The Price Possession

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Chapter 18 - Sister My Fucking Ass

Kate’s fingers drummed on the armchair that she was practically forced into by Taylor. Her eyes were locked on Brandon’s mouth but her mind was elsewhere.

When they had arrive, Brandon didn’t even flinch a muscle when Taylor bursted into his office. It was as if he had already expected as much from Taylor. He merely chuckled before resting his chair against his brown leather chair.

After a few exchange about him interfering in Taylor’s private matters, Taylor demanded that he conduct the ‘mandatory’ interview and have her sign the legal documents immediately.

And now, here she sat, half zoned out during the interview ; partially still disorientated from accident but more so, on Taylor, acting like nothing had happened. The whole ride over to Brandon’s office had been awkward for her. Everytime he moved a muscle, her whole body stiffed in response.

Was this seriously how people reacted after a kiss? She wondered, or maybe she was just making too much of things?

She didn’t know and couldn’t trust herself to start a conversation with him, knowing herself so well, she would probably say something stupid. She wasn’t going to risk making a fool out of herself, he would probably enjoy that.

They were half way done, when she finally gave Bradon her full attention. She fought the urge to turn around and see whether Taylor was still seated on the couch next to the door. Instead she folded her hands on to her lap.

“Have you ever been involved in any criminal acts?” Brandon’s eyes held her, his mouth quivering with an amused smile.

Kate rolled her eyes at him, “No.”

“Any members of the family or friends ever been convicted?”

She sighed, “No.”

It was only her and her nana, so.

“Any outstanding debts?”

“Hospital bills,” she replied. Hadn’t she already told them that?

Her gazed wondered out of the window, and she blinked at the first droplet of rain that splattered against the office window. This was perfect. Somebody else seemed to have the good sense of humour, matching the weather with her day.


She heard Brandon’s voice and she turned her attention back to him and replied, “No, thanks.”

“I don’t think that he was offering you any, Ms. Dawson.” Taylor’s clipped tone came from behind her.

But Brandon on the other hand couldn’t keep a straight face. He broke into a loud laugh, with his head tilted slightly backwards, lips spread wide apart exposing his perfect white teeth with his right hand over his heart.

Kate shrugged, “It makes no difference, it’s still no.”

Taylor thrusted his phone back into his pants pocket and got up from the couch where he sat. He walked over to Kate, stood behind her chair and positioned his hands on both sides of it.

Kate’s breath caught in her throat at his presence and her shoulders tensed up. Her heart started beating frantically against her chest as she breathed in a lung full of his aromatic fragrance.

For crying out loud, what the hell was wrong with her?

“Are we done here?“He asked to Brandon.

Brandon nodded, “All we need to do to finalise things is your signature, Kate.” He said, pushing the contract infront of her and handing her over a fountain pen.

Feeling Taylor’s eyes on the back of her head, made then hairs on her neck stand. She grabbed the pen with a wobbly hand and signed on the dotted lines.

Once she was done, she placed the pen back on Brandon’s table and dragged out a heavy uneven breath and allowed reality to slowly sink in.

That was it.

She had just sealed her faith and there was no getting out of this.

“Okay. We’re all done.” Brandon annouced, stacking the papers together, ” I’ll see you tomorrow morning Kate, 9am sharp.” He smiled.

Kate nodded at him and stood up wanting to leaving. She hooked her bag on her shoulder, crossed Brandon’s office to the door.

“Wait for me outside, Dawson.” Her fingers froze on the knob.

She nodded briefly at Taylor and was out in a matter of seconds.

“Don’t you think that you’re being a little too hard on her?” Brandon said to Taylor as the door closed shut.

Taylor placed a hand in his pocket and raised a brow at him,“Aren’t you a little too comfortable? What do you think Kayla would say if she saw you practicality climaxing all over her?”

Brandon’s face fell, staring up at Taylor in disbelief. “The hell? Are you being serious right now?”

Taylor’s broad shoulders shrugged in response. He walked over to the window and gazed outside, his eyes wondered down to the busy street and frowned as people walked by with their umbrellas. It was raining.

The sound of Brandon scoffing in the background made him turn around.

Brandon had a smirk plastered on his face and Taylor hated it.

“If I didn’t know any better, brother. I’d say that Im sensing a bit of jealousy on your part.”


Taylor laughed. For Brandon to even think of saying that made him want to crack open a bottle of Scotch. He wasn’t even slightly bothered with the thought of them having a thing, he told himself.

Kate was not his type, in every aspects. She was stubborn, infuriating and an insignificant part of his world.

There were no doubts in his mind that she had a bit a fire in her, he thought, recalling all the times that he had ordered her about and how she would simply jut her chin at him with her lips pouted in defiance, as though trying not to let it show that she was bothered by him.

Then there was that little kiss incident, he thought as his mind went back to the accident.

Of how she had blushed profoundly after she had pulled back and her eyes, how there had been flames burning within them and for a second there he had thought that she was going to slap him.

His jaw clenched.

Then there were those none stop side glances whenever she thought that he wasn’t looking and how her soft fingers had tremble against his when he had grabbed hold of them.


He swallowed then frowned at himself.

Why the hell did he grabbed on to her like that?

He shot Brandon a sharp glare. The idiots smirk had turned full on smiles.

“Enough with the jokes, Brandon.” Taylor waved, wanting to stop this conversation from leading to wherever it was. “It’s a little bit exasperating and besides the point.”

Brandon scoffed, “Of course it is. But just know that Kayy-lla,” he emphasised, “has nothing to worry about because I don’t like Kate in that way. She’s just... really likable and easy to talk to. Kind of like family.”

“You’ve know her for two seconds and now you’re saying that you see her as a sister?” Taylor threw him a condescending look.

Brandon laughed, “So? I have no problem considering her as my sister. But I doubt that you do.”

Taylor exhaled heavily through his clenched teeth. “I hope that by that you mean that I don’t trust her and not that I’d want to fuck her.”

“Don’t you?” Brandon drew up a questioning brow at him.

“Stop it.” Taylor flared. This is exactly where he didn’t want this conversation to lead to.

This was ridiculous. Of course he had no intention of having sex with Kate. So why the hell weren’t they even talking about it?

“Oh, I don’t know. I kinda see it all unraveling before me.” Brandon teased, with his back rested against his office chair as he began to sway from side to side.

“Don’t hold your fucking breath. She’s. not. my. type.”

“You mean the dead gorgeous type with legs that makes any man wonder how they’d feel around their waist?”

That was it!

“Sister my fucking ass.” Taylor hissed, “I’m leaving. You’ve wasted enough of my time but just know that I’m holding you personally responsible for her, Brandon and if she fucks up,” he pointed a finger at his brother, “it’ll all be on you.”

Taylor walked out of his office.

Brandon yelled, “You’re welcome!” Right before the door closed.

The elevator doors opened and Taylor stepped out.

Where the hell was she?

His eyes scanned the empty lobby in search of Kate. He shook head, feeling irritated, she was going to make his late for his appointment. Claire had already called him twice reminding him about it.

For fuck sakes!

He couldn’t for the life of him understand why that lady couldn’t follow a simple instruction.

Stay put, he had told her.

Wait for me outside, he had said.

And still once again, she was nowhere to be found.

After a few more glances around the room, he gave up.

He started to make his way towards the exit when from the corner of his eyes, he caught sight of somebody leaning against the wall next to the staircase.

It was Kate.

He hissed a cursed inwardly.

She seemed out of breath and completely oblivious of his presence.

The hell..

“What did I say about you needing to do as I say?” He brawled, storming over to her.

She still didn’t look his way and it was really starting to piss him off.

As he approached her, he heard her counting...his feet froze in place and his brows touched into a straight thin line.

Unable to make sense of what happening.

He was about to be late for his meeting and there she was, leaning against the wall, with her eyes glued to the ceiling, fucking counting...backwards.

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