The Price Possession

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Chapter 51 - Don't Leave Me

Time stood still, yet regret, remorse and everything attached to guilt floated and danced across the room engulfing Kate in a complete and utter state of despair.

Did she do it?

A tear fell as her eyes fluttered close.

“Yes.” Her reply came as a breathless whisper away from being heard, wrenching at her heart, shuddering as all hopes of him ever seeing her in the same light dissappeared.

As if the atmosphere in the room wasn’t tangibly tense enough, Kate opened her eyes and casted a nervous glance at Taylor only to discover that his granite gaze had turned to steel : cold and hard and edged with a mocking contempt that caused her stomach to cramp.

He wrenched his arm from her grasp as if the mere touch of her hand on him burned through his skin and watched her stumble a step forward.

“So this was all a game to you?” He asked. The hurt in his voice almost undid her.

“No! It’s not. It never was, Taylor.” She insisted in a rush, still stung by his scornful tone. “I did betray you and Brandon but not in the way that you think. That night, in your office when I saw with Carla.” She paused, drew in a breath then continued, “I told Carl about it - that day you saw me talking to him outside the café. He asked about what happened and why you had me fired, so I -” she sighed, ignoring the shaky breath that came out of her mouth.

“I told him. But it didn’t have anything to do with his plan, I told him because he was concerned and worried. And I know I shouldn’t have, ” she shook head her, cursing at herself, ” Because I had already sighed the non disclosure agreement and I breached it. I’m so sorry Taylor.”

The last of her words came as plea. Taylor’s eyes narrowed speculatively at Kate. His exterior posture was hard, rigid and aloof but inside the real battle was between his heart and his brain. He wanted to believe her, a small part of him even begged him to.

He had just heard her tell Carl that she wouldn’t do it and yet - he couldn’t shake that little wary feeling he had. The feeling that he was fighting so hard against as he gaze was drawn to her face absorbing the shimmering tears in her beautiful eyes.

Eyes that not so long ago he had seen passion, desire and life bursting into colours as she laid in his arms.

For a heartbeat they stared at one another and he felt a flicker of compassion run through him and his heart squeezed painfully inside his chest.

“Give me your phone.” He finally said.

Kate’s brows knitted in confusion as she glanced back at him. When Taylor saw that she made no move to fetch it for him, he barked in sudden annoyance, “Now!”

She winced under his tone but quickly recovered. Her feet moved with the speed of light, she moved over the messy bed and grabbed her phone from it then handed it to him.

She stood quietly and watched as he operate the device. His jaw flexed and brows pulled to a thin line as his eyes scanned over the screen - and still she made no move to question him. She didn’t dare.

And as Taylor’s thumb finished typing the last of his message, he hit send and dragged his eyes back to her face.

“I have to go.” He said, handing her phone back to her then turned and walked out of the room.

A frown marred her brows as she lifted the device, allowing eyes to wander curiously at the screen. Her mouth dropped opened and her eyes followed suit, widening in disbelief.

The next thing she knew, she was running down the hallway to Taylor’s room. He was busy pulling on a black T-shirt to give any notice to her.

“You texted Carl that I’d do it? Taylor, I won’t. I’ve already told him that and now I’m telling that I won’t.” She said moving further inside his room.

“Of course you won’t.” Taylor drawled, grabbing the keys to his Ashton Martin then made a move past Kate and took his phone from the dressing table.

It hurt. Him walking around the room pretending like she wasn’t ever there. He made no move to look at her, not even to stand still for two minutes to tell her what to make of this text. It really hurt, but it was what she deserved, wasn’t it? She told herself, fighting to not let it show on her face.

“But you sent it to him Taylor. And if I don’t meet him tommorow, he’ll come looking for me. He’s --” she closed her eyes and tilted her head up to the ceiling - fucking psychotic.

“He’s what?” Taylor interjected and her head snapped to door where he now stood dressed with the addition of his pair of navy blue jeans and a black leather jacket.

“Crazy.” She relinquished, frowning at him.

He was leaving, she thought. Was he leaving her? Panic spread through her.

“Taylor wait? ” She cried after him but by the time she was out the door he was already halfway down the stairs.

She took hurried steps down the stairs and when she finally made it down the flight of stairs, she raced past him, blocking his way out the door.

Taylor stood with a raised brow, staring at her in disbelief with her arms stretched out and legs slightly pulled apart. The white robe hung loosely around her with the absence of its belt. Exposing very delicate parts of her. He could see the red marks on her breasts where he had sucked and licked - marking his territory. His gaze the lowered further down to her flat belly to her beautiful thighs then finally to her sweet sweet... he groaned.

A hot, fierce throb of desire flared in Taylor’s groin, taking him by surprise so that he drew a sharp breath. For heavens sake, he was still mad at her, he reminded himself angrily. And if she wasn’t too busy trying to prevent him from leaving the she would have noticed that she was flashing him way past the point of his sanity.

“Kate, move.” He said coolly but she shook a firm no at him.

“Move out of the fucking way Kate, I swear.” He hissed.

Fear gripped Kate and stubborn as she was, she stood her grounds. “Don’t leave, please. I - I need to know if we’re okay. I need to understand why you sent Carl that text. Please.”

He strode over to the door and laid his hands flat against the hard wood with her standing middle. Her chest heaved heavily, Taylor noted the throbing vein at the side of her neck as he leaned his head over to her.

“I sent him that because he will be meeting up with you tommorow, only instead of you - it’ll be me.”

The warmth of his breath fanned against her ear. Kate shivered, he was only a touch, a kiss away and yet she couldn’t will herself to grabbed on to him and beg him not to leave.

Instead, she closed her eyes and gently leaned her head against his and whispered in a barely audible tone of voice, “Stay.”

Taylor sighed,“I can’t.”

His chest rose rubbing against her nipples. ” I need to think and I can’t do that here.”

He felt her shift before catching a soft whimpering sound of her trying to suppress her sob. His heart pulled at the sound. “Kate,” He dropped one of his hands, dragging it against the soft delicate skin of her waist and pulled her closed to him with her face buried in his chest.

“Go to bed.” He murmured against her head, then caught her face in his hands, leveling her face to his. Wiping her tears away. He hated seeing her cry.

“I- I can’t,” Kate sobbed, “Not without knowing.”

Taylor drew in a deep breath before placing a small kiss on her forehead. “I just need to be alone. I need to think and I can’t do that here. I don’t trust myself to be around you when im-- ” he paused, this close to losing my shit, he wanted to say.

He didn’t want to say or do something that he would regret. So leaving was the best option. Just until he could figure out if whatever was between them was worth saving.

“Can you please, just move?” He muttered in a soft plea.

Reluctantly, she gave him a nod. He was right, Kate thought, she atleast owed him some time to himself to process everything that she had just confessed. And Even if it pained her, she slowly pulled herself away from him and stepped aside.

“You will come back, right?” She asked, searching the answers in his eyes as he reached for the knob.

Taylor’s lips pulled into a low smile before replying, “Always.”

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