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Bonus Chapter 2

“Hazel, be careful not to break anything,” I reminded her as we waited for Dr. Jane to say something.

We were in her office and Hazel was walking around the room as always, entertaining herself with bits of decorations she found there.

“Well, Congratulations! She’s pregnant again. Two months.” Dr. Jane, a pleasant looking, black woman with kind eyes, smiled at us from her chair.

I didn’t even have a split second to react when Xavier suddenly banged a fist on the desk, shouting triumphantly, “I KNEW IT!!” He jerked up from his chair with an impressively excited grin, a finger pointed, victoriously, at Dr. Jane.

“I’m sure you did.” Dr. Jane calmly replied with a smirk and a nod.

I crossed my arms around my stomach and laughed at his reaction. This was so different from the last time; how I broke the news about being pregnant with Hazel.

The first time, he literally didn’t know how to react, whether to smile or cry. He was so overwhelmed with a bunch of emotions; surprise, happiness, excitement, the reality of being a dad for the first time. He stood there in the middle of our room, wordlessly staring at me for moments with tears in his eyes before engulfing me in his arms, holding me close to him for so long in gentleness and love.

But this time, there wasn’t much of a surprise but he was definitely excited and thrilled. The light from his smile could definitely light up the whole city.

At my laughter, he looked down on me, settled back on his chair, held my face and gave me a quick, savoring kiss.

“I love you so much,” he said, his giddy smile ever-present.

“I love you too.”

He turned to Dr. Jane and said proudly, “My wife’s the best, you know.”

“I know,” she grinned back at us amusedly.

We drove back home. Our driver opened the door for us. Hazel got down first. Xavier came around and helped me out. Just as I was about to walk in, I saw Hazel prancing around in the doorway, waiting for us to ring the doorbell since she couldn’t reach it yet. A flood of emotions took me over at the thought that Hazel was going to have a sibling now, a little one for her to take care of. She’d have to learn to be the big sister, learn to be selfless . . . Alana didn’t realized but imagining their little one in a different picture brought tears in her eyes.

“Babe?” Xavier softly called from her side.

She looked up at him, tears blurring her vision, and only then did she fully realized she was pregnant again. She ran her arms around him and settled into his embrace.

“I love you so much, Xavi.” She said, closing her eyes and breathing deeply.

“I love you more,” he replied, kissing the top of her head and hugging her tight.

I was reading to Hazel when Xavier came inside her room after brushing his teeth. Hazel and I were both lying down and holding the story book just above our face. Xavier came and lay down on the other side, keeping Hazel between us, and wrapped her up in his arms.

We’d decided to break the news to her after dinner and I was waiting for him.

Xavier kissed her cheek so deeply she screamed and laughed.

“Princess, we have news for you?” Xavier said to Hazel.

“I don’t like news.” She said, looking up at her dad.

She thought it was the the kind of news we watched on TV.

“It’s a different kind of news. Listen.”

“No!” She shook her head, “I don’t like it. I want Jerry!”

“Listen, Hazel. Mommy’s pregnant.”

“I don’t like it!”

“Sweetie, you’re going to have a baby sister or brother,” I said.

She stopped shaking her head and then turned to me. “How?” She asked.

“Well, there’s a baby inside mommy’s tummy,” Xavier explained.

Hazel stared at me, glancing down at my stomach, and then she burst out crying. “No!! Mommy ate a baby for breakfast!!”

“Ohnononono, sweetie. It’s not like that. I didn’t eat a baby,” I said, drying her tears.

She just kept on wailing, pulling on her face and all. I couldn’t make out what she was saying but I heard ‘baby’ and ‘tummy’ in the middle. I looked over at Xavier for help and he was laughing.

“Go on. Explain to her how the baby got in there,” he chuckled and moved out of the bed.

“Xavier!” I called.

“Don’t miss a single detail!” He naughtily shouted back from the door before disappearing out of sight.

[At Los Carlos]

Xavier and I had invited our friends and family over for a barbeque party. We flew up to Carlos with Claire. Hunt and Brittany were in Paris, Connor and Kendra, with their son, Sebastian, were in San Francisco, so they couldn’t join us. But Matt and Scott were around and they’d already arrived. Scott’s girlfriend, Chloe, was also with us. She was a pretty French girl. Scott’s fan turned girlfriend. David and Vai came right after school.

Hazel had ran straight into David’s arm when she saw him from the kitchen. She liked him a lot. While we all set the tables in the backyard, Hazel stayed with Scott and Chloe. Scott had been teasing her the whole time. As usual, Hazel cried when she met Scott. She absolutely abhorred how Scott called her McScott. Scott would always tease her that that was her real name and Hazel would cry. But in the end, she still enjoyed Scott’s company.

“I’ve told you a thousand times already. Your real name’s McScott.” Scott chuckled.

“No. It’s not!” Hazel whined.

“It is. What’s your mom’s name?” Scott questioned, pulling out his phone to videotape her.

“Mommy,” Hazel answered from where she was sitting on Chloe’s lap.

“Okay. What about your dad’s name?”


“You know what your real name is?”


“No. McScott.”

“NOOOOO!!!” Hazel wailed out. Scott and Chloe laughed.

“Awwww. We’ll talk about this again next time. Come here,” Scott let out his hands and Hazel willingly went into his arms.

Dad arrived just in time for dinner since he was working. While we ate, we talked about work, funny moments, food, basically everything that could be talked about. And Matt asked, “I was wondering why you came so suddenly. Is there anything?”

“Thought I should wait till dessert but well, Alana’s pregnant again,” Xavier smiled.

The chattering instantly dropped to pin-drop silent for a moment – now that the real bomb has been dropped –, everybody looking at me now.

World’s awkwardest situation.

Then everybody said ‘WOW’ at the same time.

“Two months. We found out yesterday,” Xavier continued.

“Congratulations!!” Chloe broke off the silence with a wide smile and everybody joined in in congratulating us.

Everybody was thrilled and excited at the news and when David asked Hazel what she felt about becoming a big sister, she said she didn’t want a baby sister because she’s scared the baby sister would steal her Princess title and she’d have to settle for Queen. She loved being a princess. But a baby brother would do. He wouldn’t have to steal her place.

The talk lasted for about another twenty minutes and then we drifted off to other topics as well.

Hazel learning to be a lady

[Third person POV]

The doorbell rang. Alana answered the door, baby Kevin sleeping in her arms.

“Hey, babe,” Xavier quietly said, smiling at her.

“Hey,” Alana smiled back and gave him a kiss.

“He sleeping?” He asked as he stepped in.


“Where’s Hazel?”

“She’d just went up to her room.”

Xavier went up to their room. Sitting down on the edge of their bed, he removed his shoes and noticed that there was someone in their bathroom. He went over and saw Hazel bending over the bathtub, washing her hair.

“Princess, what are you doing?” He asked as he washed his hands in the sink.

“I’m learning to wash my hair. Mommy is so busy with Kevin now. I have to learn it.”

Xavier turned towards her and softly smiled, a bit sad at the fact that she was no longer getting all the attentions she used to, and proud of his little girl at the same time at how she was dealing with it.

“So you’re learning to be a young lady now?”

“I am a lady now, daddy. I can do this,” she answered in a strangled voice as she struggled with her hair.

Xavier watched with amusement for a moment until he realized her shampoo was giving no lather.

“Princess, what shampoo are you using?”

“That one,” she pointed at his shaving cream that was thrown at one corner of the bathroom.

“Shit!” Xavier cursed.

Sitting down beside the wide bathtub, he took her on his lap so that she was on her front and grabbing a nearby hose, he tried to wash it off. Hazel, frightened at her father’s instant reaction, screamed.

“It’s okay, Princess. Stay still. Goddammit. HONEY, HELLLPPPP!!!

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