The Price Possession

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Chapter 41 - Sensitive And Responsive

Kate suckled on her breath as Taylor’s fingers caressed her bare shoulders, they felt soft and yet it made her feel hot and cold, all at the same time and when they drew down, tugging at the hem of her blouse, she panicked and quickly pulled away.

“Taylor, wait!” She bit out instantly, heart pounding savagely inside her chest.

“What is it?” He frowned through his own frustration.

She was talking and that was the last thing on his mind, to talk.

Kate took a step back and bit nervously down on her lip.

“I-uh,” she stammered.

“Kate?” He urged, feeling as though he was about to explode.

Her breath shook as she exhaled deeply, unable to tell if it was because of the way that he kissed her or what she was about to tell him.

“Remember the night you were drunk? In your office?”

“Vaguely, why?” He took a step closer towards and stopped when he noticed that her hands were shaking.

Kate cringed.

Well, she remembered and she wasn’t sure if it would end the same way, with him telling her to go to her room because he didn’t do virgins.

She released another breath, trying to calm herself. “I told you that --, well you see I’m--”

Jesus, why was this so hard?

“Kate, what is it?” Taylor asked, forcing his hands into his pockets. He wasn’t sure if he could last another minute without touching and judging by the looks on her face, he feared that she might bolt if he did.

Damn it! Kate cursed inwardly.

“Im still a virgin.” She blurted out.

An awkward silence filled the room. Taylor’s face went from confused to slightly shocked as they stood there staring at each other.

It felt like hours had gone by when Taylor finally spoke again.

“This changes things.”

The wild flames of desire had dimmed in his eyes making her heart drop. He was going to drop her like a hot sack of potatoes, she just knew it.

Well that was it then. She was going to die a virgin.

“I know.” Kate said walking over to the couch and grabbing hold of her bag where she had discarded it.

She might as well go upstairs and try to sleep through her embarrassment. When she told him that she knew exactly what to say to turn him off the next time, she hadn’t meant it, well not literally because now she did want him. His touches and kisses made her feel things. It made her skin tingle with a weird yet longing sensation to have him undressing her.

“I don’t think that you do.” His voice came behind her, startling her abit.

“Because you see, I was planning on ripping your clothes off and fucking you right here in the middle of my living. Thats how much I want you Kate, and you being a virgin,” He paused, begging his body to not betray him, to not reveal just how much he want her, “I honestly don’t think your first time should be on the couch or evenless on the floor.”

He grabbed hold of a her hand, not giving her a second to object, and pulled her towards the stairs. Kate struggled to keep up with his long strides, as if he couldn’t get upstairs fast enough.

“Where are you taking me?” She asked.

Her bag slipped from her hand and she watched as if stumbled down steps.

“Where you’ll enjoy sleeping from now on.” He mumbled but it was more to himself.

Kate couldn’t quite make out what he had said, inbetween her bag falling and her struggling behind him, she couldn’t think focus.

“Taylor...” umph...

His lips were on hers again. She only had time to open up as he pressed her up against the cold wall. Her arms circled around his neck and she moaned when his hand grabbed on to her leg and lifted it up to his waist. A wild plaintiff cried escaped her at the feel of his hard arousal pressed against her belly and she could feel herself getting wet.

Without breaking off the kiss, Taylor’s hand travelled up her bare thigh, savouring the it softness as they peeked under her skirt.

The bloody thing was to tight, he couldn’t quite get his hand to travel all the way up to her plump ass.


Kate gasped against his lips.

“Did you just fucking--”

He rolled the ruin material of her skirt up to her waist.

“I’ll buy you a new one.” He smirked, covering her lips with his again.

There was something in his eyes, his voice and the way that he had ripped her skirt open ; so possessively, as if she was his and he wanted nothing to stand in the way of that. It caught her off guard at how much the idea turned her on, even if it wasn’t entirely true, but nonetheless, him being in control was definitely turning her on.

She opened for him, welcoming his tongue, greeting it with hers. And when he grinded into her with an urgency that was hedonistic and raw, his hard erection creating delicious friction against her clit, she cried out into his mouth.

Her blouse was next to go. Kate squirmed at sound of buttons bouncing against the the marbled floor, leaving her exposed in her black lace bra.

Taylor then leaned down and his tongue, tracing a seductive line down her neck, stopping at the pulse point before capturing the lobe of her ear.

“Stay.” He whispered in command.

Kate stood unmoved, unable to summer up any thoughts or any physical force to push him away. Not that she wanted to. She didn’t. She loved the feel of his hands on her skin and his lips. Dear lord, his lips continued its sweet torture down to her...

A gasp escaped her mouth as he drew in one of her rosy nipple into his mouth, sucking, stroking away with his tongue, it evoked a strange yet pleasuring sensation down her half decently covered cunt.

She was half dreaming and half awake, she had to be. Why else would his fingers be dipping into her panties?

“Taylor...” she whispered, her back arching against the white coated walls.

Taylor groaned at the sound of his name, it came as a warning yet sounded like a plea. He lifted his head and roughly crushed his lips onto hers.

“Bedroom, now.” He hoarsed, grabbing hold of her hand.

He had almost lost control. He wanted her first time to be special and yet the slightest taste of her consumed him, made him forget.

Disorientated, Kate leapt forward at the firm grasp of his hand. Her legs were giving her a hard time to hastened their pace.

With one quick motion Taylor stopped and hurled her over his shoulder, earning a surprised shriek from her.

“You’re taking too long.” he said, smacking her on ass.

“This is ridiculous.” Kate stated through half a laugh, trying to keep herself from falling over.

Her head jutted up slightly as he moved past her bedroom and further down the hallway.

“I can walk, you know.” She said, blushing profusely as he caressed her overly exposed buttocks once more.

“I’m sure that you can but just not fast enough.” He replied, smacking her once more causing her to squealed once more.

Taylor’s room was amazing, well, the little bit that Kate saw as he placed her to her feet only a few feet away from his king size bed. For old enough, I was twice as big as her.

He turned on his bedroom light before dimming the glare just a bit.

“There.” He said, “I want to see you.” The gravel in his voice made her shiver.

But it wasn’t fair. She was the only one who was partially naked.

“I want to see you too.”

Wrapping his arms around her, he took her mouth with his tongue then teeth as he pulled on her lower lip.

“Have I told you how much I love this skirt,” he said as he unzipped it unsalvaged material, “even better on the floor?”

Within seconds, it was pooled around her feet, and she was standing in front of him in only tiny lace panties, bra and her shoes.

He stared at her until she blushed. “Beautiful.”

His lips crushed hers, seeking and searching, punishing and soothing all at once. Their tongues met for a dance as ageless as time. She sucked on his, and he moaned, the rumble reverberating down her body. Kate loved that she could affect him too. It made her brave. Less timid.

With a pounding heart, she tugged at his tie and threw it on the floor, then she worked the buttons of his shirt. It was soon gone, and she could feel his skin. Warmth and rippling muscle. All man under her fingertips.

She started at the zipper of his pants, but he pushed her fingers away.

“Let me.” he said, stepping out of his shoes as the pants and belt joined the puddle of clothes.

His erection tented his boxers.

Kate swallowed at the sight before her. She bit her lips and could have sworn that for the first time in her life she could feel the colour red.

Taylor yanked her up, moved over to his bed and placed her down on it.

Like a predatory animal, he climbed up her body, licking his way up her legs and belly, stopping to circle each breast. His hand travelled to her breast and played with a nipple, squeezing just hard enough for her to feel it.

Kate groaned and he squeezed again.

“Pain enhances the pleasure.” He whispered softly.

And she believed him.

Then his fingers were replaced by his lips, his teeth, as he moved back down her body. When he came to her panties, she wailed as tongue and teeth pressed through the material, the lacy barrier increasing the sensations on her swollen clitoris.

Her hand found his hair, pulling him closer, harder. She couldn’t explain why, but she didn’t want him to stop or have any chances to pull away. It was as if he had ignite a fire of which only he could tame.

Needing no further urging, Taylor sat back on his knees and reached for the top of her panties.

“I’ve been waiting so long to see this,” he admitted as he peeled them down her legs.

“Beautiful. So smooth.”

When they were gone, he settled between her thighs and Kate’s breathing picked up speed. A small flick of his tongue nearly sent her over the edge.

“Sensitive. I love that.”

Sliding his hands under her ass, he lifted her. Their eyes met as he opened her with his thumbs and blew on her heat.

Her eyes clasped shut as anticipation kicked in.

Then he drove his tongue inside her, setting off another shattering moan that was music to his ears. She was quite an instrument to play, so finely tuned, and if he touched her right, she made the most glorious sounds - raw, intense, absolutely delicious noises of pleasure as he plundered her with his tongue.

The taste of her was intoxicating. His tongue teased her sensitive clit, then pressed high into the soft, slice opening.

Kate became lost with the splendor that he forced on her. She clung to him now, demanding more.

She grabbed his hair once again, yanked and pulled him closer as he tongue slipped in and out and in and out. And when he felt her tightening around during his tongue, he thrust one finger inside her, crooking it and hitting her in the spot that turned her moans into one long, high-pitched orgasm.

The muscle in her thighs tenses against him as she welcomed the rush of balding ecstacy consuming her. As soon as Taylor felt the first tremors of release, he moved. He spread her thighs wide, rubbed his pulsing cock alomg her wet slits and eased into her. He paused when he reached her restraint, then drove forward with one powerful surge.

Kate cried and shuddered against him, her legs quaking, pain mixed and blended with her orgasm. Taylor immediately stilled his movements. He was fully embedded in her now, his possession complete.

“Don’t move just yet.” He ordered, trying to hold on to his discipline, wanting to give her time to adjust to his size.

But she couldn’t move, not even if she wanted to. His weight held her in place.

“God, Kate. You’re so tight.” He whispered, his voice was a grating sound against her ear.

He cupped her face, then slowly kissed the salty tears away from her flushed cheeks. Her eyes were dark with passion and her rosy lips swollen from his demanding kisses.

“Does it still hurt, Kate?” Eventhough he tried to hide it, the worry was there, in his tone of voice and his intense expression.

Kate nodded, then whispered, “It will pass, right? this pain? Am I supposed to be this tight?”

“Yes.” Taylor groaned.

She felt him pull back. Kate thought that he was going to pull out, so she wrapped her legs around his thighs to keep him deep inside her.

“Then don’t stop, Taylor. Not yet.”

“Not yet.“He promised.

Taylor started to move, he withdraw from her, the thrusted deep inside once more. Kate raised her hips to meets him halfway. She wanted all of him to squeeze tight.

Passion, like a wild forest fire raged between them. Taylor buried his face against her neck as he slammed into her again and again and again.

He wanted to be gentle, it was her first time but Kate wouldn’t let him. She didn’t know that her nails dug into his shoulderblades but Taylor didn’t mind; her loud moans were pushing him off the edge, fueling his merciless thrusts.

Kate felt as the inner walls of her pussy slowly began to contract again. Tears burned through her tightly shut eyes as she felt an incredible pressure building inside her, she clung to Taylor and cried out his name.

“Let go, love, ” Taylor whispered. “Come with me, now.”

She didn’t know where he was taking her but she knew that she was safe in his arms. She surrendered herself over him and when she thought that she was surely going to die, she saw stars, millions and billion of stars dancing behind her closed lids.

Taylor’s release soon followed, he pumped harder into her, the tip of his cock hitting against her sleek wall. Then he pulled out, stroking himself, with his head slight tilted to the back, his eyes shut and his mouth slightly parted into almost pained expression then quickly replace with bliss as he released his hot cum on her glistening breasts.

“Don’t move.” He told her before he slipped off of the bed.

Kate watched with drowsy eyes as he proceeded to the bathroom.

A few minute later, he emerged out with as wet towel in his hand.

“I’ve ran a bath for you. It might help with the soreness.” He stopped, his eyes slowly locked on her soft features. He saw her hair was a wild tumble, and her face was glowing and yet she was fast asleep.

She looked thoroughly satisfied, he thought, then frowned at himself.

He didn’t even consider wearing a condom with her and he always wore one. Of course he knew that she was a virgin but still, he should have protected her, only a second too late and he would have cum inside her.

He could feel his erection betraying him again. Just the thought of being inside once again. Damn!

Never before had he been so out of control or felt such overwhelming passion. He was the experienced one and she, the innocent; and yet, he brushed his fingers against the gentle crook of her neck, he realised that Kate had taken him far beyond the stars.

Now he wasn’t so sure if he wanted to let her go.

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