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Chapter 8

Later in the evening after dinner, I accompanied Kendra to the Sundance, a video store. David stayed back at his new friend Harry’s house. I hung around as she combed through her favorite Iron Maiden albums.

It was always a fun thing to watch her chew on Stride composedly and simply nod away to whatever criticism I would give about her choices. I always did it with her favorite color brown when we were kids. She never gave a damn though. And that was what made her even cooler.

I thought I’d like to take home a movie to watch before I sleep. So I went about looking for whatever good I could find, checking out both sides at a time as I went through section after section.

I was not really looking out as I went. At one point when I took a careless turn to the next section, I bumped into someone who was coming along from the opposite direction. My hands immediately shot up in defense in front of me and they ended up hitting a very hard chest.

“Whoa,” the other person raised both his hands in his cool.

When I finally saw the face my body solidified. Was it because of surprise or disappointment or what? Not really sure. Everything around seemed to become hazy all at once. And there was only one thing in my mind - Why him?

I met the deep brown eyes that were looking back at me. With a small gasp of surprise coupled with a whiff of very manly Cologne, my breathed stuck in the middle of my throat.

“Enjoying feeling me?” He let down his hands and held my elbows.

I realized that my palms were on his chest. And when I felt the firmness of his chest beneath my fingers, and the warmth of his body radiating throughout every inch of my nerves, my palms fisted over his T-shirt.

I looked up at his heaven knocking height, tongue tied, as he looked down on me, his eyes intent from under his thick beautiful eyelashes.

He smiled so very calmly. “You’re blushing.”

Then a thumb lightly brushed against my left cheek. Knowing that it was his hand felt weird.

What is he doing?

I blinked – something I do when I’m in my worst of wits – and then I quickly wriggled out of his grasp. His eyes began to rove about, a reaction I’d not seen from him. He looked uneasy for the first time. I stared at him dumbfounded but he didn’t meet my eyes. It looked as if he was trying to avoid my gaze. He flicked an uneasy look at his blonde companion, Scott. The opposite barely suppressed a smile and walked away whistling lowly. I hadn’t even noticed he was there until Xavier looked at him.

Looking back at me, Xavier cleared his throat as if mustering back his strayed confidence and remarked, “You took advantage of me.”


“Your hands just felt the whole span of my chest.”

I winced in disbelief.

“It was an accident!” I yelled.

The corner of his lips twitched. He tried stifling it but ended up bursting into a fit of laughter. He laughed so hard that he had to bang the shelf next to him and tears formed in his eyes. My blood started to boil, feeling a little embarrassed at the same time.

An accident. Seriously Alana.

I could have said something creative. Catching back his breath, he dried his eyes and ran a hand through his hair.

“Whoo!” He exhaled to relieve the amusement he so devilishly enjoyed and said through chuckle, “An accident indeed, darling. I think I should be prepared for more.”

To be honest, it felt so much better to hear him tease rather than to behold him staring back at me. But he was still annoying no matter what. Without a word, I stormed back off to where I came from. He followed me.

“Come on, Sexy. Admit it. I know you want me.”

I scoffed without turning back at him, “You’re the last person on earth I’ll ever fall for, moron.”

In about two quick steps, he was standing in front of me. I immediately halted my steps to avoid bumping into him again by a hair’s breath. Taking slow steps, he moved in at me. I moved back, somewhat matching his pace. Pretty soon he grabbed my shoulders and gently positioned me against the shelf. He then dropped his hands from my shoulders and held the shelf, caging me in between his arms.

He narrowed his eyes at me, “Are you sure you can resist this? This dude with this body even after you’re as crazy to the point of harassing him?”

Now that he was standing in full view like a poster boy in front of me, I couldn’t help but check him out a bit. But that didn’t mean I saw his glorious body he so pompously talked about. He obviously wasn’t wearing any see-through clothes. Yeah. He was wearing a T-shirt and a leather jacket over that. But I had felt his chest just few minutes ago and, man, he was . . . rigid; almost leaving nothing to the imagination.

Truth be told, he was a charmer. He had the body, the height, the cool and not to miss, the eyes. No one had to tell me that he was the popular one in school. It was one of the easiest thing to figure out. I had seen the way girls watch him in school. How I wished that they knew what a dick he was.

I folded my arms across my chest and returned, “Do not forget what I called you the first time we met at the cemetery. You’re still as ugly as that.”

I made him let out a low chuckle.

He said, “You know it’s cute when you deny the undeniable. How many times do I have to tell you that there’s no need to hide. You know I’m ready to date you.”

“Count me out of your long list of bimbos. I have no interest in becoming one of them,” I replied.

“I don’t think you’re a bimbo,” he said with a sudden change of tone and expression, his intensified eyes staring right into mine.

Here I wished he’d just continue teasing and annoying me. The transition was sort of scary. And I was tongue tied again.

Nice . . . Keep it up, Alana.

But soon he supplemented with a lighter tone, “Besides I don’t do bimbos.”

“O... okay,” I stuttered.

Why the heck did I stuttered?

He smiled with an unmistakable glint of mischief in his eyes.

No. I can’t let him think he’s affecting me in any stupid way.

So I worked up and said, “That’s a wonderful information, thanks. But you should know that it’s not in my gene to fall for a jerkwad like you.”

He nodded like an attentive student and smirked, his eyes daring temptingly, “Right.” And he began to move in even closer, thinning the distance between us, saying, “You should also know that it’s not in my gene to behave like a chivalric gentleman around sexy ladies,” he smirked.

Then all of a sudden, he leaned in so close to me that my brain seemed to go numb for a moment, completely taken by surprise. My breathing hitched and my arms shot up again in defense and I pretty much froze there.

His lips were less than an inch above mine. But his looming body loomed in even closer, as close as it could ever be. His Cologne, as good as it smelled, was starting to suffocate me. Damn. I pushed him back in a reflex. He just didn’t move an inch. My strength lost to his weight. Too bad. He pressed his forehead against mine and I heard him suck in a deep breath. I felt my body temperature rise to a peak.


My elbows were buckling. Those stupid pair of brown marbles inside the sockets in his stupid head were never leaving mine. I squeezed my eyes shut. The tip of his nose lightly trailed against the skin of my cheek and I stopped myself from breathing as a spark of shiver traveled throughout my body.

My chest was hammering like an overworked drum as his steamy breath washed my face and neck.

Won’t some Greek God come over and pull me out of here? Please, anybody. Zeus? Poseidon? Hades? Anybody? But not Narcissus. I’ve had enough of him.

No Greek God was showing up.

“Stay away,” I said.

Xavier’s POV

Stay away.

That was what she told me; so sure of it. It was pretty depressing to hear that.

I pulled back slightly, not too much that she would feel the difference, to look at her face. Her eyes were squeezed shut like a kid in front of a TV that was playing horror movie or like a child who was scared of all the ghosts under her bed, and I couldn’t help but smile to myself.

She’s the funniest and the most beautiful girl ever.

Her hands that were crumbling my T-shirt over my chest in tight fists became tighter. I, then, shifted my gaze from her eyes to the lips. I clenched my teeth together tightly to suppress the tempting urge to kiss her and swallowed my spit instead. She wouldn’t understand how much of willpower it was costing me to leave her lips untouched.

Not yet. Not now. Hopefully someday.

Awe, Alana, what is it about you that’s making me this way?

Probably, she was cursing herself for not being able to move out. But how little does she know that this was new to me too and I was as helpless as she was.

“Hey Xavi, are you...”

Scott stopped short at the end of the passageway, holding up two cassettes in his hands and, at first, looking like he’d found his mother eating his hash Brownies, and then the next moment, he goddamn smirked. Instantly, I dropped my arms that were keeping Alana caged within. Her eyes were also wide open now and her face, blushing red.

“Oh,” Scott murmured and and disappeared.

Before I had time to look at Alana again, she’d shoved me back and made a run for her life. I smiled.

Can you get any more adorable, Mongrel?

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