The Price Possession

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Chapter 54 - This Little Thing Called Love

Taylor emerged out of the kitchen to find her sitting on the couch with her eyes glued to the floor. She raised her head and looked at him as he set her cup on the glass table then sat down next to her. His hands reached over and grabbed on to her soft ones. Romella’s words reverberated inside his head... Tell her while you still can.

He let out a breath. Right. If only its was easier said that done.

“Kate,” he said and she drew in a deep breath, “last night, when I left, I should have told you that I believe you, because I do. I only heard a few things from your conversation with Carl and I heard you say that you wouldn’t do it. But you should also know that I’ve been through the this before.” He paused, releasing hold of her hands. “Carla. The woman you saw me--” He paysed, sparing her a sharp glance which only earned him a blush across her cheeks. “Anyway, long story short, let’s just say that all of this, it’s like déjà vu and I just --”

“I know.” Kate interjected when she noticed the pained expression on his face, “Brandon already told me about it.”

Taylor’s eyes lingered on her face before shaking his head, “Of course, he fucking did.” He said, wondering why that didn’t surprise him? He was probably just as smittened by her as he was. The only difference was that Kate could play Brandon like a fucking toy but with him and now thinking about it, he wasn’t sure if he was exception or not.

Probably not.

“But that’s not all of it.” He said to her, breaking his gaze from her.

Oh God, Kate swallowed, bracing herself.

“Last night, I met with an old friend of mine at his club. He normally helps in - situation such as that reporter friend of yours.”

Kate cringed. The mention of Carl made her stomach turn. She squeezed her eyes shut in spite, “He’s not my friend anymore.” She said, giving him a hard stare, hoping that he would see how serious she was.

Taylor flinched a brow at her.

“Well, I gathered as much.” He said moving a hand upwards, rubbing at his forehead. Right now Carl was the least of his problem. “Something happened last night.”

Something else? Kate frowned, her toes curled at the change of his tone of voice - it sounded more like guilt and he seemed determine to not look at her. When his lips twitched to the side, her face fell. It was guilt and he probably didn’t know that the lip thing was his tell but she did and it was starting to scare her.

“What?” She whispered, holding on to her breath.

He turned and gazed into her uncertain eyes. “In the past we had an agreement in terms of payment and last night -” he paused, releasing a breath, ” last night he decided to change it.”

“Okay.” She breathed out.


Oh God, oh god, oh god.

She closed her eyes and waited for the final blow. Whatever it is must be bad, it had to be, because if it wasn’t then why did that look of despair on his face squeeze at her heart and paralysed her lungs.

“The new term was for me to marry his daughter, Romella.”

Her eyes flashed open. What the hell? Marry? No way, she must have heard wrong.

“What?” Her eyes widened at him.

Taylor released a heavy breath before addressing her, “Listen, what I’m about to tell you doesn’t leave this room, okay?”

There was a spark of something in his eyes that scared her but at the same time he was trusting her to keep whatever he was about to say a secret - and that also warmed at her heart. And as confusing as all this was, she nodded her head and said, “Yes, of course.”

His eyes softened at her reply. Was he ever going to find somebody as perfect as her? The thought ran through his mind. Probably never. For all its worth, he hoped that she wouldn’t run away after they were done.

“I trust you.” He half whispered with his hand cupping her chin and her eyes glazing with mixed emotions.

“Dante, he’s ex mafia and when he wants something, he normally gets it.” Taylor explained.

There was something about the way he said it that sacred her, made her heart rate speed up.

“You’re really starting to scare me Taylor,” she told him. “I don’t get why you telling me all this has anything to do --”

Then something clicked inside her brain.

It wouldn’t - unless he accepted. Was this what he wanted to tell her?

“You’re not marrying her, right?” She asked in hurry, her fingers digging into his arms as desperately wanting him to say the words.

“No.” He answered, shaking his head.

“Good.” She smiled in relief but then her eyes caught his and she frowned.

There was more, more to him refusing to marry this Romella, whoever the fuck she was.

“There’s something else, isn’t there?” She quiered, dropping her hand from his arm.

“There is.” He confirmed, “after we were done talking, he suggested that a seat and talk to Romella, to trying and see whether or not they were any attraction there.”

Kate swallowed, “And?”

“Romella might have - kissed me.”

The colours in her face drained and her face fell.

Might have? What the hell was that? It’s either she did or she didn’t. And judging by the way that was acting, it wasn’t hard to figure out that she did.

“I’m sorry - What?” She asked, her eyes narrowing back at him. She couldn’t possibly be right because if she was, she was going to lose her mind after that night the she’s had.

Hadn’t he just told her not to kiss Tony again? So why was he allowing other woman to kiss him?

“I said that she kissed me.”

Kate saw red.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” She yelled instantly rising to her feet.

“Allow me to explain.” Taylor said.

Explain? She thought, how was he going to explain having another woman’s tongue down his fucking throat?! Clearly the rule was only meant for her to follow.

“Did you kiss her back?” She hissed through clenched teeth as anger consumed her.

An idiot, she cursed inwardly. That’s what she was. A stupid, gullible idiot. Taylor made no promises of forever, that much was clear. And maybe Kayla telling her about the whole girlfriend thing and her finding out that she was inlove with him was screwing with her mind. Yet still, the thought of him - his lips on another woman, making her feel all those things that she herself had felt, it pierced like something sharp in her chest.

He shouldn’t have called her his girlfriend if he hadn’t meant it. Then all of these crazy mixed emotions inside her, wouldn’t be there - beating at her lungs and squeezed at her heart.

Taylor opened his mouth to answer her but she beat him to it, “You know what?” She said smiling ever so sweetly down at him,“Wait here.”

He watched as she marched her way into the kitchen, muttering insults, and the next thing he could hear were drawers opening up in full force and the sound of cutleries being thrown on the floor.

Realisation struck like a cold pale of water being thrown to his face. Taylor instantly rose to his feet and followed suit to the kitchen. By the time he got there she was already halfway through his drawers, tossing earthing to the floor.

Kate was raging like a mad woman, opening yet another drawer but found it filled with spoons. Disappointed, she pulled another one open.

“If he thinks - that I’m going to fucking sit there and drink coffee when I’ve been up crying all night and he’s been living it up in club with some - some tramps tongue down his throat, then he has another thing coming.” She mumbled out angrily.

“Damn it!!” She yelled, “where the hell is it?!” Slamming the useless drawer shut before tearing another one open.

Taylor stood by the doorway, observing her work her way over to the pots and pans. She looked determined in her search - completely ignoring him as she huffed a breath then grabbed a stool, dragging it over to the top cabinet.

“What the hell are you look for?” He hissed in alarm, close to wrenching the death trap from her hands.

Her eyes snapped back at him, cold and he could see the flames that burned through them - silently daring him to come close.

“A knife, Taylor.” She snapped, “I am looking - for a fucking knife - so that I can cut your fucking dick off, if you so much as tell me that you kissed her back or even worse, that you actually went further and fucking had sex with her.”

His eyes lit up and soft laugh erupted from his throat. He probably shouldn’t, not when she really looked just about ready to pursue on her threat. But he couldn’t seem to stop himself. Somehow he knew that she would be crazy enough to pull out a knife on him but he didn’t think that it would turn him on this much. Or that she would look just as beautiful as she did now. Her lips was pursed into an angry pout, her hair tied in a messy bun and her cleavage, dear lord her breasts - the top she nightie she had on revealed it’s fullness and it rose and fell with every heaving breath she took.

Christ! He cursed inwardly, now was not the time to get aroused.

“Kate, stop.” He said, sniffling the remains of his amusement.

“No.” She bit out, furious that he found all this amusing. “I will feel better once I have it in my hands. I swear to God Taylor, I’ll fucking fry it after I’m done cutting it off.”

She climbed on to the stool and Taylor was instantly at her side. She glared at him at first, thinking that he intent was to get her off the wobbling furniture but then drew a brow up at him as he held the stool steady for her.

“Well, if you insist on doing this, I’m not about to let you fall to your death.” He said throwing her a condescending look.

Kate’s eyes narrowed back at him,“You’ve hidden it, haven’t you? You’ve hidden all the knives. You knew!” She yelled, stepping down to the floor.

Her lips quivered with mixed emotions. She was angry and hurt and scared. Afraid that he did kiss her back and that they went even further.

“Kate,”Taylor said taking a step towards her.

“Don’t.” She told him, this time unable to stop the tears that burned through her lids and slowly made its way down her cheeks.

“Fuck!” Taylor hissed before pulling her force into his arms. He tightened his hold around her as she fought to break out of his embrace- sobbing at his chest.

“Love, quit your tears. I can’t -” He paused and took a breath at the sound of his own voice croaking.

“Did you fucking kiss her back?!” She screamed. Her voice quavered but she told herself not to cry anymore than she had already did as she kept beating at his chest.

Taylor pulled her out of his hold and placed both of his hands and either side of her face, tilting it upwards as his thumb brushed across her cheeks, wiping the salty tears away.

“I didn’t kiss her back Kate.” He said calmly.

Her hands stilled at his chest and her eyes gradually lifted and held his, “You didn’t?” She whipered through her treacherous tears.

“No.” Taylor shook his head, a smile formed at the corner of his lips. “Do you know why?”

Kate frowned. “No.” She pouted.

“Because she’s not you.” He said, kissing the top of her head. “She’s not as crazy,” he kissed her temple, “as stubborn,” he kissed her nose, “and as infuriating as you.”

She could feel a laugh tickle at her throat. Remembering at the other times that he had called her that. Only this time it didn’t feel like an insult, instead it felt like more like compliment ; something that only she could do to him.

Her lips tightened and her eyes squinted back at him, “Do you want me to cut your dick off?”

“No.” He smiled, his hands dropped from her face and made their way down to her waist. “How else will I do this to you?” He said, lifting her up and setting her on the kitchen counter.

Kate gasped when her bottom touched against the cool marble. She blinked and looked at Taylor. The look he had on his face made her breath catch.

“Are you seriously trying to have sex with me? Now?”

He looked up and gave her that quick smug smile that had always managed to drive her wild. “Well if you insist on threatening me - then yes.” He replied, running a smooth finger over her shoulder, tugging at the strap of her night wear.

Her skin tingled at the softness of his touch and the warmth of his body as he spread her legs apart, allowing their bodies to touch.

Stay focus, Kate, She told herself. Don’t give in so easily.

Easily? Kate released a shaky breath, it was easier said than done, not with his hand travelling up her thighs and making its way to her, oh god! If she didn’t stop him now...

“Did you like it?” Kate asked in a rush.

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