The Price Possession

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Chapter 37 - The Not so Fine

“Really, Taylor?” Kate fumed, struggling to match the long strides that he was taking back to his office.

Their meeting with Tony had ended, despite the tensed atmosphere that had followed after his absurd declaration ; the deal was set. All that was left to make it official was for Brandon to draw up the contract and have both parties sign.

Tony, however, did not miss the chance to slip his business card to Kate and ask her to call before he made his exit. Taylor might have let that slide and might even have considered pretending like he had not witnessed him doing that. But when Kate placed her hand on Tony’s arm and smiled up at him, he knew he had to leave before he did something that could jeopardise their yet to be signed deal. And so, he had done just that.

He left.

Not because of the affectionate way that she had touch him but because of the smile that she had offered Tony, it was the same one that she would usually give him. It was his smile. And at that very moment it made him realise that maybe it wasn’t as special as he had thought.

Kate hastened her pace as she tried to catch up with him. But inbetween her heels and the tight skirt she wore, it was quite a challenge to catch up to him.

What the hell was his problem?

It wasn’t hard to catch on that he was pissed, she was used to him by now. But what she couldn’t understand was why? Wasn’t she suppose to be the one who was pissed off after that little stunt he pulled? Announcing to Tony that they were together when he knew damn well that they weren’t.

When she finally made it to his office, she was surprised to find the door opened. It was as if he knew that she would follow him here. She entered the room and pushed the door closed.

She blew out in exasperation when she saw him seated behind his desk as though all was well it with the world.

Prickled by his cool demeanour, Kate folded her arms and began to tap the sole of her shoe against his white tiled floor.

“Taylor, I’m talking to you.” She said about ready to throw a fit.

Unbothered to look at her, he switched on his computer and replied,“And I’m listening.”

“Are you?” She urged, her brows furrowed into a straight vexed line.

Taylor raised his head, staring back at her, showing her proof that he was.

“What was that about? You telling Tony that we’re together when you damn well that we aren’t.”

“Aren’t we?” He clipped in short and cold voice.

She raised a brow at him, seemingly taken aback.

Well if they were then this was news to her.

“Don’t give me that look. You know what I mean. He wants to go see your grandmother, so I thought I should let him know, just in case he goes and ask for her blessing to court you.”

“Court me?” Kate blew out in disbelief, hands fell at her side.

This is ridiculous.

“What are you, living in the dark ages?! This is seriously getting out of hand.”

“No, what was out of hand was him wrapping his arms around you and you allowing him to do so.” Taylor returned, his jaws flexed at the sides.

“What?... Tony is an old friend. What was I supposed to do? Stick my tongue at him?” Her eyes then narrowed in at him. “Why do you care?”

Why? Why?

He didn’t, he told himself firmly. But even through that he couldn’t lie anymore, because the little voice at the back of his head screamed louder than his own. He did care.

He care a little too much.

Why else was the image of her in Tony’s arms still taunting him still irritating him?

Why did he find comfort in her standing here, even if she was angry at him?

He knew why.

Because she chose to come after him and didn’t go running off to the elevator to catch up with Tony.

Taylor, you care more than you let on.

“I don’t.” He muttered, frowning at his own lie. His eyes dragged back up to hers and they had widened at him.

A flash of hurt, gleamed through them and it tugged at his heart and before he could make amends on what he had just said he sputtered,“This is a work place, Kate. Not a bar.”

Kate’s face fell. She hadn’t expected him to say that he didn’t or to even suggest that she acted as though she was in a bar.

But he didn’t care. Why should he?

She was but an inconvenience. Temporary.

So why was she getting attached to him? It wasn’t like she liked him, which she did, but he didn’t deserve to be liked. Not by her.

And if he didn’t care then she wouldn’t either.

“Yeah, you’re right.” She nodded, forcing on a smile. “Thanks for reminding me.” She said, with an air a sarcasm present. “Somehow the stiff air and dull ambience really got a hold on me. You know, made me forget that I was here for work.”

He had hurt her. He had meant to say that to her but it was after as he body was on defence mode and her asking whether he cared, had put him on the spot. He wasn’t ready.

Something about her screamed danger and yet he could himself falling for Kate and he was desperately trying to fight it.

Is it a losing battle if the fight is with yourself and you can feel the last of your reasoning voice die out?

Taylor cleared his throat and brought his attention back to the screen before him.

He need time to think this through. Time away from her. For goodness sake it had only been a week or so!!

“Well, I’m glad I could help. I think you should go back to work now, don’t you?”

Oh, she was going to go back to work alright but not before she soured his mood like he had just done to hers.

“Of course, your Highness,” she said, smiling up at him all to brightly.

Taylor watched as she turned around and began to head for the door. He knew just as well what that smile of hers meant.


And he was right. His breathing stilled when she turned around with her fingers wrapped around the door knob.

Her beautiful amber eyes had never held so much fire in them as they did now. And he was momentarily torn between being aroused and trying not to be caught off guard.

“Oh, and don’t bother putting out a plate for me tonight. I’m having dinner at Nana’s.”

“With him.” The mere thought of saying his name felt like sand in his mouth.

“Who?” She blinked, then batted her eyes lashes at him innocently, “Tony? Yes, actually. I’m going to give him as call as soon as I’m done here.”

“Fine.” Taylor spat, gritting his teeth.

“Fine!” Kate countered tugging at the knob.

“Will you be out all night or should I give the doorman a heads up?”

“It’s still early to decide don’t you think so? I’ll send you a text.” She said and left.

A text.

Taylor fumed over her words.

He was going to have to wait for her to text for him to know whether or not she was going to be spending the night with Braord!?

The thought didn’t sit well with him but she was right. They weren’t together. So she could do whatever the hell she wanted but the hell if he was going to sit idly by and wait.

It wasn’t fine and he was going to get it through to her one way or another.

He sprinted out of his chair and made a dash for the door.

There was no absolutely no way in HELL that he was going to let Kate spend the night with Bradford.

The door made aloud thudding sound as it hit against the wall.

Maria’s head jolted at Taylor’s sudden burst from his office.

“Everything alright Mr.Price?” She quiered, frowning up at him.

“Ms.Dawson, where did she go?”

Maria pointed towards the hallway which lead to the elevator but before she could say the actual word itself, Taylor was gone.

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