The Price Possession

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Chapter 46- He said, She said (Part 2)

“He told you?”

Kayla raised a brow at her. “Yeah, he kinda had too, given that he was pissed to find out that I was the one who told his girlfriend that we dated.”

“Girlfriend?” Kate frowned over Kayla’s words, then blushed.

“Yeah. His exact word.”

There was a warm tingling sensation that spread throughout Kate’s chest. Her heart danced and her lips parted over her teeth. Taylor had told Kayla that she was his girlfriend.

She couldn’t stop herself from smiling, not even with Kayla staring at her as of she was crazy or something.

She didn’t care.

This had to mean that they were now official, didn’t it? Her mind pondered on the thought. It did seem a little far-fetched given that this was suppose to end at any moment now, she knew that but telling her heart to stop trying to beat out of her chest to soar around the room was a whole other thing.

Maybe he didn’t want Kayla to know about their agreement, Kate tried to reason with herself.

“I didn’t tell him a word of what we spoke of that night.” Kate said in her defense.

She didn’t want her to think that running off to Taylor was something that she did, because it wasn’t and Kayla sitting their on Brandon’s chair regard her under her lids wasn’t helping at all.

It made Kate feel as thought she was silently trying to figure out whether she had something hidden under her sleeves. A secret agenda for being with Taylor.

“I know you didn’t.” Kayla said, then finally released a sigh as she rose from where she sat. “That would be Ben.”


Kate winced at his name then cringed inwardly.

Of course it was Ben. That fucking idiot! She thought, her jaws tightening over the conversation they had a few days back when Taylor had called him as he was dropping her off to work asking to talk to her. She had waved him off, begging Ben to lie and say that she wasn't around. And after he did, she vented off to him about Taylor being an idiot who couldn’t keep it in his pants and how she had to find out that he and Kayla used to date through Kayla herself.

Ben was going to pay for snitching on her.

“So, when did this happen?” Kayla quiered as she sat up, rose to her feet and walked over to the window staring out into the busy street.

Kate blinked, unsure if she should tell her about the whole ‘as long as it last’ agreement. She took a deep breath and placed the flowers on her desk then moved over to the coffee table.

Perhaps she might need that coffee after all.

“About a week ago.” She muttered over her shoulders, plopping one capsule into the coffee maker.

“Hmmm.” Kayla smiled lazily, turning around to face her. “Well, for what it’s worth, I’m sorry. I honestly wouldn’t have told you about the whole Taylor and me thing had I known. But seriously, that was ages ago and we only went out once.” Kayla explained.

She sounded sincere. At least Kate thought that she did.

Kate turned a spare her another look. Her eyes were hopeful and smile hesitant, as if she wasn’t sure whether Kate believed her or not. But somewhere in there, there was still a trail of suspicion that Kate couldn’t shake off.

“It’s fine, Kay.” Kate said, giving her a reassuring look. “I was just abit upset that he didn’t mention it to me first.”

Brandon’s chair squeaked under Kayla’s weight as she pressed her arms over the head. “Well, he does plan on calling you later on. The flowers are from him. You two should really talk it out.”

“Yeah. We will.” Kate smiled.

Kate waited but there was no call from Taylor. Night fell and morning came and nothing. She tried calling a few times but all her calls went to voice-mail. After a few more tries she gave up and when her phone finally rang as she was opening the door to Taylor’s penthouse, she hurriedly searched her bag not wanting to miss Taylor’s call again.

“Hello.” She answered in a quick breath without look at the screen.


Kate frowned. There was only one person in this world that called her that. She drew back the phone and glanced at it with a smile before placing it back to her ear.


“Hey, I thought that you’d forgotten about me with that boyfriend of yours keeping you under lock and key.” Tony teased over the line.

His voice was gentle and his chuckle soft, it made her lips pull wider over her white teeth.

It had been a while, she admitted. With everything that was going on she had completely forgotten about him.

Kate snorted,“Well Taylor must be the shittiest warden in the history of prisons because he gave me a key to my cell.”

“Probably.” Tony laughed. ” I hear that he’s out of the country. Want to grab dinner with me?”

Kate giggled as she placed her bag on the side table next to the door. “Are you saying that you wouldn’t have asked me out if he was here? You’re not afraid of Taylor are you?”

“Uh- no.” He replied, “But I’d rather not have any altercation that could jeopardize my business relationship with him.”

“Oh God! Are you serious now?” She asked discarding her heels in the living room then made her way over to the kitchen. “Taylor knows that we’re friends. And in any case, I think that he also knows that I don’t always do what he says.”

“Glad to hear.”

“So, What time are you picking me up?”

“Are you at your apartment?”

Her fingers flipped the light switch on. “I’m at Taylor’s. I’ll text you the address.”

There was a small pause. Kate frowned wondering whether they had been disconnect. And as she was about to ask whether he was still there, she heard him sigh over the receiver.

“Right.” Tony relinquished with a hint of discomfort in his voice, “I’ll be there in fifteen.”

The call ended and after Kate was done texting Tony, she placed the phone on the counter, slightly disappointed that it hadn’t been Taylor that called.

She opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. Maybe dinner with Tony is exactly what she needs to get her mind off of Taylor and Carl and everything else that’s been bothering her. She made her way up the stairs and went straight to her bedroom, and began to rid herself of her clothes.

Taylor, she thought as she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the bathroom mirror.

She missed him alot, Kate admitted to herself as she doubled over and clutched the rim of the sink. She missed him like something fierce and that feeling scared her shit less.

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