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Romance / Humor

Bonus Chapter 1

Coming back in our room with our coffee, I found Xavi still sleeping in the same position I left him with; on his front with one of his arm stretched over where I would be if I were still on bed next to him. If it weren’t for the bed spread that covered his waist below, he would be lying stark naked. All the other clothes were on the floor from last night.

I quietly went over and sat down next to him, placing the coffee tray on our bedside table.

He slowly turned over, stretching out, and placed a hand on my waist. “Babe.”

“Morning, honey,” I bent down and gave him a kiss. “Your coffee.”

“Mhmm. You do know that coffee’s not exactly what I’m craving for right now, don’t you?” He mumbled in his morning voice with his eyes closed, as and when running his arms around my waist and pulling me down to him.

“Mhmm?” I asked teasingly.

“Mhmm.” He answered.

Breathing deeply and pulling down the strap of my nightie I’d slip on just before I went down to get our coffee, he nuzzled his face into my neck, leaving slow, sensuous kisses on the sensitive part behind my ear, my neck, my shoulder and I giggled when I felt his hands feeling up my legs and back.

He’s so insatiable.

And when his burrowed his face deeper into my neck, his stubble tickled it made me laugh out loud.

“What?” He throatily asked in between kisses.

“Your beard. It tickles. You should shave it today.” I said, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Mhmm.” He breathed in response as he sucked in my skin into his mouth.

He isn’t paying any attention to what I’m saying.

Ignoring everything else, he moved up on the bed so that he was sitting and I was straddling him. Then wrapping me tighter in his arms, he cupped my breast and took it into his mouth. With a sigh, I threw my head back and moaned.

He pulled me in even closer and kept pleasuring me with his mouth. And all the while, I was fully aware of his hand that kept rubbing and grabbing my thigh in heated touches.

I hugged his head closer to my chest as I arched my back, exposing and giving more of my body for him.

With one arm hooked around my waist and the other in my hair, he easily flipped me over so that I was on my back beneath him. He pressed his lips onto mine and kissed me deeply, drawing a wanting moan from me. I held his face and kissed back for more. Being one of the upper hand, he grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head as he ravished my mouth.

I felt my body heat up and writhe beneath him, craving to touch him too but he wouldn’t let my hands free. Over the years he’d become more muscular and stronger than when he was younger, I couldn’t possibly . . .

Oh God!

“Xavi!” I gasped loudly.

He’d bitten into my chest again. Last night was pretty rough and hard I was already full of his bite marks and yet he still wanted just as much.

This man.

“Fuck this dress,” he rasped and held the chest part with both hands to tear it off when he couldn’t touch me freely. His eyes were now dark in desire and I could even feel his member hard on my abdomen.

“Hang on, Arquette. You don’t have to tear it,” I said breathlessly, grabbing his wrists and then pecked him on his lips with a smile.

He was always almost tearing my night dresses apart. There were so many times when he did tear them off before I knew it and I wanted him to do that less often because there was no need of tearing, if you ask me, but it was almost becoming a habit for him. Even just the night before, he’d said the dress looks good on me. Now he wanted to tear it apart. Besides, I’d lost most of my favorite nighties and I wasn’t one who liked to go shopping either.

I slipped out off the it and he tossed it down on the floor.

“Cover,” I said and he pulled the bedspread over me too. Although we’d moved in together even before our marriage, I wasn’t still used to making love without cover in broad daylight. I couldn’t help but feel awkward.


He groaned and grunted deeply – jaws clenched – as he came, releasing into me. My fingernails pressed into his back, both of us bucking against one another and panting as we rode out our orgasm. Then he stilled above me after being sated from the love making, kissing my forehead and burying his face in the crook of my neck.

“I love you, baby,” he whispered softly as he tried to regain his breath.

“I love you too,” I answered, breathlessly.

He rolled off of me after few moments, pulling me to his side. I wrapped my arms around him and rested my cheek on his chest.

“By the way, good morning Mrs. Arquette,” he said, kissing the top of my head.

I chuckled, “Took you long enough huh.”

He chuckled back. “I had to make sure it was a good morning, first.”

“Oh. Is it now?” I laughed.

“Definitely.” He grinned notoriously as he cupped my chin and kissed me again.

“Hazel awake?”

“Not yet. She’s still sleeping soundly.”

“Great,” he said, tugging me closer to him and strengthening his arms around me, “If she wakes up, I don’t get a chance with you.”

I laughed.

“Seriously. She’s so possessive of you. I don’t even get to hold you this way and it kills me.”

I laughed again. “Is this a complain?”

“Yeah.” He sulked.

This time, I laughed out loud and he joined me too.

“I’ll make sure that she knows you get 50% of me.”

Xavier rolled us over so that I was on my side. He moved down a bit and snuggled close to me, burrowing his face into my chest. He really wants to cuddle up with me and have me baby him.

“No,” he said impertinently as he hooked my leg around his waist, “I want all of you. Bring back the other fifty too.”

I hugged his head close to me.

“Even if we have ten kids. There’s no way I’m ever sharing.” He chuckled, “You’re all mine.”

“Umm. I know where Hazel got her possessiveness from.”

“I’ve decided to put up a fight this time. She can’t . . . ”


“Ugh. There she comes,” he sighed.

I laughed.

“Mommy!” She called again from the door.

“I’m coming, Sweetie. Just one minute!”

She couldn’t reach our door knob yet which was a good thing because you never know what position she might find us in.

“Xavier, get up. Wear something.” I slapped his arm and tried to move down from the bed but he pulled me back to him.


“You’re mine,” he chuckled childishly. “I won’t let you go.”

“Let me go, you idiot.” I laughed.



“Xavier! Get over it. She’s waiting outside!” I laughed and pushed him away.

“My true love!” He reached out to me with an arm as I got out of his hold.

Here goes the drama queen.

“Stop being so cheesy and wear something quick.” I threw him his pyjama which was on the floor and wore back my nightie along with the robe that came with it. It was a good thing he didn’t tear it. It served well for times like this and it was one of my ultimate favorite too. The design was simple and pretty. The dress as white, ending mid thigh and it had black laces bordering the end and the chest part.

“See. This is what I don’t like. If Hazel’s around, you completely forget about me.” He said in pretended annoyance as he moved down from the bed to wear his PJ.

I quickly picked up our undies which were still on the floor, threw it to the other side of the bed where Hazel wouldn’t see and went to get the door.

There was this one time when she saw them lying on the floor and lectured the two of us for not keeping our room clean.

I opened the door and lo! My Sunshine was waiting for me in her strawberry PJs. She put up her hands with a sweet pout once she saw me. “Mommy.”

“Aww Sweetie, good morning! I’m so sorry to keep you waiting,” I said as I picked her up in my arms and kissed her cheek.

“I missed you,” she wrapped her little arms around my neck and nestled into me.

“I missed you too, Sweetie. Did you sleep well?” I asked softly as I walked back to our bed.

“Umhmm.” She nodded into my chest.

I answered walked back and sat down on the edge of the bed next to Xavi.

“Who wants a big, warm, strawberry hug from daddy?!” Xavier opened his arms wide from where he was leaning back on the headboard with his legs outstretched on the bed.

“I do! I do!” Hazel leaped in my arms excitedly, “I want a strawberry hug! I want a strawberry hug!” And went over to him. Xavier scooped her into his arms with an exclamation of excitement.

He knows how to advertise his hugs.

Yesterday’s was pineapple.

Soon the two of them were rolling and playing on the bed, laughing and exchanging strawberry hugs.

As if he doesn’t forget about me when Hazel’s around.

We brushed our teeth together and while I was inside our walk-in closet, changing, I heard the two of them start up their usual debate.

“Mommy’s all mine, you know. All mine,” Xavier said.

“No, daddy. Mommy’s mine. MINE!”

“But I married her. We exchanged vows. We confessed our love for each other. And then, grandpa gave mommy to me in our wedding.”

Xavier enjoyed listening to his little one argue with him in her unclear tongue. I came out and leaned on the wall, watching them.

“Stop. Daddy, stop,” she replied persuasively, gently stroking his arm. She was sitting on his lap crossed leg and her wavy, chestnut hair framed her cute face. Xavier was leaning back on the headrest. “Mommy is mine. She’s my mommy. And . . . And, I’m her daughter.” Hazel shrugged with her big brown eyes staring up at her daddy like she was telling him things that was already so obvious.

“But she’s my wife.” Xavier shrugged back.

“But she’s my mommy!”

“Okay. Since we’re not getting a conclusion, whoever touches mommy first gets mommy!”

Squealing and laughing, she jumped down from her daddy’s lap and ran up to me in short, quick steps.

Hugging my legs, she shouted triumphantly, “I’m first! I’m first! I’m first! Mommy’s mine!”

Xavier came and put his arms around me. “But look here, I got the upper half.”

“No! No! No!” Hazel jumped disapprovingly. “Daddy, mommy’s all mine.”

“How ’bout you get the lower half and I get the upper half, huh?”

“Mommy,” she looked up to me with her puppy-eyes and held up her arms to me.

Xavier started laughing. She was trying to claim the upper half too. A three year old smartass. With a smile, I picked her up and kissed her cheeks.

“Mommy’s aaalll yours, of course. Let’s just go down and have breakfast.” I said, walking out the door.

“See, daddy?”

Xavier growled in return, acting up as a zombie.

Hazel squealed, “Run! Run! Run, mommy! Daddy’s a Zombie!”

I held her tighter in my arms and with a squeal, I ran, totally getting in the mood. Xavier caught up to us just by the stairs, throwing his arms around the two of us and growling, pretending to be chewing off our shoulders. Both Hazel and I squealed and laughed.

“Daddy’s turn. Come here!” He beckoned her to come to him.

“Nope,” I said. “It’s still mommy’s turn.”

Hazel smiled and shook her head at Xavier. And she instead tightened her arms around my neck.

“Okay. Who wants strawberry hugs?”

“I want strawberry hugs.”

“Right here!” Xavier took her from my arms.

As we descended down the steps, Xavier kept teasing Hazel behind me.

“You know that daddy loves you, right?”


“You’re daddy’s princess, right?”


“Daddy’s cupcake?”

“Mmm,” she thought for a while, knowing what was coming, “Mhmm.”

“Daddy’s strawberry?”


“Daddy’s tomato?”

“I don’t like tomatoes.”

“Okay. Daddy’s cotton candy?”


“Daddy’s mushroom?”

“No!” She laughed. “I’m not a mushroom. Mommy is!”

“But see, look at your hands. They look just like mushrooms to me.”

“No daddy, these are my fingers! One, two, three, four and five!”

“Oh yes, five mushrooms! They look DEEELICIOUS!!!!”

“No. Daddy! They’re not . . . You can’t!” She laughed, hiding her hand behind her back.

“C’mon, Princess. Just one bite.”

“No!!” She laughed.

“One smaaall bite?” Xavier pretended to bite her arm.

“You can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t!” She shook her head from side to side.

Before anything, we first went to check into Captain where he was sleeping soundly in his own room on his very own special couch. He’d grown so old now he couldn’t do much anymore. He mostly stayed sleeping. Sometimes, we’d take him out for a walk on a perambulator. We’d tried our best to keep him as strong as he could but you can’t save anyone from old age. In fact, he lived, longer than we thought he could. He was now twenty.

I got down on my knees on the floor next to his bed and stroked his back.

“How’re you doing, Captain?”

He quietly laid his paws on my arm and closed his eyes again.

“Morning, buddy,” sitting down next to him on the couch, Xavier too stroked his back.

“Mommy, can I read to him now?” Hazel asked me in a whisper.

“Sure, honey.”

She moved out of Xavier’s arm and went over to the small book shelve to get a the bedtime story. She loved Captain so much she shared all her toys and story books with him. Sometimes, even her bed.

Xavier looked up at me quietly with remorse in his eyes. We knew we wouldn’t be able to keep him with us for long but none of us even got the guts to talk about taking him to the vet to put him to rest. It just wasn’t easy. He’d been with us since forever. He was our best friend. Our family. It was even harder when we think of how he basically brought Xavier and I together in some way, since we were kids in elementary. He was a part of us in every way.

Hazel came back with Runaway Bunny, her favorite. I helped her up on the couch while Xavier lay down on his side beside his old buddy. Hazel crossed her legs and began to read.

I quietly corrected how she was holding the book upside down and reading it expertly. She kept on reading softly like nothing happened. It made me and Xavier laugh. She couldn’t read yet. She wasn’t even able to talk clearly yet. Somehow, by listening to the story every night, she’d memorized each and every word.

I went to the kitchen as Hazel read to Captain. Xavier stayed back cuddling with his buddy.

Breakfast was over. I was cleaning up the dishes. I told Xavier to go up and get ready for work. Hazel was sitting on a chair by the table playing doctor and patient with Captain who was on his pram beside her.

I felt my stomach suddenly pull in and wring out. I dropped the dishes and stood for a while without moving.

Okay. Good.

I resumed doing the dishes but it wasn’t long until my stomach pull in again with an odd feeling and the next second, I was sprinting out of the kitchen to the nearest bathroom with a hand over my mouth, running pass Xavier who’d just left the kitchen.

“Babe?” I heard him follow me.

Once I was inside the bathroom, I opened the toilet seat and threw up in there instantly.

“Hey, babe. Are you alright?” He came to me and stroked my back as I kept throwing up.

“Let it out, baby.”

“Mommy, what’s wrong!” We heard Hazel starting to cry behind us, tapping her little feet in worry.

“Hazel . . . ” And then I threw up again.

Xavier went and got her. “Mommy’s alright. She ate too much breakfast.”

She was crying now.

“You okay right, mommy?” Xavier asked, stroking my back again and again.

I showed them a thumbs-up, too busy throwing up to talk, and then Hazel quietened down. And so did my stomach. I flushed the toilet, washed my mouth and then took Hazel in my arms. She wiped her cheeks and sniffed, face all red from crying.

“I’m so sorry, sweetie. It was nothing. I just ate too much breakfast.” I smiled at her.

She hugged me close and nestled into me without a word.

“Oh Sweetie, I’m so sorry it scared you.”

We went back to the kitchen. I held Hazel in my arms until she said she was ready to start playing with Captain again. I got up and went to drink water. Xavier quietly followed me.

He gently wrapped his arms around my stomach and asked me softly, “Have you been unwell, babe?”

“No. I’ve been perfect. I don’t know why.” I said, feeling my stomach and taking a deep breath.

“Do you think we should see Dr. Jane?”

Dr. Jane was my doctor.

“I think I’ll be fine now, Xavi. I’ll let you know if it happens again.” I turned to him and pecked him on his lips. “Now, you get ready for work.”

“You sure?”


“Hmm. I love you,” he said and kissed me deeply.

As he started to head out of the kitchen, I went over to Hazel. She asked me if my stomach was okay and all and I’d started be her patient when Xavier called me from the door. I looked up. He was looking at me in a weird way, a smug smile on his lips.

What’s with him.

“Can you come over here?”

“Yeah. Sure,” I got up and went over to him.

He pulled me to his body and slipped a hand under my shirt, feeling up my stomach.

“I think you’re pregnant again,” he grinned at me.

I just widened my eyes and stared up at him speechless. He began to laugh at my reaction. I placed my hands on my stomach and looked down at it.

“You think so?”

“I’m quite confident.” He smiled smugly and I laughed bashfully in return.

“We should go see Dr. Jane today.” He knotted his hands behind my back and pulled me even closer to him until there was no inch of a space left.

“What ’bout your work?”

“Nothing so important today. I can totally ditch a day for you, right?”

With a grateful smile, I hooked my arms around his neck and we kissed.

“It’s going to be the weekend tomorrow so, we meet Jane today and shoot for Carlos tomorrow,” he said.

“What’s with all the sudden plans?”

“We gotta break the news to your dad and it’s been long since we haven’t met David neither Vai. There’s actually a lot to do there. I heard Matt’s there too. Or either we can host a barbeque party and break the news that way. What do you say?”

I chuckled amusedly. “You seem to be quite sure I’m pregnant again.”

He broke into a bright beam and said, “I’m pretty sure there’s a baby in there, Mongrel. Our next one to spoil.” He chuckled naughtily.

“I won’t let you, you bad boy.”

This guy is always fantasizing of pampering his kids and spoiling them.

Xavier will never, ever change.

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