The Price Possession

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Chapter 43 - The Bloody Thing Broke

The water was warm and soothing, beating down on Kate’s shoulders as she stood under the stream with her eyes closed and her hands flatly pressed against the cool marble wall. Her head felt heavy and her chest - tight, as if somebody was slowly squeezing the life out of her.

She didn’t mean to go all nuclear on Taylor but everything was just happening all at once and she couldn’t handle it. Her abrupt outburst was uncalled for, she knew that, but at the same time it didn’t give him the right to make her feel as though she was nothing special. Not after last night. Not after she had given herself over to him - completely.

‘He could’ve atleast apologised.’ She muttered to herself, then sighed.

‘It’s not like you gave him a second to digest everything before running away.’ The small voice reasoned at the back of her head.

That’s right. She didn’t. Maybe because a small part of her wanted him to get angry at her because she deserved it.

She lifted her head and stared at the closed door through the foggy shower glass.

Was he angry that she had said all those things to him?

Maybe if he was then it would be easier when she tells him what she had done, then maybe, just maybe, she wouldn’t have to watch as his beautiful smile dies on his lips and then all that she would be left to remember him by would be the words that would follow after.

Her eyes prickled as hot tears began to form, stinging as they slipped through her lids making their way down her cheeks.

What did she care? She scolded at herself.

He was an asshole, self centered and arrogant.

Yes but he was also betrayed by a woman whom he allowed to get close. He also gave Kayla a place to stay when she had nowherelse to go and he loves his brother so much that he went against his father’s wishes and had gotten close to him. Did you also forget that he spared nana a heart attack?

He could have easily told her the truth but instead he hired a night nurse and had her think that you were together. He is not the only one to blame here, Kate. You are too.

Once again, that little voice was right. Despite her efforts in trying to delude herself into thinking that she didn’t care how he would respond to her truth, the truth still remained that she did. Because she knew Taylor and he wasn’t the self-centered arrogant monster that the media portrayed him to be.

Underneath his hard front of a wall he had a heart and it was just as big as his ego.

She shut off the water and the shower door flew open.

Kate gasped, startled then drew out a breath of relief when her eyes landed on Taylor. His blue eyes were soft, brows slightly creased with concerned.

No, he wasn’t angry like she had imagined.

“Taylor,” she began.

“I’m sorry.” He interjected, beating her to her own apology.

He drew back the slide, stepped inside the shower and pulled her into an embrace.

His body felt warm against hers as she rested the right side of her cheek against his chest. She could hear his heart beating at a steady pace like a clock in the absence of noise.

“No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said all those things.” She muttered against his skin.

“Yeah. You shouldn’t have.” He agreed, then pulled back so that he could look into her eyes, before he continued to speak. “I didn’t mean it the way that you interpreted it, Kate. Last night was fucking special and you know it. I only meant that I had already seen you naked. I would never compare you to another woman because you’re not. You’re my insignificant Kate Dawson.”

Her jaws tightened and her body tensed at his words.

“Insignificant?” She murmured against his skin.

“I’m kidding. It was just a little joke that I was trying out.“” He said, tightening his arms around her for fear that she would run off again.

“Don’t joke again, Taylor because that one kind of stings.”

“Oh,” he then frowned. “Then I’m sorry, for having a bad sense of humour.”

Taylor felt her back shift and a laugh followed as it erupted against his chest. He drew back from Kate and smiled as he looked down at her. She was laughing, completely obvlious that she was standing in his arms naked and rosy and gently marked with the signs of his possession.


He wanted nothing more than to lift her up, spread her lovely tanned legs around his waist and with one forceful stroke drive his now aroused cock deep inside her and hear her soft little cries as he took her over the edge of the precipice, over and over again. But she was probably still abit sore from last night and he wasn’t exactly gentle with her, not the she allowed he to be.

“Taylor.” Kate said again.


“I said that I’m making you wet.”

She was right. They looked like a pair of idiots standing in the shower locked in each others embrace and his sweatpants was wet, so was his chest but he did care. As long as she wasn’t upset anymore.

“I feel a little emasculated.” He said, reaching for one of his fresh towels and wrapping it around her. “I’m suppose to make you wet and not the other way around.”

Her cheeks burned as she stepped out of the shower and onto the bath mat. “I thought that we just agreed, no more bad jokes.” She pouted.

“It wasn’t a joke, Dawson.”

She blinked, her eyes then wondered further down and finally landed on his tented erection then bit down on her lip.

He was hard and he wanted her, again. It was all she had been thinking about eversince she had woken up this morning.

Him, kissing her.

Him, touching her.

And them, making love.

One last time, she told herself. She would allow herself this one last moment with him before she comes clean.

Her grip around the fluffy grey towel loosened and it fell to the floor in a soft and barely audible thud, pooling at her feet.

“I hope you know, that I do intend to visit my grandmother today.“She said, taking a step towards him.

Taylor’s brows jutted up and he exhaled sharply, “Are you trying to kill the mood?” He asked then grinned as she looped her arms around his neck.

Kate smiled, “Not at all. I just thought I’d let you know beforehand, you know, incase you decide to do anything that might limit my movements for the day.”

Taylor’s hands went around her waist then lowered further down to her bare bottom, grabbing a handful her perfectly round cheeks and pressed his stifling arousal against her. Their foreheads touched and his eyes closed as he released a frustrating groan.

“Are you sure you’re not too sore?” He asked, his voice unsteadied, as if it was taking alot of his strength to keep from himself from fucking her.

“Just a little,” Kate replied,” But I want this Taylor. I want you.”

Taylor had heard those words countless of time before but never did he think that he would yearn to hear them, and when Kate did, he almost lost it.

Not again, he thought.

He released hold of her, then unwrapped her hands from his neck.

Kate frowned.

Had she done something?

“Wait here.” He simply said, leaving her to stand alone and naked, in the middle of his bathroom.

She heard the sound of the bedroom drawers being shut and Taylor reappeared through the door holding a condom between his fingers.

“Last night was a close call. We better be safe until we can figure another method of protecting you.”

Kate smiled and almost ran to meet him halfway. He caught up with her after her first step. He gathered her close and captured her lips into a hot kiss. He spread his legs so that she was cradled against his hardness.

Kate moaned at the friction of his hard cock rubbing against her clit. She wanted more, no, needed more. Her mouth opened to his and her quick eagerness made his blood thunder in his veins.

She was warm and soft, like silk in his arms and she tasted of never letting go. He knew that he could take whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted without mercy. But he wanted, no needed her kisses, her body, her moans. And yet he needed her to offer them all freely.

And when she did. He touched her. Her breasts. Her belly. The soft red curls that nestled between her thighs. But none of it was enough. He needed to be inside her, deep inside her and he couldn’t wait for the necessities of a bed or even the bath mat that was just a few feet away.

“Taylor,“Kate whispered, the yearning in her voice almost undid him.

And then she touched him, her hand sliding down over his erection, cupping him.

“Now,“she said,

“Wait,” he replied thickly, with one last attempt to hang on to his sanity as he set her down on the countertop.

Taylor placed the silver foil between his teeth, tearing at its corner. She heard him groan as he sprang his hard cock free and with one swift motion, he grabbed the latex material and rolled it on his painful erection.

“Taylor,” Kate urged, “Please, now.”

She only had just about enough time to wrap her hands around his neck as he scooped her back up into his arms. He lifted her high, spreading her thighs in one powerful motion. Kate wrapped her legs around him.

“Taylor,” she demanded in near shout when he pressed the tip of his cock to her opening, then hesitated.

“Fuck! The bloody thing just broke.” His voice grated against her ears as his ripped off the useless condom.

The agony in his voice drove through her sexual haze.

“Please.” She whispered, “I need you.”

Taylor groaned his approval, then thrust inside her with on powerful surge. He was inside her, so far deep inside that it paralysed her lungs. His was big and stretching her insides, yet the pressure was excruciatingly wonderful. Kate cried out in pleasure, clinging on to his shoulders for support, her nails digging into his bare skin.

“Kate,” Taylor whispered, as he cupped her bottom, squeezing it, his cock throbing inside her. He grunted with pleasure when he felt her heat. She was wet and hot for him. “Kate.”

“Taylor,” Her voice trembled. She wanted to say more. To ask him to move. But she couldn’t say anything else.

H freed one of his hands and grabbed hold of her long wet hair, twisted it around his fist and jerked her forward.

“Don’t ever fucking compare yourself to another woman.”

He didn’t give her time to answer. His opened mouth claimed hers and his tongue thrust inside. Kate melted against him. His tongue drove her wild. She rubbed her breasts against his chest and moaned out in protest when he tore his mouth away.

A faintly gasp escaped her when she felt his breath fanning against the sensitive part of her neck. He kissed her there and whispered sweet words of seduction against her ear as he withdrew and drove back into her, again and again. Each pound, harder and harder still.

Kate clung to him. Her back arched as he drove wildly into her, sending her higher and higher into the great abyss. Her moans filled his bathroom with an endless echo and when she thought that her voice would die out, a lamnent cry burst from her throat and she cried out his name, bathing in the sweet tremors of her release.

Their surrender was absolute and their passion appeased. Taylor stayed inside her a while longer. Even after his breathing had slowed and his heart had quit hammering, he still didn’t move. He wanted to hold her for a while longer, didn’t want to lose scent of their lovemaking.

For the first time in his life, he was content. He understood what it meant and yet instinctively rebelled against admitting the full truth.

It was too soon, he told himself.

Admitting to what he felt would make him vulnerable, weak.... he wasn’t ready for that.

Kate felt Taylor tense against her. He eased her back to her feet, the turned away from her to gather her towel. She caught a glimpse of his dark expression.

“Taylor?” She whispered. “Is everything alright?”

He signaled her to lift her arms, then he wrapped the towel around her.

“Yes.” He replied to the worrying tone in her voice, then dropped a small kiss on her swollen lips.

“How about that breakfast?” He said, reaching for her hand.

Kate smiled and nodded her head at him.

But she could tell that he wasn’t yet she decided not to press on.

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