The Price Possession

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Chapter 24 - His Kitchen

“Oh shit!” Kate cried, pulling on the random top that she had grabbed on her bed as she raced down the stairs from her bedroom.


“No,no,no,no,no,no,no,no.“ She chanted over the smoke that was now coming from the kitchen.

She hurried over to the oven and quickly turned it off then yanked open the door to assess the damage that was done.

Big mistake, she thought as ball of cloudy smoke hit her face and the smell was was just as worst.

The alarm suddenly went off. Startled by the loud noise, her hand knocked over her homemade pasta sauce and it splattered everywhere over Taylor’s perfectly white tiles.

“Fuck! Bloody fuck!” She cussed, panicking over whether she should clean up the mess first or switch off the alarm. Then, as if a vision of a fuming Taylor coming home and being welcomed by the entire fire department, flashed before her eyes - her legs, as though they magically had a brain of their own, climbed up the kitchen stools and on top of the kitchen counter.

Her trembling fingers flipped the off bottom on the alarm, and the noise instantly stopped.

So much for wanting to cook lasagna for dinner, she thought, staring down at the mess that still awaited her.

After an hour and two past by, she figured that Ben must still be waiting on Taylor. So she decided to to make dinner. It wasn’t only because she was getting hungry but she also wanted to make a peace offering dinner for Taylor ; to break at least one inch of the glass that stood between them.

If she was going to go along with Carl’s plan then she definitely needed to be on Taylor’s good side.

So why in good heavens name did she think grabbing a shower would be fine? Well, then again, she did stop by her closet to pick out her clothes for tommorow and after that decided to check her mails.

She shook her head, feeling the inevitable headache that as it started to form.

“Bloody... fucking ... shit!” She said, smacking herself in the face.

Now she could only prayed that she would have enough time to clean everything up before Taylor arrives.

It was already past eight when Taylor stood outside of his penthouse. He hadn’t planned on going home late but one glass had led to six. And a tipsy Brandon was just as worst as a sober Brandon. He had to call Kay to come collect him because he didn’t want to leave just yet.

But he should have done it sooner. Kate was at his place and was probably dying of hunger by now. By the time he had thought about asking Ben to drop off something for her, he was already leaving his office.

He normally hated ordering take out and preferred to do the cooking himself, but tonight, he had to make an exception. Which is why on their way home he had pick up a few selection from La Dolce Vita restaurant. The owner was a close friend of his and had his order done in a matter of minutes.

He pushed opened his door and his face scrunched over the smokey, bitter smell that welcomed him.

“What in the ....”

There was a sound of something metal being thrown into his sink.

Kate. He thought, placing the take out bags on the dinning table as he marched his way over to his kitchen.

His step froze and her name died on his tongue at the sight of Kate kneeling down on the floor with her back turned towards him, giving him a perfect view of her ass.

The blood in his loins stirred and his manhood jerked painfully against his boxer brief.

She was wearing a ridiculously short pair of white shorts.


The silky fabric ran tight along the smooth lines of her plump cheeks. He didn’t know whether it was the Brandy or him being compelled to follow it down to her.....


He could see the perfectly molded shape of her fucking pussy and those sexy pair of black lace that she was wearing underneath wasn’t helping.

“Christ!” He grunted, feeling his erection starting to betray him.

Kate jumped, letting out a small shrieked, then sighed in relief when she saw that it was him.

“I’m so sorry Taylor.” She bit out instantly, looking down at her mess once more. “It was an accident, I-uh knocked over the pot from the stove.”

Her face was flushed and it was all he could bear to look at for the moment, because apparently her shorts weren’t the only indecent fabric that she was wearing.

Her top. Dear lord, her top. It left nothing for the imagination. She had no bra on and it was a fucking see-through. Was she deliberately trying to drive him out of his mind?

“What about the stench?” He asked, scanning over the kitchen, trying to rid himself of the thought of having her naked on his kitchen counter.

“That,” she threw him a sheepish smile,then gestured to the oven, ” would be dinner or at least was, dinner.”

Kate closed her eyes and cringed, bracing herself for what he was about say. But when she heard footsteps walking out of the kitchen, she frowned and opened her eyes again.

“Ohhkay.” She muttered to herself, half wondering whether he was bipolar.

She bent down once more and grabbed the piece of cloth that she was using to clean with.

“Jesus Christ!” She heard Taylor hiss behind her.

She turned and saw him standing by the doorway with a mop in one hand and a bucket in the other one.

“What?” She asked, taking in his pained expression.

What the hell was wrong with him now?

“Get up.” He snapped.

He didn’t have to tell her twice. Kate did as she was told. Obviously he was upset about his kitchen and the mess that she had caused but wasn’t showing it.

She bit her lips and leveled her eyes to his.

“But Taylor, I need to --” the rest of her words caught in her throat when he lifted a hand up.

“Stop. ” He said but more softly this time, tearing his eyes from hers.

His jaws twitched as he moved past her taking the cloth from her tomato sauce covered hands. “Go get cleaned up. I brought take out, it’s in the living room.”

Kate watched as he threw the clothing the bin, then proceeded to fill the bucket with water from the sink. She felt bad. This was her mess. She should be the one cleaning up not him.

“I honestly can’t allow you to clean up my mess. I feel bad enough as it is. Please, just let me.”

She heard him take a lung full of air, his shoulders tensed like it was taking him a great deal of self control to restrain him from moving.

“This won’t be the only mess you’ll be cleaning if you insist on staying in here, wearing next to nothing.”

Kate looked at him confused at first, but then her eyes followed startling ones and she gasped out in horror, her hands instinctively covered her showing breasts.


Her cheeks burned with embarrassment.

When she had smelt the food burning from her room, she had grabbed the closest thing from her bed and had rushed down the stairs.

But shit!

No wondered he had looked elsewhere instead of at her every since he had arrived.

“Im sorry Taylor. I-uh wasn’t. The food. Smoke, I ran.” She wasn’t making any sense, as if both her brain and her mouth were on different time lapse and she couldn’t look him in the eyes.

He had seen her half naked.

He was the first man to ever see this much of her.

Why was this continuously happening?

“It’s fine. I’ve seen my fair share of breasts.” He said trying to sound as indifferent as he possibly could, when the truth of the matter was that he was fighting hard to keep his arousal unnoticed.

“Oh.” Kate mumbled.

His words shouldn’t have affected her but they did. The way he said it made it sound as though she was lacking. “Well, if you excuse me, I’ll just go and clean up.”

She began to walk towards the door then stopped, “Will you be joining me for dinner?” She asked over her shoulders.

“No. Once I’m done here, I’m heading for bed and you should do the same. We have a long day tommorow.” He told her, dropping the mop into the now filled bucket.

“Oh?” She said not meaning to sound as disappointed as she was. “Well, is Ben around?”

Taylor lifted his eyes and glared at her, “Ben’s gone home.” He said in sudden cold tone of voice, then added, “To his wife.”

Yep. Kate thought, definately bipolar.

“Oh. Well goodnight then. Just in case I don’t see you till tomorrow morning.” His reply fell dead to her ears as she rushed out of there and up to her room.

Dinner alone, it is then. She sighed, throwing her see-through top into the hamper in her bathroom.

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