The Price Possession

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Chapter 19 - An Asshole Or A Dick

“What the hell happened to you? Did someone --” Taylor stopped when Kate flinched under his touch.

Her eyes flew to his face, then sighed in relief.

Great! She had planned on making a quick escape and now he was here. After she had left him in Brandon’s office, she had made a run for the stairs.

Worst. Mistake. Ever.

But due to her being claustrophobia, she didn’t want to run the risk of being stuck in the elevator by herself. Twice was more than enough for one day but damn, she hadn’t expected to find herself running down an awfully lot of stairs.

She pushed away from the wall and straightened her clothes. “Sorry. ” she began, taking in his annoyed expression. “I just took the stairs. Thought I’d get a workout out of it.”

His brows scrunched as he shook his head at her, ” You came down down sixty flights of stairs, for a work out?”

She nodded at him, brushing the need to tell him about her phobia. It wasn’t as if he was interested in getting to know her.

“It’s what I just said, isn’t it?”

Taylor raised a brow at her, “You do realise that that’s what gyms are for, right?”

“Well, Mr. Price, not all of us ordinary little humans have the luxury to go to one.”

She heard him hiss a curse under his breath, then grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her along with him.

What was it with him and having to grabbed on to her? She thought furiously. Grateful that there reception area was empty.

“My legs work perfectly fine, Mr.Price.” She sneered pulling out of his grasp.

Taylor stopped.

He looked at her and frowned. There was a look of uncertainty, as if he hadn’t been aware that he had done that.

Then something in his eyes flashed and the tick in his jaws were back.

“I’m late because of you. Do you think I enjoy wasting my time on insignificant matters?”

Kate gasped. Did he seriously just call her insignificant?

Well tough! It wasn’t as though she had forced him here, in fact it him who practically forced her out of her home.

She jutted her chin at him, “So my insignificance gives you the right to manhandle me?”

He blew out of heavy breath, “Ms.Dawson. Kate. If you want a ride back, then I suggest that you follow me.” He said, storming out of the building.

Kate was hot behind his heels. Of course, she wanted a ride back. Now that she thinks about it, she was low on cash and they were half way across the city. Running away the first time wasn’t one of her best decision.

“What a minute!” She yelled after him, pushing against the glass doors.

Taylor stopped at the door of his town car and held it open. Somewhere along the steep curb and the tartared road, she lost her footing and was about to fall. Taylor’s hands rounded around her waist, grabbing on to her,holding her firmly against him.

Her breath hissed in her throat and colours flooded her face, as she held on to his gaze.Her heartbeat ratcheted up another notch and her eyes then wondered further down to his lips and for a brief moment, she wondered what would happen if he tilted his head down and his lips found hers again.

Horrified by the thought, she broke her gaze from him and gave a light push against his chest. The heat radiating for his rippling muscles under the soft fabric burned her fingertips, it made her stomach drop towards her toes.

“Must you always make a spectacle out of yourself?” He sighed, removing his arms around her waist.

And he ruined it.

She had considered playing nice but that was that last insult that she was going to take from him.

Seething, she slipped past him and slide inside the car, settling herself next to the window. Her forefinger drummed agitatedly against the white leather seat.

If he was dead set on being an ass then she was going to treat him like one. She was done biting her tongue. Done with his insults.

Ben started the car and they started to move.

“Do you always have to be such an asshole?” She finally snapped, unable to keep her anger at bay.

Taylor’s eyes narrowed. “An asshole?” He said, tasting the word in his mouth.

“Yes,” she hissed.

Stop it Kate, a little voice within her said sharply, whatever you are thinking, just stop!

But she brushed the the voice aside and added, “A complete dick!”

His eyes darkened dangerously and his mouth thinned.

“Make up your mind Dawson,” he said, slowly and softly, “am I an asshole or a dick?”

For some reason, he wanted to know how far Kate would go. If what he had felt the first time about her was right. He could understand why seeing her pissed, sparkled the most unusual surge within him.

Kate felt her short fuse blow. He was taunting her, at least he looked like he was taunting her with his eyes and that annoying smug that he had on his face. She wanted him to be pissed, offended and not amused by what she had just said.

“You’re both. A complete dick-hole.”

Dick-hole? She wanted to slapped herself in the face. Great comeback, Kate!

“Hmm..” he snorted bitterly, ″so the little mouse does have a temper after all.”

Mouse? So now she was a freaking rodent?

“You must really think big of yourself, don’t you? Do you enjoy throwing insults at me? Or is that the only time that you can really feel like a man?”

There was a sharp intake of air as if Kate had slapped him.

She had gone too far and she knew it. But it was too late.

Taylor’s vision grew dark. He felt surge of his blood as the most primal of his instincts took over, urging him to what he had secretly longed to do to Kate and teach her a lesson that she would never forget.

His hands caught her off guard, as they reach over and grabbed on to her arms. The next thing she knew, she was sitting on top of him with his lips on hers ; hard and punishing.

Kate gasped against the warmth of his lips, surprised by what was happening and slightly wondering if it really was happening. Her palms flattened against his chest, ready to fight him off .

Taylor heard the insulted hiss of her breath, felt her frantic struggles against him. His hands tightened around her back, crushing her breasts against his hard chest. And then with a sigh,she parted her lips and let him in.

His mouth slanted hungrily over hers, his tongue seeking and finding st he sweetness of hers. He groaned. Kate’s hands moved from his chest and looped them around his neck. Her heart raced against his, as his hand stroked up and down her spine, until she felt boneless.

He tasted like wine, one drop wasn’t enough and a whole glass made her head swirl. His strong hand grabbed hold of her pony tail and tugged at it, causing her mouth to open up even more underneath his; holding her captive to his kiss.

She was wild in his arms. Her being so damn responsive, matching his kiss for kiss, made his rage vanish like a pulse to the human ears.

Her hand loosened around his neck, she caught his shirt in her fists, pressing her heated body against his.

Then something thick poked against the material that separated both their bodies and she gave a little cry so wild and plaintive, as an electrifying sensation pulsed through her core.

Taylor’s blood quickened at the sound of her moan. He had only meant to teach her not to mess with him but somewhere along the lines of that he had lost it. He hadn’t expected her to taste like honey, sweet, sweet honey. And her skin to feel like silk.

She had made him forget. She smelled like spring time and had made him forget that they were in a car, in broad daylight, with Ben seated right infront of them.

His hands came up to her shoulders, holding her in place as he tore his mouth from hers, then dropped her back into her seat.

Kate stared at Taylor, breathing unevenly. Lost. Confused.

But he was fixing his tie like nothing had happened while she, like an idiot was fluttered. She broke off her gaze and looked out the window.

They sat in a pregnant silence.

Ben coughed and Kate caught his eyes in the rear view mirror.

Oh God, she cringed, she had completely forgotten that he was in the car.

She quickly averted his eyes and bent her head.

She frowned down at her fingers, they were still shaking.


They had just kissed.

Taylor had kissed her and she had willed him.

He had just given her her second kiss but this time it hadn’t been accidental. It was a real kiss.

And the man really knows how to kiss.

But this couldn’t happen again. She had far too many problems on her hands as it was.

“Ben,” Taylor was the first to speak,” take me to the office. Then you can drop Ms.Dawson back home.”

“Yes, sir.” Ben replied.

Kate scoffed. Ms.Dawson? Is that what he was still calling her? After he just had his tongue forced down her throat.

The drive to Price Empire was filled with an awkward silence. Neither of them made any attempts to speak or even share a look. When the car stopped and Taylor got out, Kate felt relieved. Her tensed muscles relaxed against the cool seat.

“Actually Ben, can you drop me off at Café Del Rosa?” She muttered.

There was a slight moment of hesitation on Ben’s behalf, but then he nodded and replied, “Of course, Ms.Dawson.”

And they drove off.

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