The Price Possession

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Chapter 35 - Filling In

“I’m sorry Taylor but I can’t right now.” Brandon said, leaning his head against the phone.

Kate suppressed the need to smile. He probably had no idea that he looked about as scared as a little boy who was about to get spanked by his mommy.

“I know.” He countered, rolling his eyes to whatever Taylor was telling him. “But I have to be in court in an hour.” He tried to explain, glancing at Kate for confirmation.

Obviously Taylor was backing down, but Brandon on the other hand wasn’t lying,Kate thought as she flipped through his daily schedule. Her head jutted up to where he was now standing by the window and she gave him a brisk nod, then mouthed, “Thirty minutes.”

“Yeah, Taylor. Kate just confirmed it, I have to be there in less that thirty minutes. ” His face pulled into a sudden crease and Kate expression mirrored his as he turned around and his eyes gleamed with amusement when they locked with hers.

“Yeah, I mean, I guess so. I’ll let her know.” He said, pulling the phone away from his ear and ending the call.

“So??” Kate began, snapping the diary infront of her close. “What was that about?” She asked, suddenly feeling anxious. She had a strong feeling that she might have been part of the conversation that they were having and that little smug look he had on his face only but confirmed her suspicions.

Brandon smacked his tongue against his white teeth and pushed his hands in his pockets.

“You’re going to have to cover for me.” He said assessing her reaction to the news.

“Okay...“she said uncertainly, “how am I doing that exactly?”

She already knew that this was bound to happen sooner or later. Brandon had already told her that there might be instants where she would have to fill in for him when he wouldn’t be available. He had prepped her on what to expect and what information she needed to gather. So this is wasn’t really news but still, it didn’t mean that she wasn’t nervous about it.

Taylor was mostly involved in Iron and Steel exportation, she had read and memories every details about his company. His vineyards, however, were something else.

Of course she enjoyed the occasional glass of wine, but her knowledge about grapes and wine culture were sadly lacking.

She sat with her notepad, jotting down notes as Brandon began to brief. When she was ready to leave, she found Ben waiting for her downstairs. It immediately clicked to her that it was Taylor’s doing. He did have a thing about being punctual.

She greeted Ben and with no time to waste Ben to drove her over to Price Empire.

Kate stood at the reception area waiting for the receptionist to give her the all clear. Her eyes wondered to the round clock on the wall behind the red head and she gave way to a vexed sigh.

Why was it taking so long?

“Tay-, Mr.Price is expecting me. It’s urgent.” She told the young lady who was seated infront of her. It wasn’t the same girl that she had met the first time that she had come here and right now she was wishing that it had been because this one was starting to get on her nerves.

The side looks, curt reply and couldn’t be bothered attitude was just a blink away from getting slapped.

“I’m sure.” The red head replied in a flat tone. Then proceeded to click away on her computer.


Kate pinched the bridge of her nose. What the fuck was her problem?

She drew out a deep breath and casted another quick glance at the clock.

Great, just freaking great. She had just lost ten minutes standing here, waiting.

This is a waste of time.

“Can you just call his secretary and let her know I’m here? I’m sure she can confirm.” Kate said, it took an large amount of self restraints to not snap at her and lecture her about professionalism. She being a freaking bitch and she wasn’t even hiding the fact that she was getting a kick out out seeing Kate fume.

“Sorry.” The receptionist smiled all too brightly, batting her eyelashes up at Kate. “But we have policies here and if you’re not on the list then that means no badge. And no badge means,” she pursed her lips into an uncanny pout, ” You’re not allowed to go up.”

Kate’s blood began to boil.she gritted her teeth and moved away from the reception desk.

Don’t cause a scene.

Don’t cause a scene.

She chanted to herself.

Brandon. She smiled, yes she could call Brandon and he could set everything straight.

She pulled out her phone, dialled his number and waited.

He wasn’t answering. She leaned against the wall and sighed in defeat. He was probably still in court.



Yes, why did she think of that in the first place? She should call him. He’ll straighten this out. But her short moment of relief was shortly lived. She didn’t have his number. Why the hell didn’t she have his number? They were living together, for godsakes.

Her nose flared against her flushed cheeks as she exhaled, frustrated. She wasn’t going to make on time and probably at all to this meeting. Her shoulders sagged and her bag slipped from her shoulders.

“I’m going up to Marketing’s, Steph. ”

Kate raised her head at the familiar angelic sound. Her brow drew together as she took in the tall feminine figure, dressed in a white fitted dress.


Her lips drew out a silent prayer as she pushed off of the hard wall, and took several strides towards her.

“Hi there, um, you’re Kay, right? Mr.Price’s PA?”

Kayla turned and smiled when she saw Kate. “Yes and no.” She replied, then frowned, “I remember you. You’re Kate, Kate Dawson.”

Kate sighed in relief, “Yes, yes that’s me. I have a meeting with Taylor but I’m not getting cleared to go up.”

Kayla bit down on her lower lips, holding her amusing smile in place. “Well I’m going up there now. We can go together.” She offered.

“But Ms. Kennedy, she’s not cleared yet.” The reception bitch flared, obviously not impressed at Kayla’s offer.

“It’s fine Steph. Just call Maria and let her know that we’re coming up.” Kayla said, her face still graced with a smile.

It was beyond Kate how Kay could manage to smile at her like that when the red head was being rude as hell.

“Come on.” Kayla said grabbing on to Kate’s hand, tugging her along.


“So you’re not Taylor’s PA? ” Kate asked once they were inside the elevator. Her wandered further down to Kayla’s hand.

Kayla threw her a mischievous grin and shook, “I was only helping him out that day. Maria called in sick.”

Kate hummed in response.

Well, that explained why she had thought that Kayla didn’t belong there.

The lift then made an unsettling stop before it continued to ascend again. Kate casted a quick look around the steel box. She could feel her anxiety starting to kick in.

“Don’t mind Steph.” Kayla said, interrupting her mid-panic mode. “She’s new, young and hopelessly bedazzled by Taylor. I don’t think it will take Taylor too long to shatter whatever hope she has.”

Kate wrapped her fingers around the steel bar that was behind her. Talking sometimes did help take her mind off of her phobia.

" You’re engaged to Brandon, right?” She quipped, pleased that she had somehow managed a smile.

“Yes,” Kayla’s smile broadened as she raised her hand revealing the huge rock on her finger. “And you’re Taylor’s inconvenience.”

Kate’s face fell. She tried to maintain a smile for appearance sake but failed.

Kayla wasn’t asking and Kate gathered that. But to be called an inconvenience from anybody else apart from Taylor, well, it felt like a punch in the gut. It made her wonder whether she really was just that. And inconvenience.

“Is he still calling me that?” She asked.

Not that she cared if he did but she just needed to know.

“He actually calls you by name now and I for one am happy to finally put a clear face to name. We should get a drink sometime and we can laugh about how my fiancé called out your name during sex.”

What the hell?

Kate felt a sudden wave of sickness washed over her. Her amber eyes widened in shock but mostly from embarrassment.

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