimacing a little. “My brother. Impregnated. My girlfriend.”

“T-that’s terrible,” I say placing my hand on his shoulder which causes him to look up at me. “Is that w-why you h-hate him so much?”

“I told you that’s a story for another time,” he says climbing up to his feet and holding his hand out to help me up. “Thanks for listening to me though, I needed someone to talk to.”

I smile up at him but right before I’m about to grab his hand to pull myself up I feel a sharp pain in my leg. I pull my hand back and roll up my pants leg, Scott is immediately at my side when he sees the blood.

“Jesus,” he says his eyes widening as I lean against the tree. “Those are bite marks. A snake maybe?”

“S-scott...I c-can’t b-breathe-”

Everything speeds up over the next several minutes. Although I’m painfully aware of not being able to speak and my eyes dropping, I’m still able to focus on Scott’s beautiful chocolate brown eyes. They’re frantic as they look back down at me. Suddenly I feel a warm pair of arms wrap around my and hoist me off the ground. At this point, I’m only looking through the slits of my eyes. My body is completely shutting down and it’s not too long before everything slowly fades to black.

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