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Romance / Humor

Chapter 3

A quarter before seven, I heard a car stop at the driveway. With my heartbeat leaping inside my chest, I peeped out of my window which faced the driveway. Seeing Jacob come out of his car set me going heebie-jeebie. I began to worry I might never make it to school if I continued grinning the way I was doing like some clown in a carnival. It was close to tearing through my mouth and me ending up in the emergency room in St. Stephen’s. And in what way do I explain how it happened to dad and Jacob?

But it was worthwhile, I suppose. When I left Los Carlos six years back, he was just a middle school boy and I was just a girl head-over-heel for him. So now, knowing that he would be driving me to school in his car was just head spinning.

I rushed towards my full length mirror and checked out my outfit again for the tenth time. There wasn’t anything new and eye-catching about it. I didn’t even put more effort either than how I would do it daily. I was dressed in my usual comfy clothes – a white curve hem blouse with black skinny jeans and Adidas – but I wanted to look as presentable as I could; make sure that I haven’t missed out anything that would end up making me look like a weirdo. My brunette hair was pulled up to a ponytail.

The next second, I heard the doorbell ring. I grabbed my backpack which was lying on my bed and rushed downstairs. Dad had answered the door. He was dressed for work and David had been hustling the whole morning to catch up with him since he would be dropping him at his new school.

“Hey,” I greeted, trying to sound as normal as I could.

“Ready?” Jake asked with his ever magnificent smile.

I nodded. “Yeah.”

“Alright then, let’s roll.”

“Yeah. Bye, dad.” I hugged dad in a half hug before following Jake to his car.

To be honest, I was feeling a little nervous at the fact that I was a new one in a new school but then, the thought of seeing Kendra kept me excited despite the little unsettling feeling in my gut. And then the twenty minutes drive with Jacob helped a lot. He was such a nice person. He could make you feel like you belong there anywhere anytime as long as you are with him. And so it was a good thing that he offered the ride. I was not as nervous as I thought I would be after giggling the whole twenty minutes listening to his funny ramblings and corny jokes.

“This is it, Alana. Your new world,” he said as we parked at the side of the street.

We stepped out and I scanned the new world in front of me. Well, it was high school; huge red building with rectangular lines of glass windows. From where I was standing, I could see another line of cars just across the lawn (that had a walkway running right through it leading to the main entrance). If where we parked was the east parking lot, the other one was the west parking lot. It was something like the West Wing and the East Wing.

For the first few seconds, I felt like a star with all the people looking towards me. And then the next few seconds later, everything was back to normal which was exceptionally great. I never liked attention.

But then what shocked me was that I particularly noticed a girl in pretty skirts and heels winking my way from her car. I had never had a girl winking so flirtatiously at me before. But soon enough I realized Jacob was behind me. I turned to look at him but he didn’t seem to care, for which I mentally did a break-dance.

“Thanks for the ride,” I said, keeping my cool.

And again he smiled, “Anytime, my heart breaker.”

A small laugh escaped from me.

All of the sudden, I felt someone wrapped me around my shoulders from my back with both arms, at the same time, startling me with a loud exclamation of my name. I swear, I could’ve cried out of joy.

“Kendra!” I shouted back, whirled around and grabbed her at once in a tight hug, the strongest I could afford.

She laugh and managed to wave at Jacob who was standing behind me. “Hey, Jake!”

“Hey, Kendra. How you doing?”

“As you can see, I’m suffocating,” Kendra replied with a strangled voice as I held her tight in my unrelenting arms.

Jacob laughed a little. “Since you’ve found each other, I guess I’ll head over to my school now.”

“Yeah. No worries. I got her back,” Kendra replied.

I broke the hug and turned to him. “Thanks for dropping me.”

Flashing one more of his dashing grin, he drove out of Greenwood soon after.

Kendra hit my arm. “You didn’t tell me that you were coming here, you butt crack!”

I laughed. “I thought of surprising you.”

“Yeah, be happy it worked.”

“What’s this?” I touched her hair.

The last time I saw her, which was about a month ago, she had red hair, but now it was black. Well, no surprise though really. She seemed to change her hair color every month.

So this was her new look. Black craze indie rocker kind of girl. Her straight hair was dyed jet black and it fell just over her shoulders, barely reaching them and her eyes were painted black which did suit her very much. It was cool. She was cool.

“New look, huh?” I flicked an eyebrow.

“I know! It’s cool, right?” she said, smirking proudly, “You should totally try a makeover. It’s gonna be fun. How ’bout green?” she suggested.

“Shut up.” I sighed and laughed a bit.

So we chit-chatted all the way till we reached the counter and took my routine. It felt too good to be with her again. I missed her so much and seeing her again, I missed her even more. We chit-chatted all the way to our homeroom too. It was great that there were classes we shared too.

The classroom was half packed when we entered for the first class. We took our seats around the middle of the room and chit-chatted again.

When two teen girls get together, the stories never end, do they? Honestly.

And just as we sat there, few minutes later, we heard some girls shooting words at one another just at the door and we looked up.

“Bitch!” One brunette with golden highlights over the ends snapped at a ginger-haired.

“You jealous because I’m the bitch-queen and you just the bitch-shit?” Ginger countered back at her and Kendra chuckled next to me.


Wow for both the comeback and the sight in front my eyes. Ginger was truly stunning. I had seen so many pretty girls in East Port too but none so captivating as this one right here. She had the perfect curves that wouldn’t really happen unless it’s intimately sculpted by a professional artist.

Dressed in a black-and-white stripped top tucked under a pretty blue mini skirt, exposing her amazingly slender legs, she strutted in boldly, her wavy Ginger-red hair flowing over her shoulders. I thought she was having trouble making out whether it was the classroom she was walking into or Paris Fashion Ramp. But whichever she was thinking it was, I should say she pretty did nail it.

Behind her, the brunette scowled at the back of her head and shoved pass her with about four girls tailing her towards the back of the class.

“You really can’t come up with something better than shoving pass people?!” Ginger shouted at her. “You’re outdated.”

“And you’re a fucking bitch!” Brunette returned from her seat.

Ginger folded her arms over her chest, took a cool stance and replied calmly, “Where’s the creativity, Darling? You say that all the time. I need something new.”

Brunette struggled with her words for a moment and sat down on her chair. Ginger scoffed with a victorious smirk and came towards us. I was surprised that she took the place right in front of me.

“Hey, Kendra,” she greeted with a sigh as she sat down.

“Hey, Brit. Nikki still seems to be so interested in you.” Kendra chuckled.

“High time she get a life. Seriously,” Ginger grumbled and then turned to me, extending her hand. “You’re Alana, right? I’m Brittany. Kendra wouldn’t stop talking about you coming back.”

“Oh, yeah. I’m Alana,” I took her hand. “Hi.”

“Hey,” she smiled beautifully in return. “Wasn’t that quite a show.”

“Yeah.” I laughed. “That was Nikki?”

“Yeah. The lamest ass in the world. You know her?”

“Yeah. During elementary in Kingston’s. She was always picking on me too.”

“Don’t worry. I got your back.”

So during the few minutes we got before the class really starts, I learned that Brittany was Kendra’s friend and she was actually nice. And as I talked to them, all I could think of was how perfectly she had her make-up down. I couldn’t even hold an eye-liner without my hands trembling like a freaking earthquake.

When a male teacher walked in, the room gradually hushed down. He opened his record and started filling up the attendance. He didn’t call out names. He just stared at people on the faces and mark the record.

When he looked at me, he raised his eyebrows. “You must be Alana Lancaster.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Welcome to Greenwood. I’m Hart. Try not to get in trouble.”

“Uh . . . Okay,” I nodded, dazed.

He quickly finished marking the record and just as we’d finished saying the Pledge of Allegiance, four tall boys shuffled in like they were forced through a hole. The first two stumbled forward as the last two shoved them over.

Hart turned to them. “Do I have to remind you boys the consequence of being late for class?”

“It won’t happen again, sir,” the last person replied, chuckling without a care.

My eyes nearly popped out of the sockets when in strides Ugly Narcissist, ever still like a misplaced King. He was the one who answered.

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