The Price Possession

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Chapter 48- Can You Kiss Me Already?

Kate dumped her bag on the floor as she made her way into the living. Her feet suddenly halt at the sight of Taylor leaning over the table and blowing out of what seemed to be the last of the six lit candle.

She bit down on her lips as the fire went out and small trail of smoke followed then evaporated into thin air. The table was set in what would have been a very intimate dinner.

She remained quiet as he stood back up and tugged at his tie before walking into the kitchen. He was pissed, she could tell. Who wouldn’t be? The only thing which remained was her deciding on how to play this out.

Kate followed suit behind him and stopped at the doorway when she saw him wrapping the bowl of salad and boxing the roast chicken with potatoes. Her heart broken into a million tiny pieces. He wanted to make this night special for them, she thought, so must have missed her just as badly as she did.

Fuck Kate!

“You’ve made dinner.” Kate finally said in a breathless whisper, resting her head against the hard wood.

“Amongst other things, yeah.” He replied in a cool tone, placing one of the containers in the freezer.

“Why are you packaging up everything then? Lets put everything out on the table. It smells lovely.” She said, hoping that he would just stop and look at her.

In all honesty, she was stuffed. But Taylor had cooked and had planned this wonderful dinner date for them with candles and wine and she had ruined it. So if she was going to have to sit there and stuff the food down her throat with stick, then so be it. It was the least she could do.

Taylor’s teeth flashed in a cold smile.

“Would you like me to set a place for that doggy bag you’ve got there?” He gestured to the bag in her hand.

She glanced down and sighed. Tony had given that to her when he came out of the restaurant and after the conversation they had, she didn’t have the heart to refuse.

“I didn’t know that you were coming back tonight or else I wouldn’t have gone out with him.”

Taylor’s entire body froze, his muscles hardened at the mention of his name. “Don’t.” His tone changed, became as rock-hard as his eyes.

“Taylor,” Kate began, walking slowly towards him. She could tell that he was still angry at her, at Tony and him kissing her.

“I didn’t know that he was going to kiss me, I swear, he just --”

“For fuck sakes, Kate!” Taylor roared, his voice echoed throughout the room, frightening her.

He drew in a deep breath with his palms laying flat on the counter and his head bent, unable to look at her. “Nobody else,” he finally muttered once he was sure that he could speak again without shouting at her. “For as long as it last, there’ll be nobody else. That’s what we agreed on, isn’t it?”

Kate took a step back and swallowed dryly. Her eyebrows knitted into a hard line.

So this is what this was all about. Because she broke their fucking agreement? This wasn’t him hurt about the kiss, it was him and his stupid male pride.

Her hands clenched at her side so hard the her knuckles turned white.

“Are you fucking kidding me? You think that I wouldn’t kiss another guy just because of some fucking agreement?” She hissed, anger pulsing through her like a match set to gasoline.

“I didn’t kiss him back! And I wouldn’t kiss anybody else you asshole because they’re not you, not because of some stupid ‘for as long as it last’ crap.” She bit out in spite, hurling the brown paper bag at his head but missed. Instead it hit his precious refrigerator and the contents in the bag scattered on the floor.

Taylor’s jaws twitched at the mess and when he looked up, she was already gone.

Kate snarled an obscenity as grabbed her bag from the floor, wiped the annoying tears that kept blinding her sight and began to make her way up the stairs.

Why was everything suddenly going against her? She was good person. Well sort of. She hadn’t been to church in while but still, she prayed, she was good to others... she scoffed at herself, maybe that was the problem. She was too good and too naive to others.

Taylor was hot on her heels, he spotted halfway up the stairs and he sprinted up to her. When Kate glanced back and saw him, she willed her legs to move faster. Her chest heaved, he looked furious.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going? We’re not done talking about this.” He growled but that only made her switch from two steps to three at a time.

“I’m going to bed and if you want to talk then you can do so to the door.” She yelled back.

The hell she was, Taylor thought furiously, and the hell if she thinks that he was going to carry out a conversation with her through the door. Not after she had just kissed Brandlock then threw a bag of food at his head.

He caught up with her midway to closing her bedroom door. When he gave the door a light push she stumbled back glaring at look she would do so whenever he annoyed her.

“Go away Taylor.” She whispered hoarsely. ” I don’t want to argue with you tonight not after you’ve been gone for so long and like an idiot I’ve been--” missing you, she had wanted to say but he didn’t deserve it. Not when he was acting like an ass. None of this was her fault. She didn’t ask Tony to profess his love for her. She didn’t ask him to kiss her.

“You’ve been what?” Taylor asked, his chest heaving just as hard as hers.

His stance rigid in the middle of her doorway, with his shirt only half tucked in and his tie loose around his neck, he was a mess, a beautiful mess; and Kate knew that that meant that he wasn’t going to go away anytime soon. But then his cold eyes softened when it held hers and he noticed that hers were red.

She had been crying. His heart thawed at the sight. The last thing he wanted was to make her cry but at the same time ever he couldn’t seem to help being spit mad at the sight of another man’s lips on hers. She was his. His Kate. And nobody would have her but him. Why couldn’t she understand that?

Kate bit her lips, hesitating for a while. His ego was already big enough for the both of them and she wasn’t quite sure if telling him that she missed him would either boost it up a notch or simply kill him from overload.

“Nothing.” Muttered through her pouted lips, then moved away from the door over to her nightstand.

Taylor followed suit. He tucked his hands in his pocket stopped by her bed. “No, like an idiot you’ve been what?”

“Missing you, you idiot! Are you happy now?” She hissed.

The room fell into a definite silence when the echoes of her confession died out.

He was more than happy. It meant that she cared, maybe just as much as he did. The feeling itself couldn’t be helped, even if he tried to ignore it after they had met, then after he had first kissed her and after being with, being inside her and knowing the sweet subtle bliss that her body evoked on his. He could no longer deny it. He liked Kate a whole lot more that he let on and letting her go was not an option. He was going to have to keep her, even if it meant forever.

It was as if there was a sudden pull of electricity made him sauntered towards her. Kate gasped when he lifted his hand then frowned when he wiped his fingers over her mouth.

“What are you doing?” muttered against the softness of his skin.

“Ridding you of any trace of that --” He paused, looked in her inquisting eyes and bit back the inappropriate name that he was about to call Tony.

He drew in a sharp breaththen said through clenched teeth,“his kiss.”

The corners of her mouth curved up into smile as she looked up at him. Seemed so determined in seeing the task done that it warmed at her heart.

“But did you hear what I said though?” Her voice came as a whisper.

Taylor cupped her face and smiled, his dazzling blue eyes made her insides melt.

“I said I missed you.”

His eyes darkened as he lowered his head to hers, allowing their lips to touch in an effortless kiss.

“I’ve missed you too.” He muttered softly against her plump lips.

Her eyes fluttered close in anticipation of his lips on hers, devouring her in sweet hunger but instead she felt his forehead touch against hers. She opened her eyes and his were closed, his face relaxed as though he wanted nothing more than to savour this moment.

As beautiful as felt to be this close to him wrapped in the aura of his blissful presence. Kate wanted more. Desired more than just his touch, his serenity, his peace. She need to know that they were okay. She needed his lips on hers just as desperately as she had missed him.

She needed him.

“Taylor?“She murmured, his lips only but a breath away from hers. “Can you kiss me already?”

She felt his head shift as he pulled back, touching his thumb over her bottom lip.

“I’m going to do more that just kiss you love.”

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