The Price Possession

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Chapter 38-You Promised

The last thing he could see was the surprised look on Kate’s face before the doors began to close.

Taylor slid his hand inbetween them and leaped inside the steel box.

“What the --?are you crazy?” Kate yelled in alarm, ” You could have gotten yourself hurt!”

He could have but that was the furthest thing on his mind; and pleasantly enough, it was good to know that she cared.

“You’re not growing soft on me, are you?” Taylor said, grinning back at her, as her worried eyes quickly scanned over his hand.

Kate looked up and a warmth spread throughout her chest.

Damn it! She cused inwardly.

She was mad at him.

She needed to remind herself that she was still angry at him, even with that sexy smile that he had on his face.

“No,” she bit out, averting his eyes as the door closed. “I’d still think that your an ass, even with one hand.”

There she was. The Kate that he was rather fond of.

His smile deepened at her slightly pouted lips and lightly stained cheeks. Hell, he might as might just admit it now. That he, Taylor fucking Price liked Kate and there was no use in denying in.

The elevator began to make it descant and Kate shifted uncomfortably to the back until she could feel the coolness of the metal against her skin.

“What do you want Taylor?” She asked not even bothering to hide the annoyance thag she felt.

What did he want?

He wasn’t sure if she was ready for the answer that played on his tongue because he, himseld wasn’t.

He leant against the side and pocketed his hands. “You didn’t invite me.”

Kate frowned, “Invite you?“She admonished, staring at him as though he had grown another head.

Why would he want to be invited? It was only going to be dinner with Nana and Tony. They were only going catch on old times.

Unless he had other plans. One where he would completely destroyed her evening.

“So that you can spend the whole night throwing insults across the table? I don’t think so.” She scoffed, tightening her grasp on her bag, wishing that the doors would open soon.

Taylor sighed, running both hands over his face.

Why couldn’t she just say yes? Yes ,Taylor, you can come.

“You make it sound as if I’m an Ape wearing a suit.” He countered.

“Aren’t you? And why do you even want to come?”

Damn it! She really wasn’t making this easy for him.

Taylor shifted uncomfortably. He was good at this, at expressing himself. Growing up with a father like his didn’t particularly help.

“Men don’t cry over spilled milk,” his father had told him after the death of his mother.

“Men don’t talk about their feelings. Feelings are for the weak. They are only meant for women.”

So he had done just that. Closed himself off.

And now she wanted him to tell her why? Why he didn’t want her alone with Bradford. His father would rolled in his grave.

Taylor hesitated at first, then sucked in a sharp breath before he spoke.

“Because I want to spent the whole evening showing him that you are off...”

The elevator came to an abrupt stop.

And Kate’s worst nightmare came to life.

Her body froze as panic quickly began to creep in, engulfing her entire being. It suddenly felt hot and cold... her chest felt heavy and breaths short.

She should have taken the stairs. She had had half a mind to but the using the lift was quicker and she wanted to be out of this building as fast as possible.

Her bag dropped onto the floor and her hands flew to the doors.

No, no, no no, no ,no ,no!!!

This can’t be happening!

The door wouldn’t open. They wouldn’t open.

This was his fault. She wasn’t sure how, but it was his fault. Maybe if he hadn’t stopped the doors from closing then she would have been out of there by now.

She whipped around and casted him a hateful glare.

This was definitely his fault.

“” She stammered through her dry mouth.

A moron?

His face hardened instantly at her words. Here he was, about to tell her that he didn’t want her alone with Tony because he was afraid that he might snatch her away from him; and she was calling him a moron?!

“I don’t appreciate having my efforts being flanged in my face, Kate.”

Jesus, he wasn’t helping.

Her heart was pounding fast against her ribcage and he was getting angry at her.

“Can’t. .. breathe...”

“What?” His eyes suddenly grew widen at her distraught state.

“Are you alright?”

She shook her head violently at him.

Did he honestly think that she looked alright?

Which part of ‘can’t breath’ didn’t he grasp?

His instincts kicked in he flew to her side, gently grabbing hold of her shoulders beckoning her to look up at him.

But her eyes were watery.

Damn it, she was going to cry and he was never going to let her live this down.

So, inbetween her struggles to breath, she tore her face out of his hands.

“Damn it Kate! You need to talk to me. How else will I know what’s wrong?”


“Jesus!” He hissed. Then what the hell had she been doing riding up and down the elevator all this time?

“It’s going to be alright.” He said, running a smooth hand along her back.

Taylor released a hand from her lightly shaking shoulder and immediately hit the phone button. He already had trained personnels on call, so he was certain that they were already on it but the problem was, how long?

“Murray?” He rasped in urgency.

“Mr.Price, we’re already on it, sir.”

“How long?”

“Two to three minutes.”

“Too long, Murray. I have Ms.Dawson with me and she’s Claustrophobic. ”

“Understood sir, will get you out as soon as possible.”

The line went dead and Taylor was lost. He didn’t know what to do. Kate was hyperventilating and he had no clue of how to help her.

Then it hit him.

If claustrophobia was a panic disorder then maybe getting her to calm down would somewhat help. But how? By talking? He was good at passing her off not the other way round.

Damn it!

“Come on.” He said grabbing hold of her hands, they felt cold, yet she was starting to sweat.

What the hell?

“Why don’t we sit down down for a while? My team are working on the problem and we should be out any minute now.” He cooed.

Kate gave him a brief nod and followed suit as he sat on the floor.

“Good. Now, why don’t we try talking? It’ll make time pass quicker?”

“Talk?” Kate frowned. But she didn’t want to talk to him, not when she was in this state and she couldn’t give him the proper reply that he deserved.

“Yes.” Taylor smiled.

It was taking him all of his strength to not grab her in his arms and tell her that she was going to be okay. But doubted that that was help, she was short of breaths so it was definitely not a good idea.

So instead, he leaned forward, close enough that her warm breath fanned against his skin. He drew up a hand and caress the side of her sweat strikened face.

Kate drew back and her brows furrowed at him.

“You’re not... going to.. kiss me, ...are you?”

Taylor smiled, his eyes sparkled with delight. She was definitely one of a kind. His rarity.

“Not in the state that you’re in. You’re out of breath as it is.”

Her eyes widened and a smile grew on her face. ” Oh. Good.”

“I won’t come with you tonight.” He said, allowing his fingers to wonder down her chin.

“But..I didn’t invite you.” She stated with a short laugh.

“And you underestimate me in thinking that that would stop me.”

Kate rolled her eyes at him. This is exactly why she didn’t want to ‘talk’. In her normal state of mind she would have told him off with a quick and witty remark.

“But you have to promised to come home after.”


She was definitely delirious, or else why would Taylor be call his home, her home?

“I can’t.” She muttered.

Her reply caught Taylor off guard.

He gritted his teeth at its meaning. So she was planning on spending the night with Bradford. His fingers dropped from her chin, ready to be locked into a fist at his side, but Kate caught it just in time.

“I already texted Kay. We’re having drinks after.”

Her breathing was back to normal. Surprisingly, talking to to him had helped. A whole lot more than she had anticipated.

He did care about her and it was as clear as a morning sunrise. He only had a hard time putting it into words but his action spoke louder that words itself.

For a moment Kate thought that she had broke him as he sat there staring back at her with their finger intertwined. It wasn’t like him not to say anything back.

Did he not want her to go with Kay?

Where they about your fight about this as well?

She opened her mouth to set him straight but Taylor stopped her by placing a finger over her lips.

“Are you feeling better now?” He asked.

Kate mere nodded her head at him swallowing the effects that his blue smoldering eyes had on her.

“Good,” He said removing his hand. “Because I’m going to kiss you now Dawson.”

The gentleness from his words completely un-nerved her. She couldn’t move even if she wanted to. Part of her felt shameless, because she knew that wanted him to kiss her. She needed him to kiss her because this electric pull between them couldn’t be just one sided. Not when she had felt it those four other times that he kissed her.

Taylor’s eyes grew dark as he leant forward.

Kate licked her lips in anticipation.

His hands drew up to her head locking it’s smoothness behind her head and her skin tingled all over.

As his lips drew close, she whispered in a fainted yet urging manner, “Taylor, you promised.”

The sound of her voice vibrated against his lips as he parted them over hers. There were no sighs of struggle. Her lips opened up underneath his like a wilting flower yearning to be quenched.

Taylor kissed her, holding her head between his palms, threading his fingers into her hair, angling his mouth over hers again, and again, and again while she clung to him as if afraid that she might fall or that he might let go.

Then they felt the strange sensation of of the elevator as it began to move again.

They gradually pulled away from each other. Taylor was the first to stand up, he then leant down and helped Kate to her feet.

Head still spinning from his kisses, she patted down on her skirt and grabbed hold of her discarded bag.

When she was done, Taylor looped her hand in his, and tilted her chin up so that he could look into her eyes as he spoke.

“Try to come early. So we can talk.”

His voice was the softest that had ever heard him use. A warm sensation flooded throughout her body creeping on to her cheeks.

“I’ll try.” She replied, unable to stop herself from smiling.

She almost gasped when he leant down and placed a small peck on her lips.

The door soon opened and Kate walked out with unsteadied legs and as she made her way to the exit, she couldn’t suppress the need to look back at him.

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