The Price Possession

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Chapter 25 - About Last Night

Taylor’s office was quiet and isolated.

Just the way he liked it.

His desk lamp was dimmed as he sat with his head leant against the smooth leather of his chair with his now eighth glass of Scotch in his hand.

His had meant it when he told Kate that he was going to bed... but the thing that frustrated him and caused him to end up sitting here instead, was the images of her round ass in his head and the thought of her wandering around naked in her room.

Fuck if he was going to grab a cold shower whilst he stroked himself for release.

That would mean that Brandon was right. That he was sexually attract to Kate. That that was the thing that he couldn’t quite understand and was vexing him all night.

Why else had he just been mopping tomato sauce in the middle of the night with a fucking hard on?


He then shook. Brandon wasn’t right. He couldn’t be right, Taylor persisted against the obvious. It wasn’t so much as him not believing than not willing it to be true.

He had been there once before and it almost cost him everything. So, he’d be damned if he let it happen again.

He closed his eyes trying to keep his head clear, but it was next to impossible with Brandon’s words taunting him. His was his brother for goodness sake, why was he encouraging this?

He sighed bringing up the rim of his glass to his lips.

If anything he should be on his side and not the other way around. And what exactly was it with this broad? She already had both Ben and Bradon practically eating in the palm of her hands. He couldn’t remember the last time Ben had dared let anything slip by him. Not informing him that Kate had made a stop at that Coffeehouse wasn’t something he planned to just let go of.

He seriously needed to consider replacing those two.

Minutes turned to hours as he sat there, filling his glass, swirling them down like water.

Taylor must have drifted off but he could have sworn that he had heard knock, then the sound of his door opening. He blinked when he saw Kate’s face dangling above his.

He had to be dreaming. Why else would she be in here? He had told her to go to bed once she was done.

“Taylor...” Her voice was enchanting and he couldn’t help the groan that escaped his mouth.

His eyes then wandered further down to the length of her body and he could resist hissing a curse under his breath. She was covered in a purple night slip but her bending over with her face leveled to his gave him the perfect view of her firm breasts.

She taunts him while he sleeps.

If this wasn’t hell disguised as a dream then he was going insane.

“I warned you, didn’t I?” He grunted.

Her brows knotted together, confused.

Great, she was just as dense as she was in really life. He had no time and patience for this. For her usual act of innocence. If this was indeed a dream, his dream, then he was going to make every minute count. He wouldn’t have her saying anything that could ruin this for him.

And he sure as fuck wasn’t going to let Dawson leave this room or fade away standing or otherwise.

“Don’t talk.” He ordered her and her eyes widened as though surprise and shocked as his hands come about her waist and lowered her on top of his hard body. Hard in ever sense.

“Mr. Price --” she protested and he gave her a hard stare.

Well she sure as hell was just as stubborn as she was in real life too.

“I thought I said no talking, Kate.” The taste of her name on his tongue with her only an inch away from his hard arousal being thrusted inside of her, was heavenly.

With quickly, steadied hands, he untied the knot of her belt. Her body shook against his as his hands caressed the smooth skin of her now bare shoulders. She felt real, her warmth, her eyes, her lips.

Maybe he did want her, just hard enough to imagine her this real.

“I’m going to kiss you now, Dawson and you are going to kiss me back.”

The sound of her breath hitching in her throat didn’t go unnoticed as Taylor placed a hand at the back of her head, drawing her closer to meet the warmth of his already parted lips.

The first taste of her lips felt like a rush of adrenaline. Taylor plunged his tongue furthermore into her mouth, his hands tightened around her head and the soft curves of her place to cease her protest.

He groaned her attempt to break free. This was his moment, why was she ruining this?

He pressed her closer to his heated body and frowned, feeling her heart drumming wildly against his. Was this really a dream? It was like none he had ever had.

He released his hold on her at the same time ever as his lips left hers. She looked flustered, out of breath but she was still not out of his system.

With swift and untamed hands, he tore her night slip from her body, lifted her up and with one hand swiped everything from his table across the floor.

“Mr.Price...” she shrieked, laying on her back on his table, taking in his scattered documents on the floor.

“I’m about to do unspeakable things to you, Kate. Calling me Mr.Price isn’t going to save you.” He said removing his jacket.

“Taylor, you’re drunk.” He heard her say.

“That won’t stop me neither.” He grabbed her knees and yanked her towards his hard arousal .

She squirmed, “Tay--”

“Ssshhh.” He whispered placing a finger on her soft lips.

Her eyes grew wide as his lips claimed hers once more. He was softer this time and he could feel as her resistance wilted away.

She felt good, perfect in his arms and she was going to be his.

Kate sat in a trance.

She had gone to work early, too early as it seemed because Brandon still hadn’t arrived. She got up from her chair and made her way over to the window facing the busy morning street.

Last night was... eventful, from her nearly burning down Taylor’s house, to him seeing her half naked then...

“Goodmorning, early bird.” Brandon greeted as he made his way over to his desk.

He looked just as worst as Taylor did when she caught him drowning down coffee before she rushed out without him noticing her.

“Morning.” She replied, walking back to her chair.

“I did say nine yesterday didn’t I?” He asked throwing himself into his as if it was the last of his strength.

“You did.” She answered with a sigh.

Brandon raised a brow at her then leant forward and placed his chin on his fisted hands. “Too earger to start?” He mocked, then winced at the sudden pain in his head.

“Something like that, but I hope that you don’t expect me to nurse you back to life.”

“Awwww...” he sang placing his hands over his heart, “I love how you know exactly what I’m about to say.”

“Right,“she scoffed, rolling her eyes at her.

The her eyes caught a few red lines that had been hidden by the collar of his dress shirt.

“Did you get into a fight with a cat?” She asked pointing to his neck.

His hands instantly went to where Kate was gesturing and he smiled, “I’ll let Kay know that you admire her work.”

Her face flushed when realisation sank in. It was a cat alright, just not the feline one that she had meant.

“Don’t.” She bit out.

She didn’t want his girlfriend to think that that was what they did at work. Talk about each others sex life.

Brandon laughed, “Why?” He quiered, “Afraid I’d want to exchange sex stories?”

Her face went from slightly flushed to scarlet red.

Brandon’s eyes narrowed in on her face then further down to her neck. His face lit up as he leant back against his chair. “Well, at least I wasn’t the only one who got some last night.”

Kate froze in place, her heart sped up and her mouth suddenly dried up. He couldn’t possibly....

“What, what are you talking about?” She asked trying to keep her voice from sounding uneven.

“Kate.” He said, giving her a knowing look. “You can’t tell me that you haven’t seen the size of that love bite at the crook of your neck.” His eyes held her as her fingers now touched the sensitive skin of her neck.


She had been in a hurry this morning to escape any awkward moment with Taylor that she hadn’t noticed or else she would have covered it.


So much for wanting to pretend that last night didn’t happen.

“Isn’t this the part where you thank me for keeping Taylor last night.”

Kate bit her lips, lowering her eyes to her lap.

“Thank you?” She questioned, then closed her eyes as though ashamed. “I don’t see how I’m supposed to thank you for this.”

“Well, for one, he wouldn’t have allowed you to go out. And you my dear, wouldn’t have gotten laid.”

She wanted to laugh and she would have, if she was embarrassed about this whole ordeal.

Her upper lip lifted into a sneering as she took in his annoying smirk. “You think keeping him late made any difference when it was Taylor himself who gave me this?”

“What?“Brandon almost jumped out of his chair. “You had sex with Taylor?” He asked with a hand against the side of his face.

Being in shock would be a complete understatement to describe the look on his face.

“Jesus!” She shrieked, ” be any louder why don’t you!?”

“Holy Fuck!” He gaped running his hands over his face.

“I’m only telling you this because I don’t have any girlfriends and well, since I’m not allowed to talk to Carl, you’ll have to do.”

“So I’m your girlfriend now?”

“Do you want to hear this or not?”

“I’m not sure. It’s abit disturbing to hear about your brothers sex life in detail.” His face scrunched up in disgust.

“We didn’t have sex. I’m not sure if what he did qualifies as sex.”

Brandon dragged out a deep breath, “Alright, ” he then swallowed, “Was there any penetration?”

She lifted her eyes and looked at him, for a moment debated on whether or not he was being serious. “Does--, uh, him using his tongue qualify as us having sex?

“It depends, did you -- cum?”

She shivered as the memories of last night event played through her mind, “Yes.”

“You do realise that with or without you cuming it still counts as oral sex. Wait.. how come you don’t know this?” He eyed her suspiciously, then the hard line on his forehead faded as he caught on.

“Kate, are you still a virgin?”

Oh God, she wanted to die. It was bad enough that she had to tell him about last night and now this too.

“Im not discussing this with you.” She said firmly, shooting out of her chair.

“That’s a yes.” And he didn’t need the words to confirm it, ” Shit!” He exclaimed following suit.

“Did you guys talked about it this morning?” He quiered as he made his way over to where she now stood by the black leather couch next to the door.

“No.” She let out, folding her arms across her chest, “I left, more like ran. Look, he was drunk, I doubt that he even remembers.”

“But you guys didn’t go past orale, right?” He asked, placing on his right hip.

“No. I asked him stop and when that didn’t work, I told him that I was a virgin.” She left out the part where he said he didn’t do virgins, that they were too needy ; right before he lifted his body off of hers.

Brandon sighed in relief, “Good.”

Kate wasn’t sure if he had meant it for her or Taylor.

She grabbed her bag for the desk that he had added to his office, and crossed to the door.

“I’m going to the restroom, we can get started when I get back. I won’t be long.” She told him.

“Sure. Can you bring me back some coffee? By some, I mean the whole pot.”

“Right.” She replied with her hand on the door knob. “And can we please forget about this, about what I just told you? Don’t say anything to Taylor neither, things are already weird as fuck.”

“Of course. I won’t say a word. But just so you know, you and him are quite the pair though. I really need to get a swear jar. I can make millions off of you two.”

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