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Chapter 7

Kendra leaned on the next locker and waited for me, hugging her note to her chest.

“So you mean to say you remember him now?” She narrowed her eyes at me.


“Took you forever, huh.”

“Well,” I replied as I opened my locker, “I don’t see how I could have remembered him sooner. I mean it’s not like I know a great deal about him. I knew him only for few days and nothing more.”

“Alana, those few days were – to be honest – the fun part of your elementary school if you really do a bit of thinking.”

“The best part? Seriously.” I grimaced and dug for my books.


I laughed. “Get your nerves straight, Kendra. Those were the worse few days.”

“I know exactly how you felt; Losing your starburst everyday first thing in the morning was indeed heart breaking.” She patted my shoulder as if comforting me.

I laughed at the gesture.

Now that I think about it, it was rather funny how she used to get so furious and angry at Xavier for stealing my Starbursts. She and Xavier were the only two in school who knew exactly how much I loved starburst.

“If you remember, we were not the sociable ones,” she said, “No one really approached us and it was only Xavier who did.”

That’s right. But . . .

“For the worst purpose,” I supplemented.

“Still. He did. He didn’t ignore us just like everyone else did.”

That’s right again.

I nodded. “So?”

“So, duh? He deserves to be remembered!”

“I remember you.” I smiled at her so very sweetly as I drew out my book.

“Of course, I’m your best friend.” She rolled her eyes. “But you know what? I just find it cute that he still remember a you.”

Cute? Oh my God!

Why does cute taste sour?

“You were the one who said he is different, dangerous. What happened to that?”

“I’m not talking bout him. I’m talking bout how he behaved or behaaavess.” She sought her dark eyes into mine, emphasizing the word gingerly. “With you.”

“Okay. Now that I’ve though about it. It doesn’t sound so bad but not cute at all, please, Kendra.” I closed my locker.

We headed towards trig class together and we still kept talking on the way. And she wouldn’t stop rooting for him. I thought maybe indie music did spoil her head a little bit; just a little, not much.

“Why are you so much in his favor?!”

“Just saying. He simply deserves to be remembered next in line to Kendra Sparks.”

“There’s Jacob,” I said.

“Yeah but, those two are different objects from two different worlds. You can’t help not being friends with Jacob,” she said, “I mean if you really study the two of them in a rational way, Xavier came on his own to show us that we also exist in this world.”

She’s right again.

Jacob’s mom and my mom were close friends and so it was impossible not being friend with him. Whenever the two women visited each other, they would always take us along with them. But that doesn’t make him a friend to be taken for granted. He had been so nice to me that there was no heck of a way I would forget him.

“But seriously, how come you wiped out Xavier out of your memory? That’s just wow. I mean that guy was a protagonist,” Kendra said.

There. She was wrong there. There was no way I would forget that lanky prankster. He annoyed me enough to the point that I even remembered him specially when I watched Thor. Loki, the God of mischiefs, triggered the memory.

“I do remember him occasionally.”

She raised an eyebrow at me.

I breathed, “I mean, I remembered Xavier but not when I’m around that douche. In elementary, he was so lanky and who would ever thought that he’d turn out to be that...” I paused hunting for words.

“That hot guy?” Kendra smirked at me.

I growled, reddening a little, “No. That dickhead. Dickhead is even a name too good for him.”

Kendra laughed, “You are so obvious, Alana. Look at your face.”

“Knock it off,” I sighed, “Besides, I didn’t think he’d still be in town, anyway.”

She simple rolled her eyes.

For a minute we were walking in peaceful silence; no more stupid talks about remembering Xavier or recognizing who the devil Narcissist really is. It was so freakish-absurd that we spent one whole morning over that. What a waste.

We met Brittany on the way. With excitement and awe, she started chattering about the movie she watched last night. I was not much into movies and I never even really enjoyed talking or listening about them. Which means I didn’t really get most of what she was saying. Cool as she could be, but with people whom she really sticks with, she does brings out her cheeky, fun loving side; the typical, excited teenage girl.

We took a turn leading to another hallway. That was when I felt a blow on the back of my head. I spun back at once. Narcissist’s grin stretched from East to West. He’d just caught the basketball.

Screw him. He’s absolutely annoying, no strings attached.

“You wanna die?” I gritted my teeth together at him.

“Oh right. I shouldn’t have,” he threw his head back and stared up at the ceiling as if he had realized something important and looked back at me again asking, “Are you RABID?”

His poker face barely lasted two seconds before I heard a snort of stifled laughter escape from him. Kendra laughed. Brittany too, covering her mouth.

With the fact that he’d nicknamed me Mongrel, RABID was the best punch line.

Leaving his group, he walked over to us.

“Hey, Kendra. Brittany,” he acknowledged them both as he came over to us.

“Hey, Xavier,” the two answered.

I, on the other hand, rolled my eyes, huffed and started to walk away. He moved ahead of us and spun back. Tilting his head slightly towards the right, he watched my face as he walked backwards few steps ahead of me; not trying to hide in any way that he was enjoying the full view of me glowering at him.

“Hey sexy.” He smirked at me.

“Hideous,” I returned.

It made him tilt his pink lips to a sexy, crooked smile.

“Kendra, is it even possible for a canine to be this sexy?” he asked smirking.

Kendra just chuckled.

I rolled my eyes at him. “I want to insult you but then that would be too much for your brain to comprehend.”

A gorgeous grin stretched upon his lips and he watched my face for a while before he said, “Now that you know me, how about a date, Mongrel?”

There was an instant buzz of muffled whispers from the spectators around us.

A date?

I gawped at him.

Has he gone mad?

The corner of his lips twitched as if suppressing his signature smirk. That brought me back to my senses.

I worked myself up and answered, “Now that I know you, I have acquired better reasons to start digging your grave.”

In a flick, he formed a crease between his eyes, the kind that shows humor. He halted his backward steps and simply stared at me, noticeably suppressing another naughty smirk. Instinctively, the three of us also stopped walking and I peered into his eyes. This time quite boldly.

“There’s no need to hide it, babe. It’s always a thrill when the guy you can’t help but think looks so much like Brad Pitt asks you out on a date, right?” he said.

I snatched the basketball from his hand and flung it at him. He ducked it in a clean move.

“Whoa! Sexy’s got some moves! That’s so freaking hot! Fire! Really.” He faked amazement.

“Keep talking stupid. It suits the face,” I replied with enough sarcasm, then grabbed one arm each of Kendra and Brittany and shoved pass him.

He stood by chuckling.

“Aww. You’re so sarcastic. That’s so cute. I’ll see you around, sexy!!” I heard him shout behind us.


I didn’t look back.

“He’s totally into you,” Kendra stated as we took our places inside class.

“Please,” I mumbled, “He was only fooling around.”

“You think so?”

“It was more than obvious,” I answered lazily while flipping open my note.

“You sound sad.”

I puffed a scoff.

“Yeah, he sure did sounded like he was fooling around,” she finally agreed with me for the first time in a day.

I smiled at her with the sweetest look I could afford.

“But to be honest, he’s not usually that way around girls, you know. Heck, he doesn’t even look at them; not even from the corner of his eyes,” she said, “So far, you’re the girl he has talked the most too. Like, if we have to consider the time frame and the amount of conversations. Right Brit?”

Brittany had been quiet all along. She never really spoke much on this crazy subject and that was good. If the two of them stuff my ears with his talk at a time, I might probably throw up.

Brittany nodded, smiling slightly, “Yeah.”

“Flattered,” I mumbled.

Kendra grabbed her note at once and hit me hard on my arm with it.

“Ow! What was that for?” I whined at her.

Brittany giggled.

“I’m serious! And you’re impossible,” Kendra growled, “I’ve known him for six damn years, dimwit, six damn years.”

Yeah, just because I didn’t agree with her constant insistency that Xavier was into me, she hit me and called me dimwit. Someone’s gotta do something about this school, especially this girl! I thought. I was starting to freaking worry.

I huffed. In fact, I was knackered to my bones talking nonsense all morning.

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