The Price Possession

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Chapter 21 - The Final Strike

“Mr.Price, I have Mr.Kingsley on line one.” Maria’s voice echoed through the intercom.

About bloody time.

“Thank you Maria.”

“Elton.” Taylor said,placing the receiver to his ear.


“I just got in a few minutes. Any chance of you coming back?”

There were sounds of car engines roaring in the background. Which meant that he wasn’t in his office.

“Sorry, Taylor but I’m already on way to the courthouse and my day in pretty much booked. We can reschedule for tommorow.”

Taylor cursed. Tommorow was not an option.

“I can’t do tommorow. We need to have those documents today. Brandon already agreed to the sale of the property. I need a copy of the draft.”

“Oh, it’s with me now. I’ll have my secretary swing by and she’ll fax you a copy. But it may take a while.

“How long?”

“An hours or so.”

“Not soon enough, Kingsley. I’ll be down, myself to collect it.”

“Right. You mean now?”

“Yes. I’m already out the door.”


Taylor sighed in relief as his eyes wondered over the documents. It was all there in black and white. The sale of their fathers last property in Madrid. Both he and Brandon had agreed to sale it off, only Brandon wanted nothing to do with the legal formalities. It was obvious that he still wanted nothing to do with their father and all that he represented in his life. It was understandable. If he, himself had been in Brandon’s place, he would have probably reacted way worse.

Being abandoned then denied by ones father does leave a few bitter stains but still Taylor had welcomed Brandon with open arms. He was family. The last one that he had.

“Ben, back to the office.” Taylor said clipping his briefcase shut.

“Yes, sir.” Ben nodded.

The car pulled to a stop.

Taylor frowned, stealing a glance on the road ahead. Traffic!

He let out a small groan and rubbed his forehead in the process.

Traffic during lunch hour was horrendous. They might be stuck here for a while and he for one had no intention of seating around.

“Isn’t there another way out of here Ben?” He asked.

“There’s another road we can take sir, but --”

“Then take it. I need to get back to the office as soon as possible.”

Ben gave him a warily look in the rear view mirror.

“Is there a problem,Ben?” He asked when he made no attempts to reply.

Ben hesitated for a moment then gave shook his head ‘no’.

“Good. Then let’s go.”

Ben pulled the car in reverse and drove off in the opposite direction.

“So? Are you going to do it?” Carl asked.

Kate stared at him for a while. She didn’t know. It didn’t feel right and she wasn’t that kind of person...not sure if she was the kind of person to pull of a stunt like that.

She heaved a deep and heavy breath, then dragged her gaze to meet his eyes.

“I don’t know Carl. This is a little out of my league.”

He drew up on of his brow, “Out of your league? Kate this is your meal ticket. Just think about it. Why would one man go in great lengths to keep his life private. He practically dictates what he wants published and want he doesn’t.”

She sighed,” But isn’t that what all of those self-centered rich pricks does?”

“They do damage control and rectify mislead information that’s been dished out whereas he, just shuts everything down. I’m telling you, there got to be something that he is hiding. I did abit of digging up, there was this woman, Carla Gray.”

Kate swallowed at the mention of her name. Brandon had already told her about Carla.

“She was a reporter a few weeks years back and was involved with Taylor. But then suddenly one day, she just vanished. Nobody knew why. I spoke to a few of her colleagues at that time and guess what?”

“What?“She whispered under her breath.

“It turns out that she was secretly investigating him and when he found out, he just made her disappear. He is hiding something, Kate and you might just be the one who brings the great Taylor Price down.”

She didn’t want too. Whatever Taylor was hiding had nothing to do with her.

“Carl, I think you’re over thinking this. I saw Carla last night at the function.”

Carl gave her a deep frown. “She’s back?”

“Yes. So obviously, Taylor couldn’t have had sent her into exile. I mean if he did, why would she risk coming back?”

“I don’t know. But I for one, I’m going to find out and I need to know if I can rely on you for information on the inside?”

She squeezed her eyes shut, “Can I think about it? What you’re asking me to do is--” she paused, shaking her head lightly. This was dangerous, if Taylor really wanted to keep his secret a secret then, wouldn’t that mean that he would kill for it to remain so?

“Give me a couple of days. I need to think this over. I’ll let you know my decision soon.”

Wasting another half an hour was worth being stuck in traffic. Taylor pulled out his phone, scrolled down his contact list, on to Brandon’s name and pressed the call button.

“Yes, Taylor?” Brandon’s voice resounded on the other line after a few rang.

“I’ve got the sale agreement in my hands. You want to head over to my office so that we can get this settled today?”

“Sure. The sooner the better right?”


“Alright. I’ll just finish up here, then I’ll drop by.”

Taylor’s eyes closed to slits as they drove by an old coffeehouse. His eyes lingered on a familiar little red head who was sitting outside with a male companion. For a moment there he thought that his mind was playing tricks on him.

That couldn’t be Kate. She said that she was going home. He had told Ben to drive her home. She couldn’t possibly be sitting out here with her hands in...

His eyes widened and jaws clenched.

Then he hissed a curse under his breath.

It was the male reporter from last night. The same one that he had sent away.

Her friend, as she had told him.

“Ben, pull over!” He bit out.

Immediately Ben pulled on to the side and sighed.

Taylor’s hands flew to the door knob and in a matter of seconds he was storming his way back to where she sat.


Kate’s heart lurched into her throat at the sound of her name being called. Her entire body froze and her eyes held Carl’s, only he wasn’t looking at her. She slowly turned around following his gaze and all in her face drained.

“Taylor.” She whispered in a faint voice.

His complexion was hard, eyes colder than ever.

Shit!! This time she had really done it.

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