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Romance / Humor

Chapter 16

Connor drove us to a house party after the concert. To my surprise, he didn’t drink much at the club. I thought he came well planned to get as high as the Everest.

“So where are we now?” I asked, beaming widely at the three of them as I moved out of the car.

The concert was freaking awesome and I couldn’t stop smiling after leaping about in the club with the three of them, falling to the white tricks that the tequila worked on my nerves. For the first time in my life, I felt free and careless about anything.

“We’re here at Hunt’s place. This is an after-concert party,” Connor explained.


Wait!! An after-concert party? Oh oh oh... Xavier will be here too. Should I leave?

Even just the thought of him had my heartbeat going wild, so I didn’t want to stay because I had 99.9% running into him chances and I had no idea what I would do when I come face to face with him. But then who was driving me back? No one as of yet.

As we walked up the driveway and the doorsteps saying quick hey(s) and hi(s) to familiar faces, the music was already loud enough so what could we expect when we enter the house packed with hormonal adolescents. For a moment I thought my eardrums had blasted. A lot of people were already high. Dancing. Screaming. Laughing. Making out.

Walking inside the kitchen, squeezing through any space we saw, Connor shouted, “Fuck yeah!” pointing towards a bar laden with different kinds of drinks and alcohols.

Maybe he did come well planned.

Kendra slapped his arm and said, “Don’t do anything that’s beyond the limit of stupidity.”

He smiled and squeezed both her cheeks, “ care about me so much, Monkey.”

Kendra frowned and slapped his hands again. He chuckled.

“Hey guys!!!!”

We looked back at Hunt who was coming towards us.

“Hey!!” we answered.

“Glad you could show up,” he gave each of us, leaving Connor, a hug. He did the fist punch with Connor.

“Of course. It’s your birthday,” I joked and laughed.

“Well, I hold a Guinness Record of being born twice in a year,” he said with a chuckle, making us laugh too.

“You guys were awesome,” I told him honestly.

“Aha! Uuniversal truth.” Hunt winked.

“Nice place, Hunt,” Kendra said, craning her neck and looking around.


“Alana, you’re here!!!” we saw Scott come with Matt.

“Hi, Scott. Matt.”

“Who knew Dr. Lancaster’s good girl daughter would actually show up at the party. Damn,” Matt said, smiling.

“Well... She just can’t resist the charm we carry,” Hunt said.

I laughed.

“Please. Get over it,” Brittany said.

“Of all the people, you’re the most obvious one who just can’t help drooling over me,” Hunt returned.

“Hahaha,” Brittany fake laughed, “Very funny. Did you forget to take your medication?”

“Didn’t you say you wanted to feed me? So I was waiting for you.”

During the past few weeks, Brittany and Hunt had gotten close.

We chatted and joked. No sign of Xavier yet which means I was still happy and bubbly and not annoyed. Add to that, no racing heartbeat.

Kendra, Connor, Brittany and I went over to the liquor bar as Hunt, Scott and Matt left to meet up people.

“Fuck,” Connor murmured.

We looked at him. He gestured with a slight nod to something towards the dancefloor and turned back at the counter. We saw a brunette babe strapped in silver sequin, leaving nothing to the imagination, coming towards us with a naughty smirk whipped across her pretty face.

Kendra chuckled quietly, “Good griefs, Connor boy.”

Connor growled, “You shouldn’t have messed up my account, Kendra.”

“I’m sorry. I thought she already left town,” she began to chuckle uncontrollably.

Connor sighed and muttered enough swear words under his breath.

“She was the one you...”

Kendra finished my sentence, “Yeah. The one I flirted with in Connor’s Facebook account.”

Sequin babe came and squeezed in between Connor and me. Connor was standing in between me and Kendra.

“Hi, Connor.” She placed a hand on Connor’s shoulder. I noticed her fingers were slender and neatly manicured in some... Art.

“Chelsea.” Connor sounded disinterested. Neither did he look at her. He kept his eyes on the new vodka glass he had just poured himself.

“Missed me?” she trailed a finger down to his chest from his chin which she thought was seductive. A lot of girls do that in movies. Maybe Connor thought she wasn’t creative enough. It showed on his face.

“Nope.” Connor’s reply was a little too quick and too honest. The three of us giggled. Chelsea stiffened but soon ignored us.

Instead of blushing in embarrassment and slipping away, she snuggled closer to him. I suddenly felt like cheering for her determination considering the fact that if I were her, I would’ve died of embarrassment the moment that ‘nope’ left his mouth.

“Maybe we should go somewhere private so we can have some time...”

“Whoa!” Kendra was suddenly in between the two of them who were almost sticking together, “Excuse me, Chelsea.”

Kendra abruptly turned and faced Connor. In the process, poor Miss Chelsea lost her balance and tottered on her high heels. She would’ve fell to the floor if I had not grabbed her.

“Wanna dance with me, Connor boy?” Kendra said, tugging the collars of his jacket with both hands.

Now, Kendra’s voice was sounding super hot. I had never heard that side of her. Looking down on her, Connor’s eyes lit up as he smirked at her. There was so much of warmth and adoration in his eyes.

He grabbed his vodka, shoved the contents down his throat in one swing and answered with a dashing smirk, “Absolutely, ma’am.”

“Excuse us.” Connor smiled at Chelsea and led Kendra to the dance floor.

I felt like I won the second world war. Brittany and I exchanged contented grins. Chelsea stormed off to God-knows-where. Connor’s hands were on Kendra’s hips and they were swaying together to the music. They looked so hot together and they made a perfect couple. I wished I was a priest so that I could just get them married there and then. The smiles that were flaming on their faces were so cute.

“They’re so gorgeous together.” I led out an awestruck sigh.

“Exactly,” Brittany agreed, “I don’t understand why they’re still not together.”

“They should be one thing.”

“They’re friend zoned. They don’t even realize it,” Brittany said and then laughed, “You should see them when one of them misses a day in school. They can’t sit for a minute. It’s like watching them sit on anthills. Connor wouldn’t stop calling her and Kendra is worst than a PMSing Kendra. Trust me PMSing Kendra is horror but Kendra without Connor is something way worst. You can possibly see a terrorist in her wild eyes with all the guns blazing.”

I laughed along.

“What about you? Are you with anyone?” I asked.

Being the hot Brittany she was, she did have a long list of boys head over heels for her and even happy to wait in a queue. But so far, I hadn’t seen her with any boy in the romantic way. Or maybe she was with someone who didn’t go to Greenwood.

But her answer surprised me, “No. I’m Single.”

My reaction was way stupid but I couldn’t help not doing it. I looked at her incredulously, refusing to belief her and all the more stupidly asked, “Really?”

She smiled. Thank God that she’s such a good soul.


“But...” I licked my lips looking for a way to speak without offending her, “It’s kinda hard to belief, you know. I mean, look at you. You’re damn attractive and...”

She laughed, “Well, there are some guys who’s been asking me out but I just don’t have the mood. I’ve had a boyfriend before I moved here but none since I came here.”

“Oh,” was the only smart reply I could come up with. I didn’t like being a pry baby but my curiosity was hard to deal with, “So you’re not interested in anybody?”

“There’s one... but it’s not like he likes me back.” She smiled and held my gaze.

No way!!! That’s not true... What kind of an idiot doesn’t fall for someone like Brittany?! That Jock must be some serious major-idiot.

I’m not talking only about how stunning she is. Brittany is one of the coolest person I’ve ever come across. She is strong, so human and so herself.

She might not look like it but she’s as sweet as much as she’s stunning. Even now she’s not mourning like a big fan of soap opera but she smiled away the fact that her crush doesn’t like her back. How many people can seriously be as strong and sweet like how she is now?! That... That idiot.

“That pretty boy must be some serious fool,” I said.

She threw her head back and laughed, “Of course not!”

I smiled too and shook my head lightly, “But seriously.”

“I don’t mind... although it would be great if he like me back. But most boys only see this,” she circled a disinterested finger around her face, “And he’s not like that. He doesn’t give a crap. Maybe that’s the thing about him that I fall for.”

She was right. But after hearing everything she had said, I was becoming more and more convinced that her crush is a major-idiot.

How come, he doesn’t see a crap about this beautiful lady in front of me?!

“That fool is amazingly lucky to have you liking him,” I said.

She laughed yet again. I laughed too.

We watched the people around us and as she did her best to give me some idea of what sort of people they are, she suddenly said, “You know, you’re adorable, Alana.”

I looked at her and raised my eyebrows.

“Seriously,” she said, “I wouldn’t call anyone who like you some serious fool,” she added and held my gaze again.

I thought the way she was looking at me was quite odd but I smiled, “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome. It’s good to compliment each other this way when no one’s around,” she joked with a shrug.

I laughed. It was funny to be honest.

“Did you like the concert?”

I brought my eyes back to her from looking around and nodded, “Yeah. It was cool. Never expected to see those boys though.”

“They’re pretty popular. They won a regional competition and have even signed a record deal. They’re already on the road.”

My eyes widened, “Really?!”

“Yeah,” she smirked.

“Wow,” I breathed, “That’s great.”

When we looked back at Kendra and Connor, they were now dancing together like two crazy kids among the crowd; doing all those crazy moves and laughing off as loudly as they could.

Brittany grabbed my wrist and dragged me to the dancefloor to dance with her. She taught me how to sway my body, move my hands, pull up all sort of moves I’d never done in my life. We danced long enough, pulling up funny moves and laughing until we were breathless and burned out.

Shortly after, I went to go get some water to drink. I headed towards the kitchen squeezing through the crowd of heated adolescent bodies. Just before entering the kitchen, I spotted Xavier in one corner with people whose faces I didn’t recognize. He was lounging on a couch, looking bored while his company were on the other couches, playing games on their phones . . . and a red head, girl had her arms wrapped around his waist.

Something about that picture which theoretically had nothing to do with me made me chew my lips and grow guns on my head. I saw the girl inch closer to him every second, speaking things just above his lips.

I felt like doing the same thing Kendra did for Connor when Chelsea was nuzzling closer to him. But then I realized, Xavier and I are nothing like Kendra and Connor. It’s none of my business, I thought. Besides he looked perfectly fine with this girl clinging to him.

Who knew Xavier has a girlfriend. I thought he doesn’t date.

I felt an odd feeling settled inside my chest. I know I have no shit to do with him but after having him drive me to and off from school, we were no more strangers. I just didn’t quite like seeing him doing perfectly fine having a girl like that cling to him although he didn’t really seem to care. He’d been having his eyes concentrated on his phone, taking a swig of his beer once in a while. I watched and watched.

Why the hell am I feeling so... Whatever.

Red head then brought a leg over his lap and slowly moved up to a position where she was straddling him. I felt my eyes widen and my jaw drop but I quickly forced my mouth close. Nobody seemed to care. His company were still so into their stupid game. It looked like they were competing or killing each other online. I noticed Xavier look at the girl for the first time. And she moved up on his lap even closer, seductively running her hands to his nape.

Xavier looked straight into her eyes, expressionless, and said something I wished I could hear. The party music was ear-shattering and so it was practically impossible to hear anything unless you’re in a meter’s distance. I guess Red head answered something that I saw Xavier say something again and the next moment, Xavier had his hands gripping her slender waist and... easily rolled her off his lap and he stood up from the couch.

Red headed babe landed on the spot she used to be in a funny position with a slightly embarrassed shade and a completely stupefied look. Poor girl.

Xavier shoved in his phone inside his pocket, ran a hand through his hair as he drank his beer and started coming towards my direction, without sparing the slightest mercy to give one look back at the hard working red head. Before he could see me, I quickly ducked my head and scurried inside the kitchen. Even the kitchen was not quiet.

I opened the fridge and took a water bottle. I began drinking it like a drought beaten dog. It felt heavenly to feel the cold liquid wash my dry throat. I emptied the bottle in no less than a minute, dumped the bottle in the trashcan and turned towards the door to leave. Narcissist walked in. I spun back round immediately. I didn’t really have a reason for why I was fleeing from him. It just felt like a good idea.

“Hey, Xavier,” someone called.

He answered and I heard a conversation begin to start. Sneakily, I looked back over my shoulder. He was standing at the door facing away from me and talking to some stranger. That’s it! Hiding my face away from him with my hair, I quietly walked pass the door, them, him, and out of the kitchen I was.

That’s it! I’m out!

I had a feeling to fist pump. In my head, I was complimenting myself that I was so cool; totally like some detective in the movies; could possibly be female James Bond. Damn girl, he didn’t even get the slightest hint that it was you. With a wide grin on my face, I traced back my way to my pals.


I froze.

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