The Price Possession

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Chapter 47 - Who Surprised Who

Kate sat staring out the window of the small Chinese restaurant that Tony had brought her to. The room was half filled and still people were gradually coming in. She sighed and gave a brief smile over to the middle aged couple sitting next to them. It was nice that people still do that, she thought, glancing down at the woman’s hand which revealed her wedding band; that married couple still went out on dates.

She placed her phone on the table and gave it any glance then shook in disappointment. Still no call.

Over the table Tony cleared his throat causing her to jutted her head up, resting her pair of amber eyes on him.

He was dressed in a grey suit and a white shirt. His brown hair neatly brushed back and shorter from last time.

“Hey,” Tony smiled back at her, welcoming her back in to reality. “Where were you just now?” He asked, tilting his head slightly to the side.

“Sorry.” Kate said, placing her hands on her lap. “I was just --”

“A million miles away with Taylor.” He interjected, his dark eyes held hers for few minutes too long before letting out a heavy breath.

He was spot on. Throughout the entire course of the meal, she had done nothing more than check her phone every five minutes, ensuring that she had network and when that seemed like it wasnt enough, she had even checked to see whether he had emailed her.

Email. As if Taylor would ever do that but it still didn’t stop her from checking.

Tony had to occasionally pull her out of her thoughts and seemed to be the only one attempting small talks.

Obviously thinking that a night out with him would be a great cause of distraction was far off.

“You’re really into him, aren’t you?” Tony noticed.

Her cheeks heated with embarrassment. Was it really that obvious?

But no words came out even if she wanted them to, they were caught in her throat along with the butterflies that had just been released from her stomach at the mention of his name.

Dear lord, she really was losing it.

When words failed, she flashed him a smile and nodded her head at him.

Tony casually folded his arms over the table and leant forward, his smile insisting to remain in place. “You know, I do have some regrets.” He said, moving his right hand over to her side. He then seemed to hesitated allowing it to grabbed on to her hand, so instead he caught hold of his glass of water.

Kate’s eyes followed his hand, brows half creased.

She then swallowed, her throat suddenly feeling a bit too dry. “Regrets?” She asked in a soft tone.

There was something different his eyes that made her heart skipped a beat. It wasn’t only that but his whole attitude, it was abit off from the last time that they met. It was in the way that he had slide his hand around her waist when they had gotten out of the car. The few on and off stares as he drove, him from time to time resting his hand over hers over the table.

In fact, now that she thinks about it. He was acting very strangely tonight.

“Yes,” Tony said, his gaze dropped to her mouth then back up to her eyes. “I regret not finding you sooner Kate.”

Her heart stopped.

This isn’t what she had hope to hear him say.

“Tony...” she didn’t know that she had spoken until she heard herself saying his name.

“No,” he waved off, then shook his head. “I’m not trying to confuse you Kate. But I’m also not going to sit here and lie and say that I don’t still have feelings for you.”

Her eyes immediately wandered around the restaurant in search for their waitress.

Where the hell was she with the bill?

“Kate,” She heard the desperation in his voice as he tried to pull her attention back to him once more.

Jesus Christ! Where the fuck is she?!

“Tony.” She interrupted him mid-sentence, shifting uncomfortably in her chair.

“Wait, let me finish.” He said, managing a low smile barely able to mask the sadness in his eyes.

“I get and respect what you have with Taylor. I just -- it’s abit hard to fully accept it. I really like you Kate and if I didn’t know what kind of man Taylor was, I wouldn’t have told you how I felt--”

“Tony stop!” Kate bit out, rising to her feet.

A few heads turned their way. Oh, God, she was making a scene. She didn’t want to but definitely didn’t want to hear the rest of his words. If they were said then he would never be able to take it back. She would never be able to look at him the same and she didn’t want that to happen.

She didn’t want to lose another friend.

Her head was spinning over what he had already confessed. This wasn’t what she needed right now. He was a friend, one that she needed to be with tonight, to laugh and forget about everything else. So why was he sitting their declaring his love to her?

Right at the moment she wished that she had stayed home. Miserable and alone.

She couldn’t do this with him. Not now.

“I think we should go.” She suggested, averting the hurt look in his eyes.

“Kate --”

“No, Tony, please don’t. I have so many things on my mind right now and you saying that you like me is just -- I can’t do this right now.” She explained grabbing on to her phone and stuffing it in her bag.

Before he could say anything else, her feet started to move and before she knew it, she was out the doors.

The drive back home was awkward and quiet. Kate spent most of it staring of the window and was grateful that Tony had said nothing as well. When the car pulled into a stop, she sobered up from her thoughts and casted him a quick glance.

“Thank you for dinner.”

“I’m sorry about tonight.”

They both said at the same time.

A smile grew a Kate’s lips and so did Tony’s.

“Can I walk you up? You know, just to make sure that you get in safe. I wouldn’t want to Taylor wringing down my neck if anything were to happen to you.” He said flashing her a quick grin.

Kate chuckled, “Of course. We wouldn’t want that.”

He was trying to make amends, she could tell. It was exactly what she wanted, for them to go back to how things were.

They made their way through the lobby, Kate waved at Mark the security guard who opened his mouth to say something but then hesitated and merely waved back to her.

Kate frowned then shrugged it off. He was probably going say something about Tony needing to sign in or something, she decided, but it shouldn’t matter since he wasn’t going to be up long.

“I’ve really made a mess of this haven’t I?” Tony finally said once they were in the elevator.

Kate’s fingers tightened around her bag. He really did. Now things felt awkward and she wasn’t sure how one was meant act after that.

“It doesn’t matter Tony. Let’s just forget about it and move on.”

“Right.” He smiled but it never reached his eyes.

The doors opened and they walked out in silence. Kate opened her bag and fished for the keys. As they reached the door to Taylor’s penthouse she unlocked it and lifted her hand to the handle.

“Kate, wait.”

Her fingers froze on the knob and she turned around to face him. Tony reached out and touched his hands to her cheeks. He fingertips were rough but his touch gentle. Kate drew in a sharp breath when his head drew down towards hers.

Her eyes widened in instant fear.

She should pull back, she knew that but paralysed from the shock of what was happening her mouth opened with the word ‘stop’ caught in the back of her throat and it was too late.

His lips were on hers.

They were soft and he kissed her gently. Her brows furrowed over this new feeling that that seemed to suffocate her and at the same time caught her breath away.

As his lips moved over hers, she blinked, staring at his closed lids with his dark lashes resting against his tanned skin. She had never kissed with her eyes opened before and Tony was kissing her and she hated to admit that it felt nice, different and at the same time... wrong.

He wasn’t Taylor and his kiss didn’t make her float on air the way Taylor’s kisses did.

He’s not Taylor, she told herself furiously, he shouldn’t be kissing her and she shouldn’t be allowing him to kiss her.

Breaking out of the spellbound trance that she momentarily seemed to be under, Kate pushed against his chest with all the strength that still remained in her body, catching a lung full of air as she tried to make sense of what just happened.

“Why would you do that?” She hissed, glaring up at Tony who face was slightly flushed.

He had no right to do that, she fumed. She was with Taylor and she inlove with him.

“Kate,” Tony said in a sudden rush of urgency, reaching out to her. When he saw her flinched and took a quick step back he stopped, raking a rough hand through his hair.

“I’m sorry.” He said shaking his head in dismay, “I just thought that if I kissed you then you’d feel it too.”

The door squeaked and both of their heads snapped towards it.

All the colour that Kate thought she had left her body and her heart drummed painfully against her ribcage.

In the doorway stood a very rigid and a very angry looking Taylor with his jaws twitching with rage, a hand firmly tucked in his pants and the other one clenched into a ball at his side. His beautiful gentle eyes were now dark, mixed with a flash of hurt as he spared a piercing glare towards Tony then rested it back on her.

Kate wanted to die. For the first time in her life she was speechless and she could feel something inside her break as he slowly close his eyes and shook his head lightly at her in disbelief.

She was so use to Taylor by now but that look, he had never looked at her in that way before, it tore at her heart and tightened her lungs.

This isn’t happening. Those words echoed in her head over and over again.

This isn’t how she wanted to welcome him back home. God, not like like this. Not when she had been missing him like crazy. Salty tears stung her eyes as silence and stench of betray slowly engulfed them. Her hand drew up to stop him when he turned around and began to start walking back inside, but she silently allowed her fingers to curl into an effortless ball of guilt.

“Close the door when you’re done, will you?” Taylor simply said over his shoulder before disappearing out of their sight.

“Kate, I’m --” Tony stopped and drew out a deep breath, swallowing the rest of his unspoken words.

What? Sorry? She thought bitterly when Tony couldn’t even finish his sentence.

“Just go Tony.” Kate whispered in defeat. “I think you’ve done enough for one night.”

Now she was going to have to go inside and explain to her boyfriend why another man was kissing her.

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