The Price Possession

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Chapter 22 - So Long Freedom

Ben started the car as soon as Taylor had instructed him to do so. A ghostly silent engulfed the atmosphere in the car. Kate sat with her head bent down, staring down at her intertwined fingers.

She hadn’t dared move or talk, not when he looked like he was about to explode. Her entire body froze everytime he moved a muscle.

Afted awhile she stole a quick glance at him and swallowed on a dry throat when she caught him already staring at her with his fingers clenched tightly around his phone.

“Im running low on patience and out of ideas, Dawson.” Taylor said coldly, pinching the bridge of his nose trying to subdue the anger that was coursing through his veins.

“It was honestly nothing, Mr. Price.” She hurriedly tried to explain, “Carl was just--”

“Do you honestly believe that I care what Carl was doing? ” he hissed.

Kate’s few words of remorse froze on her tongue as she watched his jaws clenched into a tight knot.

Dear heavens, she had really done it now.

“I asked you to stay put at your place, you wondered off with Brandon. I said wait for me outside, you run down sixty flights of stairs. I ordered you not to talk to any of your reporter friends and --”

“I do the complete opposite. ” she whispered, finishing the rest of his sentence.

Taylor’s eyes closed to slits as he turned around, regarding her under his lids. She was really pushing him today.

“Im glad that you find this entertaining.” He said tightly, dragging out a heavy breath before running a hand through his hair.

“I wasn’t trying to be funny. Look, Carl, he just...he wanted to see if I was doing alright since he abandoned me last night.” She said briskly trying to piece together some sort of an explanation.

“And?” He barked before she could speak.

She tensed, creasing her brows at him. “And what?”

His fingers paused over the keypad of his phone and his eyes pierced hers.

“Was he satisfied?” Taylor snarled.

“Yes. All things considered, he was.”

“Good.” He returned, calmly, but to calm for Kate’s piece of mind.

“That’s it? Just good?” She asked, puzzled by his behaviour as his fingers finished typing whatever his was writing.

“Yes. Good. Because it’ll be the last time you meet up with him.”

Kate wanted to laugh. She could easily sneak out of her house if she wanted to see Carl. Taylor was definitely not going to hold her captive in her own house.

“I’d wipe that thought out of your head and that smirk off your face, if I were you.” He said,as if he could read her mind.

“If I can’t trust you to be on your own, then there’s only one thing left to do.”

It wasn’t what he said as much as the way he said it that made her heart jerk.

What in good heavens name did that mean?

Her eyes wandered past the coffee shop that was not so far from were she lived.

“You’re taking me home?” She asked even more confused than ever. She had pissed him off and all she was getting was a light pep talk and a ride home? Maybe he wasn’t as bad as she had thought he was.

“You only have ten minutes, Dawson.” He said.

“To what?” She asked.

“To pack up whatever you think you might need because you are moving in with me.”

If she was standing up her legs would have buckled underneath her anf she would have fallen over. For a second there she thought that she had heard wrong but the distinct look in his eyes told her that he had said it and meant it.

“You want me to what?“she shrieked, unsure if she had stuttered in the process.

Taylor ignored her protest instead he spoke to Ben as he slowed the car down.

“Ben, we’ll be down in ten. Keep the car running.”

“Taylor, I asked you -”

“You heard me didn’t you? You are moving in with me. Lord knows I dont trust you but it seems that I can’t even trust you to be alone. So, we’re going upstairs, you’ll pack your bags and then we’ll on our merry little way.”

“But what about my grandmother?” She plead hoping that he would atleast see some sense. He had seen her and knows how fragile she is.

“Your grandmother will be fine.”

“She won’t.”

“How long do you plan on using her as an excuse?” He snapped. “I’ve already arranged for a night nurse and you can come see her tomorrow in the morning.”

This was not happening.

“But she’s not used to strangers.” She insisted.

“Well, after a few days, the night nurse wont be a stranger.”


“Enough Ms.Dawson. You’ve wasted half of my day and I honesty don’t have it in me to tolerate anymore of your shenanigans.”

Shenanigans? Alright, if thats the way he wanted to do things then she was going to play along and the firt chance she gets she was going to text Carl with the go ahead.

“Fine!” Kate said swallowing down a couple of insults. “Let’s go, but I want a moment alone with her. I need to explain this.”

They made their way up to her apartment and Taylor, good to his word sat in the living room waiting while she packed her bags with a few of her personal belongings. Once she was done, she went into her grandmother’s room. She lingered by the doorway on her way in and drew in a heartbreaking breath.

They had never been aprt since her parents death and now...


She had to keep it together.

“Hey, nana.” Kate said casting her a nervous smile, as she walked over to her Nana’s bedside.

“Kate? Where have you been? I haven’t seen you all morning.”

“I know.” Katr sighed, taking her grandmother’s hand into hers. “I had a few things I needed to take care of. How are you doing today?”

“Much better,” Nana smiled, giving Kate’s hand a light squeeze, “after meeting your new man, that is.”

Kate fought the urge to roll her eyes. “Right. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier on about him.”

“I really didn’t think that you’d be that secretive about him and there I was encouraging you to find a man. I hope you didn’t tell him any of those things I said last night.”

“I didn’t Nana. Plus, I really don’t think that he would care.” She snorted.

“Oh, I see,” Nana’s eyes beamed and her face lit up,“he’s that confident about your relationship, is he?”

Kate laughed. It was all she could do instead of breaking down and cry infront of her.

“I saw the way his eyes lit up when he mentioned your name. I think he’s so far gone that he doesn’t even know it.”

“I think he does,” kate said,“he asked me to move in with him. Today.”


“I know that it’s quite sudden but he has arranged for a night nurse and I’ll come visit you everday. Every chance I get.”

“Oh sweety... don’t worry about me, I’m happy for you. I’m just upset that I didn’t see this sooner. It’s obvious that he wants you all to himself.”

“Yes.” Kate scoffed, knowing that he felt the complete opposite, “He’s selfish that way.”

A selfish son of a ---...

Her grandmothers eyes held her for a moment then she offered Kate an encouraging smile.

“Yeah well, they aren’t all perfect. Men comes in different shapes and size and do tend to have a few rough edges. I know you, you’ll have him ironed out in no time.” Nana grined.

“Im not so sure about that nana. He seems dead set on having things done his way.”

“Dear, love changes people. And he obiviously can’t stand being away from you.”

Kate scoffed. If she only knew the truth.

“Look,” Nana began as she place a warm hand over kates. “He didn’t even wait for you to tell us about him and now he wants you to move in with you. Sweetheart,that tells me a whole lot. Im not worried about him but more about you. You seem, unsure. Do you not feel the same?”

“I do. It’s just... it’s only ever been you and me and now, he’s doing all these changes and --”

“You’re afraid.”

Kate nodded. She was, but not about her fake relationship. She was afraid of what she was about to do.

“Don’t be kate. If you love him, then be in love with him. Your parents would’ve wanted you to be happy. They were.”

“You’re right.” She sighed, eyeing the door. “I need to go Nana. Taylor is waiting for me.”

Nana nodded, “Alright. Take care Kate.”

“You too. I’ll come by tomorrow to check on you.” She whispered against her grandmother’s ear as she hugged and kissed her goodbye.

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