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Romance / Humor

Chapter 15

It was a Friday night. David and I were watching ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ together with great interest. My phone’s ringtone suddenly blew up in my jeans pocket and I almost jumped up in panic.

It was Brittany.

“Hey,” I answered.

“Hey. What’re you doing right now? Kendra, Connor and I are coming over to your house right now to pick you up and we’re gonna go hang out together.” I could hear her smile in her voice; decisively excited.

“Okay,” I drawled. “I’m just watching a movie with David. Where we going?”

“Ever been to a concert before?”

“Nope,” I smiled. I kinda liked the idea. I hadn’t ever been to a concert before so this sounded like a great idea to see how things are done.

“Well, here we go! We'll be there by ten minutes.”

And the doorbell rang.

“Whoa!” I jumped up in excitement and rushed to the door.

“Hey!” The three of them shoved in enthusiastically.

Connor stayed back with David in the living room. Then, me, Kendra and Brit went up to my room.

When I came out of the bathroom, Kendra was sitting on the edge of my bed and checking out a red dress in arms length. I didn’t remember buying that. Probably it was one of the thousand little cute dresses my cousin Laura sent me on many of my birthdays and not-birthdays. Probably. I could still see the price tag on.

Brittany peeped out of my walk-in closet and said, “Alana, you have a whole collection of untouched cute dresses. We should go out more.”

Knowing the nerd that I was, Laura’d been trying to tempt me to go out by sending me all those cute dresses in any possible time. So far, her attempts hadn’t work but I guess this night, the gods were in her favour and I just wished I could transform into a rat and hibernate never to return to light again.

It’d been years since we hadn’t met but Laura’s always trying her best to pull me out of nerd-zone by sending me all those dresses whose objectives were now finally about to be operated in full swing with two more Lauras by my side, Kendra and Brittany.

I slipped into the casual, floral printed chiffon dress and finally finishing the look with simple nude pumps. Brittany then set me down on the edge of my bed and began being the make-up artist she was. She never got her make-up wrong. Not in the slightest way while I didn’t even know how to draw the eyeliners (which I seldom do) properly without smudging at least thrice, in the end leaving me to look like I haven’t slept for weeks.

When she was done with my eyes, she told me to open them. I did. She grinned pleasingly. I was sure she did it. Then she worked on my eyelashes with her own mascara... And I was glad she used my cherry lipgloss on my lips instead of lipstick. I didn’t wanna look too worked up. Well, she would know what goes well, anyway.

After about or over twenty minutes, she said, “You’re ready.”

I stood up and went over to my full length mirror and stared awestruck at myself.

“Whoa!” I breathed.

“I know! You look amazing!” Brittany beamed happily beside me and pumped her fists in the air.

I knew she did draw quite some number of lines on my eyes but they didn’t stand out so obviously but the change was clearly there. My eyes were well defined and the way she put the mascara made my hazel eyes stand out and I think they looked brighter too. I leaned in to the mirror and checked my eyes closer.

I still don’t know how she did it.

“How did you do this?” I turned to Brittany.

She flipped her ginger hair stylishly in jest and quoted the wisdom-line, “Practice makes a man perfect.”

I smiled.

I liked the way I look. The end of the dress fell on my mid thigh and with the jacket on, I didn’t look overdressed, just the way I wanted it to be. The make up was just perfect. I left my brown locks flowing over my shoulders. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever looked that good.

“Thanks guys. I look good.” I nodded smilingly.

Kendra stared into the mirror and stated, “I like your legs, Alana. You have a killer body.”


I look back and forth between Kendra and the mirror, eyebrows raised. I didn’t see any hot chick in there. I saw only me dressed in a chick dress with a pair of bare legs slipping into a pair of pumps. Well, I admitted I looked good that night but I doubted I had a killer body. I still do. I’m just slim enough with awesome flat bottoms. Yup!

“You should come to school wearing skirts and dresses like this,” Brittany said, “Nikki deserves to be a part of your glory.”

“Come on, guys. Who thinks flat butt is hot,” I said.

Kendra laughed and said, “It’s not that bad. I find it unique.” And she spanked my butt.

“Shut up!” I jumped with a laugh and hit back her hand. “You guys look amazing too,” I said.

“Thanks,” they answered.

Brittany was in a very gorgeous azure chick dress and heels, Kendra in a fitted black dress with lace covering her arms till the wrists and black boots accompanied by her signature dark painted eyes.

“Okay. Let’s get going. Connor must be sleeping already,” Brittany said, working up her energy as well as ours.

I grabbed my small leather sling bag in gray, breathed and followed Brittany.

“Hold up!”

We looked back to see Kendra coming towards me with a pair of scissors in her hand, ready to slice something. I frowned.

“What are you doing, Kendra?” Brittany sounded frightened.

I stood frozen in shock.

“This,” Kendra came and cut off the price tag that was still hanging from the back of my dress.

“God! Kendra, I thought you were gonna cut the dress!” Brittany exhaled.

Kendra guffawed loudly.

Connor was on his stomach in the living room with David... arm-wrestling.

“Come on, Connor boy,” Kendra called him.

He looked up accusingly at Kendra. He really hates, despises, being addressed with the boy in his name and Kendra loves doing just that.

I went to the study and told dad that I was going out with Kendra. He noticed my unusual way of dressing up but he didn’t ask further questions. He only told me to be back in time and be careful. The trust that we have between us is simply amazing.

“Whoa! Alana, you look amazing,” Connor complimented when I returned to them.

I smiled, “Thanks. You too.”

He was casually dressed in dark jeans, black T-shirt under a cool black jacket and black fighter boots... All in all, black and hot.

So it seemed, Connor would be driving the three of us. I couldn’t help but feel a little excited by the way. After all the compliments they’d given me, my excitement was definitely boosting up. Good looks, good outfit, those are some undeniable major source of confidence for girls.

Hey, a nerd can also be a girl, right?

Connor drove down the highway and we pulled up outside a club call Brother Bear.

“Is this supposed to be a good idea because this is a night club,” I said, chewing on my lips as I stared at the entrance nervously.

A pair of machos were standing with their arms crossed on both sides of the entrance. They were nothing but huge. If I stand next to them, me of five feet four inches will shrink to a dwarf ant (if there is something like a dwarf ant).

“Don’t worry,” Kendra said, closing the door behind me.

Brittany curled an arm around mine and smiled widely as though she’d already seen the future, “You’re gonna love it!”

“But we’re still underaged!” I turned to her and whisper shouted, intending not to let the machos hear.

“Not tonight,” she smirked.

This better be good.

There was an endless queue at the entrance but we didn’t join it. Kendra and Connor led us straight up towards a macho.

“We’re all in the guest list,” Connor told him, “Check Connor Blake.”

Guest list?

What is happening?

I looked around. Among those in line, I recognized some faces from Greenwood. Some I knew were from my class, junior years, underage. It was a relief seeing them. And then I laid my eyes on a board just beside the other macho. There was a picture of a cool logo and writings over it.

It read,


Live concert on August 27th, 8′00 pm

Brother Bear'

“Come on.” Brittany pulled me in. I could see that she was getting more and more excited with each passing minute.

The narrow entrance led to something amazing. I gaped the moment we came in view of a huge hall fitted with all kinds of lights all around. I realized we were at the top of the hall and we had to climb down the stair to be in the real hall. Dance floor, I mean.

Brittany turned at me, beaming as wide as the pacific, “Awesome, right?”

“Yeah.” I nodded with a smile.

I was starting to get the vibe of an awesome nerd who wants nothing but to live and enjoy the night.

We climbed down the stairs and went towards the bar section. Connor ordered a glass of vodka for himself.

“So how drunk are you planning to get?” I asked him.

“Just a little too much. Nights like this are meaningless if I have to be sober.” He grinned roguishly and emptied his glass.

“Then who’s driving us back?” I asked. I didn’t want to be in the car of a drunk driver.

“Don’t worry,” Brittany said, “I told my cousin to pick us.”

I nodded and looked around. There was a blue haired girl-DJ on the stage rolling off her mixes. A lot of people were on the dancefloor swaying off to the music. Bodies. Bodies. Bodies. And some drunk people. I prayed quietly in my mind that I wouldn’t regret this night.

After about some time, the club was packed. We went towards the front, not far from the stage, when the time came for the concert to start. I was standing between Kendra and Brittany.

“Oh, I can’t wait for them to show up!” Brittany jumped excitedly.

The club was becoming so crowded and noisy that we had to scream if we wanted to talk.

“It’s so crowded in here! Is this band popular?!” I asked them at the top of my lungs.

Kendra smiled, “See for yourself! They’re awesome!!”

They were so boosting me up. The blue haired girl was still on stage.

“Is she part of the band?!” I asked them above the noise.

“Yeah!!” Brittany answered.

“You know her name?!”


Suddenly the crowd erupted to a tempestuous scream. I looked at the exit which was at one far corner of the stage. My eyes were blinded by the sudden blare of white lights that concentrated on the stage. Squinting my eyes, I struggled to see the faces of the four popular rock star boys making their way up on the stage. When the boys came in clear view, my jaw literally dropped. Brittany, Kendra and Connor exploded laughing at my reaction.

What the heck!!!

I see Matt, Scott, Hunt and Ugly Narcissist.

The crowd was now madly screaming as the four pretty boys came into view. I looked around. The shrieks and screams of girls filled the entire hall - The screaming of their names and I LOVE YOUs and MARRY MEs and KISS MEs and SLEEP WITH MEs and UNDRESS MEs.

Oh my God, girls. Girls.

But I didn’t expect to see them. I looked back at them, shook my head and blinked two-three times trying to register in my mind that what I wasn’t seeing was real.

Hunt grabbed a guitar, took his place in front of the microphone in the middle of the stage and hollered something from the stage. Girls went madder, wilder... What not. And I was still too shock to believe this was real.

Scott and Matt grabbed their guitars. Xavier went and sat behind the drum, flashing his famous smirk as his eyes roved and took in the vast crowd that has showed up for them.

He was looking so handsome and impossibly dapper with his messed up hair; black ripped jeans and half sleeved, collared denim shirt, that hugged and exposed his muscular biceps. For the footwear, he donned black fighter boots looking as casual as a hamburger and yet so hot.

It’s not fair. He gets into a pair of jeans and suddenly he look like a sexy Greek God while I have to let Brittany do the make up and everything using all her skill to make me look any good. It’s just not fair.

The hall eagerly quietened down as if waiting for something strange to happen, something out of the world. Hunt looked back at Xavier. Xavier gave four hits of his drum sticks and then boom - The hall erupted again like a resurrection of a monster. The crowd went wild. I could feel the beat of the music vibrating against my chest. Everybody was starting to scream and sing along with them.

Hunt’s voice was harsh and and powerful. They were awesome, just like Kendra said. Their hardcore music was like giving you no choice to not appreciate it. It didn’tn’t take me long to start clapping and chanting and squealing along with the crowd, finally giving in to the night.

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