The Price Possession

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Chapter 45- Late Night Confession

Taylor was gone.

While Kate was still at her apartment, she was surprised to see an unknown number calling her and when she answered, it had been Taylor. Telling her that he wasn’t coming home for the next couple of days due to some overseas work emergency. And when he didn’t mention where, she didn’t dare to ask, thinking that it must be one of those things that she wasn’t meant to know about.

She had arrived home a few hours ago and was rummaging in the fridge when Taylor called announcing that Ben was on his way up with dinner.

Kate’s lips quirked as she listened to his husky voice over the phone. He sound tired and the thought of him still thinking of her while he was off to God knows where made her miss him even more.

A small laugh erupted from her throat.

“You can’t be serious Taylor.” She exclaimed, deciding to call his bluff on dinner. Thinking that at this time of night Ben was at home with his girlfriend and Taylor was probably pulling one of his lame excuse of a joke on her just so she doesn’t cook.

But before he could answer back she saw Ben walking into the kitchen white a brown take out bag.

“Oh my god” She exclaimed unable to fight off the wide smile that grew on her face.

You are not kidding!” She said giving out a short laugh before giving Ben a quick smile.

With a nod of the head Ben discreetly took his leave. Kate walked over to the counter and and flopped open the box.

The delicious aroma of mushroom risotto filled her nose. A low moan of satisfaction vibrated in her throat.

He remembered, she thought closing her eyes, savoring every bit of the mouth watering scent.

On one of their previous nights together, she had told him that mushroom risotto was one of her favourite dish and he remembered.

“I don’t know whether to kiss you or be very offended right now.” She said, leaning her head furthermore into the phone.

“How about we save the kiss for when I get back?” He replied in a gentle tone filled with promises.

“How long are we talking about?” She quiered, taking out a fork from the utensils drawer then taking a seat on one of the stools.

There was a short pause of silence before Taylor spoke, “I’m... not quite sure just yet.”

“Oh?” She frowned placing a fork full of rice in her mouth, then chewed.

“I was really hoping to talk to you Taylor. It’s uh- kind of important.”

“What about?”

She drew in a breath and shifted on the leather stool. “I’d rather do it in person.” She told him.

“Now you have me worried, ” his deep masculine voice echoed through the receiver. He then cleared his throat, ” Should I be worried?”

I don’t know, Kate wanted to say. As far as she was concerned, he didn’t need to worry but Carl on the other hand, that she wasn’t quite sure about.

“I don’t think so.” She muttered, her mood suddenly spoilt.

She had planned to tell him this tonight. Her gut feeling was telling her to just say it and be done with. If only he hadn’t left.

Her lips parted to beg him to be careful but the word died on her tongue at the sound of the door bell sounding off.

“I think there's someone at the door.” Kate annouced over the phone.

“At this time of night?” She could hear the puzzling sound in his voice.

“You didn’t send Ben over again, did you? Because I don’t think that I can eat anything else.”

Taylor laughed. “Not even the Tiramisu? It wasn’t on the menu tonight so I had to practically beg chef Lorenzo to make an exception. Told him I was planning on winning a lady's heart with it.”

“Why am I not surprised Mr.Price?” She chortled,shaking her head at his idea of begging. He probably demanded that they make or else he qould have the whole place shut down.

It was definately something that he would do. And then him adding that he planned to win her heart with it...

She couldn't tell whether he was being serious or not. So she decided to let it slid and not completely lose herself over it.

He makes bad jokes, she told herself, and this was an awful one because she secretly wish that he had meant it.

“I’ll leave it for later then.” She added, hopping off the stool. “But you still didn’t answer me. Did you make that poor man come back here again to check up on me?"

“No, Kate, he’s not. Ben’s done for the night.”

Oh! Relief flood over Kate but embarrassment as well. She really didn’t want to see anyone tonight. All she wanted was to just go to bed and be done with this whole damn day.

Crossing the floor to the door and the the door bell sounded off again. Somebody must really be impatient to get in.

“How secure is this building?” She asked eyeing the door.

“Very. Nobody comes up without being on the security list.”

“Oh?” She forehead creased, “Then it has to be someone you know. Let me check.”

She stood on the tip of her toes and stole a glance through the peephole. Behind the door stood a very well dressed woman, wearing a trench coat with her long b hair cascading down her chest.

Her fingers clenched around the silver handle.

“Kayla?”Kate said frowning through her smile.

“Kayla?” Taylor voice mirrored hers.

“Uh - yeah. Let me call you back once she’s gone.”

Taylor groaned, “Fine, but don’t let her near the bar. It’s stressful enough just knowing that you two are there - Oh God, alone, in my house.”

Kate couldn’t help but laugh.

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

“We’re not going to burn down your precious apartment Taylor. Maybe she just wants to talk.”

“Right.” He scoffed, ” If you know Kayla as much I do then you would also know that it isn’t always just talk with her.”

The agonizing sound of his tormented groan made her stifle her laugh. He was worrying over nothing. It wasn’t like they were out in a bar, like the night he had rescued them. They were at his home, so really what’s the worse thing that could happen.

“I’ll call you later Taylor and I’ll be sure to keep all emergency contacts close by.”

Before he could reply, Kate ended the call and she pulled the opened the door.

Kayla pushed her way into Taylor’s apartment with two bags in each hand. One had a Chinese take out logo and the other one revealed two bottles of wine. Her lips pulled over her white teeth when she saw Kate frowning down at her hands.

“I hope that you don’t mind me barging in unannounced but I thought that you would like some company.”

Kate smiled, determined to be nice even though she wasn’t up for company tonight. “No, it’s alright. I’ve never been here all alone and this house is starting to creep the hell out of me.”

Kayla let out a small chuckle placing her bags on the dinning room table.

“Well good, because I gave Brandon the night off. Told him that I was going to make a girl’s night in with you.”

Kate’s brows drew up, “And he didn’t have a seizure or a panic attack? Oh how on earth is he going to manage on his own.”

Kayla laughed this time. “It’s like you know him.”

Kate snorted, “ I really wish I didn’t because now I’m kind of worried that he might hurt himself without parental supervision.”

“I swear Kate, if you one more thing that I have said to him about a million times, I’m calling us twins.” Kayla said over her shoulder before disappearing into the kitchen.

Kate manoeuvred her way over to the dinning table and took a seat. A small frown formed over her brows as she heard sounds of glass and cutleries coming from the kitchen.

Kayla seemed to know her way around and was comfortable enough to navigate as she pleased. A small peg of jealousy tugged at her heart.

Just how close was she to Taylor?

Within minutes, Kayla emerged out with her hands full of plates, glasses and cutleries.

“I brought us food. Thought we could eat and chat. I rarely have any ‘girl-time’ with only Brandon and Taylor around.” Kate explained, as she began to set the table.

“Oh.” Kate cringed. It was nice of her to do that but she was honestly stuffed. “I wish I had known earlier that you would be dropping by. You see Taylor already fed me.”

Kayla’s hands hovered over the wine glass and she smiled, “From all the way to Seychelles?”

Seychelles? Kate’s eyes widened at the new information.

Is that where he went? He told her that he had to leave due to an emergency but he didn’t exactly say where or even much so say why. It’s not like she had questioned him about it, he was a grown man and what he did was his business. And yet, she could help the little peg of hurt that settled in her chest.

Why did Kayla know?

She quickly sobered up and forced a smile on her lips, they quivered but just slightly that it went unnoticed by Kayla.

“Uh-yes.” Kate finally answered, “he got Ben to deliver it to me.”

“Hmmm.” Kayla’s eyes sparkled, “Well that’s new. Brandon’s going to love this.” She said twisting off wine the cap.

“But that’s okay,”Kayla then added, “How about we just drink instead?” She dangled the white bottle at Kate.

“Yes,” Kate agreed, grabbing an empty glass for herself, “lets.”

“Wait! That’s how you guys met?” Kate stared at Kayla, horrified by what she had just told her.

Kayla lips pulled into a bitter sneered before being swallowing down her mouth full of wine. The look that she had on her face side it all,'yesterday was only a thought a way'.

“Yeah.” Kay nodded, then scoffed. “Story of my life.”

Kate’s knuckles turned whitefingers tightened around the stem of her glass. “You mean to tell me that if Taylor hadn’t walked in on Brice assaulting you then he would have walked? Scott-free?”

“It’s the truth. When I first started working at his firm he would always make sly comments about my outfit, then it was my legs after that it was no longer words. He would take every opportunity he got to brush up against me, slap me on the ass, fill me up, you name it. I warned him that I would talk to human resources about it but he laughed, claiming that it would never stick. And of course, he had been right. He owned the damn place and no one believed me.” She got up from the couch and grabbed the half empty bottles and poured it in her now empty glass.

Kate couldn’t help it. She knew that Kayla wasn’t searching for pity but for anyone to go through this. It made her fucking mad.

Kay casted her a side glance before placing the bottle down. “You look about ready to kill someone.” She joked.

Kate blinked.

She was.

“You needn’t get upset Kate. It was a long time ago. I’m over it.”

“I know, but still…”

“Would you believe me if I say that when we went to court some of my colleagues said that I was practically begging for it?”


“They said that I dressed for the attention. I didn’t know that knee length dress and pants suit came with a ‘begging for it’ tag. Thank goodness they later confessed that they were threatened to lie on stand. Now, I’m just grateful that Taylor came in that day or God knows I wouldn’t be half as sane as I am now.”

They had drank through two bottles of wine and Kayla had already opened up another one from Taylor’s collection. Kate’s head was starting to spin. This was the right time to say goodnight and go lay down in Taylor’s bed. She missed his presence, his scent especially his voice.

So she made a quick mental note to call him before dosing off with her safely tucked beneath his silk sheets with the overpowering smell of him wrapped up around her.

“I don’t think I can drive.” Kay announced, barely able to hold on to her glass. “I think I’ll just crash here for the night. You don’t mind, do you?”

Kate felt torn to give her a straight answer. Kayla was drunk and Kate really did like her company but at the same time she didn’t want Kay to see her sneak into Taylor’s bedroom. Since Taylor and her hadn’t discussed a thing about them letting other people know that they were bonking, she wasn’t sure if it went against their agreement or not.

Great! She thought, deciding to talk to Taylor first about it, but for now she will just have to settle for her own bed tonight.

With an inside cuss and a heavy sigh, she replied “Of course, not. There are plenty of rooms. I’m sure Taylor wouldn’t mind.”

Kayla let out a hysterical laugh which left Kate puzzled as watched her attempt to place her now half drunken glass on the table but missed, followed with a crashing sound on the floor.

“Oh fuck!” Kate gasped.

There were broken pieces of glass shattered everywhere in the living room and his white Perrsian rug - dear lord, it was stained with the remains of Kayla’s red wine.

Taylor was going to flip.

“Oh, shit!” Kay gasped through her laugh. “Taylor’s going to kill me.”

Kate’s eyes widened at the mess. “Yeah, he is. Only I think he’ll find a way to pin this on me.”

They gave each other a knowing look before bursting into laughs. When they eventually stopped, Kayla gave her a mischievous grin and pouted at her lips.

“You know, I used to date him before Brandon.”

Kate paled and her heart skipped abit. “You didn’t?”

“I did. He’s great kisser too.” Kay said, sending her a small wink.

Kate swallowed, grazing her teeth, fighting to keep her strong front.

“Is he?” She asked between clenched teeth.

“Hmmm. There’s this little thing that he does with his tongue that I can’t really explain it, you know?”

Every word that came out of Kayla’s mouth worsened by the minute. Kate seethed like a rabbid dog foaming at the mouth.

Of course she fucking knew!! It was what fucking drove her wild in his arms and now, hearing this from Kay - she and Taylor were going to have words. Very unpleasant ones! Whereby he would explain why he did tell her about him and Kayla dating.

“And don’t know if it’s the wine, but you look a little pale Kate, you alright?”

“Yeah, ” Kate lied, “I’m just a little shocked.”

“Oh,” kayla waved off, “Yeah, but we only kissed once after the one date.” she revealed, getting up. “We both agreed that there were no sparks. So we just remained friends.”

Kayla stumbled past the couch and steadied herself, “And then I met Brandon, my sweetheart. Never thought that I would be grateful to not have any feelings for Taylor. It would have made things really awkward for me because Brandon, he’s amazing, and I never thought that I could love somebody as much as I love him.”

Yes, Kate thought bitterly, thank God for Brandon.

“He’s something else that Brandon.” Kate quipped, trying not to let Kayla’s confession completely sour her mood.

“It scares me sometimes you know.”

“What does?” Kate brows drew close.

“How much I love him. I don’t think I could bare to live if something was ever to happen to him.”

Alright, Kate thought getting up. Here comes the waterworks.

“Okay, missy. Time for bed.” Kate grabbed hold of her arm and led her up the stairs.

“I think I’ll sleep in Taylor’s room tonight.”

Well fuck!

“Great!” Kate replied, her voice squeaked in high pitch.

Just how she wanted the night to end.

Her bed was cold and for life of her, Kate couldn’t sleep. Well not with Taylor calling her every ten minutes. It took alot of restraint on her part to let it ring off. She was angry and frustrated and was in no mood to talk to him.

Before deciding to switch her phone off, she typed him a short text.

Kate: House still intact. Kayla’s asleep in your bed. Talk tommorow or whenever.

Knowing him as she did now, he would probably on the next plane back after reading this.

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