The Price Possession

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Chapter 49 - She Will Be Loved

Kate moaned as he caught her mouth into scorching, wet kiss. A kiss that shimmered through her body, touching every nerve ending along the way. He ran his hands along the soft curve of her jaw and down her throat. It was the strong strokes of a man who’s used to getting what he wants. And he wanted her.

She basked in the feeling of being wanted by him, of wanting him, of tangling tongues with wild abandon and exploring his mouth with no apology, only clinging on to this undeniable chemistry that pulled them together.

A small gasp escaped her lips as his hands drifted down to her back then finally tightening around her waist like a vice, as if she wasn’t close enough. It was a touch that convinced her that they were wearing too many clothes.

Her fingers instantly reached for the buttons on his dress shirt and when she popped the last one, she ran her hands over the smooth skin of his chest, dragging the shirt over the hard toned muscles of his shoulders, and when he released her it fell to the cold floors, pooling at his feet.

The corner of his lips pulled into a sexy grin that made her breath hitch in her throat.

My god, he was magnificent.

No wonder women adored him. With his dazzling smile and skilled hands... they pulled her roughly back into his arms, quick and expert fingers worked at her clothes and within seconds she stood naked, with his lust-filled eyes roaming hungrily over her.

He then scooped her up with a swift and quick motion that made her heart swoop in on itself and placed her in the center of her bed.

“Don’t move.” He said.

And Kate didn’t dare. She pulled her bottom lip between her teeth and bit down on them and watched as he undid his belt, then worked at his pants. Her tongue ran over her dry lips when his hard erection sprung free from his boxer brief.

It was just as beautiful and big as she remembered. Kate felt her sex clench at the sight and couldn’t believe that she wet just by looking at it and imagining it inside her, thrusting without any mercy.

Without another minute to waste, Taylor joined her, spreading her legs apart, settling himself into the warmth of her thighs. His lips latched on to hers, her breasts crushed against his chest as his fingers explored the curve to her waist until they curled into her moist sex.

A gasp broke and Kate shuddered, a full-bodied motion that Taylor couldn’t miss. And she knew that he didn’t when his mouth broke from hers to trail eagerly down her neck groaning in satisfaction. Arching upwards, Kate lifted her breasts to his face. The warmth of his breath fanned against her aching nipples, gasping when he caught one and suckled down on it. His tongue laved her nipples until they glistened, peaking to beg for more attention.

Kate dissolved beneath the power of his touch and when his mouth clamped onto the other bead and drew it in with one hot pull, the breath fluttered in her lungs. She could only grabbed on to the back of his head, fingers threading through his thick dark hair, hanging on to as he sucked on them while his erection grazed against her sensitive clit.

“Oh God Taylor,” she hissed in response, unable to suffer through his sweet torment. Not after him being away for so long. “I want you now.” She rasped, grabbing his hair and shifted his head, feeling a puff of air against her erected nipple.

He was chuckling. Asshole. “Goddammit Taylor, do me!”

“Oh but I intend to.” He said, dipping a finger in her wet slit then pulled it out. “My way.”

He was teasing her. Probably making her payfor going out with Tony or the kiss or maybe both, she wasn’t sure. But all she knew was that it was working.

Possessed by desire and frustration she had never know before, she needed to feel Taylor inside, filling her moist places with his hard cock. Slipping her hand between them, she splayed her fingers over his erection, rubbed the thick length until he moaned against her breasts. Never in a million years would she have been so dareful but her sexual appetite was proving itself very healthy and she reveled in that knowledge, in the reality of this man’s hunger for her and of her own arousal.

Taylor suddenly gasped as he felt her wrap her fingers around his thick shaft. He jerked in her hand as she slowly ran her fingertips down his length. Her thumb gently touched the tip and it became wet beneath her touch as tiny pearl like cum escaped.

“Fuck.” He said hoarsely, she was making him lose his mind, driving him crazy and so close to losing touch with reality.

His flesh swelled in response to her touch, it grew larger, impossibly larger and she didn’t stop stroking him until his fingers sank into her hips holding her still.

His body shook against her as Taylor tried to hold on to what remained of his self control but Kate wanted none of that. She didn’t want him to stop or be gentle. She wanted him inside her, fast and rough, leaving her her with nothing but her aching fingers clenched around the sheets.

Her control came under fire at his own lack of control, his fevered mouth at her breasts plucking at her nipples with sharp little tugs was about all she could endure. Kate’s fingers tightened around his rock-hard cock as she probed it against her drenched pussy, moving her body slightly downwards, rubbing against the smoothness of its head.

He caught her mouth and kissed her possessively, still her breath and her reason as he drove in to her in one blinding stroke with her drenched cunt pulsing around his invasion.

Taylor bucked hard tossing head back, his expression passion personified. His eyes were closed, his black brows drawn against his tanned skin and his mouth parted around ragged breaths as restraints slip through his hands over her sweet cries of pleasure. He caught a glimpse of her half closed lids, her red hair sprawled over the pillow and her body arched upwards as if welcoming him home and he almost lost it.

It was when he blew out a rough gasp that Kate came back to herself and realised that he was hard as iron inside her, holding himself rigid. She gave him a little frown then ran her hands down the taut muscle of his back.

“Don’t,” he choked out, “Don’t move, don’t touch.”

“But Taylor--”

“Don’t talk, either.” He buried his face in her hair and took long, gulping deep breaths before speaking in a tight, guttural voice. “I’m not wearing a condom.”

He was barely hanging on to control, and a burst of warm affection for him nearly overcame her, so much so that she could hardly breath.

“I have one.” She whispered against his ear.

He lifted his head, his eyes dark and glittering.

“It’s in the drawers.” She turned and they both craned their necks and stared at the wooden furniture next to the bed.

Taylor then frowned and Kate could already see what he was thinking. That she had been well prepared for tonight and if it wasn’t him laying on top of her then it would have been Tony.

She shook her head at him and smiled, “You said that you would fuck me anywhere and at anytime, so I just hid a few around the penthouse. Just to be safe.”

“Fuck.” He said tightly not wanting to pull of her.

“We can still do that.“She said coyly.

Her eyes held his, unwavering and no-hold-bared dark and hungry, and not playful. Not at the moment.

“One condom won’t be enough.” He growled, “Not tonight.”

In a sudden movement she flipped him on his back, pushing him against the pillows. He felt her lips move down his throat to his chest. He was suddenly in her power and he could feel it as she kissed his body. And when her lips moved past his taut belly, his gripped the silk sheet with white-knuckled control. Then he felt her warm tongue brush over his throbbing skin, licking at the head.

He gave a rough groan and nearly lost it then. Grabbing her shoulders, he pulled her up in full force and lifted her hips over his body. He was blind with need, ready to thrust inside her, to impale her. He only knew that he had to take her or die.

“Wait!” She panted, wrenching away from his grasp, she opened the drawer beside the bed.

He saw a condom in her hand and realised that he had forgotten about it again. He had forgotten all about it again. Fucking hell! What was it with him and forgetting about condoms? This had never happened to him before. He always showed restraint and was sure to be well prepared before hand.

He exhaled as he broke out into sweat.

“There.” Kate whispered, as she rolled the latex onto his stiff cock then smiled at her excellent handiwork.

Finally she slowly lowered her body on to his, allowing him to impale her, inch by inch.

Taylor’s eyes rolled back and he closed his eyes. Yes. Yes. His body sang. He was losing his mind, he was sure of it. The more time he spent with her the more he lost. But it was worth it. So worth it.

Slowly she moved against him, pulling him deeper as he drove his cock deeper inside her. A groan came from him as her greedy muscles welcomed him, stretching and unfurlingly. His gaze never left hers. The shock of him rock hard in this position shocked her, a giant shudder ran from her head to her toes as she clenched around him with the need to relieve the ache inside. Taylor must have shared her need because he suddenly lifted her up, only to draw her back again in a long sweet stroke.

Kate’s chest constricted, her skin burned and her thoughts scattered as her body connected to his, his length hit against her core made her shiver. And when he growled out loud at his own pleasure, driving into her with one blinding stroke after another, she became bolder, matching his thrust with her own.

Suddenly his hands were slipping up her back, pulling her closer, her breasts crushing against his damp chest, driving his heat even deeper inside her. His mouth caught hers, swallowing her crazed moans.

The room echoed with muffled cries and the bed shook, lending momentum to their motion. The sound of skin flapping against each other fueled their arousal. The feeling was so intense that she could do now more that meet each stroke, each thrust as they built and until finally splintering an explosion that erupt a loud shrieking moan from her lips, dragging Taylor along into the fire with her.

Every muscle in his body went rigid and he growled in satisfaction against her lips as he continued to pump wildly, again and yet again with decreasing frequency as Kate collapsed on top of him. Their hearts thundered against each other as they rode the wave of their climax.

There was something about her this moment, this beautiful moment where she laid clinging to this incredible man, that she wanted to cherish. It wasn’t the first time that they had made love nor was it the second time but something inside her felt different. Fulfilled.

Her heart jerked painfully inside her chest as she listened to his own heart beating savagely against her ear. She was inlove with Taylor. Although nana and Mrs.Kirby had teased her about, she hadn’t known until Tony confessed his feelings for her, until her kissed her. She slowly rolled off of Taylor and settled herself beside him.

“Are you okay?” He asked, his voice gentle, still trying to catch his breath.

Kate stretched her limbs, then lifted her head and gaze at him,

“Yeah,” she smiled. “Are you?”

Taylor laughed. This was a first. A woman asking whether he was okay or not after sex. He was more than okay, he thought wrapping his arms around her then place a kiss on her forehead.

“You looked at him differently.“He said, staring up at the ceiling.

He felt her move, prompting herself on her elbows and stared at him with creased brows.

“Who?” She asked

“Tony. After he kissed you, there was this different look in your eyes.” He sighed, the got up, removing the cum-filled condom around his semi hard dick.

Kate staring at his back, frowning with confusion.

Did she? All she remembered was thinking that he wasn’t Taylor.

“I was in shock Taylor, if that’s what you’re implying.” She replied, sitting up.

“It’s not.” He said rising to his feet, glancing down at her.“but let’s not fight about this. Just don’t kiss him again.”

She watched as he crossed the floors and dissappeared into the bathroom. Evidently the kiss bothered him more than he let on. She didn’t want this to come in between them, not when she has finally realised that she loved him.

Determined to put this whole conversation to bed, she got up and followed suit behind him and when she reached the bathroom, she saw him rinsing off his face, the muscles in his back and shoulders played at his every move. She sighed before sauntering over to him, wrapping her arms around him with her head laying gently against his back.

“It’s not going to happen again Taylor. I promise. And if he tries to pull that stunt again, I’ll bite his tongue off.”

She couldn’t hear he laugh but she could feel it. His chest shook against her palms.

“I believe you.” He said, reaching for the hand towel.

When he was done drying off his hands, he turned out in her embrace and caught her chin in his hand, jutting it upwards. He smiled at her and the tenderness in his gaze was nearly her undoing. It was only now that she understood the true meaning of having butterflies in your stomach.

She had to tell him how she felt. Even if there were a whole lot more confession to follow after, atleast he would know and it would be his to do whatever he saw fit with it.

“Taylor, I think I’m falling in-”

The phone rang and it loud shrieking sound broke them apart. Disappointment washed over her as he closed his eyes and shook his head at the annoying sound that invaded their intimate time together.

“I should get that,” he said brushing his lips over hers. “We'll talk about whatever it is you’ve been wanting to talk to me about when I’m done. Okay?”

Kate forced in a low smile and nodded. “Okay.”

She leaned against the sink and blew out a deep and heavy breath.

After tonight, she was either going to get to keep Taylor for longer in her life or lose him over the lack of control she had on her emotions.

It didn’t matter whether she was ready or not. She had already told Carl that she wouldn’t do it and now she had to come clean and tell Taylor because Carl had made it perfect clear that he wasn’t going to stop.

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