The Price Possession

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Chapter 2 - His Name

Taylor Price sat behind his big antique desk with a frazzled frown on his face, trying to shut out the faint voices coming from behind his door.

His sole focus was on the contract in front of him. Oscar Brindley, his company lawyer, had sent him a signed copy of the Jameson contract. Everything had been finalised; he had managed to snatch Jameson Enterprise right from underneath Grayson’s nose. Grayson was just as ruthless as he was in the business industry, and after weeks of endless negotiations, Taylor had managed to cut a better deal from Edward Jameson. There would been hell to pay but everybody that ever dared to come up against him knew better; no matter the circumstance, Taylor Price always wins in the end.

He never cared for media attention which was one of the reasons why he was referred to as a ghost throughout this city. Being the wealthiest man in Goarson city had its perks: for one he had the power to keep his personal life, personal.

“I think that was the most exciting role I’ve ever had to play for you, Taylor. ” Kay smiled at she sat down in the vacant chair facing him.

His office was big, way too big for just one man, but nonetheless, it looked and smelled just like him. Expensive. His fingers halted over his keyboard as he glanced up.

“Is it now?” He said, lifting a brow at her, “If I remember correctly, you seemed to enjoy playing master and slave.” He smirked before returning his attention back to the screen.

Kay blushed, sending him a disapproving glare. “Remind me to kill a certain somebody later on. But to answer your question, yes, I did because that was behind closed doors.”

Her green cat-like eyes lingered on his bulked muscles under his black tailored suit, then frowned as though in deep thought.

Taylor shook his head.

Of course. Only Kay could manage to get a cheap thrill out of this. He hadn’t planned on sending Ms. Dawson away but his secretary Maria, had double booked his schedule. Cancelling his appointment with Mr. Jameson’s lawyer, Donald Sinclair, was not an option, not when they were about to make it official.

“She’s a feisty one too, Taylor...” Kay chuckled, pulling a strand of hair behind her ear, then continued, “I almost broke character when she called you a fucking dick. ”

His fingers froze on the keys. Taylor lifted his head and caught the amused look on Kayla’s face, his brows knitted together into a thin line.

“She called me a what?”

“A. fucking. dick.” She replied with a chuckle. “But in her defence, she did say that you were going to cost her, her job.”

His jaw clenched.

No one had ever dared to called him a dick before, at least not to his face. His tolerance was limited, and his name far too reputable, to allow anyone to tarnish it. Here he was almost feeling sorry for having sent her away again, and this is what she repaid him with? After he had offered a rescheduled appointment?

A lesson was what he needed to teach this so called Ms. Dawson. She would have to learn not to go around labeling people, especially powerful businessmen such as himself.

“I know that look Taylor. Leave that poor girl alone.” Kay said eyeing him from under her lids.

“You’re encouraging this? You think I should just let it slide?”

“No, I think you should make it up to her.”

He jutted a brow at her.

“Oh come on darling. She seemed...nice.”

Taylor jutted a brow up at her.

“You say that after barely spending two seconds with her. She’s a reporter, Kay, and you out of all people know exactly how I feel about them.”

Kay sighed.

It was pointless to argue with man like Taylor. She was the closest thing he had as a friend. The only person who could reason with him when he was being so... Taylor.

“A nice person would invite her to the conference, to make up for today,” she mumbled dropping her gaze to the floor.

“A nice person would. Do you know anyone?”

“You’re impossible, Taylor.” She hissed walking towards the window. “Are you seriously going to get her fired?”

“Why do you care so much?” Taylor asked pushing back against his chair.

“Because I’m the one that turned her away. Remember when it was me?” A sad frown formed on her face as she turned to face him.

“Kay...” he began but clasped his mouth shut as she raised a hand up to silence him.

“No. Remember? I struggled to get back on my feet, I know how it feels.” She lowered her head and brought her arms around her.

Taylor immediately stood up from where he sat.

Of course he remembered. It was the first time that they had met. He had just gotten out of a meeting with Brice Reginald and had bumped into to her as she was making her way to the ladies room.

How could he forget, when images of her tear-streaked face still burnt through his mind?

“That was different.” His jaw twitched. “That fucker Brice harassed the shit out of you.”

Kayla winced, as if being reminded about it still burned her.

“Yeah, and it cost me my job. It’s hard to get one out here, especially if you’re a woman.”

There was a cloud of heavy silence that hung over them as they held each other’s gaze.

Taylor knew exactly what she meant and what she was trying to do. She was referencing her own tragedy and was putting herself in this so called ‘Ms. Dawson’s’ shoes. The only difference was that he hadn’t done anything yet to her, and being slapped with a sexual harassment case wasn’t anywhere close to what he had planned.

But the look in Kayla’s eyes thawed his heart and irritated him at the same time. He hated that she was able to do that to him.

“Fine,” he rasped, raking a hand through his dark hair. “Only this time.”

Kayla’s raised her eyebrows at him, somewhat finding it hard to believe that he had caved in so easily. Taylor noticed the change in her facial expression. He knew her too well to let it pass of as mere flick of the brow, there was something else she wanted to say but was silently debating on whether or not she should. It was that look in her eyes that told him so.

“What?” He asked when he saw her staring back at him in disbelief and with a hint of self-assured smugness on her face.

Her lips quivered from trying to suppress the laugh that threatened to leave her throat.

“Oh God, Taylor, just make the damn call.” Kay told him, beaming from cheek to cheek.

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