The Price Possession

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Chapter 44 - The Morning After "Wife"

Kate sat in the back of Taylor’s town car staring out the window. He had instructed Ben to stop by the pharmacy and as per the conversation they had over breakfast, he was evidently serious about buying her ‘morning after pill’.

She smiled at the small spark of memory of his cheeks flushing when he said that he had always been careful and in control and wouldn’t have, in a million years taken such a risk to not wearing a condom.

“I can’t seem to control the need to be inside you, Kate and I cannot promise that I won’t try to fuck you any chance that I get, with or without a condom. But we need to be safe. You’ll have to visit your doctor about other contraceptive options.”

He had no idea that the feeling was mutual. That making love with him was like a drug, one taste and she was already an addict. It scared her at how attached she is to him because when he calls whatever this was off, she didn’t know if she would make it out alive.

She took in a deep breath, shaking all thoughts about her unforseen future away. Instead, she turned and gave Ben a smile through the rear-view mirror.

“Beautiful morning, isn’t it Ben?” She said cheerful as she fished for her phone in the bag.

Ben smiled, “For some more than others, Ms.Dawson.”

Kate let a chuckle escape from her mouth. She knew exactly what he mean. He did in fact walk into the living bearing witness to her straddled on Taylor’s lap. But she decided to pretend to be clueless to his jest.

“Oh, you mean your wife? I thought the romance part eventually dies out after the first few years of being married.” She clapped back with her head bent so that he wouldn’t see just how amused she was.

“Oh, does it?” Ben frowned, “Good thing I’m not married then.”

Kate’s head snapped up and her well shaped brows furrowed.

“You’re not?” She asked, her voice squeaked in surprise.

“I’m not.” He replied, smiling as if amused that she thought so.

“But Taylor said...” she paused, watching as Taylor came out of the store.

Her amber eyes narrowed his way.

Why would he tell her that Ben was married?


Her smile vanished and her grip tightened around her phone.

“Son of a bitch!” She muttered lowly as he opened the door, sliding in the seat next to her.

“Ben, to Ms.Dawson’s apartment.” Taylor said.

Kate fumed. Her jaws clenched as he drew her closer to him. She was really trying to make amends for her premature outburst this morning but this. Is that what he really thought of her? That she would seduce Ben? Didn’t he even accuse her of screwing his brother?

Taylor felt her tense at his touch. His eyes crunched up in concern. He had only been gone for less that two minutes, what could have possibly happened to her stiff and barely giving him a time of day.

He slowly leaned his head down to her ear and whispered, “Everything alright?”

“Yes.” She replied smiling sweetly at him through clenched teeth.

“Kate,” Taylor insisted.

If she hadn’t smiled at him the way she did, he would have believed her.

So he gently cupped her chin, tilting it up slightly so that she was now looking at him.

“What is it?”

Her eyes held his gentle blue ones and she could feel all trance of anger that she had for him slowly dissolving into a warm pool of unruly lust.

Oh God, she was loosing it. He had turned her into a hopeless cause without any chance of being rescued .

“Ben,” she said, snapping herself out of his seductive haze.

“Why don’t you tell Mr.Price how much you’re enjoying married life?”

Ben shifted in the seat infront, clearing his throat and yet, he remained quite.

Taylor then hissed a curse under his breath, pulling his lips between his teeth to suppress the need to laugh.

“You really have nothing to say for yourself Mr.Price?” She asked, tearing her chin from his grasp.

“It wasn’t a complete lie,” Taylor replied in attempts to defend himself, he then addressed Ben, “You have a girlfriend, don’t you Ben?”

“Yes, sir.” Ben replied.

“And isn’t it the same as being married?”

“Uh- I’m not quite sure about that, sir and I wouldn’t want my girlfriend to think that it is. She might not want to yes when I do propose to her someday.”

Taylor groaned. Ben wasn’t helping. He had only told her that he was married because somehow, without even trying she had smittened both Brandon and Ben at first sight. And now as he thought about it, maybe he shouldn’t have lied.

Kate bit down on her lip trying to mask the smile that threatened to curve on her mouth when Ben gave her a small wink, letting her know that he was on her side. She wasn’t angry at Taylor, this was before they had gotten to know each other, so he really didn’t owe her anything; but the least he could do was to set the record straight afterwards.

Taylor grabbed hold of her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Can we fight about this later?”

Later, she thought.

She still had to talk to him about Carl. So no, this wasn’t worth to fight about later.

“Let’s not.” She said, “I wanted to tell you something this morning but,”

The car slowed down, Kate stole a look out of the window and sighed. They were parked outside of her apartment building. There was no way that she was going to tell him about it here, in his car. He’d probably kick her out and speed off without her being done explaining everything.

So instead she grabbed her bag from her lap and squeezed his hand back just like he had done with hers.

“How about we talk about it tonight, after you’ve fed me?”

“Alright.” Taylor smiled.

“It’s a date.” He said, recalling how she had once used that line on him.

Kate rolled her eyes at him.

“Very funny, Mr. Price. I’ll see you later.” She said scrambling out of her seat, reaching for the door then added, “Take care of him Ben. I really worry about that ego of his.”

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Taylor said stopping her before she got out.

Kate glanced at his raised brows and blushed, “Oh.”

She reached over and placed a small peck on the left side of his cheek. His eyes glistened in amusement and his brows touched.

“That isn’t what I meant.” He explained then cleared his throat, “You’re forgetting this.” He pulled out the small brown paper bag from his jacket and placed it in her hands.

Her cheeks heated in embarrassment. “Oh? Of course.”

The ‘shit-happens’ pill. She thought that he had meant ‘a kiss’.

She unzipped her bag and placed the content inside ready to leave and spare herself from further embarrassment.

“And Kate, ”

She jutted her head up at the mention of her name

“Never kiss me like that again.”

Her eyebrow furrowed by what he meant. Her lips parted to tell him exactly what she wouldn’t be doing again but froze when he placed both of his hands on each side of her face. Taylor smiled when he caught a spark of excitement flash through her eyes.

He pulled her closer and whispered in her ears.

“This is how you’re suppose to kiss me.”

His lips brushed against her cheek lightly, as light as it was it sent shivers through Kate’s nerves, shivers that caused her whole body to tremble. Then he kissed her nose and her forehead.

“If you want me to stop, tell me now. ” He whispered.

But she said nothing. All she could think about was how much she loved having his lips on her skin. It made her veins throb and her heart explode. It made her forget about everything and everyone.

When Taylor heard no sighs of protest, he brushed his mouth against the hollow of her temple.

“Or now.” He traced the line of her cheekbone.

His lips were against hers. “Or n--”

The rest of his words went unheard against her mouth as she reached up and pulled him closer. His tongue slipped inside her mouth, gentle but demanding, it was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Not that she had any previous kiss to compare it to but doubted that it could ever get any better that this.

Her fingers gripped his hair pulling him closer. They were parked in the middle of the street in broad daylight with people walking up and down the street; but she didn’t care about any of that. She could smell his aftershave and his shampoo and that extra scent that was just... him; and he smelled so delicious. It made her want to feel him, all of him, pressed against her.

Taylor groaned softly, low in his throat. His hands slid down from her face to her shoulders as he gently pulled away. He had a look that said 'if he hadn’t stopped, then they would have taken this a little too far'.

Confused by how control had been ripped from his hands once again, he caressed the side of her cheek and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“I’ll see you at home.” He said.

Home. There was that word again.

Kate tried to swallow down the colours that burned through her cheeks. Unable to spare Ben another look, she simply muttered, a small ‘later’ to Taylor before making her exit.

“Can you both just cut it out already?!” Kate admonished, narrowing her eyes at both Nana and Mrs.Kirby.

They haven’t stopped teasing and it was really starting to annoy her. She wasn’t inlove with Taylor! Fascinated by his love making skills, yes but definitely not in love with him.

“You think she’ll let us know when she finally realise that she is?” Mrs.Kirby asked nana, biting back her smile.

Nana laughed. “I highly doubt it. Knowing her, she’ll probably take it to her grave.”

“Oh my god!” Kate heaved, running a smooth hand over her face. “You two are just too much.”

And she was going to have to suffer through this for an entire day.

She got up from her grandmother’s bed and grabbed her bag.

“I have to make a call. I hope that when I get back you two,” she pointed at them with her index finger, “will have something else to talk about apart from my love life.”

She heard them laughing as she made her way through the narrow corridor and into the living. She had gotten distracted twice today and hadn’t even gotten a chance to reply to Carl. So now was a good time any to call him and tell him to she wasn’t going to pull through with his plan.

A shaky breath parted her plump lips as she dialed his number and after the first few rings he answered.

“Kate?” Carl’s voices echoed through her phone.

Kate drew in another breath before she spoke.

“Carl, we need to talk.”

“Did you find out anything?” He impatiently asked.

“Uh - no. I haven’t.” She stopped, swallowed down on her dry throat before carrying on. “You see, I’m not... Oh fuck.”

She thought that it would be easy to tell him about her decision and yet the words were somehow hard to say.

She had never dissapointed him before. They were friends. He was the only friend that she had in this city and it tore at her heart at thought of him feeling let down by her.

Carl chuckled through her stammering, “Hey, you okay? I’m sensing awkwardness and that has never been your style.”

She scoffed at herself.

Yeah well, so is me sleeping with the man that I’m suppose to betray. It can’t get any awkward than this.

This was a complete and utter mess, kate thought.

She hadn’t expected things would end up this way. Her liking Taylor and him being the way that is now. But her gut feeling had been right the first time around and she should have said no.

“Carl, I can’t do this.” She finally said, cringing at what he would say next.

He fell into silence and for a few minutes Kate thought that he had hung up on her. the blood pounding in her ears was of no aid to her shot nerves.

“You still there?” She swallowed.

“Yes.” Came his stern reply, but even with the simple word said she could hear the bitter trail of dissapoitment.

Her grandmother’s door squeaked causing Kate to spare a quick glance through the hallway. She remained quite long enough to ensure that Mrs.Kirby wasn’t coming out, and when she didn’t, she spoke again.

“Look, I’m sorry Carl but this isn’t me. I can’t work with Taylor and his brother and then turn around and do something like this. It’s horrible. I’ve gotten to know them and they are really not as bad as you think. Taylor is actually --” she stopped.

Carl let out a bitter scoff that caused her to frown.

“So it’s Taylor now? And not Mr.Price. I wonder what’s changed Kate?”

Kate felt the need to swallow again. Carl wasn’t stupid, it wouldn’t take him long to figure out that something was up with her and Taylor but still, she didn’t want him to think that it was because she was now sleeping with him that had changed her mind.

“Nothing Carl. I just, I can’t do this and you have to let this go too.” She plead.

“Let this go?” He said, then said it again but this time louder than his usual calm voice.

“Are fucking kidding me Kate? I’ve already talked to Carla and she’s agreed to meet up with me. I’m this close to finding out what happened and you want me to let this go.”

Her heart picked up its pace and her hand flew to her lips. He never yelled, let alone cuss at her before. Her lips quivered and her heart sank.

She could hear his deep shallow breaths through the receiver.

“Are you fucking him?” Carl roared and she winced.

“What?” She squeaked, taken aback by his sudden accusation.

“I said. Are. you. Fucking. Him, Kate?” His voice held so much bitterness and it was cold and harsh; and it tore her to bits.

Tears prickled in her eyes.

“I don’t why this would have anything to do with what I’m telling you Carl. Please just stop. He isn’t hiding anything and if he were then maybe he just has his reasons. It’s his secret Carl, not ours. So just let it go. Please.” She begged.

She could sense it already. She was about to lose a friend and if not Brandon and Kayla ... and Taylor. But she didn’t want to lose either of them. They had become part of her life, her world and she wasn’t ready to lose either of them.

Carl drew in a deep breath.“I won’t.” He told her, “But I will give you until the end of the day to figure your shit out. Call me when you’re done being his cum bucket.”

Before she had time to sober up from his crude words, Carl ended the call.

Kate’s feet buckled underneath her and she land on the couch.

What the fuck just happened?

Did he just ask her to choose between him and Taylor?

Never in her life did she think that he would react this way and yet with every response that he gave, it felt like a stranger talking back to her.

What the hell was she going to do?

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