The Price Possession

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Chapter 28 - Fuck you

Order something expensive.

Brandon’s words reverberated inside her head as she glanced down on to the menu in her hands.

She lifted her head and casted a quickly look around her table. The three men were too busy discussing about some clause in their father’s will that might not be as easily overlooked as they had thought.

She still couldn’t understand why she was here. Brandon had said that it was work related but the conversation that was being held sounded more of a personal issue. At first she had taken out her notebook, ready to jot down notes but the raised brow that Taylor had given her was more than enough to let her that it was unnecessary. So instead, she grabbed her menu and decided to pretend like she was invisible.

There was no way that she could irritate him whilst doing that, she thought.

She gave out a small sigh as she now glanced at list.

Zillion Dollar Frittata $1000

The Samundari Khazana Curry $3200

“Shit” She muttered under her breath.

Seriously? That’s how much people are paying in restaurants now a days? Bloody hell.

The sound of somebody clear their throat made her head jolt up.

“You ready?” Brandon asked, his eyes hid signs of mischief.

She quickly wandered further down onto the menu.

Taco (featured with Kobe beef, langoustine, Almas beluga caviar, black truffle brie cheese and a salsa of dried Morita chile, civet coffee and Ley .925 añejo tequila.) $25,000

Christ!! She cursed.

With a price like that it better come with a side of gold or platinum.

She was mad at Taylor for that little scene in Brandon’s office but damn, she didn’t want to bankrupt the guy.

“Yes.” She replied and watched as he waved to the waitress.

Their waitress was Asian and went by the name of Lu. She stood with her black hair tied securely into a bun, her white shirt neatly tucked into her well pressed black kneel lenght skirt. Her smile was genuine as she started to write down their order.

“I’ll have the Zillion Dollar Frittata, please.” Kate said once Lu turned her way.

Lu gave a brisk nod of the head before making her departure.

“You’re not going soft on me, are you?” Brandon said as he leaned over to her so that his words could remain for her ears only.

“No, but I’m not about to take a brick out of his bank account just to prove a point.” She replied.

Brandon stifled a laugh, then gave her hand a light squeeze over the table. “Well I can assure you that a thousand dollar doesn’t quite send the message neither.”

She shrugged at his comment then gazed at Taylor, who was already eyeing them both suspiciously. Her body tensed and ner skin tingled when his eyes landed on Brandon’s hand which was still on hers.

Great! Another reason for him to bless her with his usual compliments.

“Can I have my hand back?” She whispered to Brandon and he immediately obliged.

Taylor couldn’t fight off this sick feeling that he had and mix with Kay’s confsion earlier on he was almost certain that Brandon wasn’t been all as honest as he had let on. Even if he had said that his feelings for Kate was nothing more than friendship yet his actions were proving otherwise.

Seeing Brandon’s hand on hers spiked on unexplainable nerve but when her eyes met his and her cheeks flushed, he cold stare softened. He watched as she whispered something to Brandon, guessing that she might have commented about his hand which he quickly released.

But there was something odd about her today. She seemed rather evasive and looked slightly uncomfortable with his presence. He couldn’t understand why but something was missing, something in her eyes, the fire that lit everytime she would look at him as though silently defying him. It was refreshing and he found himself missing it.

“You don’t suppose we can have this sorted by the end of the week do you?” Taylor asked, abruptly forcing his thoughts to more mundane matters.

Elton hummed leaning back against his chair, his eyes wandered curiously from Kate to Brandon then back to Taylor. “Assuming that the judge will agree to have it exempted from the will then yes, if not were going to need to figure out another way around this.”

“Kind of sad isn’t it?” Brandon said, resting his hand at the back of Kate’s chair, then added with a scoff, “having your father dictate your life even in death.”

Taylor’s teeth clenched. Not because what Brandon said wasn’t true.

He was right. The old bastard never did have a good sense of humour and him assuming that plotting when and how he should settle down was one of his best joke yet.

But he found himself not being able to tolerate the sight before him. The sight of Brandon’s arm lounging comfortably around Kate.

“Not if I have a a say about this.” Taylor said, tearing eyes away from them. “I don’t think he really thought this one through. I have no use for his Hacienda in Spain nor his fortune. It could all go to charity for all I care. But it isn’t just me who needs to have a say about this, you’re his son too.”

Brandon frowned through half a smile,“Brother, you seriously can’t tell me that you are going through all this trouble just for my benefit.”

Taylor nod. It was. They were brothers and this was a family issue. Brandon deserved half of their father’s assets, so he fully intend on rectifying this issue.

Brandon’s face faltered, his lungs expanded into a lingering breath. “Well you should have said so in the first place and I would have saved you a whole world of trouble. I don’t want or need his money. I’ve made due without it growing up and I’m making my own now. So do whatever you feel you need to do.”

Taylor frowned at his comment. He never did like the fact that their father never legally acknowledge Brandon as his son. Couldn’t understand why. But he knew that it had affected Brandon, still did. It was written on his face, in his eyes and was even evident in the way he spoken about him.

He had to make this right. He knew that even if his head was heavily constipated at the idea of accepting that ridiculous clause.

The brief notion of Kate getting up, excusing herself almost made his hand reach out to stop her. But he was fast enough to restrain himself.

What the hell was wrong with him today? He thought by how he was being affect by her. As though some unknown part of himself felt the need to have her close.

This morning was no different. He had expected her to come down and have breakfast with him. He never felt the need to do that before, not even with his one off flings and Kate, she was nothing to him - he thought, watching as she ran a smooth hand at the side of her neck before pushing her chair back in place.

Yes, she was just an inconvenience.

A beautiful inconvenience with a...

His eyes narrowed in on the red mark on her neck and it all sinked in as he spared Brandon a murderous glare.

“For fuck sake.” He hissed causing the two men to stare at him.

“Everything alright Taylor?” Elton asked as Taylor stood from his chair.

“I’m about to find out. Excuse me for a second.”

Kate stared at herself in toilet mirror. She couldn’t sit there any longer whilst they continue to discuss about their late father’s will. This had nothing to do with her. It made her feel like an intruder. She seriously needed to explain to Brandon the difference between work and personal related issues. This wasn’t what she signed up for.

She opened the faucet and proceeded to wash her hands.

Shit! She exclaimed. The make up that she had applied on the love mark was half gone. Luckily she had her purse with her. She opened her make up kit and at the same time heard the door open and close but she paid no attention to it, not until she caught Taylor’s reflection in the mirror.

“Taylor?” She gasped, startled by him being in the ladies room, alone, with her.

Her heart sped up as he took a menacing step towards her, his blue eyes fixated on hers, pouncing as though he was predator and she, his prey.

“Wh-what are you doing in here?” She stammered backing up at the same lingering pace that he was doing.

She went so white that his eyes darkened in alarm. “Are you screwing around with Brandon?” He asked tersely , his eyes like before not leaving hers as though he could read her mind and would be able to tell if she was lying.

Something inside her fell. She wasn’t quite sure what, but it made her heart squeezed painfully inside her chest making her feel nauseous.

Is that what he really thought of her?

That she would just jump from brother to brother after the things he had done to her last night?

Although she had denied it, with the unfamiliar experience that she had, a part of her like the way that he had kissed her in the car and again in his office. It made her feel things that she had never thought she could possibly feel.

But a moment of anger consumed her at yet another one of his famous insults.

“What?” She asked firmly as her back hit against the cold tiles of the wall.

“Are you fucking my --”

“What the fuck?” She cut in, stopping him from finishing his words.

His eyes widened at her tone.

“Are you fucking kidding me? You think that I’m interested in Brandon? He has a girlfriend for Godsakes!” Her voice shook with rage.

“I doubt that that would stop you from getting in his pants.” He spat, feeling the need to break her so called ‘sudden boost of confidence’.

Brandon was fucking her and she was happily willing him to. That thought alone was enough to drive him out of his wits.

“Fuck you Taylor!” She bit out, her hand shaking with the need to slap him across the face.

He was just as arrogant and egotistical as they had labelled him.

“Is that what you want? For me to fuck you so that you get the first hand experience of what both brothers would feel like?”

Her eyes as flashed and her face flushed, “You’re a fucking asshole. Fuck. You!!”

He moved closer, grabbed her arms through her effortless struggles and pinned them over her head.

“Careful of what you wish for, Dawson.” He rasped through clenched teeth. Hold her captive by his body so that she wouldn’t escape.

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