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Romance / Humor

Chapter 37

“Alana! Brit!” Connor whisper yelled at us from the back.

He was three seats behind us. We looked back and as expected, he was looking sick. I wouldn’t’ve been surprised if he passed out in the class itself. His Impatient Syndrome because Kendra wasn’t in school was getting the best of him. He wasn’t even able to sit still. All that time, his feet kept tapping on the floor continuously and that worried frown on his face was really making me consider whether I should feed him a sleeping pill.

He looked like he was about to cry. If I was Kendra, I would’ve fallen in love with him already. Five minutes ago, Hart had even asked him if there was an ant hill on his chair. To which he mumbled ‘Kendra Sparks has left a bug inside my ass’ after saying ‘No’ for Hart.

“Where’s Kennie?” he demanded.

Brittany answered, “I guess she’s skipping school today.”

“Why? Is she sick?”

“No. She’s absolutely fine,” Brittany emphasized really well on the word ‘absolutely’ and I nodded at that, “You don’t have to worry about her.”

We couldn’t get him worried about her. Any more dose of worry, then, for all I know, he would be reeving his car towards Kendra’s house and that would mean a complete disaster because Kendra had assigned us (Brit and me) the S-level mission to keep Connor away from her at least for the day. She needed to think. So we had to try our best to keep his anxiety at bay (if possible) and get him to imagine that Kendra is happy and gay at home in the perfect state of health with a glass of red wine, listening to old music or pillow fighting with herself or probably... sun bathing in California.

But, Oh God, him and his never-ending questions....

“Then? Why would she miss class?”

“She’s probably not in the mood,” Brittany shrugged.

“Not in the mood?” he grimaced, “What do you mean not in the mood? That’s crazy! She doesn’t...”

“Uh... People do miss class sometimes just because they’re not in the mood,” I butted in, “I do too.”

Okay. When did I do that?

“You?” he just looked at me lamely.

“Blake, Lancaster, Ms. Fleming, attention here,” Hart called us back.

Being the obedient good girl who was once high on a certain types of Brownies I am, I looked back at Hart. Brittany was on my right and Hunt was sitting next to her on the other side.

He gave Brit a light whack on the back of her head and said, “Be good like me and try to learn something. This fifty minutes can do miracles for your future.”

Brittany fake-gagged.

Honestly Hunt, this is the only class I’ve seen you sit quiet.

I could see from my peripheral vision that Connor had started throwing chits at Brit.

Glancing back towards Connor, Xavier chuckled lowly, “He’s going all paranoid like a mental without Kendra. I wonder how long he plans to stay friend-zoned.”

“You know ’bout that?” I simply asked though I already knew the answer.

I mean, if I know, how wouldn’t he know. After all, he’s the genius.

He nodded and said, “He’d been in love with her since forever. Kendra just doesn’t get it. Why isn’t she here anyway?”

“Um... Brit and I told her about it yesterday; that Connor likes her. So she needs some time to think it through. She’s in a dilemma,” I told him the truth because I knew Xavier would understand and it was not like he would run to Connor in full excitement saying ‘hey pal, Kendra knows you like her and she’s thinking really hard whether she should kiss you or kill you. That’s why she’s not here! She’s in a dilemma!’

That’s just not Xavier. He would leave it to them to sort things out. He knew it was none of his business so he didn’t even say much about it too. He just nodded and entangled his fingers with mine and settled more comfortably in his chair. His business now is me.

No sooner, with an exasperated sigh and a headshake, Brittany quietly handed me the paper they’d been passing each other. I opened it to read.

Connor: She’s not even picking up my calls!

Brit: She must be sleeping.

Connor: Kennie is an early riser.

Brit: She might be planning to wake up late today.

Connor: I’ve called her more than twenty times. I texted her. She’s not even replying any of them. Something’s wrong.

Brit: Nothing’s wrong, Connor Blake! She’s fine!

Connor: Did I do something wrong? Is she mad at me?

Brit: Nope. She’s very happy with you.

Connor: Then WHY IS SHE STILL NOT REPLYING ANY OF MY TEXTS?!! (I could see him knit his eyebrows and fume through his nostrils) She knows I’ll be worried about her. She’s avoiding me.

Brit: That’s the dumbest idea. Get your head straight. She’s fine. She’ll be back to school tomorrow, okay.

Connor: But why is she still not replying any of my texts.

Connor was literally becoming crazy and pissed, like really pissed. He wasn’t just worried anymore, he was pissed too. If Kendra doesn’t show up or doesn’t reply to any of his texts within the next five minute, he’d probably roar like a lion and jump out of the window to go eat her alive for torturing him, I thought. At the end in Brit’s handwriting, it was written.

I don’t know what to do anymore. He’s behaving like a middle aged woman on period!!

I untangled my hand from Xavier’s and pulled out my phone as sneakily as I could and texted Kendra.

‘Mr. Blake, here, is getting out of hand. Reply to his texts at least once if possible.’

By lunch break, Brittany and I waited for the boys at our usual table as we chatted about Kendra and Connor, the current hot topic.

Xavier and Hunt came together. Matt and Scott a little later. Connor usually show up later than the four boys.

Settling down in a chair, Scott immediately proposed a topic to speak upon.

He said, “Xavier and Alana, come forth. Do you solemnly swear to take each other as boyfriend and girlfriend and later on as husband and wife?”

“Uh?” Was my answer.

“Where’s ‘till the last breath’ and ‘in health and happiness’? You’re so not qualified for this, bro,” Xavier replied coolly.

Matt and Hunt and Brit laughed. I smiled a little.

“Alright. Alright. That was rehearsal. I’ll perfect it. What else? Do you want me to mention the future children’s names too? I have some good ideas,” Scott offered enthusiastically.

“No. If you’re planning to name any of my children, you’re mistaken,” Xavier answered, “I don’t want my children to end up living with names like McScott. It’s horrifying.”

“Hey! McScott is not horrifying!” Scott cried defensively.

Matt was the first one who stated laughing.

“Actually, it is. McMatt is a thousand times better,” Matt said.

“McHunt doesn’t sound so bad?” Hunt asked.

“None of you. None of you, I swear to God, gets to name my children,” Xavier grimaced and smirked.

Matt smirked back at him, “Or were you planning on something like... Alavier?”

“Ayeee!!!!” The boys teased in unison, eyeing us both slyly.

Hunt clapped, “Nice one, Matt. I guess Xalana works too.”

“Xana?” Brit suggested.

“Nah. McScott is still the best,” Scott countered, deliberately shaking his head in objection.

Why are they talking ’bout children?

At first, my cheeks were starting to get some blush of crimson but listening to their funny McNames and Scott whine, I felt better. I’ve gotten close with these people but whenever they tease me with Xavier, I still blush. I can’t help it.

And Connor was not turning up.

“Where’s Connor?” I asked to all of them.

“He left after the first class,” Scott answered, “You didn’t know? Oh right. You were with your husband-to-be in History.”

Shoving the blush worthy mention of husband-to-be aside, Brittany and I exchanged horrified glances. There was no need of further explanation. He went to Kendra’s house. It was naturally and ultimately confirmed.

“Why is he so impatient?!” Brittany barracked.

“Oh God,” I mumbled sadly.

Sorry, Kendra. Mission unaccomplished.

“Ladies, is everything alright? You can share anything with your bro here, you know,” Scott said tentatively.

Ultimately, with no other option available, I prayed to God in my mind for the welfare of Kendra and Connor’s friendship and also for the greater good.

“David!” I called out.

He ran out of the school yard and hopped onto the back seat.

“Hey, man,” Xavier twisted his torso backwards and gave David his fist in greetings the moment he was seated.

“Hey,” David fist-bumped him.

“You guys don’t have a problem reaching home like thirty minutes late, right?” Xavier asked me whilst fashioning himself with black shades over his eyes.

I shrugged, “Yeah. But why?”

He turned to me and smiled strikingly hot, “Nothing really. A little surprise for David,” he looked back and grinned at David.

“For me?!” David jumped in between our seats, exclaiming and beaming widely.

Xavier chuckled, “Yup, buddy. For you.”

“What is it?!” David poked his head in in between us from the back and was almost falling in to the front seat in excitement.

“It’s a surprise! No spoilers,” Xavier laughed.

What is he really up to?

“Alright David. Sit back straight or you’ll lose your head,” I said as his little body was almost tumbling over to the front; any degree more and he would somersault in into the front seat.

Xavier drove us down to Anderson’s Arcade. I flicked my eyes brows at him as we parked, asking him what he was up to. He just laughed and shook his head.

“Is the surprise here?” David asked, his face sparkling excitedly like a firework.

“Yeah. It’s here,” Xavier answered, turning off the engine and removing his shaded, “Come on.”

We moved out of the car.

As we walked over to the mall, Xavier held my hand and with the other arm, he was carrying David horizontally to the level of his waist like a piece a log and David was laughing and kicking his feet in the air, obviously enjoying the fun ride. Listening to David’s squeals, Xavier and I laughed too.

Xavier led us up to the third floor into a guitar store of the name ‘Tyler’s Basement’.

“Whoa!” David sort of screamed the moment we entered the store at the sight of all the instruments; all kinds of guitars of all sized probed on stands, hanging on the walls... Just everywhere.

Although I wasn’t a music freak, I was starting to get the vibes just by looking at all the cool instruments. The store was amazing and for some people like Xavier, it might probably be another kind of home.

“Hey! Xavier, my man,” a fashionable guy who was assisting some customers came over the moment he saw us.

He looked older than Xavier but not too old; probably in mid twenties. He looked... Musical.

“Hey, Ty,” Xavier answered and they did the bro hug.

“Need something?”

“Yeah. A guitar for my buddy here,” Xavier motioned his head towards David.

Me: What?!

David: Whoooaaa!!! Really!!!

Xavier, he looked at us and grinned, “Surprise.”

“Who’s this little guy?” Ty, which I guessed is short for Tyler, asked.

“David, my girlfriend’s brother. And this is Alana, my girlfriend,” Xavier said, showing Ty our entangled hands. He then told David to go pick his choice... Literally anything.

Without moving, David silently stared up at Xavier. His gray eyes were blinking confusedly with a bit of surprise. He then glanced at me and back at Xavier.

When David didn’t move, Xavier asked him, “What’s wrong?”

“You’re Alana’s boyfriend?” David’s eyes slowly bulged as he questioned surprisingly.

Of course, David didn’t know!

Tyler laughed and a wide smile broke onto Xavier’s face. I smiled too.

Xavier grinned, “Something like that. You don’t like it? Because if you don’t, I’m not gonna go against you.” Alright, he was just teasing David.

We all waited for David’s answer in silence.

David looked back and forth between me and Xavier and shrugged slowly, “I guess it’s fine... If you like each other.”

“Aww... This guys smart,” Tyler chuckled.

I couldn’t help but laugh. The way David gave his answer was far too sweet for me to let it sink. He was blushing on our behalf as he gave his approval. And moreover, he understood that he was in no position to go against us. What more can you expect from a third grade kid. I wanted to hug him so tight and give him a smacking kiss on his cheek. He would say ‘eww’.

“That’s my buddy,” Xavier ruffled his little black head, “Now go, get your guitar.”

David raced forward, his eyes wandering left and right, up and down, admiring everything he saw.

“Man, You’re finally dating,” Ty chuckled and looked at me, “It’s an honour to meet Xavier’s first girl. I’m Tyler.”

I was still surprised by the fact that Xavier had never dated any girl.

I smiled back to Ty, “Nice to meet you too.”

“Pleasure, mi amor.”

“Xavier’s amor will work better,” Xavier butted in.

Tyler chuckled at me, “He’s fucking possessive.”

Xavier smirked. David was by then racing up and down, to and fro, left and right, inside the wide room, admiring all the guitars and unable to choose. Tyler went to assist him.

“I didn’t know David would be this excited to get a guitar,” I told Xavier.

“He’s a new music freak,” Xavier chuckled, “Guess he has a certain friend of the name Harry?” He turned to me inquisitively.


“David talks a lot ’bout that boy and all the songs he listens to at his place. Seems Harry has a heavy metal maniac older brother who is influencing the two of them,” he grinned.

“I thought he was just Xavierized,” I said.

He laughed, “That could also be the case. He seemed to be more interested in music after he learned that I have a band. He and Harry wants to form a band too.”


“Yeah. That was the thing I couldn’t tell you the other day. He’s quite shy about the idea. Maybe it’s just a childhood fantasy or something,” he shrugged, “that depends on him. But there’s nothing to lose in knowing how to play guitar. It’s a win-win thing. So he better learn when he has the interest too. Besides, kids learn faster.”

Narcissist, you keep surprising me every single time with every single thing you do.

I craned my neck up and stared and stared at him... Simply astonished and swooning. I just loved the fact that he always takes David’s side.

Why does he has to be such a nice guy?

He looked down at me and watched my face. I, on the other hand, took my time staring at him all I want. It’s a win-win thing to stare at him... His strikingly awesome facial structure and his amazing being, with the badass aura and a heart of gold. He is diamond.

“What?” He plainly asked.

“You’re handsome,” I told him straight on his face.

Now, he frowned and stared at me the same way David stared at him few minutes ago; confused and surprised. I knew he couldn’t believe I actually said that. And then he bursted laughing, looking away from me. He was blushing. Xavier was blushing.

I know, he pull up his narcissism only to tease me so when I actually complimented him, he was embarrassed... Like really. His face and neck, till his ears, were flushed red all over as he laughed.

I smiled as I watched him. He was actually waaay too adorable. I wondered how many people had seen this side of him. I know that countless people might have seen his hot, swoon-worthy, domineering side but this... This adorable side surfaces like once in a blue moon. I felt like a winner of something great to be able to pull this stunt.

“Can’t argue there,” he said through chuckles. The corner of his lips pulled up in the most attractive way and from the side view, I could just faint and die as I admired his face.

That would pretty much be a good way to go.

I laughed too and then, teased him, “You know, you’re blushing.”

“Don’t ever say that again. Only I get to say I’m handsome.”

I kind of laughed out loud and said, “Now I know the ultimate weapon to overthrow you when we bicker.”

He smirked at me. And, oh well, I swooned again.

I think I’m having a major crush on my boyfriend.

To be interested by this handsome hunk with a heart of gold and have him as my boyfriend and the love he has for David, what luck I have.

The gods are in my favor.

“And thanks a lot for what you’re doing for David. You don’t really have to do it but it’s not like you’d listen to me even if I tell you not to.”

“You like it or not, I take him as my brother, you know. I love him,” Xavier replied.

I nodded and smiled, “I know, you do. Thanks for that too.”

“No problem. Pleasure is all mine, darling,” he smiled back as he brought his arms around my neck and kissed the top of my head.

If it makes him happy, I wouldn’t stop him from being around and being there for David. It makes David happy too. They’re like soulmates.

Tyler looked back at us and enquired, “Your little man is left handed?”

Xavier turned to me.

“Yeah. David’s left handed.”

All these time, as we watched David and Tyler go through the guitars best fitting for his size, as they tried holding it, David had always been switching the neck to the right side.

Xavier grinned, “It’s kinda cute. Kevin was left handed too, you know.”

I smiled back at him. It’s surprising how David and Kevin are so alike. Maybe even God gets confused sometimes because there are too many people on this earth and he doesn’t realize some people are too similar to one another. For example, like David and Kevin – from glasses, to their smiles till their left handedness.

“Do you wanna learn guitar too?” he asked me, “I’ll teach you.”

The thought of Xavier teaching me guitar excited me like a five year old going to Disneyland to meet Goofy. Everything is fun with him.

I beamed and nodded, “Sure. Someday.”

He smiled back and pulled me closer to him.

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