The Price Possession

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Chapter 27 - The Colour Green

“Well, are you going to do it or do I need to beg?”

Kate glanced up from the piles of files on her table, that she had been reading. Her lively amber eyes sparkled with amusement at Brandon’s half pouted lips.

She gave vent to an exaggerated sigh as she closed the beige folder infront of her. “You do realise how ridiculous this makes you look in my eyes, don’t you?”

He pulled a face of injured innocence. “You mean, you no longer see me as this macho-hunk of a guy? I’m hurt.”

“You shouldn’t be.” She flashed back at him, as she made her way over to his desk. “You were never at the top of my list.”

“Ouch!!” Both of his hands touched at his chest, “You really know how to knock a man down.” He said in false pretence of being hurt.

“Why does it feel like this is your first time?” Kate asked, leaning towards him as she laughed at how reversed their situation had turned. A moment ago he had been teasing her about being a virgin and now she was using his own words against him.

“Hmmmm. ..” Brandon groaned, raising his hands to her waist holding Kate inbetween his slightly parted legs. “You have no idea how sexually appealing that sounds?”

He tilted his head back at the touch of her soft fingers underneath his shaved chin.

Kate giggled as his thighs brushed up against her black pants that she had worn this morning. “Shit!! I think I do, now that I think of it.” She replied, pressing her lips together - as she tried to suppress yet another laugh.

Brandon smirked as she slowly levelled her face to his, breathing in his ‘Armani code’ scent. It was dangerously intoxicating.

“When we’re done here, I want that ten dollars in my jar.” He said, his lips quivered at the corner.

“You can’t be serious!” She said, startled as she now took a step back. His hands tightened around the fabric of her work attire as he pulled her closer to him.

“I can assure you that I am. I placed it on your desk on your way out.” He said gesturing to the corner of the room.

Kate turned and gasped. It wasn’t so much as a jar but was a cup and on it, it read “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Should Be”.

She didn’t know whether she should be appalled at how sexual it sounded or laugh at his clueless sense of humour .

“I recall looking for a job so that I could make money. How I am suppose to do that if I keep giving you cash everytime I swear?“She asked straightened herself with her hands firmly tucked on her hips.

“You can do that when you stop swearing as much.” He casually informed her.

“You think it’s going to be easy with you and Taylor around?” She asked.

It wasn’t.

She knew that.

Brandon was bearable but Taylor on the other hand, she thought, she would be broke in a matter of days.

Brandon leaned back into his chair, his face dissipated under her insult.

“Hey, I’m delightful. I don’t know about Taylor but I’ve been told that I can make a grumpy old man laugh.”

“Right,” she snorted.

Of course, he would say that.

″now let’s just hope that he was laughing with and not at you.” She stated in an amused voice.

“Either way,” Brandon shrugged, grinning back at her, “It works.”

“Of course, it does.” She said in a sarcastic voice, then added in a more serious tone she added, “Now are we going to do this or not? I have a stack of files that I need to go over incase you haven’t noticed.”

“Oh, I’ve noticed. But you looked like you needed a break and I am ever so helpful.″ He said and his face lit up with impish glee.

“How is me doing you a favour, which mind you, has nothing to work, suppose to be helpful?”

“Well, for one, it’ll make your boss happy. So who knows, I might end up giving you a half day.”

Kate raised a questioning brow at him. Seriously, how is he even a lawyer? It wasn’t that she did like him and his man-child personality. It was one of the reasons why she felt comfortable around him, at ease to talk to him freely about almost anything. But it all just raised questions. Like how did he behave in court?

Her lips spread into a mischievous grin at the mentioning of a half day. She could spent that with her grandmother instead of the one hour that she was going to have to settle for today.

“I’ll take it.” She said resume her previous position as she leant down towards him once more.

“Wait a minute now,” Brandon pushed against his chair, dragging it backwards as he did so. “I didn’t say that I was giving you a half day, I said I might.”

“Too late,” she shrugged confidently, “This,“she signalled with her forefinger towards him then to herself, “goes against office rules. And if you don’t want me to complaining to human resources about how my boss wants me to --”

“Fine.” He waved, “I don’t the whole office talking about this.”

A victorious smile spread over her pink glossed lips. “That wasn’t so bad now was it?”

His face struggled to pull a disapproval grim. His mouth quirked slightly as he released a defeating breath. ” I’m sensing that this won’t be the last time you trick me.”

And he was right, she thought. He could be easily manipulated, how come she was only seeing this now?

“Oh, I would never.” She exclaimed with a fake gasp, batting her eyelashes sweetly at him.

“Sure.” He chuckled, obviously unconvinced by her fake modesty, “Let’s just get this over and done with before anybody comes in. But if it so much as hurts, I’m adding another ten to your pending debt.”

“Oh, my god. You’re such a baby. I used to do this for my grandmother all the time. You can’t tell me that she is tougher than you. I’m seriously not letting this go if you so much as squirm. You know that right?”

“Incase you have forgotten my lovely Kate. You, as in women in general give birth, I think it’s safe to say that our level of pain is not up for debate.”

“Jesus!Just lean your head back.” She ordered then hovered over him as he did so.

She couldn’t believe that a grown ass man couldn’t put his own eye drops by himself. How does he even get by dressing himself in the morning?

“Just...don’t blink.” She muttered.

Brandon smiled at her half creased brows. She seemed really into it. Like a woman on a mission. He was right. He liked Kate. She was like the little sister he never had but wanted. He couldn’t get why Taylor was so against her. Why he couldn’t see just how alike they were.

A drop of the solution fell into his left eye and he blinked, fighting against the urge to cringe at the slight discomfort.

Kate smiled. She felt him tense under her touch, it was cute. But it was going to be even cuter when she rubs it in his face later on.

“One more left.“She announced, shifting to the right side of his face.

“Announcing it doesn’t make it less tragic.” He muttered under his breath.

“Hey, I’m not the one who told you to sleep in your contact lens. I can’t believe I didn’t even notice that you wore them.” She complained, leaning closer to his face.

“If I had known that you would sass me, I would have call Kayla to come over and do this for me.”

“Keep talking. Your forgetting that you’re half blind and I’m the one with a container full of -“she paused reading the content on the bottle and said,“carbonic anhydrase inhibitors.”

He stifled a laugh at her threat and didn’t dare to say anything else to her.

The sound of the door opening was inaudible to their ears. Brandon braced himself for the last drop of what felt like acid with his fingers tightly clenched into Kate’s pink silk chemise. A chuckling sound escaped her mouth as she found it hard to understand why he was so fearful about this.

“We honestly have to do this again.” She told him as the last drop landed on his orb.

She could get used to this. To seeing this side of him. He was like a toddler that you wanted to offer ice-cream to after landing a fall from his bike.

“What the hell is going on here?”

Her hand froze midway to Brandon’s eye and she immediately straightened herself as if a crack of electricity had whipped at her back.

She turned towards the door and held on to her breath, as a grim looking Taylor stood by the doorway, glaring murderously at them. Her eyes then wandered over to the middle aged man dressed in a dark tailored suit, standing right next to him - with his dark wavy hair cut to perfection, black set of eyes, long nose and full yet sensual lips.

The expression he had, mirrored hers.

Oh God! what must they be thinking that she and Brandon was doing? Her standing inbetween his legs, bent over towards his...

She cringed.

This couldn’t be happening.

“Uh- I’ll wait for you out here Taylor.” The dark suited man said, excusing himself as he walked out.

Brandon leaned to his side, stealing a glance at Taylor.

“Brother.” He said getting up, as though he hadn’t just head Taylor abrupt outburst.

“Don’t you fucking brother me, Brandon. What the fuck are you two doing?”

Kate wanted to move. Wanted. But she couldn’t. Her legs weren’t listening.

Her cheeks burned with colours, her heart was fluttering uncontrollably at the sight of him standing there, dressed in an impeccably charcoal-grey suit, navy shirt and a pale blue tie. He was to die for, she admitted.

Her throat suddenly felt dry as the events of last night flashed before her. She hadn’t expected to see him today, well not this soon. She hadn’t even had time to prepare herself about what to say, what to do, how to act.

Those electric blue eyes above his slashing cheekbones were as hard as steel as he subjected to her an unsparing scrutiny. Even if his black hair seemed unruly, it could not disguise the dominant masculinity that he had - how powerful and ruthless he was.

“What’s with the hostile attitude Taylor? Kate was only helping me out.”

His comment did nothing but kick Taylor’s obvious distasteful expression up a notch, Kate observed. He made no move to come further inside nor leave. Instead, his daggered glare returned to Brandon.

“So that’s what you hired her for?” His voice was cold, vernomous.

Her breath hitched as those haunting orbs directed back at her as he spoke,“To - help?”

The snarky taste to his remarks, hit Kate right in the gut. Was he insinuating that Brandon hired her to what? Fuck her?

Her teeth clenched as her molars grazed painfully against each other as she fought for patience.

Would he ever tire of insulting her right in the face?

After a few internal battle with herself - she took a step forward, tilting her chin, ready to throw back fire with fire - but Brandon stopped her as he grabbed a firm hand on her arm.

“What’s wrong with you?” Brandon demanded, his tone of voice rougher than what Kate had ever heard him use before, “She was just helping me with the eye drops, you know how I hate those things.”

Something of a sigh of relief washed over Taylor’s face and the fire in his his dimmed with a gradual pace as he stared back at Kate and then further down into her hand that was now strangling the small plastic container, merciless.

“Grab your coat and the contract, Kingsley wants to finalise it today.” Was all Taylor said before turning on his heels.

“And where are we going your Royal Highness?” Brandon asked in a mocking voice, stopping him from leaving.

It surprised Kate, just how easily Brandon could switch from being an easy, carefree, fun loving guy to being a somewhat ‘Taylor’ look-a-like in a matter a seconds. Maybe she had underestimated him, been to quick to judge.

“Lunch at Crawford.” Taylor threw, over his shoulders and he didn’t wait around this time, he left slamming the door behind him.

“Well, that was nice.” Brandon joked, grabbing his coat from the hanger behind his chair.

“Yeah,” She released the breath that had threatened to choke her, “lovely.” She returned sarcastically as she made her way over to her desk.

“And what do you think you’re doing? ” Brandon asked as she sat down grabbing a handful of files.

“My job, obviously.”

“You’re coming to lunch with us.” He announced.

“There’s no way in hell that you are going to sit me down and eat with that, that, that...” she eyed the cup infront of her, choosing her words carefully, ” -- thing.”

“It’s not a courtesy invite, Kate.” He said slipping his arms into the warm material, “I need you there for work.”

Great, just fucking great!

“Can’t you do this one without me.?” She asked, not wanting to be in the same room as Taylor right now.

“Afraid not. Plus you have to eat to and I suggest that you make it expensive because it’s his treat.”

A smile curved at the corner of her lips. “Will you be doing the same?” She asked, biting on her lower lip at the idea of them both having a little secret revenge.

“Of course. We’re going need to make him pay somehow for that little stunt he just pulled. I’m thinking we call it a day and order the most expensive bottle of wine as well.” He grinned mischievously.

It wasn’t her original idea of making Taylor pay but it sounded just as nice.

Oh! She was going to make him alright.

For making her angry and excited all at once.

She grabbed her purse and flipped it open.

“Here’s your ten.” She said, placing the note into the cup before getting up and hooking her arm around his.

“That’s the spirit!” Brandon cheered when she grabbed her bag along with her brown coat.

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