The Price Possession

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Chapter 26 - No Bedroom Talk

The sky was azure blue when Taylor glanced out of his office window. He pushed his back further into his chair, fighting against the splitting headache that he had woken up with. A groan of discomfort escaped his throat as he leant his head back against to cool leather - trying to make sense of what happened last night.

He was never much of a drinker and was baffled of how he had allowed himself to drink a whole bottle of Scotch?

He could remember leaving the office, picking up food for Dawson - then walking into his apartment to find her clean the mess that she had made. He had gone to bed, he was sure of that - but he couldn’t quite figure how he had woken up in his office.

This morning he had hoped to see Kate before she left for work, in hopes of enlightening her about the house rules and his kitchen. But she had left without so much as saying a word.

He needed to talk to her about that as well.

His hand ran over his pale blue tie as he loosened it.

All he wanted was a moment of piece to recuperate but Maria wasn’t helping with the constant reminders about meetings, pending contracts to be sighed, uninvited visitors...

“Did you come here to tell me off or stare me off?” He finally asked as a pair of green eyes stared back at him.

She had walked in a few minutes ago, wearing grim look on her face and apparently a black tight sleeveless dress to match, with her long brown hair tied into a ponytail.

Kay shuffled in her seat, seizing him up like she would usually do before scolding him. She was the only person - who wasn’t family - that he allowed to tell him as it is - and the knowledge of that didn’t hold her back one bit.

“I haven’t decided yet. You seem to be in enough pain as it is.” She replied drumming her red polished nails along the armchair that she was seated on.

He blew out in exasperation,“Well, thank fuck for that.”

Kay’s perfectly shaped brow rose at his words.

“I’m glad that you appreciate me not yelling at you right now. But what I would really appreciate Taylor, is you, not getting my boyfriend drunk.”

He would have laughed if his head didn’t hurt as much. Brandon was a big boy and for her to suggest that he had forced him to drink was... outrageous. She knew better than anybody else that Brandon would never do something that he didn’t want to.

“I don’t recall forcing anything down Brandon’s throat. As a matter of fact, I was more than willing to drink by myself, he’s the one who wanted to join in.”

“I thought as much.” She bit out, “But you could atleast have stopped after the first glass.”

They could have. He should have. But the more Brandon taunted him about Kate, the more he found himself needing the next glass and the next.

“If it makes you feel any better, I doubt that he is feeling a worse as I am now.”

“You’re right. Judging by the looks of you, he’s not but I am.”

Taylor tilted his head back up and and his dark brows touched light as he gave her an apprehensive look. He had warned her in the past about sharing her bedroom stunts with him - and he sure hoped that this wasn’t where this conversation was heading.

As if reading his thoughts, Kay rolled her eyes at him and got up from where she sat. Her black heels echoed around the room as she walked over to the window and sighed as she pressed her back against the cold hard wall.

“Brandon asked me to marry him last night.“she announced, folding her arms to her chest.

“You don’t look happy about it.” He observed.

Her biting on her nails was the only clue he needed.

“I’m upset because I don’t know if it was the alcohol talking.”

God, it was far to early for him to be hearing about his brother’s love life.

“Well, I’m sure if he said it then he must have meant it.” He assured her.

She scoffed, “And I would have believed him if it had been under a different circumstance.”

Right. Well, If she was going to be doing this - then he needed coffee.

He lifted a finger at Kay and her mouth clasped shut as he pressed the intercom’s button on his desk.

“Maria.” He said in a firm yet soft voice.

“Mr.Price?” An angelic feminine spoke back.

“Coffee, please.” He said, then signaled at Kay asking whether she wanted one as well, too which she shook a firm no.

“I’ll be right in, Mr.Price. ” She answered.

“Thank you.”

As soon as he released the red button, Kay walked back to his desk and planted both of her hands on his table. Her eyes trailed down to his and she asked, “Who is Kate?”

Taylor’s fingers paused over the switch button of his computer. He lifted his eyes to meet hers and frowned.

Why the hell was she asking about Kate?

Or better yet, what had Kate done now?

“Kate? As in Kate Dawson?” He asked, praying that Brandon hadn’t sent her over to finish what he had started last night.

“I’ll assume that it’s Dawson because he didn’t mention her last name.”

“She’s the reporter who’s now living with me. Why?”

“The same one you had me chase away?” She asked, both her face and tone of voice bewildered.

“Yes. Why?” He demanded, when her frown faded and her lips twitched.

Kay sighed and the lights in her eyes dimmed. “No bedroom talks, remember.“She reminded him as she grabbed her purse from the floor where she had placed it.

“Kay, you’re obviously upset about something. Sit back down and we’ll talk about whatever it is that is bothering you.“He suggested after noticing how hurt she looked.

He couldn’t wrapped his mind around why this would upset her. What he did was his business, so why did it look like he had just slapped her in the face?

“Not now Taylor.” She half whispered, forcing a smile in a bid to hide the thin layer of hurt that glazed over her eyes, ” I’m heading back to work. My break’s over and I still haven’t eaten anything.”

This never happened before. What was with her today?

“I’ll have Maria order something and have it dropped by your office.” He offered, setting himself on his feet.

“Not necessary,” she shook, making her way to the door - her back turned to him,“but thanks anyways.”

“So you’re not eating and not biting my head off? Something is definitely bothering you.”

He watched as her shoulders rose and sagged back down. As if the breath she had just let out - tortured her.

“Well, you can call it ego but I do prefer to hear the sound of my name on my boyfriends lips when he cums.”

“What?” Taylor gaped. His mind waved blank and his lips parted in -- shock.

Kay shrugged as she hooked her bag onto her shoulders “I’ll see you around Taylor.” She waved.

“Kay --”

And she was gone.

Maria strode in with a platter in her hands. She stopped midway taking in his perplexed expression.

“Everything alright Sir?” She asked before continuing her strides to his desk as she placed his coffee down.

Was he? Kay had just confused the hell out of him and then left like it was nothing. His eyes wandered back to his plump, dark haired secretary, who was regarding him with questioning eyes under her thick brown pair of glasses.

“Everything’s fine Maria.” He lied as he sat back down, but it wasn’t.

How the hell do you spill something like that to guy and then just walk out?

“Good because Mr.Kingsley is waiting for you outside.” She informed him.

“Send him in,” he said grabbing hold of his cup, “and hold all my calls.”

He would have to deal with this later, he thought. Although the thought of Brandon calling out Kate’s name did strike a chord. It made him wonder whether Brandon was being honest when he said he felt nothing but friendship for Kate.

And if he did? A small voice at the back of his head chanted.

Maria nodded before making her exit.

He would do nothing, he told himself, because they were all adults. And if Brandon wanted to start something with Kate, well...

He couldn’t finish his thoughts.

Couldn’t even lie to himself because it didn’t feel right to even imagine Kate and Brandon together.

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