Contract Marriage

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In which a man and woman in needs for help. When they found one another, the world just collided. Tio Brooke Harlington is in need for help. So is Vita Caroline. Tio and Vita somehow crossed each other path. In this critical condition, they both agreed to help each other but on a deal.

Romance / Drama
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“I will give you a contract.” Tio looked at the woman with a cold look that make her freeze under his gaze.

The woman in front of him are his childhood friend/acquaintance. She make him overlooked at herself. The woman he knew was wearing a glasses, but it was years ago. But the woman in front of him right now is a different looking person. This one is using a contact lens and more beautiful than he remember.

“Take this as a payback for that time you saved my dignity in front of those assholes.” He continued. He is just sitting in front of her, doing nothing to comfort her in any way. Knowing that she need one, but he keep his distance.

“I need help in this moment and you do too. We both need each other.” The woman keep silence, not making any sound. Her tears keep falling down to her cheeks. She looked like a mess with mascara smeared all over her face. But in his eyes, she still looked beautiful.

“Come with me. We can talk more about this in my house. I think you need a bath and a rest.” Tio said, looking up from her head to her toe. She is still wearing her work clothes. He stand up from his seat and walk to his car. He don’t have to check if she is following him, he can hear the clicking sound of her heels against the rock. There is just the both of them in the middle of the night at the park. No one would ever think to come to a park late at night, unless they have things to do.

The woman didn’t expected and shocked to see her childhood acquaintance, Tio. The woman didn’t even think that he is going to help her. She is indeed need help and she will get it in any ways, but all in the right way.

The woman couldn’t believe her eyes. The building in front of her is more like a mansion and it belong to Tio. In a gold-creamy color, the house scream rich and glamorous.

The woman follow the man that is willing to help her, even though her family already declared that she is a dirty and not a respected woman. She have been dumped from her family, because her family is ashamed of her and she didn’t even know what she did to deserve this. They didn’t let her talked and just dumped her in the middle of the night.

“This is your house?” She ask just to make sure. Her tears is long gone and she wiped her face with a handkerchief. His handkerchief.

“Yes.” He answer.

Without wasting anymore time outside, Tio open the double-door to his mansion. He did have maids. But in this late of night, he gives the maids a night off.

Letting the door open wide, Tio told her to get in. He unbutton his suit jacket and take it off, throwing it somewhere on the couch in the living room. He turned around to see that she is checking out the house. She looked impressed by the decorating and all he did with his house. She just never thought she will decorates her house, considering she lived with her parents.

“I’ll take you to the guess room.” He said, walking up to the grand stairs on the side. She hurriedly catching up to him, she doesn’t want to get lost in this big house.

Tio walked down the hall until he reached the end of the corridor. He stopped, making her collide to his back. “I’m so sorry.” She quickly apologize and take a few steps back to make a room between them. She keep her head’s down slightly.

“This is where you’ll be staying.” He pointed at the wooden door in front of them. The woman courage herself to held her head’s up to see her surrounding. She didn’t know how far long the corridor is, but it’s long.

“Thank you.” She thank him for not just the room he provided, but everything he has done for her up to this moment.

Tio just nodded his head once. “If you need anything, you can ask the maid in the maid quarters. They will be around in the day.” He tell her.

“Thank you.” It must be her favorite words now. Because nothing comes out other than that or I’m sorry and words that related to them.

“I expect your presence in my office tomorrow. My office is in the other corridor, that way and you can easily find it.” He gestured the way to where his office located. Hoping that she could caught up on what he said.

“Okay.” She said.

“Have breakfast tomorrow morning. The maid will serve you whatever you want to eat. Good night.” He end the conversation right there. He is exhausted and he can see that she is tired too. It will be good for the both of them to take a rest and call it a night.

“Good night.” She whispers.

Looking at her one more time, Tio walk passed her to go to his office. He needs to make the contract now and then he can happily rest his body and mind.

“Thank you, Lindo.” Tio stop dead in his track. He didn’t expect her to call her by the name she called him when she saved him. She kept it to herself after so long, but somehow he knew. He knew that the nickname was for him and he searched it online what that means, it means pretty boy. And for years he was wondering why she called him that. Only Vita Caroline.

He knows that it had an affect for him. So he keep on walking to the end of the other corridor. He can feel her watching him until he disappear on the turn.

He sigh loudly and rubbed his face roughly. He sit on his moving chair and trying to relax. His stiffen veins couldn’t relaxed by itself. He needs a reliever. He stand back up and walk out from his office. He make his way to his bedroom, the room that is a feet away from hers.

He stops for a few seconds in front of her door just staring at the closed door. His mind wandered way too far from it should be. Before he could think of something he shouldn’t, he open his bedroom door and let himself in. After locking the door, he strips out of his clothes and make his way to bathroom.

He needs to relax first, before he continue whatever he wants to do after. Probably working.

She didn’t know what she was thinking when she called him ‘Lindo’. She shouldn’t be, in fact she’s not allowed to. She already thankful that he wants to help her out, even though it’s under a circumstance and she didn’t know what the contract is about. They haven’t talk more about it. Now she is left wondering with her mind full of so many problems that she need to solve one by one.


“Good morning.” She greeted Tio that already in the dinning table, eating by himself. She thought she was supposed to have breakfast together or maybe that’s just how she wanted them to be.

“Morning.” He answered curtly. By accident, he look at the clothes she wears. It’s a simple white t-shirt and a legging. Tio can visibly see her breast, because the t-shirt is visible. He gulped down and quickly look away for the better. “Please, have a seat.”

The maid without being told, start to serving Vita breakfast. She patiently wait and smile at the maid, thanking her for the food.

The table is silence, there is just the sound of cutleries hitting with the plate.

After breakfast is done, Tio told her to follow him up to his office. Reaching his office, Tio waste no time to take the documents he has prepared all night long. He put the documents on the table and right in front of him.

They both clearly can see the bold letter in the first page and it said.


So, this is my other attempt to edit this. I hope all of you can at least appreciate my efforts. Because some people are likes to throw me under the bus and made me down.

Hey, I appreciate your feedback. But you should appreciate us as a writer to give you a good stories. We work hard to produce a story.

Thank you,
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