The Price Possession

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Chapter 30 - It's A Date

“Planning on walking, are we?”

Taylor’s voice startled her. She had been waiting on Brandon outside the restaurant. He told her to wait there and she was, but she couldn’t find his car anywhere. She was sure that he had parked next to the red convertible - and it was still there but not his car.

“I’m waiting on Brandon. He’s my ride.” She said, wishing that he would just keep walking, preferably in the opposite direction as her.

“Well, it’s going to be a long wait. Brandon’s gone. Elton needed a ride.”

“What?” She cried out incredulously, throwing a frantic look around the car park. “But he was my ride too.”

He ignore her outburst. “I’m heading back to the office, do you want a lift?”

No! She didn’t want a lift from him. What she wanted was to castrate the living hell out of Brandon.

How could he do this? To her?

The last thing she wanted was to be in the same room, let alone breathing the same air as Taylor and now to be trapped in a tight fitted space with him? How was she going to survive this?

Kate knew that she didn’t have much of a choice. Not when she had handed all her money over to Brandon. She should have seriously thought this through. Brandon wasn’t going to hear the end of this.

“Fine,” she said inbetween clenched teeth, then mumbled, “doesn’t look like I have much of a choice.”

She heard a chuckling sound as he turned around and began to walk. She was quiet sure if it had been him.

No, she thought. it couldn’t have been him. The man had no sense of humour. The only time he would probably crack smile is when he’s busy firing people.

She waited until he was a few feet away from her before she started to follow quietly behind him. Her teeth caught her lower lip as her eyes started to trail from his neck; wondering if anybody ever thought of strangling him. Then they dropped to his broad muscular shoulders, hating how the expensive fabric hugged it perfectly. Without another thought they wondered further down to his...

Really Kate?! She groaned at how she had shameless she was being.

What the hell was she doing? She had never been this bold. Sure Taylor was the drop-dead gorgeous kind but his personally was just enough for anybody to literally drop dead from.

But for her to be drooling over him even if it was at the back was just..

It was just wrong.

Maybe it was his kisses.

Yes, she thought. It was. It was confusing her. Driving her away from her original plan. Which to think of it, she hadn’t even gotten started yet.

Taylor waited for her to settle in before he followed suit and closed the door.

“Where to?” He rasped catching Ben’s eyes from the rear view mirror, he could have sworn that he caught a glimpse of a smile from him before he looked away.

Taylor’s eyes narrowed at the back of his body guard’s head. What the hell was with that look?

He felt Kate shuffle in the seat next to him.

“My apartment.” She said, “My grandmother is already expecting me.”

“Isn’t it a little early to be heading home?”

That seemed to catch her attention, she turned and gave him a defying glare. “I’m not slacking off, if that’s what you’re implying. Brandon gave me half the day off.”

“Did he now?” He questioned.

It was always the sarcastic tone that made her blood boil. It was like he born an asshole and oblivion to it.

“Yes!” She snapped, “courtesy of me helping him out. You can call him if you want. Actually, knowing just how highly you think of me, I wouldn’t be surprised if you actually did.”

There was something about the way her small round nose wrinkled everytime she would challenge him that made him want to smile. It wasn’t sexual, just heartwarmingly good. It had been a while since he had felt this way and right now he was torn with the idea of accepting that these...conflicted feelings that he had because of the strong attraction that felt for her.

Yes, he was smittened by her but it didn’t mean that he wasn’t going to fight it with all that he had. He had to remind himself of why she was living with him in the first place.

“Ben, you heard the lady.”

“Yes, sir.” Ben replied before starting the car.

It wasn’t long until the car was set in motion. Kate was determine to keep to her side, ignore that he was seated next to her and remain completely quite. And when that wasn’t enough, she pulled out her phone and pretended to check her mails.

Taylor was obvious to her action. It wasn’t that heard to tell that she was ignoring him. Between now and five minutes ago she hadn’t said a word and it wasn’t like her not say something just to goad him.

“How long will you be?” He asked and when she didn’t reply, he grabbed the phone from her hand.

“Hey!” She bit out throwing him a disapproving glare. “Do you mind?”

“How long?” He repeated sharply.

“I don’t know. Do I have a curfew that I don’t know about?”

Taylor sighed, “how long, Dawson?”

Her lips pursed and her jaws twitched. He was starting to pissed her off again.

“I don’t know. Seven maybe eight.”


“No. I’ll be back to hell around seven or eight.”

“Try seven.” He told her, handing her back her gadget.

“Why?” She asked placing it back into her bag.

Why? Did he really need to explain himself to her? He was about to let her know but she bit him to it.

“And don’t give that because you said so crap.”

That one was on him.

“I’m having you moved, Dawson. After last night... I can’t allow that to happen again.”


Kate’s face fell. He was moving her somewhere else. She couldn’t allow that to happen not when she needed to be close to him - for work, of course. She couldn’t let that happen.


Taylor drew one of his thick brows at her.

“I don’t go around forcing myself on women, despite what you might think it’s always been the opposite.”

She would have tore the skin off of her face at how self-absorbed he was, if this hadn’t been important because it was, Carl was depending on her to set this plan in motion.

“But I thought that we sorted this out already. Didn’t we?” She searched his face but man, this guy was emotionless.

And when he didn’t say a thing, she continued, “You keep your lips off of mine, remember?”

He closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath as if the very thought haunted him. “It’s already been arranged. I can’t risk something like that happening again. Is that what you want?” His eyes opened up in a flash, holding hers for answers.

Kate winced and her heart leapt into her throat. Was he seriously asking her if she wanted to have sex with him? The unsettling pulse that ran throw her, forced her to press her side against the car, afraid that somehow her body would have a mind of its own and latch on to him.

She folded her hands in her lap.

“W-what?” She stammered, blinking through the hot flush.

Seriously, what was the matter with her? Everything about this man screamed - mistake. She didn’t even know him all that well, apart from a few rumours here and there. And she didn’t even like him.

Well maybe she did like him, just a little but he was arrogant. Too damn sure of himself. But yes, he was all kinds of fire gorgeous and sexy - and after last night, the things he did, she understood perfectly why those women who had been with him had emphasised a lot of praise to his bedroom skills. But she wouldn’t sleep with him, she told herself. He had no sense of humour and much less had nothing in common with him as a bird and a cat.

Except cats, especially big ones were so beautiful, so powerful and even more exciting.

“Is that what you want? For us to have another repeat of last night?”

Her pulse quickened.

Then something in his eyes darkened, “So that you could go crying rape to every reporter who’s hungry for another dirty scope?” He scorned.

Her face whitened within seconds and her stomach churned at the sudden coldness in his voice. He was definitely giving her a lot of credit on being shady, when she hadn’t even thought of that and would have never done that.

“Is that what you think? That I’d have sex with you just because it would make a good story?” She glanced at him in disbelief, stunned by his accusation.

And after she had just sat there, admitting to herself that she somewhat did find he attractive.

She jutted her chin, her hands fisted into a painfully lock, ready to give him a piece of her mind.

“You might be good at what you do Taylor but it doesn’t mean that I’m dying to have your hands on me. The next guy who touches me will be the one that I marry. So no, there won’t be a next time with you because I’ll fucking rip your dick off if I need to.” She spat angrily and then huffed, realising what she had done.

“Well, shit. Now I owe Brandon another ten.”

She held out an open hand towards him causing his eyebrows to crease.

“This one is on you. I was doing fine sitting here in silence, so hand it over.”

The car came to a stop. Kate grabbed her bag from the seat and raised the other hand to the knob but Taylor stopped her.

“Seven,” he said pulling out a few notes, placing it in her hand then closed it.

Kate lingered her glance on his face then glanced down onto his hands on hers.

“I’m cooking, so don’t be late.”

It was as much of a response that she was going to get out of Taylor and she knew it. He had reconsidered having her vacate his guest room and that was his way of telling her so.

“Fine.” She hissed, then pushed the door open, “It’s a date.”

She was out and heading towards the apartment complex before Taylor could sober up from what she had said.

It’s a date.

The hell if it was. He merely didn’t want her to burn down his kitchen like she had almost done last night.

But as hard as it was to admit, he actually liked the sound of it.

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