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Romance / Humor

Chapter 38

“It’s not bad, I swear. It’s actually better then your fiftieth color,” Connor said.

“Connor. I’m serious. If it’s horrible then I’ll have to change it back. I don’t wanna look like a peacock,” Kendra whined, a thousand doubts on her face, “Be of some help, please.”

“Why the heck do you even bother about people’s opinion! You liked it, didn’t you?” he replied, shrugging and taking a huge gulp from his soda can.

“I told you I wasn’t sure about it. I just did it because of you!”

“Oh come on. I don’t remember asking you to dye your hair peacock,” he rolled his eyes.

“Aaarrrggghhh,” Kendra growled, banging a fist on the table.

“Kendra!! Kendra!!” Brittany shouted, “I swear on my first, middle and last born that it looks good. I swear. I fucking swear! Alright?!”

Brittany was already losing her incomparable cool, listening to Kendra fret about her new hair color since morning. And now it was lunch break.

The day she missed school because she needed to think through about Connor was the day before and I’d been wondering what she did the whole day. Just thinking?

She actually left her phone home to avoid distractions and went to a salon and donned her hair a new shade - purple and violet. Peacock in her words. Usually, she’s very picky with the combinations and all but that day, she let the hair dresser do the chef’s choice. She wasn’t sure whether she liked it or not, or whether it looked good on her. Hence, worrying her shit off.

We’d all been honestly telling her million, zillion times that she rocked it but she just wasn’t satisfied with our responses. She wanted (or more precisely, needed) Connor’s opinion too; the Connor, who said literally nothing about the new look except donating some extremely informative shrugs. He only said it looked good and better than her fiftieth color only after she started whining and neighing.

Brittany was now closely examining a strand of hair in front of her eyes like it was a science project and explaining deliberately to

Kendra the reason why the color looked good on her. Seriously, I never knew Kendra was so obsessed about her hair as far as this. At one point of her hair-rant, I heard her say ‘My hair is my Life’.

Like really? Never knew this.

Connor too took a strand of her hair in his fingers and studied it as he leaned back on his chair. Kendra watched him anticipating-ly.

He nodded lackadaisically and said, “It’s good. Honestly, I like this better than the blue and pink thing you did few months back. That one was horrible.”

“What?” Kendra shouted, frowning deeply, “Are you kidding me?! That one was awesome!!” she barracked defensively, making all of us laugh.

“I think I just said it was horrible,” Connor blinked back innocently.

“Then why didn’t you tell me it was horrible. I thought it was awesome and kept it for one whole month!” Kendra complained.

Connor took a huge bite of his hamburger and replied, munching on it, “Doesn’t matter. I’ll always love you even if you look like a pink dog.”

That did it for Kendra.

She simply glared and watched him eat for a while and after that, a glowing, embarrassed smile slowly crept up on her lips.

Missing something? Yeah, right. The day Kendra didn’t come to school, Connor went to her house. She wasn’t there. She had left for the salon. Connor waited at her doorsteps until she was back and after she was back, they went inside the house, closed the door behind them and fought. And when I say they fought, I don’t mean they simply threw some comebacks. They went full out on each other, called each other pain-in-the-ass, fools, for all the reasons they could find in the world, God-knows-what.

She actually frightened me when she told me bits of the story, thinking whether Brit and I had pushed the extremely wrong button by telling her about Connor’s crush on her.

They were mad at each other for no particular reason. Kendra was mostly lost. She was only trying to win the argument and wasn’t even sure why she decided to stay away from him. And Connor was mad at her for staying away from him, avoiding him (in his words).

That was when Kendra fumed that he shouldn’t be mad at her for avoiding him. He should’ve told her he like her in the first place if he really do instead of keeping it away from her forever like a doucebag (like Kendra, are you crazy? As if it would be that easy for Connor). But then I realized, she was only trying to win the argument. Kendra is clever and realistic, but when it comes to Connor, you can say, she’s kind of the craziest girl on the planet.

Connor countered saying she was the same, saying she should talk to him, now that she knows instead of running away. So that was how they reasoned for their own motions. After some thirty minutes of heated argument, both of them disagreed with each other’s reasons and they broke up their best-friendship out of anger. This was really turning out wrong.

Till this point, as Kendra narrated to me how they fought and what words they shot to each other, I could catch that none of them were serious. They were only looking for ways to blame each other out of stupid reasons using the most words they could from the English dictionary. That is until, they meaninglessly broke up their best-friendship, swore on each other’s face that they’d never talk to each other again, and only after Connor left the house that both of them started to get serious.

Kendra told me she actually started to cry after he walked out the door. She told me she began to sob so hard she was hardly breathing. After he was out of sight, she started to imagine an extremely gloomy life, a life without Connor. And after that one second of short imagination, she stopped herself. She couldn’t take it anymore. She was honestly starting to hyperventilate in shock whether she was really losing Connor forever... Like whether that would be the last time they ever talk to each other.

If you ask me, I’d say she was taking things too far because I could tell they weren’t serious a bit but she did. And don’t forget that she’d never bother thinking even for quarter a second if it was any other guy but for Connor, she went the extra mile and began to hyperventilate.

But then again, that is until... Connor barged in and showed up again, eyes bloodshot red like he’d taken heated charcoal for pills.

And he said, “Hey Monkey, why don’t we quarrel for another one hour? I think I’d like that. I think I’d like calling you pain-in-the-ass and hear you call me back. I think I’d rather scream my lungs out at you and rip my throat apart instead of staying away from you and save my lungs, and kidneys and kill my heart. I’d rather stay and fight with you my whole life than stay away from you and never love again. I love you, Kennie. I wanna be with you. Be my best friend, my girlfriend or my enemy, I don’t care. I just wanna be with you and only you.”

Kendra pretty much leaped and threw herself at him after that. She told me everything and all the while as I listened to her, I knew that I was looking at the happiest-Kendra and I was grinning so wide like a maniac. I even let out a few shrieks of happiness and almost strangled her to death with my hug. I was really happy for them.

And I finally understood that all the wrong things happen for a reason. Xavier and I found each other after all the wrong things we did to each other. Thanks to mistakes. And it went the same for Kendra and Connor too.

After a humongously twisted fight with all their nameless theories, they made out. They made out in the sense they finally stopped fighting and came to a final happy conclusion that they love each other a whole freaking lot... And also in the sense that they literally made out... In the living room, in her room. Don’t ask me more. I’ve disclosed whatever she told me. I don’t know how far they went. Hands off. Not my business. My business is now Xavier.

As here in the cafeteria we sat, Connor was still inspecting her hair. “Hey Monkey, I think your hair has grown longer. It’s horribly beautiful.”

Kendra smirked, “I know.”

Connor made a face.

“Since when have you guys been dating?” Scott flurried, “The last time I checked, you guys were buddies.”

Kendra and Connor both shrugged.

Scott nodded and said, “Alright. Thanks for the information. But you missed out on a whole lot for skipping school yesterday. We were pre-deciding names for Alana and Xavi’s kids and it’s decided that the first one be named McScott.”

“What kind of a name is that? It sounds like broccoli juice,” Kendra commented intentionally with a smirk.

Scott cleared his throat and tapped on the table with his index finger like he was explaining a business deal, “McScott is not a broccoli juice.”

“I thought we decided on McMatt,” Matt said to Scott, laughing.

“No sugar, it was McScott,” Scott batted his eye lashes at Matt and even blew him a kiss. He got up from his chair and continued speaking, “When they have the baby... Newsflash on paper and in every social media sites,” he displayed his palms on the air, picturing news headlines, “It’s gonna grab every headlines because it’s this rich kid’s baby,” he said gesturing his head towards Xavier and Xavier frowned, “Xavier Arquette, front man of Reapers and heir of The Arquette Corporation welcomes baby boy slash girl. And then in less than a week, McScott will hit no.1 spot on the most popular baby names. How’s that?”

“Awesome,” Hunt mock-clapped.

“Xavi, don’t feed your baby diamonds for dinner, please,” Scott said.

“Shut up and will you please sit down,” Xavier glared at him and Scott obeyed.

Everybody became quite instantly. I looked towards Xavier on my right. He looked uneasy and his demeanor was edgy, like something was bothering him. Hunt and Matt also looked at Scott with the sort of expression that said the same thing Xavier said to Scott.

What’s going on?

And what’s with the Corporation?

I never knew that Xavier was inheriting a Corporation. And Scott went as far as feeding diamonds for dinner.

Holy fudge!

Just how rich is Xavier?!

Without delay, I started to Google about The Arquette Corporation. I decided not to ask Xavier about it. I doubted he’d answer anyway. Through all this time I’d been with him, I’d learned that he doesn’t like talking about his parents or anything related to it, that including his wealth. It plays terrible games with his self control.

Never ever in my wildest dreams did it ever crossed my mind that one day I’d actually have to Google to know more about my boyfriend. What life.

Who am I really dating?

Okay. Here it is.

The Arquette Corporation

Below it was the picture of a tall skyscraper.

My eyeballs threatened to spring out. Just wow. I read on.

Type: Privately-held company

Industry: Conglomerate

Founded: 1953; 64 years ago

Founders: Stephen Arquette and Luke Arquette.

Headquarters: Arquette House, New York City

Area served: Worldwide

Owner: Derek Arquette

Trustee: Xavier Arquette

Oh my God, that’s a lot of Arquettes and one of them is my seventeen year old boyfriend.


Nathan Gallagher (COO)

Zach Arquette (CFO)

Services: Construction, Real estate development, Entertainment, Hospitality, Retail and Online shopping, Diversified investments.

Revenue US: $15.5 billion (2016)

What the Britney Spears?!!!

He . . . He’s a bi . . . Billionaire’s son?!

What the hell is he doing in Carlos?!

Widening my eyes to a perfect circle, I held my phone closer to my eyes and read it all over again . . . Holding my breath.

“What is it?” Xavier asked me.

My heart leaped to my throat and with a short gasp, I looked up at him and shook my head side to side vigorously, hiding the screen from his sight. I knew he wouldn’t appreciate what I was Googling about. He’d probably get mad at me. He eyed my phone and narrowed his eyes vigilantly. I faked a smile. He waved it off nevertheless and continued talking to the others.

I went back to stealthily reading it further and further until I reached the point where it was written that 1/3 of the Corporation was already under his name, under Xavier’s name. Which was roughly estimated to be $5 billion and which furthermore meant that Xavier was already a Multi-Billionaire at the age of seventeen!!! Or who knew since twelve.

The moment I read it, I literally gasped. All turned to look at me. Xavier too.

“You’re . . . You’re a . . .”

I never finished my sentence. Xavier snatched my phone from my hand. I bit my bottom lip and chewed on my nails nervously as he looked through what I was browsing, like I was waiting for him to devour me. He frowned again and pressed the back button repeatedly until he was at my home screen. And not quite enough with it, he switched off my phone too and then handed it back to me... Power off. Our eyes met. I didn’t protest a bit.

He slightly smirked as he met my timid gaze staring up at him. That alleviated my worry a great deal and relief washed over me like a tide. I thought he’d get really mad at me.

“What was that bout?” Scott asked. Always the clueless curious cat. I should say, Scott and I are mostly in the same page.

“She was browsing ’bout the Corporation,” Xavier smirked again.

Matt laughed, “Nice try, Alana.”

“Surprised by his rich ass, aren’t you?” Scott grimaced to a pout, making him look like a toddler, “He can easily buy the agency that signed us (the band) if he wants to. You know, once when we toured to LA, he was walking down a street alone and there was this guy who came up to him and asked him to model for their brand. How little that dude knew that this rich kid could buy his agency and his grandmother and his whole generation as well if he wants to. Scratch th . . . Ahh!!” he yelped without completing his sentence. Xavier had kicked his feet under the table.

“That’s enough,” Xavier said sternly and Hunt whacked Scott’s head at the same second.

My jaws went from south to north and back down and up.

“But seriously. Not to mean that he Brad-Pitt-ed me. I mean take a look at this god-face,” he pointed a thumb at his face, “It’s not really fair that he’s both handsome and rich as fuck.”

I was about to comment that Scott was like half my brain but Xavier kicked him again, harder and Scott leaped up from his seat.

“What’s all this about?” Brittany asked, literally lost in the middle.

“Are you a descendant of the Tsar of Russia or something?” Kendra asked too.

Xavier leaned his head backward and groaned.

“Let’s drop this thing,” he said and glared really frighteningly at Scott, the one who started all this and who responded with a sheepish grin.

“And what’s with the Corporation?” Connor questioned.

“I’m out,” Xavier stood up, looking a bit frustrated, and looked down at me, “See you after class.”

Xavier was not in the next class I have with Brit. Before I could say anything, his quick, wide strides had made him reach the door and soon was out of the cafeteria. We all stared at his back silently.

Hunt whacked Scott’s head again and chided, “Why the fuck did you bring that up? You know better than to talk about that.”

“It just spilled!” Scott replied innocently.

He has the tendency to speak anything without thinking twice which is actually cute and funny sometimes but it will one day land him in trouble. Out of all the boys, he’s the most outspoken and straight forward and he speaks whatever he has in mind without a care.

I got up and went after Xavier. He was walking towards the main building.

“Xavier!” I called behind him.

He looked back at me and and a small smile laced his lips. I ran over to him as he waited for me to catch up.

“Hey!” I said once I reached him.

“Hey,” he took my hand and we walked together up the steps to the main entrance.

I looked up at him and asked, “Are you mad at me?”

“Why should I be?”

“Because I browsed about you . . . ?” I said slowly and guiltily.

He chuckled and shook his head, “No. I’m not. I’m actually sorry that you had to Google to know more about me,” he breathed deeply.

He pulled me to his body as he leaned on the railing at the side of the steps with his back. His hands came snaking around my waist while my hands found their way up to his biceps.

“I don’t want any distance between us,” he said as he hooked a strand of hair behind my ear and caressed my face, “I want you to know. I want to tell you everything but Alana, most of the times, I can’t let it pass my tongue. It’s not easy. I hate to even talk about them. You know, the reason why I’m living away from my parents and everything.”

I traced my hands up his arms to his neck and wound them around his neck.

Stroking the tip of my fingers into the base of his haircut, I asked him the one question I’d always been anxious about, “Are you in pain?”

His jaws clenched and his eyes deepened into mine, holding me in a more intense gaze. He swallowed hard and the very masculine Adam-Apple moved. I stroked his nape to comfort him.

He then smiled and said, “Not as long as I’m with you. You have no idea how happy I am now,” and he gave me a light peck on my lips, sweet and savoring.

I wanted it to last longer but we were in the open, outside the building, and who knew how many people were watching us although most of them were in the cafeteria and those outside were minding their own business. They had gotten used to seeing us together but school was school and every school had its own paparazzi and reporters and gossip queens.

“May I take you out for dinner this weekend, Miss Lancaster?” he asked, tipping his nose with mine.

“You mean like a date?”

He nodded with a bright grin, “Yeah. Exactly like a date.”

I bit my bottom lip to withheld my lips from stretching too far. I smiled and said, “I’d love to.”

I was already excited. Anything with Xavier is always awesome. Being with Xavier is like taking happy pills each second. Seeing my excitement, he chuckled a bit and placed a tender kiss on my left cheek.

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