The Price Possession

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Chapter 40 - For As long As It Last

They dropped Kayla off at Brandon’s apartments and based on the scowl that he had on his face, Kate knew that he wasn’t to happy to see her in the state the she was in ; and now that she thought about it, her head had been spinning for quite a while now.

Taylor unlocked the door to his penthouse and a very annoyed Kate pushed past him and made her way into the den.

Taylor gave way to a defeated sigh as he closed the door shut and followed suit behind her.

“Are you quite done mopping around?” He finally asked, allowing his suite to slide off his shoulders.

“I’m not mopping, Taylor.” She replied casting him a side glanced before she continued, “I’m dissapointed and honestly, I think abit drunk.”

She was talking, so that was a start, Taylor thought to himself, but then again when isn’t she talking?


“Yes. Because you keep aping around giving us orders.” She said, kicking off her heels before lounging down on his white Italian leather couch.

“Ah. So this is because I cut your night short.”

“Yes! It’s because of that. Im not saying that I don’t appreciate you helping us but it’s the way you did it. You didn’t even ask.”

He gave way to a vexed sigh. “Kate, coming with me wasn’t a topic set for discussion. Kayla was drunk and you just admitted that you’re somewhat drunk yourself. So pray do tell, how do you think your evening would have ended?”

Her shoulders dropped.

Oh God! He was right, but did he have to look so good while he was being a know-it-all?

“Probably the same way that it started. Awkward.” She muttered, with her head halfway bent.

The room fell into a definite silent.

Taylor took his time glancing down at her with her brows half creased as if she was having a silent internal battle with herself. He hooked his jacket over his shoulder with two fingers before addressing her again.

“I think we should call it a night. Try and get some rest.”

“Wait!” She abruptly sprang to her feet.

He stopped in his tracks and turned to face her.

“I thought that we were supposed to, you know talk?″

His lips curved up into a lazy smile.

“We were.”


“We can still do that tommorow morning.”

“But what if I want to talk now?”

“Will you be able to stay awake for that long?”

“I don’t see why not.” She replied. She had been waiting for this eversince she had left his building this morning and she wasn’t sure if she would be able to sleep if they didn’t get this out of the way.

“Alright.” He said, placing his suit on the couch before making his way around it.

Kate watched as he walked over to the mini bar and poured himself a drink. When he was done, he walked over to the sofa that was threatening furthest from where she stood.

And that bothered Kate. She was hoping that he would sat next to her while they talked but obviously he had other ideas. One where distance was what he had meant by talking.

Maybe she had been to quick to think that he felt the same way that she did when they had kissed. Yet she had been so sure, so convinced that the spark that she had felt, she had also seen it in his eyes.

How stupid of her to have thought otherwise when this was the great Taylor Price. Arrogant, ruthless and shameless womaniser.

It didn’t help that her heart gave a little painful twist.

“Well, thanks for not pouring me one.” She muttered sarcastically, she sat back down hoping that he would catch on to her dissapoitment.

“You’re welcome.” He grinned over his glass.

“I was being sarcastic, incase you missed it.” She told him.

“Oh, I noticed but I don’t think that you can handle what I’m drinking in your state.”

See? That’s what she hated about him. Whenever she was ready to start hating him again, he would turn around and reminded her that he was being thoughtful.

Then her heart would thaw and her skin would tingle all over. But no, she couldn’t get ahead of herself because they still had to talk and Lords knows that this could either mean that he was going to have her moved.

“Thank you.” She said, “for today. In the elevator.”

“I only urged you to talk. Kate, had I known that you were claustrophobic --”

“It’s alright Taylor. I’m to blame. I just thought that as long as I was just in and out then everything would be fine. So really, thank you.”

Taylor nodded his head as if he hadn’t been expecting her to thank him, when he himself felt like he hadn’t done much. But from now on he wasn’t going to allow her to get in and out of one on her own.

“And the kiss?” It was him who know spoke.

“Do you regret it?“He asked, placing his half drunken glass onto the table that separated them.

“I- uh” Kate stuttered, suddenly feeling shy. “I don’t.”

Taylor drew up his brows at her, “You don’t?”

“No.” She shook, offering him a timid smile. “Do you?”

“I don’t think I can regret something that is bound to happen again.”

Again. Kate pressed her thighs together at the thought. Again. He wanted to kiss her again.

“So what happens now?” She asked, swallowing as he stood up.

Taylor stuffed both his hands into his pocket. He was finding it hard to not walk over to her and grab her in his arms. Obviously sitting far from her wasn’t working.

“I can’t deny that im attracted to you, Kate. But I won’t lie and say that I’m willing to offer you a monogamous relationship.”

Monogamous relationship? Her well shaped brow pulled into a frown. Does that mean that he would be sleep with other people? But most importantly, would she be okay with that?

Of course not!!

She slowly raised her head and stared at him. “You mean,” she swallowed downed the nauseating wave of bile that threatened to choke her.

Taylor interrupted her,“That we can be together but also see other people.”

It was like a slap in the face.

For goodness sake, she was still a fucking virgin. So he was just going to sleep with her and then call somebody else when he was done.

How the fuck does that even work? And he was even suggesting that she do the same?

Angry tears clouded her sight.

She didn’t know whether it was the alcohol or shock itself but the world was spinning and it wasn’t spinning right.

To think that she was even considering --, the thought alone was enough to set her soul on fire. It sickened her that he was going to level her to all the other women that he had been with.

It wasn’t like she was asking him to marry her, no. And after what Brandon had told her about his previous relationship, she understood that maybe commitment was a taboo subject to him. But this?

Hell, she didn’t know who those other women were fucking.

She bolted out of couch as if the devil himself was chasing her.

“How dare you?” She spat with disgust.

Taylor’s face faltered in confusion. ” You said it yourself Kate.” His voice roughened as their eyes met. “The next man that you sleep with will be the one that you marry. I’m not ready for relationship, yet alone marriage.”

Unbelievable!! Kate shook her head at him, letting out a hysterical laugh. ” Oh. my. God!” She ran both her hands over her face.

“You’re so full of yourself, aren’t you?”

Taylor’s mouth twisted and his blue eyes narrowed, “What?”

“You. Is that the same offer you give those other women? Women that you’ve been with? It’s disgusting.”

“The women I’ve been with know exactly what they are getting themselves in. I don’t force people to get involved with me.”

“Good, because we are done here. ”

“What?” A muscle knotted in his cheek.

Why was she making this so difficult?

“I refuse to be part of this deconstructed orgy of yours. I won’t be sitting here waiting to wipe off whoever you have just been with. It’s appalling!”

The muscle in his cheek danced again. “Watching it Dawson, you’re skating on a thin ice.”

Kate raised a brow.“Am I?” She said coolly, “Then keep your kisses and your unconventional offers. I want no part of it.”

“No part of what? Of us giving in to this attraction of ours?”

Kate laughed. “I don’t know even know which is worse, Taylor. Your oversized ego or lamebrained way of looking at things.”

She took a few steps towards him, her smile turning into a scowl, her index finger aimed at the center of his chest.

“You keep kissing me when I ask you not to. You keep spinning me around battling against whether I should hate you or not. Then you stand there telling me that you are attracted to me but we should also sleep with other people. Well, I’m only assuming that his Highness will allow me to sleep with other men while he entertains himself elsewhere.”

“You’re being ridiculous, Kate. This might not even be anything. Who knows, once we’ve had our fill of each other, this - this-”

Why was the word so hard to say? Dawson wasn’t having a problem saying her piece. She was right though, when he said monogamous, he was only thinking of himself, of how he could spare himself the from getting involved in another relationship.

Usually women would be earger and downright willing to have this kind of easy come, easy go relationship that he wanted. So why not her? And why was he so damned ticked off about it?

“Attraction will run it course.” He finally said.

Kate nodded her head.

And sudden weariness seemed to settle over her. All she wanted now was to go home, to her grandmother and bury her head in her pillow, cussing at herself for how foolish she had been to think that Taylor might actually be decent. And after that she would try to get her life back on track because it wasn’t on track, not since the night of his gathering.

“Actually,” she said softly, “I’d like to spend the night at my apartment and tomorrow you can find another prison to allocate me to.”

“You’re not going anywhere, Kate. Not even in the state that you are in.”

“And I’m not going to stand here, swallowing down insults after insults. I refuse to be one of your whores---” she gasped as Taylor hauled her into his arms and crushed her mouth under his.

“Don’t ever say that again,” he whispered against her lips, “You got that, Dawson?”

She knew that the right thing to do was to tell him to go to hell, that she didn’t take order from arrogant and egocentric macho like him ... but his mouth was on hers again and his arms held her tight and with a soft moan of surrender, she gave herself up to the kiss.

After a long time, Taylor broke off the kiss and rested his forehead against hers.

“I’m sorry.”

Kate stilled.

Did he just apologise?

She drew back, a breath caught her throat when his soft eyes held hers.

“I didn’t mean to offend you.”

She clear her throat, “Well, you did.” She stated.

“I know but I wasn’t lying, Kate. I can’t offer you a relationship.”

“Then don’t.” She said.


“I know what I said. I was angry and I wanted to get a point across. I’m willing to go along with this.” Her hands dropped from his chest, gesturing between them.

“But just not like this.”

She made a move to walk out of his embrace but Taylor tightened his hold, caging her against his hard wall of a chest. “Then we’ll change it.” He said smugly, “No commitment, no getting tied down and nobody else.”

Kate frowned, her stomach fluttered over the whiff of his musky scent.

“But you said--”

“I know what I said Kate,” he said gruffly, ” You see only me. You sleep with only me.”

“For as long as it lasts, you mean.”

The grin that he gave her melted her heart.

“That’s right. For as along as it last, you’re mine and I’m yours.” The angle of his jaws dared her to argue.

Kate looked even more confused. A minute ago he wanted them to see other people and still see each other and now this.

She gave herself a brisk shake. “This is silly. I mean, two people only see each other, only being with each other, isn’t that another word for ‘in a relationship’ ?”

“Which is why we aren’t going to label whatever this is.”

She looked up into those deep blue eyes and her heart turned. She hated that he could still do that to her even after she had just been angry at him. But she was too curious for her own good. She needed to know if what she secretly felt was true.

“Alright.” She said, praying that this wasn’t one of her hundred other mistakes that she had made this year. “For as long as it last.”

Taylor smiled, bringing his head back down to capture her already swollen lips.

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