The Price Possession

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Chapter 56 - His Name On Her lips

“I love you too.”

Taylor held on to his breath as he looked down, searching into her beautiful amber eyes for something - anything that would tell him that he hadn’t heard wrong.

“You do?” He asked, bringing his hands to her face and held it in place.

Fresh tears stung her eyes. “I really do. I wanted to tell you last night but we got - interrupted.”

A breath of relief blew past his lips as he leaned his forehead against her. He never thought that he would be so relieved, happy and at peace in hearing her say that. And for someone who had no experience in expressing his feelings, he wasn’t sure if ones heart was suppose to beat just as hard as his was. Either he was about to have a heart attack or knowing that she loved him back just as hard as he did, made his heart want to burst out of his chest with joy and soar across the room.

“Say it again.” He whispered in demand, his lips brushing against hers.

The tears came, then slipped down her cheeks when she closed her eyes and breathed him in. “I love you, Taylor. I think you can be an asshole sometimes but you’re my asshole and despite what people say about you, I don’t believe that you can be that cruel monster that they described you to be because I’ve seen how you are with others and I feel how you are with me. I’ve tried to remind myself that we were only suppose to be temporary but my heart - it wants you. I want you.” She whispered.

“Kate. Sweet Kate.” He murmured, then caught her lips in a hot kiss.

Her lips clung to his and his hand trailed down to her throat, stroking it in a gently motion. When his fingers pulled at the straps of her night wear, she let out a moan pushing lightly against the toned muscles of his chest.

Taylor’s arms quickly rounded around her waist, preventing her from pushing completely away from him. “What is it?” He asked, nearly at the end of his control.

“As much as I want you right now - we can’t.” She told him.

“We can’t?” He lifted a brow at her, gracing her with another one of his smug smile.

A ragged breath blew past her lips. Oh God, he wasn’t making this easy for her to keep a clear head. Not when he looked so devilishly hot and half naked and his fingers caressing the bare skin of her back.

“No.” She bit out instantly, wriggling out of his hold. “Your brother - Brandon. He’s on his way over.” She said, freeing herself from him and when her body shook with need, she took a step back - creating as much distance as she possibly could. She knew that if he held her again, that as soon as the center of her body connected with the center of his, she would lose it. Be drawn in so far deep that all thoughts of Brandon would vanish.

“Then I’ll call him and tell him not to come.” He said, moving towards her.

She took another step back. “Taylor, no. He sounded sad and despite that he stilk wanted to come cheer me up. I was hoping to I could return the favour.”

His feet stilled in its place and he blew out a breath.” Then I guess we’ll just have to be quick.” He said, grinning back at her, his eyes flashed a spark of mischievous intent.

Her heart skipped a beat and she licked on lips. Tempted by his words. “Quick?” She giggled. “Are you sure you know the meaning of that? I’d probably still be red by the time he gets here.”

By the time those words left her mouth, he was already halfway way over to her. Her heart picked up a notch when her shoulders hit the wall. Trapped.

If he came any closer, she would be done for.

“Taylor. Listen to me. We can do whatever you want after he’s go- gone.” She stammered, eyeing the half closed door to her left.

“Oh, but I plan to. And I also plan to show you just how much I love you before he gets here. And after he’s seen just how red you are, I want him to go tell the whole world about it. To tell them that you, Kate Dawson are mine just as much as I am yours, Irrevocably.”

Her entire body flushed at his words and the hidden meaning behind it. Kate never thought that that could be possible but it was. Her skin tingled as if every word that left his mouth kissed and licked her entire body, setting her insides on fire and drenching between her legs.

“Taylor.” She warned him when he took another step. “You cannot mean to - to-”

“Oh, but I mean to, all right.” He interjected, “Nobody’s ever threatened and given me an erection both at the same time.”

She let out a scream of laughter when he lunged for her, then turned and ran out the bedroom door.

“You’re crazy, Taylor!” She called over her shoulder. “Brandon’s probably on his way up. I’ll not give him another reason to tease me.” She laughed down the hallway. There was no way in hell that he was going to be quick, she knew that and he, himself didn’t even look entirely convinced.

“And you think running away is going to keep you safe?” She heard him say as half way down the stairs.“The chase feels like foreplay, love.”

She stumbled on the last step of the stairs, nearly lost her footing at his word. Love. A smile spread across her lips as she turned around and looked up. He was standing at the top of the staircase, with his feet spread slightly part form each other, a look of arrogance spread on his handsome face and his eyes, oh his blue seductive eyes was staring hungrily back at her.

He had just called her love and he only ever said that twice - when they were making love.

Damn it.

“That’s very low of you Mr.Price.” She said, shaking at her head - amused by his struggles to keep a straight face.

“Oh? What is?” He asked coyly, stepping down on the first stairs.

“You, calling me love when I’m trying to get as far away from you as possible.” She said and her chest heaved when he came down the second step.

“You like that?” He asked softly with full intent of seducing her, keeping her froze in place just long enough until he reached her.

Oh, the things he would do to her once he had in his arms again. The possibilities were endless and his living room big enough to have her overwhelming and over again. They would christen each and every surface that was available and strong enough to withstand their weight. His eyes darted to the table next to his couch and he smiled. Brandon will have to just wait outside until they were done. Except he wasn’t sure if he would ever be.

Kate felt her knees buckle underneath her. She wasn’t sure how long she would be able to resist.

Dear lord, she was about to be fucked, she thought. And in every sense if Brandon didn’t arrive any time soon...

“No.” She lied and when he chuckled a laugh, she knew that he didn’t believe her.

Okay, Kate. She swallowed dryly. Think. There must be something you can say to stop him before you completely lose yourself in him.

Her eyes widened as if a light bulb had appeared above her head. She jutted her chin up, determined to show him that she was strong enough to resist him. Another lie, but she was at the end of her rope.

“Alright.“She said calmly, “since I can’t possibly out ran you in this house. How about you tell me this? When you’ve had me bent over - let’s say,” she turned and gave the room a quick glance, then grinned when she spotted the perfect furniture.

“the dining table.” she said, looking back at him. “While you’re thrusting inside my wet, oh so very wet pussy. What would you like me to call you?- Stud muffin? Or - uh,” she willed herself to think of any or at least one of those pet names that would turn him off. “Daddy?”

Taylor’s blood surged through his veins, fueling his desire for her. He wasn’t sure if she was surrendering to the inevitable or was trying to distract him. But whether it was, she was only turning him on even more. His rock-hard erection bulging in his pants was evidence enough.

“Taylor.” He replied ever so arrogantly, “I want you to scream out Taylor. So that you’d be reminded everytime that you say my name, that only I can take you to the heavens and make your body sing like a choir that’ll bring a blush of envy to all the angels watching.”

Oh hell! She stared up at him as he reached her. She could feel the last of her restraint slip.

“Taylor, please.” She whispered.

“You ran.” He pointed out. “Do you know what I intend to do to you because of that?

“No.” she answered, with a strong need to know.

He lifted his hands and rounded them around her waist, crushing her against his chest. “You see that table over there.” He gestured to the living room.

Kate followed his gaze, swallowed the dryness in her throat then nod.

Taylor nuzzled the side of her throat. “After I’m done riping this sexy nightie off of you, I’m going to spread you wide over that table like a buffet - my buffet, and I’m going to enjoy tasting every inch of your flesh until you cum hard in my mouth, with me drinking every last drop of you, savoring your sweet sweet scent.”

Her cheeks flushed and burned. It was a promise. Another one of his promises and he always followed through on them.

Her breath caught in her throat then and a shiver raced across her shoulders. Taylor was nibbling on her earlobe while he whispered in great details all the erotic things that he was going to do to her.

Kate went limp against him. The familiar sound of fabric ripping, filled her ears and when she looked down , she gasped at her torn nightwear.

“Nobody’s going to save you, love.” He said, taking his time to remove the straps that held the ruined material in place. “Not even the thought of Brandon walking in.”

His hands cupped her breasts while his thumbs lazily stroked her nipples. He knew that he had her surrender when she let out a soft moan.

“Now I’m going to show you just how much trouble you’re in.” He whispered.

“You are?“She asked on a gasp. His hand had moved between her thighs.

He grunted with pleasure when he felt her heat. She was already wet and hot for him. “I’m going to start by kissing every inch of your body til you forget ever wanting to leave me again.” He promised.

Kate was gone.

His lips touched hers and she was gone. Lost to his hot tongue exploring the inside of her mouth, to his fingers pressing against her back and his other hand holding the back of her head as she moaned against the hardness of erection probing at her belly. She wrapped her arms around his neck, rubbed her breasts against his warm chest.

Taylor lifted her into his arms, straddling and kissed her tenderly, again and again as he crossed the floors over to his living room. With one quick motion, he swatted at the neatly stacked magazines, then lowered her on the hard surface of his table. He then knelt down infront of her.

Kate hissed a breath when he spreaded her legs and jerked her body closer to him in a quick pull. Her cheeks deepened in colour as he ripped away her pair of red lace pantie and lungs paralysed at the flame of desire that burned in his eyes when he peeved up at her.

She felt his warm breath as it blew against her sensitive clit. Her muscles in her legs tightened in anticipation and her toes curled.

“Condom?” He rasped, running his thumb against her sleek opening. The sight of her drenched cunt, the smell of her arousal, it was driving him crazy.

“Behind the cushion, far end corner.” She replied as quickly as she could, and when he moved and stood up, she laid still, aching from the absence of his touch.

As soon as she rested her head against the table, he was back, kneeling between her opened thighs. Kate moaned aloud when touched felt his mouth latched on to her heat, his hot tongue licking at her opening. And when he drove his tongue deep inside her aching muscles, she cried, arching her back as her fingers searched for his hair, grabbing on to it and held him in place.

Spreading her wide with his finger, he licked a patch up to her swollen nub. Gently, taking the soft flesh into his mouth, his sucked on her hard. She began to writhe against him when he inserted two long fingers into her sleek entrance. Moving them in and out as he began to feast on her. He licked and sucked on her, fueling her need, craving her moans and needing to hear her scream out his name.

The last flick of his tongue against her clit sent Kate in a shuddering wave of pure exhilaration. She cried out as her body convulsed from the most intense climax that she had ever had. Taylor staying in place, savoring the sweet taste of her cum, kissing her until her body no longer shook - but he wasn’t quite satisfied yet...she had still yet to scream his name.

He caught sight of the dinning table at the corner of his eyes and his still arousal jerked in his pants. He stood up, with his eyes glued to her as discarded his pants.

“I want you on my dinning table.” He said but felt more like a demand.

Kate’s eyes widened up at him. Flushing at her own previous request. “Are you serious?” She breathed out, smiling up at him.

He tore the condom open and slowly lifted regarded her under his lids and smirked. “I take requests very seriously, love. Now go and lay down on your front.”

Her legs trembled as she stood up and walked over to the dinning table, watching as he slid the the condom on his gloriously hard cock. She laid still, her breasts crushed against the hard wood and her nipples erected at its coolness.

The room was quiet. She could hear her own heart beating in anticipation as she waited for him with her legs spread wide apart.

She didn’t hear him walk up behind her but she could feel his presence, and when he ran a hand down her back, trailing down to her bare bottom - her pussy clenched and she released a soft moan.

He placed a kiss on her back, then probed his erection at her opening, easing inching by inch until he filled her completely. She was tight and wet around him. Closing his eyes he let the sensation wash over him. Groaning deep, he held her by the hips and began to move in and out. Her inner walls closed down tight around him, gripping him like a vice.

Kate’s moans mixed with his groans and filled the room as he pounded into her relentlessly, she spread her legs further apart to allow deeper penetration and cried when he hit against on sensitive spot.

Closing his eyes, Taylor tried to prolong the minute. Just one more minute he told himself. He could feel his balls tightening ready to explode. Withdrawing, he went back in again and again and again.

Kate probed herself up on her hands and looked backed, telling him that she was close, so close but her words were caught in her throat and her eyes widened , shifting past Taylor. Her feeble attempts to push him away was lost when he finally thrusted deeper, driving her into another mind altering orgasm. Taylor grounded himself into her one last time as he found his own releasing and came hard into her.

His brows knitted at when she cried out, “Brrraannnddooonnn.” As she rode the spasms of her orgasm.

Fuck! That’s not the name he wanted her to scream.

“Uuuhhhhhh....Taylor?” Brandon’s voice came from behind him.

His head quickly snapped to the front door and found a very stunned and pale looking Brandon staring back at them.

Kate lifted herself from the table, wrapping her arms instinctively around her breasts and cringed. Somehow she knew that this would happen and she couldn’t for the life of her bring her eyes up to look at Brandon in the face. Not now. Not when he had just seen them having sex and her screaming out his name when she came. She was going to fucking kill Taylor.

As soon as Kate got up, Taylor shifted, shielding Kate’s naked body from his brother. And when the peeving idiot didn’t move, Taylor’s jaw clenched and his eyes narrowed back at him.

“Brandon!” He yelled, “Get the fuck out!”

The harsh tone of Taylor’s voice snapped him out of whatever trance he was in. Brandon’s face immediately flushed and he swallowed nervously. “Right. Uh -- I mean yes. Of course. I’ll just - uh” He stammered, “Sorry. I’ll just - I’m leaving. I’ll just leave the spare key that you gave me. I won’t be using it anymore.” He said, placing the set of keys on the table right next to the door then left.

Kate tilted her head to side at the sound of the door closing shut, then looked up at Taylor. He was grinning. He was fucking grinning back at her.

He caught a flash of murder in her eyes and he cleared his throat. “Love -”

“You’re grinning? Your brother just saw us having sex and you’re grinning.” She said moving away from him.

“Love, it’s no big deal. He won’t say a word about this.” He told her.

“I screamed out his name Taylor! I was trying to tell you that he was standing there and you-” she blew out a breath.

“Kate, it’s fine.” He said and when she glared at him, he added, “Okay, it’s not but I’ll talk to him. Plus, I did catch him and Kayla fucking in my office when they first started out. The same thing happened with Kayla.”

Kate frowned, recalling the time Kayla had confessed to calling out Taylor’s name during sex.

“I don’t know if I can look at him in the eyes ever again.” She admitted, when he wrapped his arms around her.

He let out a soft chuckle, “You’ll be fine.” He assured her, placing a kiss on her forehead. “How about we grab a shower, then have breakfast. After that, if you want, you can come at the office with me. I have a few things to take care of but after that, I’m all yours.”

“All mine?” She smiled, loving the sound of it.

“Yes.” He whispered softly, his eyes holding hers in a silent promise. “Yours.”

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