The Price Possession

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Chapter 11- Unemployment

Her head snapped up and she finally caught his eyes.

Wrong move.

His eyes held no traces of the intense desire that she had seen in them a few moments ago, there was something else flickering in them. Anger.

“Finally.” He said, voice curt as he straightened himself on the desk. “Seems like I’ve got your attention, now we can have an actual real conversation. One where I ask you something and you in return, answer me back. Truthfully, Ms. Dawson.”

This sounded promising to Kate. Him, addressing her as Ms. Dawson, somewhat seemed to ease the tension abit. Well, for her that is.

“I didn’t mean...” she stopped at the sight of his jaws twitching. It made her rethinking about even lying to him.

“I just wanted to reschedule an interview.” She said hastily.

“Ahh,” he eyes closed to slit, regarding her under his lids, “leverage.” He snickered.

What? Kate frowned.

Unsure about what he had meant by that.

Then her eyes widened once it had really sinked in. Leverage? He thought that she was looking for a way to blackmail him into getting what she wanted.

Oh, no!

“I didn’t know that you’d be-- ” she bit her tongue unable to say the rest, ” It was a mistake. An honest mistake, I swear.”

Taylor shook his head lightly at at her. Not believing for a second that she was naive. He didn’t believe in coincidence, not with her anyway. She was a reporter and he, out of all people knew what they were capable of doing for just another juicy scoop.

Her amber eyes were filled with innocence and uncertainty, pleading to be believed. At one point, he almost did. If he hadn’t had the first hand experience of being betrayed the he would have but he couldn’t take that chance, not again. He had been fooled once and once was one too many.

“You followed me to my office,” he rapped before she could add anything else, “and came in uninvited. What did you think was gonna happen?”

That was just the thing. She didn’t know what was going to happen but she had hoped that she would have convinced him to giving her another chance.

It wasn’t her fault. This wasn’t her fault. How could she have known that he would be...

“I didn’t think that I would be walking into a freaking porn site.” She snapped out feeling a little irritated that he was making it as though she was in the wrong.

Glaring down at her, he snapped back, “The noise wasn’t hint enough for you to leave?”

Kate clasped her hands together in front of her to stop them from shaking. The ice and coldness of his voice rippled over her. Obviously, challenging him was not one of her best moves. She’d have to remember to keep her temper at bay, she quickly reminded herself.

“It was more than enough...” She hastened to assure him, ” I just couldn’t... move.”

Fury turned his blue eyes into glittering silver, making her shrink further back into the armchair.

“Not until you got a clear view of who was laying underneath me, right?” His eyes searched hers spitefully as if only seeking for confirmation.

“What?“Kate’s eyes were huge, strikened. She turned whitened then colour blazed in her cheeks.

“No! Look, I’m sorry I walked in on that. I swear, it was a mistake. Brandon told me --” she trailed off, realising that she had now involved a complete stranger in her mess. A stranger who only wanted to help her.

“Brandon told you what?” She heard him ask.

Then wondered, did Brandon really wanted to help her out?

“He said that I could have a few moments alone with you so that I could beg for the rescheduled interview. I think he was trying to help but I’m not so sure now.” She said dully. Trying to make sense of things.

“Brandon who?” His voice cracked with fresh anger.

“Excuse me?” She looked at him in a daze.

This whole conversation was making her physically ill, numbing her brain. She couldn’t think straight.

“His last name Ms. Dawson. There’s about six Brandon here tonight, do you expect me to do about line up?” He snarled as she gazed at him, confused.

“I didn’t get his last name.” She whispered hoarsely, realising now that if she had been Taylor, she wouldn’t even believe her as well. “He never gave it to me.”

“And yet,” he paused, his eyes piercing her, “you trusted him enough to get you some time with me?”

“You don’t have to say it like that. I was desperate, so I didn’t really have much time to think things through.”

Taylor’s mouth curled derisively at the corner before he slid off the table and rounded back to his chair. His shoulders square, features hardened and gaze deadly fixated on her.

The pregnant silence that clouded over them, felt suffocating. Kate was at a lost.

She didn’t know what would come next, or what she should say to him.

“How does unemployment sound to you, Ms.Dawson?” Taylor asked as he ran a hand through his thick black hair, his expression stony with contempt.

There was a red mists that passed infront of Kate as she assimilated what Taylor had planned to do.

The only word that she could formulate as she looked into his cold blue eyes was, ‘what?’

“I didn’t stutter and I’m sure as hell not giving you any chance of publishing anything that could damage my reputation or my company.”

“What?” She choked.

“From here on out, you are not to step foot in any publishing house, let alone talk to any of your reporter friends. Can’t have you gossiping about what you’ve seen here tonight now can we?”


“Honestly, if that’s the only thing you plan on saying then don’t say anything at all. It’s irritating.”

Her mouth formed the words but there was no sound.

Fired! He was going to have her fired??!

“You can’t do that!” She bursted out.

“Can’t I?” He challenged her.

“I mean, you can’t banned me from doing my job. I wasn’t planing on writing what I saw. That’s not what I do.” She paused, then remembered that she was the only bread provider. And her Grandmother, how was she going to take care of nana and her medical bills and Mrs. Kirby.

“Mr. Price, my grandmother is really sick and I have medical bills to pay. I can’t afford to lose my job. Please...”

He waved her off uninterested. The angle of his jaws didn’t soften, yet he remained silence and appeared to be in deep thoughts.

“Go home, Ms. Dawson.”

“But you can’t just...”

“Go home.” The tone of his voice didn’t leave any space for debate this time, “Ben will take you home and that is about as generous as I’m going to be.”

“Generous?” she scoffed pushing out of her chair, all the while still trying to keep her tongue on a leash.

Fine. If he was firing her or having her fired, then fine. It wasn’t the only job in this city. She would just have to get up early for the hunt. She had lost enough of her dignity sitting here blushing like an imbecile.

She wished that she could have had more control but she didn’t. Not went she was still a virgin and had witness her first free porn from the courtesy of his royal highness who was seated right infront of her.

“No thanks. You’ve done quite enough.” She spat at him ready to leave and to never have the pleasure of seeing him again.

Taylor ignored this.

“I’m sorry if I led you to believe that you had an actual say in the matter,” he suddenly exclaimed, “but you don’t! Ben will be taking you home and that’s where you’ll remain until I figure out what to do with you.”

Her footsteps halted, jaws clenched and hands fisted at her sides, as she reached the middle of the room.

“What to do with me?” She cried out hysterically, “I’m not your responsibility, Mr. Price and my friend is waiting by the entrance for me, so I’ll be fine. I’m sure that you have other people’s lives to ruin, so why don’t I just let you get to it.” She added before continuing to head for the door.

″You won’t find him there.”

Her fingers froze on the door knob.


“The tall, British accent reporter friend you seem to be talking about. We had a nice little chat and then he left.”

He wouldn’t.

“Carl wouldn’t just leave me here. He’s my way home. Did you threaten him too?”


She would need to have a firm talk to Carl about their friendship, which included not leaving her behind with rich assholes.

“Fine,” Kate huffed.

She couldn’t afford a cab fare back to her place, not when she had just been sacked and not to mention how dangerous the city was at night, so walking was not an option.

“You can have your Ben drop me home.” She said in between thin lips.

Hating that she would now have to rely on him for a ride.

But there was no way in hell that she was going to stay put.

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