The Price Possession

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Chapter 10 - To Be Killed Or Not To Be

There was so soft thud sound as the door closed which startled her abit. Kate found herself standing in the all too familiar room. As she stepped further inside, her eyes wondered around the room taking in her new surroundings, then stopped. It was the same room that she had been in earlier on, the only difference was that they had came in using a different entrance.

She didn’t dared look back but she knew that that man had just left her all alone in here - in Taylor’s office. He didn’t even tell what she was suppose to do.

The once dark room was now lit. There were long burgundy drapes gracing the floor with elegance, a few landscape portrait hanging on the walls, one dark brown leather couch, a white Persian rug and of course, the antique wooden table.

Her face flamed up at the memory.

Why had he brought her back here?

Her throat tightened.

Were they planning to kill her?

Her eyes widened in fear at the thought.


What would happen to Nana if she died? Who would take care of her?

She turned towards corner where she had stood a few moments ago and face palmed herself.

He knew.

She had been right. Taylor freaking Price had seen her standing there.


Think Kate, think. She chastised to herself whilst anxiously tapping her feet lightly against the rug.

You can say that you thought it was the bathroom.

She then shook her head.

Yeah right, like he’d believe that.

She then tapped on her chin with her finger and stopped as another idea popped in mind.

I was looking for the exit.

Then face palmed herself again.

“Come on Kate! You can do better than this. Fuck!” She hissed under her breath.

She had to escape. Maybe, just maybe this time she could get out of here and go home. She could pack up their stuffs within minutes and withdraw the remaining hundred and fifty dollars that she still had left to her name. Yes, by this time tomorrow, her grandmother and herself would be somewhere far away in a bus - no, not bus, it wasn’t fast enough to many stops. They would take a train. Yes, a train was a way better idea.

She turned around ready to make a run for the door and froze. The security guard hadn’t left.

Her whole inside cringed as colours filled her face.

He had been standing there, quietly, observing her. With his feet spread slightly apart, hands firmly held at his sides and his curly brown hair glossing under the light.


She was fucked!

Was this night ever going to end?

Fuck it! she shrugged, what’s done is done and if they were planning on getting rid of her then she’d just have to give them their money’s worth.

Kate took a courageous step toward the tall man and he merely looked at her with disinterest but that didn’t stop her, so she took another one.

Once she was close enough to where he stood, Kate stopped and placed her hands on her waist. His eyes were brown, it’s was only now that Kate had noticed it’s colour, but they were blank as he stared back at her.

Talk about an emotionless robot. He made no attempt to move or to say anything to her.

He just stood there, like a well trained dog.

“What’s your name?” She asked, feeling her confidence slowly sipping back into her body.

The least she could do was to at least know his name before she tries to sweet talk him into letting her go.

“Excuse me?” He jolted a thick brow at her, unbothered.

She folded her arms infront of her and stared up at him, hating that she seemed to be the only small person around here.

“I asked for your name?” She repeated, her voice more demanding this time.

“I don’t see how that would make any difference here.” He replied, giving her a long hard stare.

“Oh, it does. You see, I make it one of my top priority to know everybody involved in my sudden disappearance here tonight. You know, incase I make it out alive somehow.” She said, offering him one of her famous fake smile.

The stern man’s mouth twitched as he tried to conceal the amused smile that threatened to curve on his lips.

She eyes remained fixated on him and for a moment she thought that he might give in but he didn’t. Instead he closed his eyes and shook his head lightly and muttering, “Reporters!”

Kate’s jaw tightened as if he had just insulted her.

She was insulted.

Of course she was a reporter, why did they feel the need to remind her? It wasn’t as though she could forget.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” She demanded once more having the nerve to poke him in the chest with her index finger.

Forgetting that a few moments ago she had been close to being crippled with fear.

The man looked surprised by her action, he then frowned, letting out a small breath of exasperation and said, “Ben.”

Kate lifted a brow at him, challenging him, “Well Ben, what the hell did that statement of yours mean? I’ve heard it twice tonight and quite frankly it’s starting to piss me off.”

He shook his head again making Kate’s hand clenched at her sides. It was as though they all thought that she was insignificant or even worst a freaking nuisance. Well tough, she didn’t ask to be dragged here.

“It means, Ms. Dawson, that you have a highly over active imagination.”

“Oh, do I?” She said in between clenched teeth, “Well if your boss isn’t planning on killing me then what does he plan to do exactly?”

“I don’t speak for him Ms. Dawson...” Ben stopped, a small frown appeared on his face as he tilted his head slightly to his left side.

He then looked at her and smiled, “Seems like you’re about to find out.”

The sound of the door squeaking a little as it opened made her shoulder tense. All at once her body froze not daring to look back.

Footsteps was the next thing she heard as the door was closed.

“That will be all.” She heard and her heart leapt into her throat.

It was Taylor’s voice. The authority, the rasp and firmness.

Shit! There was no doubt in Kate’s mind that it was him.

Ben nodded his head at Taylor before opening the door to leave, but not before sparing her a sympathetic smile.

Kate really wanted to roll her eyes at him. What the hell was she suppose to do with a smile? Throw it in Taylor’s face? If it was a smile for support then it sure as fuck failed.

“Ms. Dawson.”

Kate swallowed at the mention of her name and momentarily closed her eyes, embracing the inevitable.

“Have a seat.”

It was a an order not a demand. She fully understood that. She really wanted to obey but couldn’t face him. She couldn’t fasten up the courage to look him in the eyes and not turn into a human tomato.

“It wasn’t a request, Dawson.” He snapped, the irritation in his voice couldn’t be missed and neither was the lack of ‘Miss’ as he had addressed her.

With her head bent, Kate slowly turned around and found Taylor standing behind his wooden antique desk. Well, his finely polished shoes that is, since it was the only thing she could see from the angle below.

She couldn’t remember walking but somehow, she found herself seated in the chair infront of him.

“Now,” he began, voice curt as he sat down, “why are you here?”

Kate’s brows touched. Confused by his question.

Why? Was this a joke? Did he actually think that she wanted to be here?

“I’m sorry but didn’t you order Ben to bring me here?” She asked eyeing the manilla folders on his desk. Anything, anything was better that to look at him dead in the eyes.

Taylor’s eyebrow jutted up at the mention of Ben’s name. Two minutes, two freaking minutes, that’s all it took to get Ben’s name. He had to have serious talk with him. This was so uncharacteristic of Ben or maybe he had underestimated Ms. Kate Dawson. Perhaps she was that good, which only meant that she was even more threatening that he had hoped.

The corner of Taylor’s mouth curved unflatteringly as he gazed down at her, annoyed that she hadn’t once looked up to face him. It felt as though she was having a conversation with his furniture instead of him.

For a woman who had just gotten his most trusted bodyguard to reveal his name in a heart beat, she sure as hell was playing coy with him.

“Let’s try this again, shall we? I know that you’re not completely dense, so please try not to insult my intelligence.” He said grabbing the folder and placing them into his safe underneath the table.

He then stared at her, frowning hard.

“Why did you come here tonight?”

Kate swallowed, then slowly licked her dried lips. His voice was cold, colder than before.

“I was invited for the interview.” She simply said.

“And?” He asked.

“That’s what I did.” She replied shifting her gaze to the burgundy curtains behind him, suddenly feeling hot flushes waving through her.

She heard Taylor take a swift intake of air before standing up.

Kate swallowed hard under his intense gaze. She wanted to shrink away from his hooded gaze but instead she pressed her thighs closer together, barely noticing that she was holding on to her breath.

“You look uncomfortable Ms. Dawson.” He suggested, making his way over to where she sat.

Kate shifted in her seat.

Dear lord, she was.

And she was sweating. Why was she sweating? Had he turn off the air conditioning?

“Do I make you nervous?” He asked, his voice softened as he took yet another step closer towards her and stopped when he noticed her hands shaking. It looked like she was about to pass out.

Her face was flushed, hands clenched and unclenching on the armchair.

“I - uh... no.” She stuttered, her voice shaking unevenly, as she tried to shrug the continuous waves of hot flush that was pulsing through her entire body.

He jutted a brow at her. “You’re sweating as if it’s a hundred degrees in here and your face is flushed.”

“I’ll be fine. I think I just need some fresh air.” She replied still avoiding his gaze.

“Is it the office?” He asked, tilting his head to the side, eyeing her curiously.

Kate bit her lower lip.

“Is it a little too small?” He continued, “A little too familiar?”

Kate swallowed.

She opened her mouth and quickly closed it shut. She was struggling with what to say next and him glaring at her like a predator wasn’t helping. It was so hard to think with those blue eyes piercing through her soul.

“Is it because you saw me fucking someone? Or that you were enjoying the show?”

Her heart stopped beating - for a while.

Dear earth, swallow me up right now!

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