The Price Possession

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Chapter 3 - Personal Invitation

The brave face that Kate had walked into Daily House with was one of the fakest she had ever had to pull. Her grandmother had told her to walk with her head held up and shoulders pulled back, and the rest would fall into place. She wasn’t quite sure what the last part meant; maybe nana was just messing with her, she always did that.

She glanced around the room, desperately trying to find Carl. She needed to know how far deep she was before going to see Arthur.

The office seemed a bit chaotic today and with people running all over the place and phones ringing off the hooks. On her way up, she had overheard some coworkers whispering something about a hostile takeover that had just occurred over at Jameson Enterprise, that could probably be the cause of it.

A small sigh escaped her as she sat behind her desk. Her hands ran out over the smooth surface of her desk, to her Ryan Reynolds cup holder and her white coffee mug.

This could very much be the last time that she sits here.

She switched on her computer and smiled when her eyes caught sight of her badge laying next to her keyboard.)

Kate Dawson, Daily House Reporter.

She was going to miss this place.

" Ah, there you are.” The familiar British accent of Carl startled her a bit.

Her head jerked up and she smiled at the sight of him making his way towards her.

“Bloody hell, Kate--” Carl said standing in front of her desk. “--Arthur is in his office waiting for you.”

“How bad is it?” Kate asked, nibbling on her bottom lip.

Carl frowned. “What are you talking about?”

She sighed, leaning back against her chair and closed her eyes. “I didn’t get to do the interview and I sort of, might have called Mr. Price something really inappropriate .”

“You did what?” His voice hitched in outrage.

As if she wasn’t already feeling bad - and now to have him look at her as if she had killed someone? Carl had just confirmed how screwed she was.

“Thanks, you’re no help at all. I guess I should go and get this over with.” She said standing, ready to face the harsh reality that was headed her way.

“No, wait--” Carl quickly moved to block her path. “Did you at least hear the news?”

“What news?” She asked, tilting her head up to have a better view of his face.

In truth, Carl was freakishly tall, She didn’t have any problems with that, but she hated standing this close to him because it made her feel small -- too small.

“Price Industry has just taken over Jameson Enterprise. It’s all over the news. There’s a gathering tonight and Mr. Price has invited a few reporters to cover the whole event. Come on, we need to go see Arthur.” He said pulling her along with him.


“You’re a hard woman to get a hold of, Dawson.” Arthur said disapprovingly as Kate entered his office with Carl.

If you only knew why, she thought taking a seat in one of the chair located in front of his desk.

“Sorry, Arthur. It’s been a busy morning.” She lied.

“I can only imagine. How did the interview go?” Arthur asked leaning back against his chair.

Kate swallowed nervously. Here comes the part where she tells him what happened, followed by the part where he has security escort her out.

“It was, uh- ” Kate began.

“She nailed it--” Carl quickly interjected, causing Kate to frown lightly at him.

He place a hand over her and gave it a little squeeze before continuing to speak.

“We were just going over it, she got some great pieces.”

“Good. But that can wait until the next print. Carl, did you fill her in?” Arthur’s eyes went from Carl to Kate.

“No. I thought it would sound better coming from you.” Carl answered.

Kate’s frown hardened. If she wasn’t getting fired then what was she missing here?

“Okay, can somebody tell me what’s going on here?” She said, glancing between both men.

“I presume that you have seen the news about Price Industry. They have just taken over Jameson Enterprise and are holding a press conference as well as a small function tonight. Only a few reporters have been invited to follow the whole event and, interestingly, Mr. Price has personally asked that you be amongst the few.”

“What?” Kate bursted out.

“Yes, my dear. You must have made quite the impression at the interview. If you keep it up, we might soon be talking about a promotion, Dawson.”

Personally asked? Promotion? What the hell is going on?

Kate sat behind her desk with her computer screen staring back at her. A few minutes ago she thought for sure that she was going to be fired, and now this? Of all the things she had heard about Taylor Price, this was unusual of him - if he was as ruthless as they said he was. Damn, she must have some guardian angel watching over her.

Tonight, she thought, tonight she would find a way to get Mr. Price alone to apologize and thank him and, while doing so, she would beg him for another chance to do her interview.

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