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Romance / Humor

Chapter 20

I swear, I hate PMSing days.

PMSing always made me feel so lazy and ugly and boneless and frustrated and fly out at everything.

I was having mood swings . . . like really bad mood swings.

My head felt like it’d been dragged down by two heavy blocks of iron. Or you can still add some more tons to that. I was so lazy. And I was losing my patience with that. I had been hitting my head on my desk repeatedly hoping it would do some good. Only it felt like worst but patience was last on the list. I was just so very frustrated . . . so I kept on hitting.

“Have you gone mad?”

I nodded with my forehead still resting on the desk.

“What’s wrong?”

“I hate Monday,” I mumbled over the desk.

Hell, I wasn’t telling him the truth.

He sighed beside me, “I don’t understand you,” and I could already see him run a hand through his bronze locks.

I shifted my head to the side, resting my cheek on the desk and simply glared up at him, too lazy to say anything. I was right. His hand was tugging the disheveled locks. If I was not PMSing, I’m sure I would have been tempted to run my hands through them but unfortunately, now that I was PMSing, I simple wanted to pull them out from the very roots and leave him bald. He laughed as he looked at me.

I don’t think it’s his problem though, to have that amazing humor while looking at me. I sincerely agree I might have looked like some hangover zombie.

“Are you PMSing?”

“Shut up,” I snapped.

His lips pursed comically and then formed a thin line, forcing back a laugh. I wanted to thrash him black and blue so bad.

And why is it that he always seem to know everything about me? Starting from my love for starbursts, to my house, to my birthday, to my crush on Jacob and till my PMSing. Just freaking amazing. Almighty Xavier, the Street-lord of Los Carlos, your omniscience is simply amazing, right?

I grumbled, “I just hate you.”

“I know you do,” he smiled softly.

He scooted down too and rested his cheek on the desk, facing me. I closed my eyes knowing I couldn’t stand to look at his eyes in this close distance. I simply couldn’t take anymore butterflies forming wildlife sanctuaries inside my stomach.

“Why don’t you just miss class?” he said.

“I can’t do that,” I answered.

“Why not?”

“I’m a good girl,” I replied disinterestedly.

He scoffed and teased, “Hell yeah. A good girl who was drunk on water and catching time.”

“Whatever. You’re too dumb to understand anything I say,” I mumbled back lazily.

A warm whiff of air blew over my face as he huffed what was supposed to be a chuckle.

“I’m sorry I called you a pervert the other day,” I said with eyes still closed, “Though I don’t really understand why you find it so offensive. I’m sorry.” I opened my eyes.

With all the butterflies attacking me the next morning, I had forgotten to apologize. He was looking at me deliberately, intently. I had a mini second world war within me whether to get lost in those darkened eyes or be scared to hell. Seriously, like I said before, that look can make a tiger mew. Well, a little exaggerated but you get the point. You can’t help but shudder in fear.

He straightened up suddenly, making my heart jump in fright, and asked, “Who said I was offended?”

“Hunt???” I answered more like a question with a sheepish squeak because I was starting to worry where this was heading to.

He fidgeted uneasily on his seat and muttered under his breath, “I’m going to kill Hunt.”

Hunt had not arrived for class yet. Lucky him.

Although I was sure that there was no hell of a way he would lay a finger on Hunt (I mean, come on. You know what Hunt is to him), I straightened up too and reassured him, “He didn’t tell me anything besides that. He only said you just don’t like it. Nothing else.”

“He better.”

“Hiding something?” I flicked an eyebrow and, sort of, teased him demandingly.

He cocked his head on the side and smiled mischievously, “Why? You want to know me more?”

“Not at all.” I fell back on the desk. “I’m sorry, though.”

“No big deal.”

Mr. Hart walked in and I had to sit back straight unwillingly.

“Oh my Gaaaawwwd!” Brittany screamed the type of scream where there is no noise while palming her cheeks in infatuation and she breathed, “He’s such a gentleman!”

“I know, right?!” Kendra beamed.

That gentleman whom Brittany was referring to is Xavier. And that noiseless scream is the cause of Kendra’s excellent storytelling. She narrated everything I told her about what happened the morning I woke up in Xavier’s bed. Yup, the morning following the night my drink was spiked.

Some night.

And Kendra did come to my house not a second late after Xavier dropped me. Like she said, to get every detail. But no I didn’t tell her everything. I told her about what a jerk he was in the beginning making me think the unthinkable and about almost everything except the almost kisses. Hell, I didn’t have the guts to narrate that. I wouldn’t be able to stand her stare zeroing in on me. She was so excited about me spending a night with Xavier.

“Gentleman?” I quirked an eyebrow at them.

“He took care of you, Alana. How come you’re still not falling for him? Cause honestly, we know for sure that he likes you!” Brittany gibbered.

Okay. You know it too.

I looked at Kendra. Neither was she looking at all surprised. In fact, she was composedly resting back on her chair and staring at me with the look that clearly spelled ‘duh’.

Is it that obvious?!

I don’t read clues and if Xavier hadn’t confessed that he like me, I would still be thinking that I mean nothing more than a frenemy to him.

In that very moment, I realized something very important about me. And that is, I’m both slow and clueless. Seriously.

Brittany sighed sadly, “Alana, you’re pretty clueless, aren’t you?”

There. She said it.

I presented a very sheepish smile and nodded willingly.

“It’s so obvious. It’s like looking through a glass. The whole school must be knowing it,” Brittany raised her hands and gestured showing me the world around.

Kendra muttered, “Don’t tell me you still have no idea about that.”

“Well . . .” I drawled thinking of the possible consequences that might follow if I say what I was about to say but finally spilled the beans anyway, “He told me, so I do know about that now.”

“Holy shit!” Kendra shot up from her chair the very next moment, her palms hitting the table with a frightening noise, “He told you that?! Xavier fucking told you that he like you?!” I swear, her eyes beat the wise owl’s eyes that instant. They could compete with ostrich’s eggs.

“Uhh . . . Yeah?” I started to move out of my seat. Kendra would come and start hitting me any moment soon.

Brittany screamed the noiseless scream again and fanned herself.

“Alana . . . Shit! Why didn’t you tell us?! Why the holy boogers didn’t you tell us about that?!” Kendra’s eyes scared me.

“I. Uh. Well . . . I. I forgot to,” I stuttered under their bulging eyeballs.

Then like I predicted, Kendra began hitting me anywhere. No don’t get me wrong. It’s not like she was mad at me for not telling her or anything. It was just Kendra expressing her happiness and lobe. She was thrilled to hear that Xavier confessed his ‘like’ to me.

As I tried to dodge her attacks, Brittany on the other side awed and sighed, “Awww . . . Alana. That’s awesome. Xavier actually confessed that he like you. You should understand how much that means to him because as far as I know, he doesn’t even look at girls! And he, himself, the Xavier who doesn’t date, told you that he like you! I’m so happy for you.” She smiled brightly with awe.

Is she crying out of joy?

I looked down on my lap and hid the rising smile that teasingly pulled the corner of my lips.

It meant something to Xavier.

“By the way, have you remembered anything? What happened that night?” Brittany asked.

“I remember hallucinating bubbles on the dance floor. And I was trying to catch them.”

The two of them laughed out loud.

“I must have been a pain in the ass.” I palmed my cheeks as I began my mini hyperventilation.

Brittany laughed, “You were very funny, Alana. We were just sitting and chatting together with the boys and out of nowhere you suddenly started to cry.′

“Oh my God.”

“It was so funny. We didn’t know what happened or what we should do. All we knew was that something wasn’t right,” she forced out the words through her hearty laughs. “Do you remember the stuffs you said to Xavier?

I was literally hyperventilating here. “Not really. What . . .”

Brittany and Kendra were a laughing mess when Brittany noted ‘End of the Story’. And I had transformed into a heated tomato.

‘Life is so unfair because Xavier always look good without any effort and in my case, Brittany had to give her best shot to make me look any better than a lizard.’

Wow, Alana. That was why you cried.

But that’s okay. That’s nothing compared to this . . .


God, let me die. Please.

How do I ever face the boys again? Why the heck did I have to do that?!

Life is still unfair. It never takes my side.

While I was still at the brink of embarrassment breakdown, the boys came, all waving amazingly excitedly at me, except Xavier. He was smirking as always . . . And stunning as always. Unfair.

The three of us were sitting at our usual table for lunch. In no time, my group of friends which included, Kendra, Connor and Brittany have become a thing with Xavier and his street clan. We always sit together for lunch. Xavier took the seat right next to me on my right, Matt settled on my left. Hunt and Scott sat right across me with Kendra and Brittany but we left a seat right next to Kendra for Connor. He wasn’t around yet. But that was his place. We all understood that.

“Good to see you again, Xavi’s Mongrel,” Hunt flashed his perfect set of white teeth, his grinning face telling that he was recalling the night.

“Yup. You too.” I nodded and hid my face.

“You rocked the other night,” Hunt chuckled.

“Yeah! Especially this,” Scott agreed enthusiastically and then to my horror he pursed his lips to form a pout.

I felt my eyeballs bulge and my back heating up all at once like a raging fire. And almost immediately, there was dull thwack under the table and Scott yelped. Out of instinct, I turned to look at Xavier and caught him narrow his eyes and lightly shake his head at Scott. That was when I realized that he had kicked Scott under the table. He knew I would be embarrassed. Xavier knew.

Scott chuckled, “Okay zip.”

Xavier looked down on me and smiled too beautifully I almost fell off my chair (the exaggeration). Even as he sat, he towered me by inches. He was reeeally taaaall.

“Hey,” Connor came and took his place, naturally slinging an arm around Kendra as he plopped down.

The usual chattering began and I bombarded the four rock stars with all the questions in the world I could find related to their music. The other three answered while Xavier look nothing but uninterested. Kendra, Connor and Brittany also contributed a part of their knowledge in that particular topic. It was like a group discussion.

“And you write the songs on your own?”

“Yup,” Matt answered, “But mostly, it’s Xavi. He writes 80% of our songs.”

I whirled my head to my right to look at Xavier in surprise; the bad boy who write love songs.

“What? Surprised to find out that this dude is not only hot but also smart?” he said.

“You’re too much.” I shook my head and laughed.

“Just stating facts.” Xavier laughed too.

“You’re impossible.”

He scoffed and shifted on his chair, bringing his torso to face me.

“When you see this body half naked and wet and sweaty and glistening,” he pointed his index fingers down on his torso, “all you would care to do at that moment is to ogle and say ‘sexy Xavier, please spare nothing and strip naked for the love of god’.”

All the others had burst in a fit of laughter but I blinked and gaped at him. And immediately, the picture I saw of him half naked that morning flashed in my mind like a trailer of a movie or something like an advertisement. I mentally whimpered and literally made a face. Not because he didn’t look good. But because, truth be told, he might have been right on his point.

“See. Now you’re speechless,” he shrugged casually.

I shook my head and returned, “You’re hopeless.”

He scoffed again, “Go on. Deny it. Facts remain facts.”

“I will never fall for you.” I retorted.

But why do I feel like I’m in a hearing and all the little and enormous butterflies are accusing me of lying?

He looked at me and smiled again, “Stop breaking my heart, Mongrel. You know, that face is too beautiful to be owned by a heart-breaker.”

I’m flattered.

I stared at him black face without another word.

Smiling on, he looked away and took a sip of his coke. I noticed that everyone on the table was quiet now and staring at us with a knowing smirk each.

“Are you Xavier?”

We looked up to see a white boy with bleached blonde hair standing with two of his friends behind him.

“What do you want?” Xavier asked, bringing back his intimidating aura.

“So it’s you, huh,” the boy sneered.

Xavier lightly lifted his chin up to eye the boy.

“Let’s just leave, Jason.” One of his friend tugged at his arm, nervously flickering his focus towards Xavier. He was black and taller than the boy Jason.

Jason swung it off, “Come on, Josh. I can handle a piece of cake.”

Xavier chuckled, clearly amused, and asked again, “What do you want, kid?”

“Kid?” The so called Jason frowned.

“You’re new here, aren’t you,” Xavier stated like a know-it-all. And he wasn’t wrong. The boy’s eyes went wide.

“How’d you know?”

“You’re dumb enough to come to me. You should take your friend’s advice and leave. Apparently, he’s smarter than you.”

Jason huffed, “You think everyone’s afraid of you, huh? Well, here’s a news for you - I’m not.”

Xavier drank from his coke again and replied lazily without even looking at the boy, “You should leave before I spilt that pretty face into two.”

My heartbeat began to race. By now, the cafeteria had hushed down to a pin drop silence and everybody in there was staring our way, probably wondering who dare talk to Xavier Arquette with that guts. So eerily quiet was the huge cafeteria by now. Even silence itself would be scared to silent any quieter.

Leave boy, leave. You don’t know who you are talking to.

“Come on, Jay. Don’t look for trouble,” the friend, Josh, tugged him again.

Jason yanked his friend off with a scowl and turned to Xavier.

“You should stop acting so fucked up,” Jason replied to Xavier.

I couldn’t help but watch Xavier’s face; to see if there was any change and my head felt like it was enlarging by second.

“Stop whining. You’re annoying,” Xavier replied, his face thankfully still straight and passive.

Jason placed his palms on the table and brought his sneering face in the level of Xavier’s who was sitting leisurely on his chair.

“I’m not afraid of you,” he hissed.

This boy sure is asking for death.

Xavier placed his coke back on the table and stood up from his chair, towering over Jason and even his friend Josh in height and build. Next to Xavier, they looked pitiful. I guess, Jason also became conscious of that. The moment Xavier stood up, he flinched back slightly in surprise. He was now apparently nervous unlike before. Who wouldn’t be . . . Even the way Xavier was standing now clearly spelled power and dominance. But Jason kept up the appearance.

Impressive kid.

“What exactly do you want?”

The King of the streets was now pissed.

That Jason boy is clearly living his last days, I thought.

My chest was almost exploding from worry. A fight was the last thing I wanted to see.

“Fight you.”

Xavier laughed humorlessly, “Did you hit your head on the tile when you were pushed down?”

“I’ll prove to this people that you’re nothing but a piece of shit,” Jason spat.

Xavier scoffed.

“Jason, are you crazy?” Another friend hissed in his ear.

“Shut the fuck up, man,” he retorted, “This asshole needs to know where his ass belong.”

Xavier rolled his eyes, “I don’t have time to drop you to St. Stephen’s kid.”

“We’re fighting after school.”

Xavier took a step up and warned him straight in the eyes, “Think twice, Kitten. I will knock you out before you even have time to blink.”

This is bad.

“Poor boy. He’s dead.” Hunt chuckled.

“We’ll see.” Jason looked up at the tall Xavier, mustering up all his confidence and pride.

I sprang up from my seat, jumped in between them and pushed back Jason using both of my hands, “Leave.”

He looked at me dumbly.

“And forget about fighting him if you wanna live,” I added.

“I’m not going to lose to him!” he whined back.

“Trust me, you will,” I replied with honest assurance.

“I won’t!!!” He whined again.

I sighed.

What a baby.

His friends were now pulling him out of the cafeteria.

Xavier hollered at him, “You have an impressive confidence!! Enjoy it before I shit on it.”

“I won’t fucking lose to you, I swear!!!” Jason shouted from the door.

Xavier scoffed and sneered, “You’re cute.”

I turned back and glared at Xavier, arms folded across my chest.

“What?” he asked innocently.

I pulled my eyebrows together, “You’re not serious, are you? He’s just a kid.”

“He asked for it. Me personally, I don’t wanna waste my time with some idiot who wouldn’t even know how to throw a punch.” He slumped back on his chair.

“So, what . . . are you gonna fight him?!”

“For charity, yeah. He wanted it.” He smiled as carefree as a fly.

“He’s only a freshmen,” I tried to reason with him.

“I treat everybody equally. I don’t discriminate. I beat up both seniors and juniors in the same way. I don’t give a fuck,” he answered.

“Why do you have to be such a jerk?”

“You should really try to not see me as some sexy angel,” he winked with a handsome smirk.

He still has the nerve to flirt.

I shook my head incredulously.

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