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Romance / Humor

Chapter 39

I wiped the sweat off from my forehead with a hand and stared at the dresses which I’d picked for my first ever official date with Xavier, scattered on my bed. I had just showered but with the dilemma plus anxiety attack I was getting, I started to sweat again.

“I don’t know. I really don’t know,” I mumbled to myself as I chewed on my nails and stared at the flea market on my bed, and then I let out an estranged groan, “Oh God!”

Not wasting another minute to hopelessly depend on my never-going-to-happen decision, I picked up my phone from my dressing table and called both Kendra and Brittany.

“I need help, serious help,” I said.

Kendra: “Alright, what’s up?”

Brittany: “Like?”

“I’m going out for a date with Xavier and I’m so lost. I can’t decide. I’ve showered. I’ve blow dried my hair. I just don’t know what to wear. I need help,” I said it all in a run without stopping to breathe even once, as and when tightening the towel around my body.

Kendra returned deliberately, “That should be an S-level FBI project.”

“I. Really. Need. Help,” I said again, emphasizing each word.

Kendra: “Roger that. I’m on my way.”

Brittany: She screamed to her mother, “Mom!!! I’ll be out for a while.”

The shuffling of things were heard from the other lines and then, we disconnected the phone. I finally breathed and slumped down on the edge of my bed, sighing.

My saving graces are on the way.

I thought it wouldn’t be this much of a dilemma. Salute to all those girls who goes out on date every weekend without any help from friends because that’s near impossible in my case. I’m so lucky I have Kendra and Brittany, I thought.

I couldn’t come to a decision. I kept wondering.

What if I’m so dressed down and Xavier turns up so dressed up... Like wearing some kind of tuxedo though I hardly expect that. Or what if I’m so dressed up and Xavier comes wearing T-shirt and jeans?!

If it was just a night out like the beach party, it would have been easier. But this time, it was a dinner.

And I couldn’t ask what he was wearing. I mean who does that?! I admit I’m kinda dumb, okay, but at least for our date, I wanted to live up to the general standard, the kind of standard where the girl knows what to wear. Or is every girl like this in every date? Nahh, I guess not.

The door bell rang. My heart leaped inside. Kendra and Brit is here! Or is it Xavier?!

I checked the time on my phone. 6′15 pm.

Holy! I have only forty five minutes! Xavier’s coming to get me at seven! Seven!! Oh my god oh my god oh my god!

I ran downstairs in my flip flops, clutching the towel tight to my chest. Knowing that it would be none other than Kendra and Brittany, I didn’t bother putting any clothes on except for the white towel wrapped around my body. Dad was not home. He was in the hospital for the night shift and I had already told him ’bout the date and he agreed provided I should be good and be back in time.

David was also coming out of the living room to get the door but since I reached first, he went back inside.

I opened the door breathlessly (since I sprinted down from my room), “Xavier comes at sev...”

I was thinking of telling Kendra and Brit that Xavier comes at seven and I got only forty five minutes to get ready and so we should get it done ASAP but when the one standing at the door wasn’t Kendra neither Brit but Xavier, the last person I expected for the moment, my whole body felt paralyzed as if I’d been injected with anesthesia from all sides to every cell in my body.

I’d never seen a more stunned Xavier, I can swear. His mouth practically fell open and he stared down at me from the top of my head to the toes with a boyishly astonished expression. For a moment, I thought he looked like a stunned David.

“I thought you’d be here at seven,” I gasped, my face burning.

“Uh... I,” he stuttered nervously so he cleared his throat and continued, “I thought maybe I’d come a bit early and help out David with his guitar. I’m sorry,” he said, averting his gaze to the floor, his face and neck crimsoning too... Just as mine was. We might’ve both died of blush-stroke there.

“Uh... Okay. David’s in the living room. He’s um... Yeah. He’s there. You can...uh,” I swallowed and stammered and stuttered as if somebody had cut off my tongue.

“Yeah. I... I get it,” Xavier nodded. The previous boyish face had shifted to something else and the light surprise in his eyes had darkened a tinge. He swallowed but kept his gaze solemn.

“I’m sorry. I’ll be done in a minute,” I said, nervously trying and not trying to talk to him.

“Yeah. No problem. Take your time... As much as you need. It’s okay,” he replied, scratching the back of his neck, feeling just as awkward as I was.

World’s awkwardest situation.

He was also trying his best, forcing all his nerves, not to look at me in an awkward way but that simply wasn’t possible. I don’t blame him a bit though. It was my fault. I should’ve wore something else besides this towel alone. Who knew, right? I was such an idiot.

Just as I was about to get back to my room, Kendra and Brit arrived in Kendra’s car. As Xavier turned back to look at them, I took the opportunity to make a face that says ‘Im already digging my own grave’. When they came up to the porch and saw my face and me in the towel, Brit clamped a hand over her mouth and swallowed a laugh. Kendra widened her eyes at me and smirked.

The three of them greeted one another and then we, girls, scurried up to my room. Shutting the door behind us, we started whisper-yelling at one another.

Brittany: “He’s already here! Why the hell did you call us so late!”

Me: “He’s not supposed to be here until seven!!”

Kendra laughed, “And why the hell are you only in a towel?”

“I showered, okay, and I thought he was you guys so I ran down half-naked in my amazing flip flops. Just terrific,” I groaned and covered my face with both hands.

“Terrific! Maybe you shouldn’t change. The towel and the flip flops works just terrific for the date. You look hot,” Kendra teased and Brittany, on the other side, kept cackling her nerves off.

“I wanna die,” I muttered and walked across the room towards my bathroom.

Staring into the mirror above the sink, my cheeks flamed in embarrassment. I splashed water on y face and crossed my arms over my chest and touched my bare shoulders. They were burning hot too.

What would’ve Xavier... Thought... Oh my God! He must’ve thought I’d lost my senses.

“Ahhhaarrgh,” I groaned in a half-cry and splashed water on my face again.

I heard them giggle outside. Fantastic. They will only understand if they’d been in my situation. But when I did think about it, it felt quite hilarious too. The look on Xavier’s face was epic. I should’ve taken a picture of it. He looked like one of those cartoon chickens with bulgy eyes. Then in the next minute, I found myself laughing too.

When I came out of the bathroom, my angels had finished picking out the outfit for my date. When I saw it laid out on the bed for me to see, I couldn’t wait to wear it.

I hugged the dress to my chest and ran inside my walk in closet and after five minutes, I came out wearing the dress. My angels smirked and nodded approvingly as they speculated me head to toe and toe to head.

I was wearing what my angels love to called Little Blue Dress. First thing I have to tell you is that, the dress was backless. When I came out of the bathroom and saw the outfit laid out for me, little did I think it would be backless. I saw only the front part. But when I checked to wear it, I was compelled to hold the dress up by two half-inch wide strings that would work as the strap that goes over the shoulders. From the look of the dress, I knew it was definitely one of my cousin Laura’s presents.

What in the world did Laura buy for me?

I asked them whether they didn’t think it was a little too daring but my angels swore on their first and last born that it was perfecto for the date. So I wore it. After all, Alana knows better than to trust her own inexperienced judgements.

“You look satisfactory. Fantastico!” Kendra exclaimed.

So that was it. The dress was decided. Now, it was time for Brit to show case her skill and make magic happen. This time, we decided to work on the make up a bit heavier than the last time. I wanted Xavier to know that I put effort to look as good as possible for him. I didn’t need any other’s opinion. I just wanted to look good in my man’s eyes.

And as vain as it sounds, I’d learned through one time experience that the right make up and dress hits you with confidence like a truckload of bricks. Girls know better.

And God, as here I’m doing my best to look good for him, I hope he’s not thinking what a vain, slow ass I am. I hope I’m not taking too long.

“You’re ready,” Brit turned my stool and made me face the mirror.

I stood up and checked myself out.

Okay. Now that’s a lot of confidence. I look good.

I twisted my body in front of the mirror to catch a better view of my back. The straps that went over my shoulder and those that went under my arms crossed over on the upper part of my back. Two more straps went in parallel across my back on the lower part. If anything, my back was completely bare but for the straps. As vain as it sounds, if I may add, I thought my back looked pretty hot in the dress.

“You look eighteen,” Brit grinned beside me.

I smiled into the mirror. My make up was magic. My hair was left loose so its length covered half of my back. Good for me. It was my first time wearing something that daring so I needed plan B to cover up as much as possible. That plan B being my hair.

From the other side, Kendra smirked, “Xavier better man up before he sees you. He is so getting hit.”

I giggled.

They made me wear three and a half inch tall high heels whose colors matched my dress. It was high enough for me but I managed. Then I twirled, showcasing myself like a shipwrecked princess, recently found, looking impossibly gorgeous after dressing up like the princess she is. We laughed it off.

“Time to go,” Kendra said.

“Yeah,” I answered.

Well, Narcissist is going to be seeing quite some flesh today.

When we came down the stairs, we heard the sound of guitar come from the living room. I heard David finally making some sense in his strumming. Xavier was helping David place his fingers on the bar. When David couldn’t reach some bars, Xavier would find him easier ways. When I reached the door, Xavier looked up at me in the same second.

“Hey. I’m ready,” I said.

He didn’t say anything. He stared at me without blinking. Kendra winked at me as she passed me by and went towards David.

“Is this right? Is this right? Xavier, is this right? Xavier. Xavier,” David was asking if the position of his fingers were correct but Xavier’s focus was immovably fixed on me.

“Xavier!!” David looked up from his guitar and shook him, “What’s wrong?”

Becoming aware of how he zoned out, Xavier chuckled and said, “Nothing.”

“Am I right?” David asked, placing his fingers on the bar again.

Xavier nodded and smiled, “Yeah. You got it. Keep practicing. You’ll be rocking it in no time. For now, I’m going out with your sister. I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah. Thanks.”

“Alright. I can’t wait to show my girl around,” Xavier smiled at me as he stood up from the couch.

I smiled back. That was enough to know that he liked how I looked and that he was proud of me too.

He looked good too. He was wearing a round-neck black T-shirt but over that, he had a leather jacket that didn’t look too badass like his usual ones. And he paired those with black jeans and and black formal shoes. He was the perfect balance of formal and casual.

Xavier and I left in his car for our date. Kendra and Brit was driving David to Harry’s house.

“Brit and I will drive him to Harry’s,” Kendra had said, “The two of you, go enjoy your night.”

David said Harry’s got a guitar too and so he was more than excited to spend the evening and practice with him. From the backseat, David waved at me with a bright gleam on his face as our cars parted towards the opposite directions from our driveway. I waved back. To see that David was excited about me and Xavier going out for a date, nothing could go wrong. David is the apple of my life. The sweetest apple of all.

And from the front seat, Brit too smiled at me but I noticed that her smile didn’t quite reach her eyes. To tell you the truth, she wasn’t as excited as Kendra was when they were helping me dress up.

Something is definitely not right. I hope everything is fine at home. I hope her parents are not troubling her too much. I hope her mom is not leaving her.

“So, where are we going?” I asked Xavier.

He turned to me, smiled and shook his head, “You’re asking for spoilers. Not a good idea.”

“Okay,” I laughed, “No spoilers.”

He nodded as he looked ahead, “No spoilers. Yep.”

Then, I turned my face away from him and looked out through the window. We were quiet for sometime as we drove ahead. The moon rose luminously in all its grace, adorned by the sprinkle of stars against the blackness of the sky. It’s amazing how you see the brightest of lights in the darkest of night.

“I think it’s full moon,” I said as I kept staring up at the sky where the moon and the stars hung in grace and royalty.

“Yeah. It is,” Xavier replied.

I leaned forward and watched closer.

“It’s so beautiful,” I said.

There was no reply. When I looked back, he was just staring at me. It was good that the road was almost empty else we would have crashed somewhere. The way he was watching me was too long for a driver.


“You look perfect tonight,” he said softly with a smile.

I blushed, “Thank you.”

“I swear, everybody’s gonna be staring at you. I can’t wait to show off.”

I laughed.

Can my boyfriend get any cuter?

“So where are you taking me?”

“No spoilers!” he exclaimed, laughing.

“Right! I forgot!” I laughing too.

He glanced at me and took my hand in his, intertwining our fingers. His hold was soft and firm. I held him back.

Hi, my name is Alana Lancaster. And I have stopped believing in miracles since a long time ago but I don’t know how long I would hold on to that notion; that miracles don’t happen. Because whenever I’m with him, everything feels miraculous.

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