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Romance / Humor

Chapter 56

[Alana’s POV]

All through the day at school, my eyes had been glued to every wall clock I saw. Xavier, Matt and Vai would be back by evening. And I couldn’t wait for them to reach already. I was missing him more and more since he called me and told me about his return. He’d been away for a week but it felt like a year. Sometimes, I felt like I should just pull up a chair, stand on it and then just move the clock hands myself. I was loosing trust on every time device like they were intentionally slowing down.

“Do you think they’ll be reaching late?” I asked Hunt and Scott at the lunch table.

“It won’t be too late, I guess,” Hunt replied.

I turned to Scott for his opinion too.

He just gave me a huge, fat grin and squeaked, pulling up his jacket collar and pretending to hide under it, “No, don’t look at me, please. I feel like your Boyfriend-Missing Syndrome will be contagious. I don’t want it.”

All of us laughed straight away. My behavior this day had been quite restless and particularly excited. It wouldn’t have been hard to notice.

After school, I dropped David at Jayden’s place for a birthday party. It was Jayden’s and fortunately for the three boys (Harry included), it collided with the weekend so they were going to be sleeping over.

I ran my fingers through his hair one last time to fix his hairstyle and then we got out of the car. We walked up the walkway and rang the doorbell. Jayden and his mom opened the door.

To everyone’s amusement, Harry came running from the living room, shouting out for David like he was seeing him for the first time in years, before the hosts could say anything. David gave Jayden his present and then they went inside. Once the three boys were together, it meant the party was good to go. Jayden’s mom invited me in too but I politely refused and left.

Xavier had updated the news of his whereabout twenty minutes ago. They’d landed. He said he would be home in about another twenty minute. I couldn’t wait to be with him. I was in such a good mood, thinking about being with him, I kept smiling like an idiot as I drove back home. I turned up the music in my car and even sang along with it.

My phone rang in the front pocket of my jeans. I pulled it out.

It’s him! I mentally squealed and literally leaped on my seat.



“Hey.” The sound of his voice just made me smile so wide.

“I’ve reached home. I can’t wait to see you. I’ll be at your place after a while. I need to shower first and smell nice for you.” He sounded light and humorous it eased me.

“Yeah. Sure. Take your time. I’ll see you soon.” I chuckled.

“Yeah. I still miss you.”

“I miss you too.”

We hung up. Then at an intersection, I swerved my car to the right, taking the route to his house.

Like hell I was going to wait for him to come to me.

Here I come for you, Xavier Arquette.


I parked my Chevy two metres away from the fountain, climbed the steps to the front door and rang the bell. My smile kept growing wider and wider as I stood there waiting for him to answer the door, tapping my right foot to the rhythm of the music which I’d sang along to few seconds ago inside the car. My hands hung awkwardly on my sides; lost. All I wanted to do with them was hug him with all my might and never let go.

Two minutes later, the door opened revealing my golden-boy who was looking very fresh and . . . Wow. I figured he’d showered with the way his gray T-shirt was sticking to his body. Once he saw me, his eyes went wide. Then everything that followed was like a flash of movements. I didn’t even get the time to smile at him and completely say the word ‘Surprise!’ before he caught my waist and pulled me in.

I squeaked but even that squeak never made it to be a full squeak as his lips came crashing into mine, furiously and passionately. It all happened so fast. The door banged close behind me in within a blink and before I could even wonder what was happening, Xavier had picked me up – my legs coming around to straddle his hips – pushing me up against the door and kissing me like never before.

It was a wild throttle of lips against lips, body against body. We hadn’t kissed as much desperately and urgently before. The smacking sound of our lips and our harsh breathing filled the entire space of the room. My fingers ran through his wet hair, holding onto them as our desperation and desire took heights.

Maybe I should’ve told him to take it easy but then again, it was too good I had no will to make him stop. Holding me firm against his body, he carried me across the room to the couches, moving his burning lips down from my mouth to my neck.

He lay me down on the couch and falling on top of me, he sighed deeply as he said, “God. I missed you so much, baby.”

He didn’t spare me even a fraction of a second to say a word or even a sigh. His lips came again, growing more and more passionate with each touch, each breath. Without faltering a moment in hesitation, his hands roamed up from my waist to my stomach under my shirt, and going a little more further up – grabbing the flesh of my sides wantonly – he came around stroking my back. I sighed at the touch of his cold fingers on my burning skin.

God. It felt good. I didn’t know I was starved.

His touches kept growing bolder, the grip of his hands strengthening. When his hands came around the hook of my bra, he let out a deep groan of desire and stopped almost abruptly. Our eyes met, both of us breathless. His face was flushed bright red and he looked messily sexy.

But his eyes . . . there was so much they held more than just love and desire. He hadn’t behaved so demanding or so needy before. But with the loss of his father and the distance between us over the week, he needed every bit of love and comfort to cope with his pain.

“Are you okay?” I asked, fighting through my breathlessness.

He pressed his forehead down on mine, closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Yeah. I’m good,” he answered and breathed deeply again.

I pulled his face in and kissed him again. He nestled into my chest and lay still, holding me close to him with his arms wrapped around my ribs under my shirt. I hugged his head close to me. Our breathings gradually calmed from the wild searing of kisses and he lay still like a big baby in my embrace.

For about an hour, we lay on the couch like that just savoring the silence, then talking, cracking jokes and play fighting. Kissing once in a while too. Sometime later, we went over at Scott to take Captain.

Once we were out of the car, Scott opened his front door and Captain came running out of the house to greet his – so to say – daddy. He jumped into Xavier’s arm which was stretched wide open for his buddy. It was one of the sweetest thing to see and almost emotional.

Xavier laughed delightedly, stroking its back and Captain took the privilege to lick his master all over his face and neck. Xavier just kept laughing.

“Okay, soldier. I miss you too. Say hi to your old client,” Xavier said and Captain came bouncing around me.

I scooted down and stroked its head and back. He’d grown pretty close with me too owing to the weekend visits David and I used to pay to their place. Captain was even smart enough to not bounce into my arms again because the first time he did – when I came to their place with Xavier after school – he knocked me over. I couldn’t take his weight. Xavier raised a brown bear of a hound.

If you’re wondering how Xavier reacted at that, it wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you he laughed his ass off, would it?

“Well, there’s your Mariah Carey, asshole. I told you I wouldn’t food-poison him. Hey, Alana,” Scott said, walking down the walkway leisurely behind Captain.

“Hey, Scott. Nice place.”

He shrugged. This was my first time at his place and the neighborhood looked fairly good; trees lined the street and there were small, pruned bushes outlining the driveways. Scott’s house was as normal as any house could be but it was attractive in its own way, somehow. Maybe it was the freshly mowed grasses.

“Thanks, bro,” Xavier returned.

In clap of hands, they pulled each other in a bro-hug and gave each other slaps on their backs.

“No problem. You okay?” Scott asked, his eyes showing concern and support.


Scott grinned. “Good to have you back.” He pulled Xavier in another bro-hug and grabbed his ass.

“Goddammit, Scott. My girlfriend’s right there,” Xavier muttered under his breath.

Scott cackled funnily – enjoying embarrassing his best friend – and patted Xavier on his shoulders. “That’s okay, sonny. I bet she knows better anyway. Whatever.”

“What? I . . . No. Um.” I stuttered embarrassedly and shook my head furiously.

“What do you mean? No? Like . . . Holy Shit!!” Scott exclaimed like a petrified cat, “You guys haven’t done that!”

There you are, Scott.

His mouth formed a huge ‘O’. Wide eyed – you’d probably fit eggs in the sockets – he stared at Xavier and me. Xavier huffed and rolled his eyes at him.

“Woah, man.” Scott eyed Xavier like he’d been teleported from the 19th Century and slapped his back proudly. “You’ve earned my respect.”

“Umhmm. I do deserve every bit of your respect.” Xavier nodded willingly.

“Ah. Geez. Fuck you.”

“I love you too. Time to go home, Captain.” Xavier opened the backseat door and Captain obediently hopped in.

“Teach your Mariah Carey how to howl better at night,” Scott said, leaning down on Xavier’s window with his hands.

“Pfft,” Xavier huffed with a smirk as he started Charlie to ignition, “You’re just jealous that you don’t have a Mariah Carey missing you all day and all night.”

“Like fuck I would, cutie.” Scott pinched Xavier’s cheek, smiling sweetly.

Xavier suddenly reached out through the window, tackling with Scott’s arms and managing to grab his shirt and give him a punch in the stomach; now that his masculinity was challenged and at stake. Scott roared with laughter. He did enjoyed embarrassing his friend in front of the girlfriend.

“Bye, cutie!” Scott waved with laughter behind us as we drove out of the driveway and down the street.

“I’ll castrate you!” Xavier shouted back.

An old neighbour who was watering her lawn gawped at Xavier. I laughed. Captain barked behind us.

“Sorry!” Xavier smiled at her in apology.

As we drove further down the street, Xavier said, “You know, it’s just me and Captain at home tonight. I wish you could stay over.” He stared ahead at the road wistfully as his hand came and rested on my thigh; feeling hopeless yet.

“You want me to?” I raised my brows playfully.

He threw a quick glance towards me, frowning at such a dumb question with such an obvious answer.

Yet he said, “Hell. The things I’d do just to be alone with you. Maybe I’ll just climb the pipes to your room tonight.”

“I don’t think you’ll have to do that.” I smiled.

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll stay over, idiot!” I exclaimed, smiling wider now.

“Are you serious! What ’bout your dad? David?”

“They’re not home. Dad’s still in the conference and David’s staying over at Jayden’s. It’s his birthday today.”



“Wow.” He grinned at me, showing all his teeth like a professional advertiser. “That’s great. So that means . . . God. I can’t even get it out. I’m so happy.” He chuckled.

I smiled. “Yeah. That means that.” I scrambled over to him and kissed his cheek.

“You have any place you wanna go out for dinner?” He asked.

“Don’t you wanna just stay home and rest for today?”

“Well, you see I . . .” He paused and laughed at himself. “I don’t wanna feed you burned toast. I can’t cook a dinner.” He tugged at his lips and glanced at me with the cutest smile in the world; a dash of pink shade glowing across his cheeks.

There was no way I wasn’t laughing at that. “You’re such a cutie.” I grinned back.

“Ahhh. Come on. Not that.” He groaned and blushed.

“I’ll cook for you,” I said, smiling widely and excitedly.

“You don’t have to trouble yourself for me, Alana. We can just eat out.”

“Come on, Xavier! Stop being so decent. I just want to cook for you! There’s no trouble there. Besides, I cook every evening.” I frowned at him. Sometimes, he was too kind and considerate it pissed me.

“Okay.” He let out an amused chuckled. “In that case, we have to go grocery shopping first.”

“No problem.”

“And by the way, please just stop being so adorable. Otherwise I’ll be so distracted and I might just run into a pole.”

“Can’t help it. I’m a natural.” I said with a poker face and then both of us broke out laughing.

“You’re getting better at that.”

“You’re influential.”


So, we went grocery shopping, drove back to his place, changed into his PJs and we started to cook. Since Xavier couldn’t cook, he helped me by volunteering to cut and slice anything that needs slicing. And when he had nothing to do, he simply hung around, talking and stealing kisses from me. Sometimes, cuddling up from behind like a baby who needs a hell lot of hugging, and then nuzzling into my neck and watching me cook over my shoulder . . . Or over my head. He was tall enough for that too.

All the while, he kept flavoring my brain and heart with cheesy small talks, cute lines and lovely catch phrases; even praising the way I use the knife for no reason. He was such a tempting distraction. I was lucky enough to have not burned the steak.

The Xavierflies inside my stomach were mercilessly giving me jelly-legs. It was almost impossible to cook with him constantly shooting Cupid arrows right into my heart from every direction.


“Xavier, please go play with Captain. You’re distracting me.”

“Alright. Alright. I promise I won’t say a word now.” He chuckled and cleared his throat.

“You better.”

“I promise.”

Then he began humming ‘you are my sunshine’ into my ear. It just had me giggling all at once. “You’re so bad.”

His chest rippled with laughter against my back.

He was so not helping.

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