The Price Possession

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Chapter 29 - Revenge Can Be Re-ordered

His mascline scent filled her nose and the heat of his body made hers shiver. She snapped her head to the side and her breath caught her throat at the strange sensation of his breath fanning against sensitive skin that made her toes curl into a definite lock.

This was a little sense of deja vu, it made her pulse quicken and her body shook lightly against his. Whatever this was, it was new to her and it scared her shitless.

“Let go of me Taylor. I’m sick of this, sick of the disgusting insults, sick of you ordering me around, sick of -- humph

It all happened to quick that it made her head spin. In just a swift motion, he grabbed on to her chin and the next her mouth was being crushed under his. She wanted to fight, to break free, to slap him. It was the right thing to do but she couldn’t move not when he making her wilt at his touch.

His lip felt hard, punishing at first but then it soften. He was different... gentler.

His hands shook a little as it slid from her wrist to her face and the other to her throat. He brushed his mouth over hers in a sensual lingering pace underlying with tenderness that she found utterly beguiling. Slowly, as she followed his lead, she began to kiss him back unassertively at first. But when he groan in approval she grew bolder and parted her lips more so that he could explore her with his tongue.

“Kate,” he said in a low, urgent voice as he pulled her up against his hard body. His arms tightened around her, one hand tangling in her hair as he angled her head and plundered her mouth with feverish passion.

Her lips felt soft under his and Taylor couldn’t understand why he couldn’t get enough of her. But when she mindlessly strained her slender body against his, he deepened the kiss, taking it to another level so that it became a flagrant ravishment of her senses.

Her heart rate sped up when he slid his hand down from her shoulders to her breast and cupped the small mould in his palm. She could feel the warmth of his skin radiating against her blouse and felt the sudden urge of having him undo the buttons and slip his hand inside her bra to touch her bare flesh.

The image of his darkly tanned fingers wrapped possessively around her breast made her shiver with anticipation. No man had ever seen her naked or touched her as intimately as he was. But Taylor must have made love to a dozen women, maybe hundred, she thought.

Then her fingers stilled around the nape of his neck and she remembered his words from last night.

He didn’t do virgins.

She had had enough humiliation as it was and she didn’t want a repeat of last night. So she slowly broke free from their kiss, hissing a lung full of air as she did so.

Taylor’s eyes clouded, confused as he took at her sudden resistance. She was enjoying the kiss as much as he was, he was certain of it.

“What is it?” He whispered against her lips and she pressed her back once more against the wall for support.

Afraid that she might latch on to him once more. Her vision was blurry, her spinning and nerves all over the place. What was he doing to her?

What the hell was she doing? Her brain demanded.

“Uh-sorry. Public bathroom.” She said in a quick reply, hugging herself for her valid point.

It took him a while to realise that she was right. Once again she had made him forget that they were in a public place. He couldn’t recall the last time that he had done this. To be quite honest he had never done this before. He had always ensured that his private life had remained just that - private. But with her, she just made him forget.

“Right.” He replied through half a smile, shaking his head in disbelief as he took a step back from her, not trusting himself from claiming her once more.

With quick and unsteadied hands, Kate patted at her pants and tuck her blouse back in place, all the while averting his heated stare.

When he made no move to leave, she jutted her chin at him and raised her brows, “Are you planning on using one of the cubicles?”

She was being evasive again, he could tell. But her smart mouth was back and he couldn’t stop the smile that played at the corner of his lips.

“You didn’t answer the question, Dawson. Are you and Brandon...”

“What does it matter? You still kissed me knowing fully well that we might.”

His eyes closed to slits and all the muscles in his face tightened.

She was right. But it was only because he couldn’t for the life of him restrain himself from doing so. The thought of her and Brandon...

He had to know... needed to know.

“Just answer the question. Are you?”

She folded her arms and gave him a blank look. He wasn’t fishing for an answer because clearly he had already made up his mind and she wanted him to dwell on that for a while - but the conflicted look in his eyes tugged at her heart.

“No.” Her reply was short and curt.

Taylor’s brows touched, “Then..”


His expression dissolved into shock as he assimilated her reply.

Kate watched as he pieced the puzzle silently in his head. She grabbed her bag from the sink counter and waited for him to move out of her way and when he didn’t, she made a move to manoeuvre around him.

It had been a dream! Taylor had been sure.

He was dreaming. Or else he wouldn’t have...he wouldn’t have done things that he had...

He felt her glide past him and he caught her wrist in time. His head snapped to the side, eyes narrowing in on her already flushed face.

“Why were you in my office?” He demanded, he face just as cold as he was a moment ago when he had walked in.

“You brought me dinner.” She winced at his fingers digging into her skin.


“And I didn’t want to eat alone. I’ve never eaten alone. I just wanted to see if you’d change your mind and join me.”

He released of her was instant. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“You were drunk Taylor. It’s fine.” She waved off.

This wasn’t something that she wanted to discuss. In fact, it was what she had been dreading. She felt half ashamed because she had somewhat shamefully enjoyed the things that he had done. A man she barely knew, who was constantly getting under her skin and in a moment of weakness she had allow him to do unspeakable things to her.

Her face burned with embarrassment.

“No it’s not. I could have--” He couldn’t bring himself to finish.

He was many things but a rapist wasn’t one of them.

“We didn’t have sex.” She told him. “You stopped.”

“And if I hadn’t? He barked, starling her. “I thought I was fucking dreaming. You have no idea of things I was planning to do to you.”

She swallowed at his confession.

She hadn’t thought about that. Not even sure if it was him who should be upset right now. She was the only virgin around here, the one that had more to lose.

But wait...he thought he was dreaming? So he would have willingly fucked her in his dream?

‘Damn it, Kate. You wouldn’t still be a virgin if you hadn’t said anything!’

The thought dawned on her. She’d definitely have to stay away from him, especially when he’s drunk.

Mastering whatever confidence she had left, she lifted her head and glared at him.

“Well, you did stop. And if you do it again then I know exactly what to say to turn you off. So chill the fuck out. I’ve had enough of you manhandling me, between you yelling at me and kissing me, it’s terribly confusing.”

“Then maybe you should stop letting me kiss you.”

Letting him...

She fisted her hands at her side.

“I didn’t let you do anything. You fucking pinned me against the walls. It’s not my fault if I lack experience in fighting you off while your tongue is being forced down my throat.”

She had said enough. Heard enough.

“Just... keep your lips away from mine.” She hissed, storming straight for the door.

Lu was standing next to the bar when Kate walked out of the bathroom. Upset at Taylor for whatever game his was playing with her, she hastened her pace towards their waitress.

“Hi, Lu, was it?”

She nodded to Kate in acknowledgement with the same courteous smile as before.

“Great. I’d like to change my order, if it’s not too late that is.”

“Geeze, what’s gotten you all riled up?” Brandon stated as she sat back down, puffing in spit anger.

Kate made no move to answer him but instead fished for her wallet inside her bag and took out seventy dollars and handed it over to him. “Here. I think I’m officially broke.”

Brandon’s face scrunched up in confusion. “Did you have a cussing session with a sailor back there?”

Her mouth moved to tell him off but Taylor walked by her and sat back down in his seat.

She hated how unaffected he looked. As if nothing had happened.

Right, well he did call her an inconvenience and insignificant that one time. So it made sense if he wasn’t bothered by her.

“Arrogant piece of shit” She muttered to herself then grabbed on her last ten and handed it over to Brandon.

“Now, I’m broke.“She announced to him, making Brandon laugh.

“I’m going to need a ride after this.” She informed him. There was no way that she was going to be able to pay for a taxi now. But she didn’t care, it was worth every penny.

The conversation ran light at the table. Kate remained quiet except for the occasional yes and no reply that she gave out to Brandon and Elton whenever they would try to include her in their discussion.

Their order soon arrived and Brandon’s face held a permanent grin as he searched for Taylor’s reaction to Kate’s newly ordered dish.

There was a brief flash of amusement that sparked in his eyes, but as momentarily as it was, it quickly faded once he caught Brandon staring at him.

Kate eyes widened at the gold flakes garnish on her Taco. She had been right. With a price this high it really does come with gold. Her eyes searched across the table meeting Taylor’s. She gave him one of her sweetest smile before picking up her fork.

Apparently revenge can be re-ordered and it tasted even better with gold.

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